I Found a Police Stun Gun Underwater in the River! (Things Found Underwater)


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    Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see another diving video at Cut Bait! How do you think the police stun gun ended up in the river??

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      Oh my God OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG can you find these things these things are incredible I love your videos they're incredible in masterpiece messed up videos what is my life what is my life I don't think I'm walking that grow and if you don't know how I know American because my brother learned and my brother alone is my brother yeah he learned the American

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      I don't have no phone but when you look in the River Wild

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      Kayden Kohan vlog

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      DALLMYD știi că Gina e recomandat pe tine că ești un scafandru foarte bun se pare că adevărat să știi că acuma în primul episod pe care am văzut pentru tine adică la și vreau să văd ce mă recomandă Jimmy dacă mai are comandat ceva bun sau ceva rău și miere comandat o pereche

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    Jake:(finds a shark) WOO HOO!
    Câmera man:He Is Good?

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    Colgate or aim? 2:33

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    saludos des de colombia me gusta mucho sus videos exelente bendiciones

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    One of these days he’s going to find a body

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    When you find somthing ( MWOUUU ! )

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    That one dollar was brand new u could have just put it there acting like u got a dollar lmao

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    That Compass is a Military grade surplus. More than likely if you found it in that river it was bought at a local Army surplus store.

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    aqui é a BRAZIL!!!!!!!PORRA

  • donvitodork23
    donvitodork23 2 gün önce

    That compass is probably just a basic compass often used by hikers. I have one and have used it several times.

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    great videos but can you talk a bit slower as sometimes you sound garbled like a chipmunk...you need a bigger bag to put all your finds in...

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    I found some really expensive sunglasses at the bottom of a river once but I wasn’t scuba diving, I sorta just stepped on them XD.

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    Military compass

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    What goes on in his mind when he’s in the water

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    How the hell did you find a fully intact 1 dollar bill

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    Let’s hope you won’t find any drugs down there!

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