Soulja Boy Drags Tyga, Drake, Kanye West & Reclaims The Best Comeback Of 2018


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    Did Soulja Boy Pave The Way For The New Generation Of Hip-Hop Artist? VOTE HERE:

    • ChampCarforlife
      ChampCarforlife 37 dakika önce

      Yes and he was the one to introduce himself on TRclips and got well over a million followers when TRclips was just beginning.

    • Michael Johnson
      Michael Johnson 38 dakika önce

      Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM. Yes

    • Scooby Hicks
      Scooby Hicks 39 dakika önce

      Yeah big Soulja give him his respect

    • Tarun Guhanand
      Tarun Guhanand 45 dakika önce

      Sorry, but anyone who laughs at what he is saying is idiotic.

  • feriss berberr
    feriss berberr 30 dakika önce

    Soulja boy 🔥best interview

  • Dino Wilburn
    Dino Wilburn 30 dakika önce

    CHARLA really gas’n Soulja boy 😂😂😂

  • Evan Mclean
    Evan Mclean 31 dakika önce

    Young fuckin draco

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    PubgCheat Pubg 31 dakika önce

    Selling pubg cheats very cheap add me on discord Mehigh16#6146

  • GottahGlo SumDay
    GottahGlo SumDay 31 dakika önce

    I’m the one who put chief keef on THATS funny 😂

  • YungIceyWizard
    YungIceyWizard 31 dakika önce

    Man this made me respect Tell Em even more. Fun to clown but Soulja is a real one.

  • michael laflamme
    michael laflamme 31 dakika önce

    Charlamagne is one of the most racist dude's on the internet. If it wasn't for him I'd watch all of the Breakfast Club's videos but I can't support this channel all because of him. Racism against any race is just unacceptable, so I won't watch this guy's videos just like I won't vote for Trump. I got love for all people regardless of race, but this guy just has so much hate in his heart for white people. I'm sure this guy has dealt with racism that I never have had to in my life but I feel like he has succumbed to the racism.

  • Ike Wisdom vlogs
    Ike Wisdom vlogs 31 dakika önce

    Sauja boy did make drip swag cool I can’t lie like all these dances he made this

  • Thomas Hayes
    Thomas Hayes 31 dakika önce

    Soulja Boy is quite the character, lol. Got respect for him.

  • Suleykka
    Suleykka 31 dakika önce

    Dam he’s beeen through a lot

  • MsTL3N_x
    MsTL3N_x 31 dakika önce +1

    How is this not demonitized they are saying nigga for 54 minutes ? Oh because they are black ok that's not racist at all

  • Kunning Man
    Kunning Man 32 dakika önce

    Honestly. I know I’m late.... but I didn’t think this interview would have been this entertaining....... all the way from Trinidad 🇹🇹

  • Maya Perkins
    Maya Perkins 32 dakika önce

    Charlemagne is too funny to me talking bout "I don't think they counted you out they was just laughing at you" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lee Aciar
    Lee Aciar 32 dakika önce

    Man this is hilarious. I wish they would've brought up the whole console scam and see him really burst.

  • Itzzz_. Maura
    Itzzz_. Maura 32 dakika önce


  • Ike James
    Ike James 32 dakika önce

    His gucci band look like a stretched out back brace.... that ish is faaaaake! But shouts to him hope he succeeds...

  • HB
    HB 32 dakika önce

    7:44 He was the first and took them bullets the worst like Spoken Reasons... Spoken Reasons is the reason TRclips is poppin rn he been doing that shit since I was in 4th grade and im 18 now

  • deny3638
    deny3638 32 dakika önce

    This is the wildest interview I’ve ever seen on 105 lmao

  • yao alodjinou
    yao alodjinou 33 dakika önce

    One of the best interviews no cap 😂

  • Lachara Green
    Lachara Green 33 dakika önce

    This dude so funny man🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kodãk k Machoproductions
    Kodãk k Machoproductions 33 dakika önce

    How you from bomton and do a song with Blueface ??

  • Darren Cole
    Darren Cole 33 dakika önce

    Soulja really smart af 🤔

  • official Malakia
    official Malakia 33 dakika önce

    I’m not trying to be funny but why dude darker now? 🤔

  • Magnificent Potato
    Magnificent Potato 33 dakika önce

    Damn can we get a PART 2?!?

  • slumpedronald
    slumpedronald 33 dakika önce

    currently waiting on Muchdank....

  • Lrd Bane
    Lrd Bane 33 dakika önce

    Soulja Man is not a idiot. He showed all of them nothing but respect.

  • Deez
    Deez 33 dakika önce


  • Mouhcine Boudanes
    Mouhcine Boudanes 33 dakika önce

    soulja speaking facts

  • James Dawson
    James Dawson 33 dakika önce

    I been sitting here steady rewinding this shit for hours literally lmao

  • adela x
    adela x 33 dakika önce

    That nigga sitting next to Soulja is a high key annoying a'f. He hating. This is the first time I see a breakfast club video. Soulja making moves.

  • m m
    m m 33 dakika önce +1

    The Breakfast club would be NOTHING without Charlemagne 😂😂😂

  • Shane Daniel
    Shane Daniel 33 dakika önce

    He about to start some more bullshit with these people haha... let the drama begin

  • Rajeepan Rajendram
    Rajeepan Rajendram 33 dakika önce

    lol soulja gave her the tissue with the gum i know she like wdf why u givin it to me

  • kimberly mcneill
    kimberly mcneill 34 dakika önce

    Did he really make that situation in Compton about Chris ??? Im sorry but this nigga is a liar 😂😂

  • Caleb
    Caleb 34 dakika önce

    I give 3-4 months and everyone will forget about him. The wave will die if he don’t do something stupid like with the Console. He has to do dumb shit for clout to stay relevant

  • James Hendricks
    James Hendricks 34 dakika önce

    Soulja Boy has some really good valid points! He did start the movement. Good shit Soulja keep it going.

  • kgain673111
    kgain673111 34 dakika önce

    "If they don't cast you as the new James Bond..." LOLLOLOLOLOLOL IM DEAD

  • Hyper Leaks
    Hyper Leaks 34 dakika önce

    This video is too long for me

  • TheFronteir666
    TheFronteir666 34 dakika önce

    Wasn't he in jail

  • Têrrėłł Jackson
    Têrrėłł Jackson 34 dakika önce +1

    The comment section is on 🔥

  • BoomLazer
    BoomLazer 34 dakika önce

    his headband got me uncomfortable

  • Léticia
    Léticia 34 dakika önce

    Yooo this was funnnyy! Soulja definitely came back with this.

  • Dev M
    Dev M 34 dakika önce

    that gucci headband survived the 10 year challenge

  • Sheila Lee
    Sheila Lee 34 dakika önce

    facts 💯come back strong

  • ZayStar
    ZayStar 34 dakika önce

    Big Soulja a Legend.

  • J. D. M. El
    J. D. M. El 35 dakika önce

    I feel him in this interview as an artist but he a lame for being grown & coming out to Cali just to be a Blood & claim he from Compton...Not real.

  • UNO
    UNO 35 dakika önce

    What comeback bro

  • Brook Lin
    Brook Lin 35 dakika önce +3

    I bet Soulja Boy flew Eminem in LA and let him sleep on his couch before Em' got famous

  • Adamir Diaz
    Adamir Diaz 35 dakika önce

    This nigga said he was in the living room & then said he was making noodles in the kitchen 😭 sleep

  • GTA Hood Gaming
    GTA Hood Gaming 35 dakika önce


  • Michael Rauls
    Michael Rauls 35 dakika önce +1

    He can speak very well. On point

  • TheOnlyGHOST1015
    TheOnlyGHOST1015 35 dakika önce

    This guy's ego is so big I'm glad Nintendo took his website down

  • Love Is pain
    Love Is pain 35 dakika önce

    A lot of sweat got into that headband

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  • Tyesa Harvey
    Tyesa Harvey 36 dakika önce

    Charlemagne.... How did you keep a straight face through this interview. I watched this 5 times because of you

  • Bored and Cute Miami
    Bored and Cute Miami 36 dakika önce

    best interview they've had

  • Nate Sieler
    Nate Sieler 36 dakika önce

    Hold up how you gonna bag on west because his opinion wtf you wernt a fuckin slave bro I love the breakfast club but how you gonna say racisms bad but turn around and call white people crackers this dudes outfit look like some shit a 16 year old would wear streched out ass headband

  • n3nshat11
    n3nshat11 36 dakika önce

    This donkey has one song and he act like he's relevant. ONE song made him famous and that was backnin 2010 damn


    😂😂😂 I was born in Chicago

  • cupcake
    cupcake 36 dakika önce

    Lol u thought

  • Jason
    Jason 36 dakika önce

    Soulja boy a industry plant puppet fraud that could never fight if his life depended on it

  • Ratty Mat
    Ratty Mat 36 dakika önce +1

    This is the first interview I watched all the way though. People sleeping on Soulja he getting that bag 💼

  • Jalen Wilson
    Jalen Wilson 36 dakika önce

    Yo soulja gotta nice ass name

  • Rebel_without_ a_cause
    Rebel_without_ a_cause 36 dakika önce +1

    When is the new soulja console coming out?...

    X ERROR X 37 dakika önce

    Anyone else skip to the end to see if Draco finished the water bottle

  • Thomas Swaggard
    Thomas Swaggard 37 dakika önce

    “Millions is millions” real shit

  • Gent Deen
    Gent Deen 37 dakika önce


  • GaMeOvEr12454
    GaMeOvEr12454 37 dakika önce

    *lil bored* where u at nigga?

  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez 37 dakika önce

    😂😂this interview hella funny 💯

  • steve gayle
    steve gayle 37 dakika önce +1

    Ayo this Nigga big Draco really The Godfather of this shit 😂😂😂

  • Gerald Hancock
    Gerald Hancock 37 dakika önce

    The next nigga say sumn bout king Soulja big Draco , I’m slapping fiyahz out Dey ass on #fruitx

  • Forever Win
    Forever Win 37 dakika önce

    This shit is too funny

  • DK Beatz
    DK Beatz 38 dakika önce +1

    no bs he spit facts through the whole interview

  • PLAYBOY Tyler
    PLAYBOY Tyler 38 dakika önce

    No👏 body👏cares👏what👏year👏your👏watching👏videos👏 in👏

  • Chrisss L
    Chrisss L 38 dakika önce

    Wanna see him do a interview with Ebro now😭

  • oMyGo5h
    oMyGo5h 38 dakika önce +1

    MuchDank fans rey eat😈

  • J Phantom
    J Phantom 38 dakika önce


  • Black Bulma
    Black Bulma 38 dakika önce

    DJ ENVY shouldn’t speak

  • Beloune Davis
    Beloune Davis 38 dakika önce

    Don't cry Soulja

  • Clown Lives Matter
    Clown Lives Matter 38 dakika önce

    Hes mad corny yo

  • ChrisWellejus
    ChrisWellejus 38 dakika önce

    Wow he is the black version of trump 🤦‍♂️

  • johnnybaddsee
    johnnybaddsee 38 dakika önce

    "You can't kill yourself Big Draco"

  • Joshua Manning
    Joshua Manning 39 dakika önce

    Y'all do know Trump fulfilled every lying ovama 2007 campaign promise right? Please stay stupid black folk

  • Erika Flow
    Erika Flow 39 dakika önce

    This nigga is the troll I aspire to be 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Slyzer
    Slyzer 39 dakika önce +2

    🌚wiggle 🌚
    🌚wiggle 🌚
    🌚wiggle 🌚
    🌚wiggle 🌚

  • Ken Life
    Ken Life 39 dakika önce

    Soulja is so krazy man 😂😂😂

  • Shashank Sriram
    Shashank Sriram 39 dakika önce

    Disappointed that the interview didnt start with the phrase...
    "Soulja Boy Tell 'em..."

  • Time Star
    Time Star 39 dakika önce +5

    Muchdank we're waiting 😁😁😁

  • S Am
    S Am 39 dakika önce +1

    Some people know how to rap, Soulja knows how to stay relevant!! 4 million views in a day, dont tell me this boy isn't special!

    YOUNG COLORWAY 39 dakika önce

    Number 1 on trending niggas willing 😂

  • Darth Obscurity
    Darth Obscurity 39 dakika önce

    Selling a knockoff from china/japan as your own creation..... Lmfao. What a bunch of hacks.

  • Lil Rhythm
    Lil Rhythm 39 dakika önce

    You Smart😂😂 28:34

  • Rixt
    Rixt 39 dakika önce

    Soulja speaking facts like no joke

  • Style Veteran
    Style Veteran 39 dakika önce

    Light skin nigga from degeneres?!

  • Mailon Williams
    Mailon Williams 39 dakika önce

    The fakest chain wearing 😂😂😂

  • manny arroyo
    manny arroyo 40 dakika önce +1

    31:35 he was making a sandwich
    “What kind”

  • Libtard hunter 3000
    Libtard hunter 3000 40 dakika önce

    When it’s 2019 and u put 2018 in the title

  • Chilly
    Chilly 40 dakika önce

    Big Draco not playing with the industry !