Tacko Fall SHOWS UP! Full Highlights vs Cavaliers (2019.10.13) - 4 Points in 6 Minutes!

  • katma 13 Eki 2019
  • Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics - Full Game Highlights | October 13, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • Aneesh Raju
    Aneesh Raju 19 gün önce

    Tacko fall super

  • Coach Kerr
    Coach Kerr Aylar önce

    I wanna see him and Boban okay 1v1

  • Drip
    Drip Aylar önce

    Tacko, Kemba and Carson is going to be scaey

    • Drip
      Drip Aylar önce


  • onetimeat alltime
    onetimeat alltime Aylar önce

    If no one can sign tacko I gonna build a rally in the streets of boston, now who's with me?

  • LaDarrell Murchison
    LaDarrell Murchison Aylar önce

    love tommy

  • Stutter of the House
    Stutter of the House Aylar önce

    Why does he look like a NBA2K player in the thumbnail? 😂

  • shane_da _tuber
    shane_da _tuber Aylar önce

    Definitely a fan favorite for Boston

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson Aylar önce

    0:28 the White Mamba is in the building 🐐

  • Ylli Berishaj
    Ylli Berishaj Aylar önce

    What’s this high school?? How come everyone looks tiny??

  • Steve SIPUL
    Steve SIPUL Aylar önce

    I wish this kid all the best. It seems fun to love him

  • Sean Baron
    Sean Baron Aylar önce

    With the world class trainers he's got access to now, with his work ethic, and with a 8.2" wingspan, 10'4" standing reach. This man will be better than shaq

  • Ashton Wu
    Ashton Wu Aylar önce

    These clickbait titles starting to get to me

  • Zavier Schneider
    Zavier Schneider Aylar önce

    no one:

    some random boston player 1:49 : oh sh*t!

  • Preston Brooks
    Preston Brooks Aylar önce

    Bro really tried the wacko tacko joke three times

  • Unknown TruthBein
    Unknown TruthBein Aylar önce

    4 point for a 7 ft guy is ridiculous.

  • Cee Jenkins
    Cee Jenkins Aylar önce

    4 points. he sucks. stop amping him up until he develops at least

  • D Tisk
    D Tisk Aylar önce

    4 point highlights. Nuff said.

  • Devon Guthrie
    Devon Guthrie Aylar önce

    If you guys remember that one kid from Chino Hills... You know what I'm about to say. 🤣

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep Aylar önce +6

    This is embarrassing. Their treating him like he has *down syndrome.* He's playing _garbage time_ in a *_preseason_* game. He'll be working at a Waffle House soon.

  • Elmedin Bešlagić
    Elmedin Bešlagić Aylar önce

    More like
    4 points in 2 min

  • Christopher Orick
    Christopher Orick Aylar önce

    Save him for the playoffs. Only got 45 days.

  • Hoshea'Yah Ben Yahawadah

    Bruh this thumbnail got me rolling... 4 POINTS GOES OFF!!!
    whaaaaaaa? For real? Mvp!

  • d c
    d c Aylar önce

    those smile of tacko at under d basket

  • Mukeet K.
    Mukeet K. Aylar önce

    He should only be allowed to play on Tuesdays. Tacko Tuesdays!

  • Super G
    Super G Aylar önce

    With 4 points yea? lmao

  • XxL L
    XxL L Aylar önce

    Incredible work to make 2mins highlight for a 4pt player

  • saugabwoy
    saugabwoy Aylar önce

    He can ball, he deserves PT

  • Chia Swie Kim
    Chia Swie Kim Aylar önce

    lmao cavs got 6x points?

  • Uncomfortable Truth
    Uncomfortable Truth Aylar önce

    Tacko still 6ft sitting down

  • jbruner17
    jbruner17 Aylar önce

    Yo Tack, they only paying you 3 or 4 hundred K??
    ...Why don’t you take over Gronk’s spot and cash in on Kraft’s big wallet?? You lining up in the tight end position and catching 5 or 6 catches a game when they are 3rd and short...crazy! Just jump up, catch the ball and go down after getting the first down while saving your knees bro! You helping the Patriots convert 5 or 6 first downs a game will surely earn you a 1 or 2 million each year to start out your career and your brand and endorsements will explode!!! (Plus, you only travel 9 or 10 times in the regular season!)

  • Addiedass
    Addiedass Aylar önce

    Tacko is probably the only player that gets highlight video for making four points

  • chihcheng wei
    chihcheng wei Aylar önce


  • N.C.
    N.C. Aylar önce

    how do you even stop this guy

  • 豬豬豬豬
    豬豬豬豬 Aylar önce

    That's not fair 😂😂😂

  • Chop Nasty
    Chop Nasty Aylar önce

    this man is tall and goofy he wont get no real playing time this year this nigga block alley oop that was thrown under the rim he could have just grab it no basketball iq or skill get him TFOH

  • Jack Collins Maghapon
    Jack Collins Maghapon Aylar önce

    Celtics better sign this man for full contract. This guy is a walking merchandise.

  • Aidan Moore
    Aidan Moore Aylar önce

    Wow 4 points 😂

  • Joon Park
    Joon Park Aylar önce

    Why isn't this guy starting? All the fans clearly love him and he's proving that he's a qualified player!!!

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd Aylar önce

    I don’t wanna hear this wacko tacko bullshit DOOD is on about

  • Cristian Fermin
    Cristian Fermin Aylar önce +1

    Never in my life would I ever think I’d see a 4 point highlight video

  • Jerneil Rabaca Rabaca
    Jerneil Rabaca Rabaca Aylar önce +1

    More Minutes For Tacko🏀

  • Trevor Noah
    Trevor Noah Aylar önce

    Half of his "highlights" is him being introduced...

  • gio d
    gio d Aylar önce

    Wtf is this, like I'm not a fan or anything and it's obvious click bait but who seriously thought "4 points" makes a 7+ footer a beast?

  • Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham
    Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham Aylar önce

    he's going to the g-league. making me sad.

  • Jellybellymike B
    Jellybellymike B Aylar önce

    1:49 ohh shit 😂

  • M1KA3L
    M1KA3L Aylar önce

    Wacko for Tacko? No, moron.

  • Joseph Gilbert
    Joseph Gilbert Aylar önce

    So 4pts is doing work now huh?

  • Matthew Chunk 3
    Matthew Chunk 3 Aylar önce

    taco fall is sean bradley in black face. wake up sheeple

  • Pink Alien
    Pink Alien Aylar önce

    G League for Wacko Tacko I'm afraid. Guess the Celtics coaches think he needs more training.

  • Marco SnZ
    Marco SnZ Aylar önce

    Full highlights 2 dunks lol

  • Captain Akeem
    Captain Akeem Aylar önce


  • Keaton Udell
    Keaton Udell Aylar önce

    OMG TACKO GOES OFF 4 points bruh

  • X
    X Aylar önce

    Where’s tremont waters highlights ?

  • D W
    D W Aylar önce

    You need Rasheed Wall... dunk package...

  • D W
    D W Aylar önce

    Tacko you got jump float and slam down hard... with the knees up...

  • totoy pogi
    totoy pogi Aylar önce

    He needs to jump..

  • Shiv J
    Shiv J Aylar önce +1

    Just the presence of taco is enough. He draws so many double teams in the paint, and makes players think twice before attacking the rim

  • sebastian sannad
    sebastian sannad Aylar önce

    4mpg a night what the heck..

  • cesar leon
    cesar leon Aylar önce

    4 pointackos and one assistacko, in 6 minutackos, not bad.

  • Nightrain76
    Nightrain76 Aylar önce

    Does he have a legit chance to make the team?