LaurDIY and Alex Wassabi's Epic Two-Tone Room Makeover!



  • Jolene Tran
    Jolene Tran 11 aylar önce +13356

    I SAW THIS ON ALEXS AND LAURENS VLOGGGGG!!!!! Anyone else come from their channel?

  • Edgar Rangel
    Edgar Rangel 15 saatler önce

    Hablo español pero igual amo este canal

  • kocer 10
    kocer 10 23 saatler önce

    Did i understand it right?
    Have loren died?😭

  • Ivona Armenska
    Ivona Armenska 2 gün önce

    I did

  • Claudia
    Claudia 2 gün önce

    That rug was in a blogilates video!! 😃😃

  • Addyson Hines
    Addyson Hines 3 gün önce +1

    13:14 Alex licks the paint😂

  • MyLifeAsMadelyn
    MyLifeAsMadelyn 4 gün önce

    I miss Laurex 😭

  • Abra Lembo
    Abra Lembo 4 gün önce

    Who els is watching after the breakup 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😪😪😪😭😭😭

  • Georgia Jones
    Georgia Jones 4 gün önce +1

    Love.Love.Love. Your original creative weirdo products that are for sail sale sell

  • Georgia Jones
    Georgia Jones 4 gün önce +1

    Hahaha #molding

  • Drewbue322
    Drewbue322 4 gün önce

    Sadly Laurex is no more. 😔 😢

  • Nancy Peter
    Nancy Peter 4 gün önce

    If they are not together anymore who has the room

  • salmahassan 1234
    salmahassan 1234 4 gün önce

    They broke up FOREVER

  • Them Edits Tho
    Them Edits Tho 5 gün önce

    i miss laurex so much

  • Løser Bell
    Løser Bell 6 gün önce

    I checked your website and your brackets and rings and necklaces are 50-60$

  • Melanie Stevens
    Melanie Stevens 6 gün önce

    13:15 alex licks the paint!

  • Chloe Animals
    Chloe Animals 7 gün önce

    I need to c
    Know the blue colour code and name of paint it is beautiful

  • Grace Hill
    Grace Hill 7 gün önce


  • Alana Sherrit
    Alana Sherrit 7 gün önce

    Soo cool Mr Kate🦄🦄🤡🤡

  • Jayden Register
    Jayden Register 7 gün önce

    I love this

  • Paris Aleem
    Paris Aleem 7 gün önce

    There dating

  • Alotof Doge
    Alotof Doge 7 gün önce

    Yall should be a tv show thats how great you are

  • Penday Mei
    Penday Mei 8 gün önce

    pre sure alex was supposed to move in with lauren and since im pre sure this is in her apartment and they broke up so idk what shes doing or done with it so... :\

    THE MINECRAFT TWINS 8 gün önce


  • El Loco
    El Loco 8 gün önce +1

    This triggers me because they broke up

  • Picolas Cage
    Picolas Cage 9 gün önce

    16:59 he said “murinal” like jerry from parks and rec 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth Clarke
    Elizabeth Clarke 9 gün önce

    who' here postbreakup I'm getting teary....

  • maully underfoot
    maully underfoot 11 gün önce

    Does anyone else think he looks like the freshman philosopher

  • YummLOL !!!
    YummLOL !!! 13 gün önce

    What did they do with the room tho like since they broke up

  • Aliyah Vidal
    Aliyah Vidal 13 gün önce

    Who's here rewatching in January 2019?

  • Ammar Hussain
    Ammar Hussain 13 gün önce +1

    Press like it will turn blue 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Ma'Kayla Kersee
    Ma'Kayla Kersee 14 gün önce

    OMG ALEX 😂😱

  • JoceyLin
    JoceyLin 14 gün önce

    How do I get Mr. Kate to come to my house???

    JK I don’t think they can fly to Texas

  • Not Hananj
    Not Hananj 14 gün önce


  • Aubree gray
    Aubree gray 15 gün önce +1

    They -are- were the cutest couple

  • Evie Kent
    Evie Kent 15 gün önce

    I loved the room but what did they do with Alexes side now that they broke up.😭

  • Chloe Rascon
    Chloe Rascon 15 gün önce

    Anybody in 2019??

    No just me

  • Andry G
    Andry G 15 gün önce

    Rip laurex

  • Catherine Poplett
    Catherine Poplett 15 gün önce

    Rip luarex

  • OmqiiNoorii;3 #lifeSucksXD
    OmqiiNoorii;3 #lifeSucksXD 15 gün önce +1


  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy 15 gün önce

    Does it cost moeny

  • Lena Hurley
    Lena Hurley 16 gün önce

    Alex: I do daily vlogs every day. DAILY MEANS EVERY DAY

  • Momtaz Begum
    Momtaz Begum 16 gün önce

    i m so sad about their break up😭😭

  • Coco Comeau
    Coco Comeau 16 gün önce

    my comments dont get likes but whatever WHO DOESNT LIKE *LAUREX* even after they broke up:( :)

  • Izzy G.
    Izzy G. 16 gün önce

    Then they break up a couple months after

  • Hey_I'm_such a_fan
    Hey_I'm_such a_fan 17 gün önce

    They broke up now 😥

  • Jayo Mayo
    Jayo Mayo 17 gün önce

    Where do I find myself a Joey 😫💖💜💕

  • Delaney Jones
    Delaney Jones 17 gün önce +1


  • Patricia Tiu
    Patricia Tiu 17 gün önce

    Laurex :((

  • PenguinPopA
    PenguinPopA 17 gün önce

    Do Safiya Nygaard next

  • Amani Ahmed
    Amani Ahmed 18 gün önce

    I have the same watercolour palette as you!!!

  • KaiGerda
    KaiGerda 18 gün önce +1

    oh nooo it was such a perfect room before!

  • Felix Benito
    Felix Benito 18 gün önce

    2019 anyone?

  • Layla Sullivan
    Layla Sullivan 19 gün önce

    I am moving thank you guys for some ideas if you don't mind

  • u kno who
    u kno who 19 gün önce

    Alex has that Peter Parker energy going on

  • Ava E
    Ava E 20 gün önce

    Y’all need to come to my house and help me with my room!!

  • Mss Winnie
    Mss Winnie 20 gün önce

    Pls who knows how they post the video to make the “OMG We”re coming over “ highlighted in blue

  • Eleftheria Irine
    Eleftheria Irine 20 gün önce

    Who’s watching this 2019 at 1:05

  • Avery Laws
    Avery Laws 20 gün önce

    I have the same watercolor palette!!!

  • Caseyy Ballarddd
    Caseyy Ballarddd 20 gün önce

    When he said "Just not pink" and he's wearing a pink jumper😂🤣

  • Sylvia Fernandez
    Sylvia Fernandez 21 gün önce

    This Really came out So Gorg💞You Two Are Absolute Perfection 👑💏👑

  • Ria Sharma
    Ria Sharma 21 gün önce

    R u guys ever gonna come the the UK for normal people like not celebrities??

  • Tomás Morgado
    Tomás Morgado 22 gün önce

    Like, very good video. Done, you have anew supporter. Mutual support

  • Alexa Larson
    Alexa Larson 23 gün önce

    what hapen when they broke up

  • Horse Lover 27
    Horse Lover 27 24 gün önce

    The ceiling looked like it was having a baby gender reveal!!

  • Potato Master
    Potato Master 24 gün önce +1

    Like if you agree

  • Alice Spague
    Alice Spague 24 gün önce

    I watched it before the breakup and nownafter

  • Laurex Is awesome
    Laurex Is awesome 25 gün önce

    I will add a 🖌 for every like

  • Linda Warren
    Linda Warren 25 gün önce

    The 2 decorated room/ office. I loved the look and colors and how the 2 looks came together perfectly.Great Job Mr. Kate & Joey

  • Ugly Besh
    Ugly Besh 25 gün önce

    She removed the Alex office and others idk bc they 💔 poor

  • Diana
    Diana 26 gün önce

    I wonder what did lauren do with the room after the breakup

  • Nour Moussawi
    Nour Moussawi 27 gün önce +1

    Alex and Lauren brokeup 😢

  • Samantha Dawson
    Samantha Dawson 29 gün önce


  • Miette Nelson
    Miette Nelson Aylar önce +2

    Awwww any body else here after the break up??? I'm so sad!😭😭😭

  • Roses Wonderland
    Roses Wonderland Aylar önce

    Lol i have a joke Alex is HOOOTTTTTTTT Because his last name is WASSABI

  • Glam By Grace
    Glam By Grace Aylar önce

    What’d they do once they broke up 😭😭❤️

  • Chelsea Reames
    Chelsea Reames Aylar önce

    I absolutely LOVE this show but the intro drives me crazy and I get mad at myself when I forget to skip it 😅 It doesn't rhyme at all!!!! Why is nobody else bothered???

  • Nicole Chernyavskaya
    Nicole Chernyavskaya Aylar önce

    3m now

  • Tiny Girl0589
    Tiny Girl0589 Aylar önce

    Who else is here after the break up vid

  • Gacha Natalie
    Gacha Natalie Aylar önce

    Hi Mr.kate I love your videos and I would really like for you to redesign my bed room but sadly first of I don't know how to contact you and second of all I live in Jordan and not America so Im really sad about that but I hope you continue on with life and keep on designing awesome rooms!

  • Sbice8
    Sbice8 Aylar önce

    RIP laurex

  • Emmy Hoopes
    Emmy Hoopes Aylar önce

    4:05 be like: "Just not... pink."
    *when alex is literally wearing pink*

  • Sahara Jamal
    Sahara Jamal Aylar önce

    well there goes that

  • Kaitlyn O
    Kaitlyn O Aylar önce

    why do people say cactuses instead of cacti. we learned this in 1st grade people! >:(

  • Hannah Smart
    Hannah Smart Aylar önce

    Who else is wondering who uses Alex’s now they broke up

  • Alex Laux
    Alex Laux Aylar önce

    What does the room look like jow😢😭after the breakup

  • Adriana Gonzalez
    Adriana Gonzalez Aylar önce

    Every like gets a santa claus

  • Mckenzi Nuccetelli
    Mckenzi Nuccetelli Aylar önce

    Whens the next time luarex will be in a video thays not depressing

  • Arlene Buaron
    Arlene Buaron Aylar önce

    "No! No! Joey my BUTT!"


  • Gaming Soprano
    Gaming Soprano Aylar önce +8

    I love how everyone is commenting about the breakup and I’m the only one wondering why Alex was eating paint. 😂

  • Annalese Marshall
    Annalese Marshall Aylar önce +1

    starting at 2:00. um... not anymore.

  • Vivienne Saldavia
    Vivienne Saldavia Aylar önce +2

    Too bad they broke up ☹️

  • Terri Light
    Terri Light Aylar önce

    I just want an endless GIF loop of Mr. Kate preening tail feathers.

  • Kae-Lani Blair
    Kae-Lani Blair Aylar önce +1

    I feel bad for Alex... I feel like they were just so rough on him 😭

  • Its Claudette
    Its Claudette Aylar önce

    This was in my bday!

  • xXunæstheticX x
    xXunæstheticX x Aylar önce +2

    You should help Shane Dawson with his new home

    • Sidney Sierra
      Sidney Sierra 11 gün önce

      Shane? How about garret. He needs it lol

  • oBluePandaO
    oBluePandaO Aylar önce

    19:07 OMG you look like the animaniacs 😂 😂 i love it ❤

  • oBluePandaO
    oBluePandaO Aylar önce

    I just realized that sometimes Kate reminds me of Kesha! 😂

  • Princessfuzzdoggy
    Princessfuzzdoggy Aylar önce +1

    Didn’t they break up?

  • Kc Jean Tinamesan
    Kc Jean Tinamesan Aylar önce