Kevin Hart Had A Buffalo Wing Thrown At Him In A Male Strip Club | The Graham Norton Show

  • katma 13 May 2019
  • Oh no...
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  • Admin
    Admin 17 saatler önce

    best talk show on the planet

  • Matt Calloway
    Matt Calloway 12 gün önce +3

    The girl is a good actor but I got annoyed about how over-excited she was. It seemed fake. Don’t know if anyone was thinking the same?

    • AL
      AL 5 gün önce

      Matt Calloway they were all boozed up lol. Graham gets his guests nice & saucy should they choose to indulge

  • Ibra Him
    Ibra Him 12 gün önce

    @Graham you really have very elegant suits and high taste

  • Canal Copo Cheio
    Canal Copo Cheio 16 gün önce +3

    Kevin hart is funnier on talk shows than on actual stand up performances

  • Will brazil fc till i die

    men I wanna sniff Naomi Scott feet so bad

  • Barça Culè
    Barça Culè 21 gün önce +3

    I really love octavia spencer ❤️ seemed to a truley nice and good hearted human ❤️

  • Marvin Nash
    Marvin Nash 23 gün önce

    Name of the girl next to Will Smith?

  • maximus ryan
    maximus ryan 25 gün önce

    He brings joy in people life

  • Duong kuac
    Duong kuac 25 gün önce

    Is a blessing to be able to make thousands bust out with laughter KH 🙏🏾

  • McKenna •
    McKenna • 26 gün önce +1

    literally laughed every 3 seconds in a row

  • David Y
    David Y 27 gün önce

    There are story tellers and then there are the Joey Diaz and Kevin Hearts in the world.

  • Raj Biswal
    Raj Biswal Aylar önce

    He is the funniest man alive

  • Alexandre SIGURA
    Alexandre SIGURA Aylar önce

    True, Kevin is also a storyteller tho

  • Spencer Russell
    Spencer Russell Aylar önce

    Love you Kevin, remember watching your standup in highschool, you've deserved all the success that followed. Please recover quickly.

  • Ammara jamal vlogs
    Ammara jamal vlogs Aylar önce


  • Shazbut01
    Shazbut01 Aylar önce +2

    Praying you make a full recovery, Kevin...

  • momo catera
    momo catera Aylar önce


  • Mephisto Lucifer
    Mephisto Lucifer Aylar önce +1

    And that is why the English talk show are funnier, they let their guests talk and relax and have a bit of wine, you compare that with the stale US talk show, well of course the exception is Johnny , however, different time different era

  • Admin
    Admin Aylar önce

    this is too good :) !! hahaha

  • Brooke Williams
    Brooke Williams Aylar önce


  • b h
    b h Aylar önce

    That girl is so annoying

  • Rohit Shinde
    Rohit Shinde Aylar önce +3

    I just like expression of Naomi Scott. She is just child excited at everything.

    • Rl
      Rl Aylar önce +1

      Rohit Shinde ye an annoying child

  • Tim Stephens
    Tim Stephens Aylar önce +2

    This is why Graham Norton's show works. He doesn't put his guests on a strict timeline. He has all of his guests on at the same time so it's not like each person has 10-15 minutes. They all have 30 minutes or however long his show runs. The guests don't feel pressured and can act like themselves. I love it!

  • Brett Stanton
    Brett Stanton Aylar önce +1

    Kevin is funnier when he doesnt curse.

  • M Sn
    M Sn Aylar önce

    Kevin's interviews are better than his stand up

  • Tris Matu
    Tris Matu Aylar önce

    Lol why was there a male eating buffalo wings at a male strip club isn’t that for only ladies

  • Brion McManus
    Brion McManus Aylar önce +1

    Graham Norton's show is beyond brilliant! Kevin Hart, who I never heard of two years ago is one of the funniest today's comics.

  • Deniz Kendirci
    Deniz Kendirci Aylar önce

    Why is called buffalo wings.
    Does buffalo has wings?

  • Inatsikap
    Inatsikap Aylar önce

    Kevin Hart - I swear he is funniest guy on the planet!!

  • Sugar Hips
    Sugar Hips Aylar önce

    So i went from Rami Malek to being a bad bad boy to this. Whatta journey lmao

  • MMarko94r
    MMarko94r Aylar önce

    Octavia's faces are so sweet 😊 that make me smile

  • Plastic Hooks
    Plastic Hooks Aylar önce

    Kevin Hart's self deprecating jokes translate well with British audiences.

  • Anthony Wanjiru
    Anthony Wanjiru Aylar önce

    Octavia Spencer is dying.

  • Double A Ron
    Double A Ron Aylar önce +1

    I have never seen will smith laugh this much. 😂

  • Baron Thomas
    Baron Thomas Aylar önce

    I laughed harder at this than most comedy specials

  • micko michi
    micko michi Aylar önce

    kevin is not funny!

  • Dominique Gonzalez
    Dominique Gonzalez Aylar önce

    U mean a gay club..... Wtf was he even doing in there?

    • ZannyH
      ZannyH Aylar önce

      Dominique Gonzalez he literally said they shut down the male strip club for half the time for comedians. It’s dif then a gay club

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic Aylar önce

    Kev paid his dues. This is proof.

  • Huda Aden
    Huda Aden Aylar önce

    This is the best episode of the season

  • MMObeast
    MMObeast 2 aylar önce

    that girl in the middle is annoying af . over laughs at everything

  • pneh
    pneh 2 aylar önce

    I guess Graham and Kev go way back in the comedy world; loved his appearances on Tough Crowd

  • Tanzim Ahmed Evan
    Tanzim Ahmed Evan 2 aylar önce

    kevin is owsam

  • bunty shah
    bunty shah 2 aylar önce +1

    Pull it out ..

  • cleng
    cleng 2 aylar önce

    they are dying of laughter! 😂

  • Lamont Davis
    Lamont Davis 2 aylar önce


  • Jesus First
    Jesus First 2 aylar önce +2

    I feel like this was not suppose to be funny these were hardships he endured but, his story turn out to be harilious.

  • Mugume Darren
    Mugume Darren 2 aylar önce

    You just can't write scripts like this 😂😂😂😂

  • Denis Pak
    Denis Pak 2 aylar önce +1

    He is a killer, what a story teller 🤣 and Graham is amazing host!

  • Vonka Abbas
    Vonka Abbas 2 aylar önce

    Love This!!

  • Hermilo Garcia
    Hermilo Garcia 2 aylar önce

    That skinny chick is annoying lol

  • Clemmy Clem
    Clemmy Clem 2 aylar önce

    Naomi is the cutest!

  • Ztormie
    Ztormie 2 aylar önce

    Conan & Fallon would've interrupted him 10 times during those bits.

  • Sam Fischer
    Sam Fischer 2 aylar önce

    What's wrong with them haters saying that kevin Hart ain't funny ?

  • Asma Ibrahim
    Asma Ibrahim 2 aylar önce


  • Brett F.
    Brett F. 2 aylar önce +1

    Kevin Hart: **breathes**
    Everyone: **laughs**

  • Coffeejingler
    Coffeejingler 2 aylar önce

    When Jimmy Fallon interviews Will Smith
    Will: HAHA
    Jimmy: HAHAH HA

  • mew10521
    mew10521 2 aylar önce

    Cracking crabs

  • Chris Summers
    Chris Summers 2 aylar önce +5

    Kevin Hart which shitshow. Crab fest. Seafood. Strip club.
    Cracking crab
    Buffalo wings
    Male strip club
    The frustration

  • jaa d
    jaa d 2 aylar önce

    Octavia is literally geekin😂😂😩😩

  • Marcio Filho
    Marcio Filho 2 aylar önce +1

    This keeps getting funnier everytime I watch hahaha