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  • chris wardin
    chris wardin 4 gün önce

    He purposely took the necklace off for her to grab it cause the necklace had a tracker on it

  • Karl Ferdinand
    Karl Ferdinand 5 gün önce

    13:43 the second GMC Yukon behind zizi has double doors when throughout the movie both Yukons had a lift gate

  • Nithin Srivatsa
    Nithin Srivatsa 6 gün önce +1

    The Fast and Furious franchise- dumber content for a dumb audience.
    I honestly don't know how anyone who isn't straight up retarded can enjoy this mind numbing bullshit

  • mYSport
    mYSport 6 gün önce

    Why are the best movies the most flawed ones. This movie relaunched the franchise.

  • Tyler TheToker
    Tyler TheToker 7 gün önce

    I love the fast and furious series less and less as they go but this is funny af

  • the regular life
    the regular life 8 gün önce

    Tried to listen to this didn't get half way before questioning what I was watching and then realized it's someone with no life making something out of nothing

  • brodie 401
    brodie 401 10 gün önce

    That bazooka scene was shot in PR lol thats why

    DREBO 10 gün önce

    Lmao they are the bad guys but they like the good bad guys

  • Mitch Mitchell
    Mitch Mitchell 11 gün önce

    These movies are so F-ing stupid

  • Jose Quinones
    Jose Quinones 11 gün önce

    U forgot a sin. The fact that the cop cars where stick shift. Same exact cop cars n still beat tyrese

  • Adam Jameson
    Adam Jameson 12 gün önce

    No EWW for Gone in 60 Seconds? It's a Nic Cage movie for Pete's sake...

  • Just A P39N
    Just A P39N 12 gün önce

    Two dodge chargers pulling a 10 ton safe is entirely possible. But out of a wall? Kinda unlikely

  • Drum Ape
    Drum Ape 12 gün önce

    This movie is like a field day for movie sins. Best way to watch it too.

  • Nessie Jr
    Nessie Jr 13 gün önce +1

    13:34 why didn't you mention that that ambush right there made zero sense whatsoever. It wasn't a rescue. Why would the bad guy want to rescue the guys that are trying to steal him and burnt his money? Hobbs caught them and they would've left Brazil right away, they were finished and Reyes had finally gotten rid of them which is exactly what he wanted. But they freaking attacked Hobbs and his team and it resulted in Hobbs wanting revenge for his team that got killed so they turned him against themselves, ultimately saving the guys they were trying to get rid of. What the actual fucking shit man lol
    Another one at 11:18 . It is stated multiple times that the bad guy our heroes are trying to steal, Reyes, runs the whole city, thus has people everywhere. Naturally, he wants Dom and Brian dead and if that wasn't enough, earlier in a scene he says to a police officer to offer money to anyone that kills them. Why the fuck did those people there help Dom and Brian? Since when did they become friends? How isn't any of Reyes' men there to just kill them where they stand?

  • Loneful
    Loneful 13 gün önce +1

    reporting this channel for being racist towards tyrese

  • captain blueballz
    captain blueballz 13 gün önce

    Are you ever satisfied? Make your own movie and let's see if it's better than any of the ones you bash. You know it'll be a piece of shit.

  • Jesus Roselly
    Jesus Roselly 14 gün önce

    Pretty sure prison transfer busses have armed escort vehicles just in case there's a problem .

  • The Bush Wolf
    The Bush Wolf 15 gün önce

    I like these videos... But sometimes this guy over analyzes stuff and just ruins the movie in some ways.... His Tokyo Drift video was fucking awful...

  • TJ NightTrain
    TJ NightTrain 15 gün önce

    15:07 The safe is actually being pulled through a "Bank", not a "Store", nice sin you fgt.

  • jvrdlc
    jvrdlc 16 gün önce

    Well that movie was shit.. All of them besides the 1st one

  • Michael Marburger
    Michael Marburger 17 gün önce

    No sin for a safe in apolice station? especially since that safe is opened by reyez's handprint. Would that not have had to been installed when the station was built?

  • Gothic bat
    Gothic bat 17 gün önce

    Vin Diesel's voice bothers me :/ Whyyyy???

  • ManhuntRuler 1993
    ManhuntRuler 1993 17 gün önce


  • John Harvin
    John Harvin 18 gün önce

    The Tyrese treatment in this something series is beyond hilarious!!!

  • bruceandrona
    bruceandrona 18 gün önce

    What bugs me the most is that in chase scenes threw the housing district, is that no matter how many twist and turns you make. You can never lose the people chasing you. These districts can be big and worse than a maze.

  • Raphael De La Ghetto
    Raphael De La Ghetto 18 gün önce

    I liked this one the best. Could have ended it here. Seeing as how the next 3 made a shitload of money.my opinion is worthless.

  • N/A N/A
    N/A N/A 18 gün önce

    Brazilian police Dodge Chargers? LMFAO

  • Wolf9Walker
    Wolf9Walker 19 gün önce

    you can have the same cars, set up the same way, however they would never be 100% the same. also the drivers would drive differently.

  • Paulo Alves
    Paulo Alves 21 gün önce

    Hey, Brazilian here.
    You should account a sin for that big ass desert that doesn't exist in Brazil. And one for this big ass passenger train that also doesn't exist here.
    And one for the Porto Rico scenes.
    And another one for how bad their Portuguese is.
    Actually you can forget them. Sung Kang is driving a Maverick in this movie! It might be an overgrown Pinto (overgrown Pinto sounds like overgrown dick in Brazil, btw) for the Americans, but it's almost a legendary car here.

  • Wayne Woods
    Wayne Woods 22 gün önce

    The rock opens the safe without turning the lock after they was just pulling the safe by the door!

  • dope_ fernny
    dope_ fernny 22 gün önce

    hate this channel

    • N/A N/A
      N/A N/A 18 gün önce

      why do don't like them making fun of this shit movie?

  • Ben D.
    Ben D. 22 gün önce

    This video makes me want to watch the movie again because i dont remember the movie, but then im like do i really want to lose those two hours of life ill never get back. i already did it once

  • I polo
    I polo 25 gün önce

    Wats his problem with mr. Gibson

  • Angel _Dee
    Angel _Dee 26 gün önce

    “Wal-Mart cuffs”

  • Happy Savage
    Happy Savage 27 gün önce

    Can Vin Diesel, and The Rock, be close enough to each other?
    Are they going...to kiss?

  • keshav goyal
    keshav goyal Aylar önce

    Bus flips car sticks and brian lives😂

  • weekendfever20
    weekendfever20 Aylar önce

    rip paul walker

  • Lumbrez
    Lumbrez Aylar önce

    0:27 is that the same muscle car that got destroy in the Mexican tunnel?

  • weekendfever20
    weekendfever20 Aylar önce

    2:34 what fucking train has that point of view anyway lmao

  • AbyssGnasher
    AbyssGnasher Aylar önce

    I want 1000 sins for the bus crash fuck that, that was too stupid. Fast 5 was easily one of the worst...

  • Sandro H
    Sandro H Aylar önce

    I mean from a physics perspective the safe, as it is already in motion, wants to stay in motion (inertia) that’s why he’s able to drag it. However, they should never have been able to start moving the safe with 2 muscle cars, that is literally impossible. And on the bridge seen when Dom starts dragging it by himself...also impossible

  • Stickdoge
    Stickdoge Aylar önce

    That wasn't a gt40 it was a Ford GT

  • Stickdoge
    Stickdoge Aylar önce

    I loved this movie

  • Exotix
    Exotix Aylar önce

    15:18 the other car was in reverse but still

  • James F
    James F Aylar önce

    The cop car drag race. You have no idea do you. No 4 identical cars will not end in a 4 way tie. Each driver has just as much if not more to do with the winner as the car does.

  • NOE 1
    NOE 1 Aylar önce

    Vince was saying about being on the other side of a wanted poster was the fact Brian was a cop trying to find the guys on the wanted poster now brian is on the wanted poster.

  • L3106
    L3106 Aylar önce

    This bothered me, the PPV Dodge chargers stolen were a different generation from the black chargers that were supposedly modded and painted black. The tow chargers were definitely the previous gen.

  • Wihan van der Merwe
    Wihan van der Merwe Aylar önce

    Cut the movies some slack, I like what you're doing but most of the sins are unnecessary. A lot of the time there are explanations as to why things are the way that they are. Fast and Furious is one of the best franchises ever and you can't really take that away by giving them 'sins' that make the movie bad somehow

  • Senisi Kerim
    Senisi Kerim Aylar önce

    9:53 when tyrese questions what the fuck he is doing with his life after a joke, you know that shits bad.

  • Dave Hyler
    Dave Hyler 2 aylar önce

    12:58 “inside joke that we don’t understand the context of”??? Of course we do, we saw where that line originated from. He said that to Giselle when Reyes put his hand on her ass “did he smack that ass or just grab onto it” so when he found out Mia and Brian were going to have a kid he says “did he just smack that ass or grab onto it” as a playful callback to how they got Reyes handprint while also referring to Mia getting pregnant by Brian.
    (Just post Infinity War already. It’s embarrassing how much effort has been put into movies that no one has asked for that came AFTER it. Another month or so and no one is even going to care about a Infinity War anymore (and if you think they’re going to care again when Avengers 4 comes out, you’re right, however you’d have had a lot more views from people watching it AGAIN because of Avengers 4, rather than because of it for the first time))

  • Pär Gustafsson
    Pär Gustafsson 2 aylar önce

    This movie is so bad!!!
    Its sucks so damn hard!!
    If you enjoy this shit you are stupid, thats a fact.

  • Dan Rodrigues
    Dan Rodrigues 2 aylar önce

    Fast Five Gang Bang!

  • Dan Rodrigues
    Dan Rodrigues 2 aylar önce

    Earn that paycheck, Tyrese!

  • Groot
    Groot 2 aylar önce

    Its a movie.. jeez

  • Mike Gee
    Mike Gee 2 aylar önce

    ..soooo...guy who bashes the hell out of implausible fiction...writes implausible fiction? Hmmm..

  • Sibusiso Alex Nkosi
    Sibusiso Alex Nkosi 2 aylar önce

    I’ll see you later in the movie 🤣🤣

  • Azrul Tarmizi
    Azrul Tarmizi 2 aylar önce

    "...the bus flips, the car sticks and Brian lives" best line lmaooo

  • Jvest18
    Jvest18 2 aylar önce

    They would not end in a 4 way tie. Even if it was some how the same driver in every car and they took off at the same time it wouldn't be a tie. They are manual cars.. Every shift counts. Even the same driver couldn't shift consistently at the same exact time. But it would not happen like the movie showed. and 1/4 mile? they ran for almost 2 miles it seemed.

  • Nikola Peh
    Nikola Peh 2 aylar önce

    RIP Han

  • Caleb Strozier
    Caleb Strozier 2 aylar önce

    Dude it’s literally a movie

  • Zachary Vasil
    Zachary Vasil 2 aylar önce

    Oxy fuel cutter not a blowtorch get fucked cinemasins

  • Alberta rednecks
    Alberta rednecks 2 aylar önce

    its just a movie why dont you enjoy it

  • S1999
    S1999 2 aylar önce

    sin 105 is just utter crap

  • Armond Luckey
    Armond Luckey 2 aylar önce

    All of these “earn that paycheck Tyrese” jokes are way more relevant now 😂

  • street guru
    street guru 2 aylar önce

    those fast movies would have to be the dumbest movies ever. Not one thing that happened in any of those dumb ass movies would happen in reality

  • Galactic Defender
    Galactic Defender 2 aylar önce

    0:27 that kind of rhyme

  • The _zman600
    The _zman600 2 aylar önce

    I only spotted out half of these sins by myself. This guy has some common sense

  • D ManiaX
    D ManiaX 2 aylar önce

    17:37 LMAO

  • nunya busness
    nunya busness 3 aylar önce

    The Rock is a DSS Agent. Not a Marshal.

  • rahkin rah
    rahkin rah 3 aylar önce

    These movies get worse and worse.

  • Ishaq Ali
    Ishaq Ali 3 aylar önce

    some of these sins are straight up crap

    TRIXTORAX 3 aylar önce

    laughing so hard at 1:07

  • Gary Ugarek
    Gary Ugarek 3 aylar önce

    The Rock seats prfusely because he is bulky and it is hot as fuck and humid as hell in Brazil

  • Gary Ugarek
    Gary Ugarek 3 aylar önce

    How your channel gets views still amazes me as some of your sins are absurd and stupid.
    For instance, them racing 4 identical cars... hey Pendejo, if the cars are identical it makes a perfect race because then it comes down to the skill of the driver.
    SMH, this is why idiots should not have a TRclips Channel

  • Aaron
    Aaron 3 aylar önce

    I would love to see the body count for innocent bystanders for this movie.

  • Tyler Hunt-Schwartzmann
    Tyler Hunt-Schwartzmann 3 aylar önce

    Well the news did say, and I quote "that amazingly resulted in no causalities

  • Collin Josef
    Collin Josef 3 aylar önce

    how bad did the director fail his physics class back in school?

  • Auburn Tigers Football Review

    Everything is a Sin

  • D Vlogs
    D Vlogs 3 aylar önce

    It is a movie u dumb

  • ShipKip's Amazing Channel


  • Lincy McGabby
    Lincy McGabby 3 aylar önce

    "Alright, I'm gonna leave you in an easily escapable situation with my worst henchman on guard. *I'll see you later in the movie."*
    I'm dying right now lol😂😁😂😁

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 4 aylar önce

    "The Only Reason" to have that scene...
    Yeah, and to see a hot chick getting semi-felt up

  • Lonely Films
    Lonely Films 4 aylar önce


  • Lonely Films
    Lonely Films 4 aylar önce

    Do you want to die

  • Lonely Films
    Lonely Films 4 aylar önce

    Bro do you want to die

  • Immoral Immortal
    Immoral Immortal 4 aylar önce

    note: that wasn't a gt 40, it was a 2005 ford gt

  • Victor Simoes
    Victor Simoes 4 aylar önce

    There are no trains like that in Brazil. That huge bridge in the end is not in Rio...

    • Victor Simoes
      Victor Simoes 4 aylar önce

      the satelite dishes are common though

  • Laura anderson-lombardi
    Laura anderson-lombardi 4 aylar önce

    If they won all those cars from pink slip races, and doms car isn't being followed, and it's the car winning all those races, then why not at least test that one

  • Dan Buckig
    Dan Buckig 4 aylar önce

    minus one sin, they did mention the there were no fatalities in the bus escape

  • Rina Cantir
    Rina Cantir 4 aylar önce

    Principalul ca toti sint vii si sint 👌

  • PoxyBear
    PoxyBear 4 aylar önce

    You can't call sins over Fast Five. Just let it flow.

  • vinifari
    vinifari 4 aylar önce


  • Javier Molina
    Javier Molina 4 aylar önce

    You forgot to add that the Dodge Chargers used for the heist dragging the safe are different from the ones stolen from the police.

  • Bigg B
    Bigg B 4 aylar önce

    The sins grow more each movie

  • Ultra Reign
    Ultra Reign 4 aylar önce

    The other inmates can't run away from the bus, the cops would have them handcuffed to the seats both arms and legs. When the bus crashed, there should had been mentioned deaths or severe injuries after an incident like that though. But it's a movie so I think they just wanted the audience to focus on the main point he went on the run when he got freed instead of placing realism into the news broadcast, don't think many people would had cared how many people died besides cinema realists like Cinema Sins. Also there should had been traffic too going down the highway and maybe a police patrol with the bus because why would you let one bus in the desert carry hostile inmates alone with just a single driver and few guards?

    • Ultra Reign
      Ultra Reign 4 aylar önce

      Those Dodge Chargers could never pull ten tons of steel weight plus the additional amounts of cash added to the total being hauled by tow cables, that heavy ass vault would had stayed there while the two cars end either blowing out tires or doing other damage. Then the cops would had came down there, and arrested them all ending the film right there with realism or they would had gotten shot. But then we would be back at a altered version of Fast and Furious 6 starring another prison break scene with the fifth film replaying itself over until the whole cast gets killed.

  • Chef Mamba
    Chef Mamba 4 aylar önce

    Bro i dont i understand you do you want the movie to be a reality or what?

  • Meme Noscoper 87
    Meme Noscoper 87 4 aylar önce +1

    Also brazil doesnt charger cop cars

  • icecreambeats101
    icecreambeats101 4 aylar önce

    0:52 Vin Diesel’s double chin game in strong 😂

  • carolbuzelim
    carolbuzelim 5 aylar önce

    The satellite tv are illegal and usually those much hahaha aaaah i love my country

  • Traveler X
    Traveler X 5 aylar önce

    +1 sin for a super light safe. Since a large bank vault of similar size's door weighs 20 tons in real life.
    +1 sin for PC making Sung Kang the best driver, Ludacris the worst driver.
    -10 sins for actors at least attempt to speak Portuguese. Unlike lot of WWII movies where Russians speak to each other in broken English.