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Dunk Runes

  • katma 11 Mar 2022
  • Never found out who Elden was.
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  • Dimitris K.
    Dimitris K. 8 aylar önce +19202

    How Dunkey can always break every game he gets his hands on is beyond me.

    • Bowser’s Big Bean Burrito
      Bowser’s Big Bean Burrito 3 gün önce

      @Exysa this comment ages like milk

    • Killyoh
      Killyoh 17 gün önce

      @Exysa Aged like milk

    • BreakerSwitch
      BreakerSwitch 3 aylar önce

      @Exysa Hey just as a reminder that you made this comment: Cyberpunk is coming up on 20 million sales. Less than 2% of sales in the first year were returned. They had a massive boost in sales when the current gen console versions launched. It has been extremely successful. Elden ring is just passing 16 million (albeit with a year less time on the market).

    • Alissa Swan
      Alissa Swan 3 aylar önce

      Maybe elden ring is broken

    • Toly88
      Toly88 3 aylar önce

      He's a professional that's why

  • Frodo Paradox
    Frodo Paradox 8 aylar önce +7109

    I'm sure many of us were surprised upon seeing how Dunkey was able to ask Radagon of the Golden Order to stop, but it seems that FromSoftware actually listened to his suggestion from his Dunk Souls III video where he said that you should be able to say stop into the microphone and the enemies stop attacking you. Really goes to show how influential he is in the gaming landscape!

    • Tautvydas Šmigelskas
      Tautvydas Šmigelskas Aylar önce +1

      Well basically last bosses were cheesed xD

    • Zaid Lacksalastname
      Zaid Lacksalastname Aylar önce +2

      Stole that feature from super Mario 3d world! Nintendo's gonna get mad

    • ClassicNegan
      ClassicNegan Aylar önce

      Sadly not. He’s just a TRclipsr after all. Not really significant in any part of life. Just fun to watch while you’re taking a shit 🤣

      MATTHEW MAARTEN 4 aylar önce +2

      Dunk Souls 3 is the best thing that ever came out of Dark Souls 3, including the game itself

    • TSFish94
      TSFish94 5 aylar önce +3

      @Crab King only the OGs get this one.

  • Horse Jacket
    Horse Jacket 8 aylar önce +2745

    this game really makes you FEEL like you don't have the right

    • Lukas Kain
      Lukas Kain 6 aylar önce

      @Jon Berry It's an item. I forget which one because I've never used it

    • Ashley Wenner
      Ashley Wenner 7 aylar önce


    • KinFX
      KinFX 7 aylar önce +23

      @OrchardFilm then, you don't have the right, o you dont have the right.

    • Jon Berry
      Jon Berry 7 aylar önce +23

      @OrchardFilm Who writes these messages in Elden Ring? They're at almost every door! lol

    • OrchardFilm
      OrchardFilm 7 aylar önce +116

      You don’t have the right, O you don’t have the right

  • Joseph Moolecherry
    Joseph Moolecherry 8 aylar önce +740

    Elden Ring is revolutionary for including the “jumping attack,” thus allowing the player to implement a plunging attack, known to be the best move in the game, from any vantage point

    • ZeeHero
      ZeeHero 3 aylar önce +1

      But when you do it from the high ground, it makes you unbeatable. nothing can beat the high ground.

    • Jerkycow
      Jerkycow 6 aylar önce +27


  • BearJai
    BearJai 8 aylar önce +2411

    Dunkey in DS3: "There should be a feature that you say in the microphone 'stop' and the enemies don't attack you"
    Madlads at Fromsoft actually implemented that feature

  • Horse Radish
    Horse Radish 8 aylar önce +4063

    was confused how dunkey beat an 80+ hour game in like two weeks, then realized this is his actual job

    • Youzahah
      Youzahah 3 gün önce

      Beat pretty much everything and got Ranni's questline ending done within 40 hours. Game was silly on release

    • Duran Sok
      Duran Sok 8 gün önce

      @Izzie McGinley Myers do you need friends?

    • Senor Studly
      Senor Studly 21 gün önce

      @Man with balls on arm I don't value your opinion nor did I ask. I also don't agree at all

    • Til Valhalla 934
      Til Valhalla 934 3 aylar önce +2

      200+ hour game***

    • Dex
      Dex 3 aylar önce

      Ya'll know he streams the games he play that's why he finished it quicker than everyone

  • aboxofbeans
    aboxofbeans 7 aylar önce +175

    Dunkey shouting "lobster battle" has given me the willpower to carry on in this shit ass world

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares 2 aylar önce +125

    Here we see Dunkey's first mention of Bigmode Company at 3:01. That's just the type of foreshadowing you can expect from Bigmode Company, truly a leader in futuristic thinking

    • Hone Nathan
      Hone Nathan Aylar önce

      I don't give a shit!

    • Frodo Paradox
      Frodo Paradox Aylar önce +7

      He's been getting us ready for a while, as far as I know, Bigmode Company is foreshadowed in Ghost Hunters 3D and Going bigmode in Hitman 3. Pretty wild.

    • zarkmo
      zarkmo Aylar önce

      His first mention of it was in the phasmaphobia video dumb dumb

  • Luis C.
    Luis C. 8 aylar önce +247

    For the invisible enemy, if you get the Sentry's torch from a merchant in Altus Plateau you can see them like a normal enemy.

    • Vugen18
      Vugen18 6 aylar önce +1

      aha! so thats when i was suppose to use the torch

    • spunk
      spunk 7 aylar önce +2

      @Dr. Modie i mean you can always just run past the assassins, thats what i did

    • Baldur the Impious
      Baldur the Impious 7 aylar önce

      @Dr. Modie well I'm saying you're stupid for not reading an item description. If you don't like it play a different game, I find the ambiguity of the game refreshing. Normies like yourself ask to much from such a game that gives little hand holding. If you are seriously this upset over a torch I can't imagine how your stupid mind perceives things. (But in all honesty if you want help beating the game I'd love to pitch in)

    • Dr. Modie
      Dr. Modie 7 aylar önce +1

      @Baldur the Impious
      I feel you are thinking this is a serious conversation. I was just making fun of you for defending a bad item description (the actual hint) while using terms "Git gud" completely wrong. And by your response, it seemed I hit the exact spot.

    • Baldur the Impious
      Baldur the Impious 7 aylar önce

      @Dr. Modie or just read the items descriptions to know what they do instead of being stupid. You get the torch to see the assassins WAAAAAY before you fight them so I have no idea what you're going on about. But seriously add me and I'll solo the game for you.

  • LP W
    LP W 8 aylar önce +226

    The part where he's like "no please go back into the laser thank you thank you" had me dying.

  • RDproctor
    RDproctor 8 aylar önce +11951

    This game really makes you FEEL like there's a secret passage ahead.

    • TheBfutgreg
      TheBfutgreg 3 aylar önce

      @A C That was my mindset watching Breaking Bad for the first time recently and then seeing all the comments on video clips about certain scenes which state the most obvious shit with a veneer of "OH WOW EXPERT WRITIING!!!, It was genius how they wrote this to do obvious *THING* ....I love Vince he's a genius!! " I mean I've tried to keep up with Gen Z humor but the cracks are starting to show, like it's BOOMER MODE ENGAGED at this point

    • TheBfutgreg
      TheBfutgreg 3 aylar önce

      @The Gk-verse I love how they must've been like "ok we'll make the basic system similar to Dark Souls, but there's going to be a loot system and the combat will be very specific based on stances....
      ...What?? Oh yeah we'll include bullshit poison swamps and baited deathdrops all the way, I mean if we're going Soulslike we're going *ALL THE WAY* "
      As a disclaimer at least Nioh only had a single mission with a poison swamp and it's relatively easily mitigated with items/abilities
      Plus as a bonus you can *kill* the walls! Just make sure you don't get hit by solid rock since that hurts pretty bad

    • Daniel K
      Daniel K 6 aylar önce

      @Sabnova3415 Except the academy isn't a main story boss. You can skip them and still finish the game.

    • Gervardo
      Gervardo 6 aylar önce

      liar ahead

    • Moose Caboose
      Moose Caboose 7 aylar önce +1

      this game really makes you feel like there's no item ahead

  • Satvik Verma
    Satvik Verma 8 aylar önce +95

    6:51 if you revisit Dunkey's Dark Souls III video, he mentions they should add a feature that if you say "stop" enemies should stop attacking. So good to see a game studio listening to fans

  • Liberal Who Likes Being Dominated And Shlt On

    they way he beat radagon is hilarious

  • Tobias Edgar
    Tobias Edgar 8 aylar önce +75

    Hearing him say “where is the elden ring” made me laugh my ass off every time

  • Myth 9748
    Myth 9748 7 aylar önce +32

    i was kinda shocked and intimidated with how fast he beat Elden Ring 😂 My first Playthrough was honestly the worst one haha. Every boss would just one shot me over and over and over again, and i kept telling myself “oh i just had to be persistent and never give up!” Nope. This game tortures new players and now i’m on my fourth Playthrough and I am still shock how fast Dunkey managed to beat this big ass game 😂

    • Lee Bard
      Lee Bard 7 aylar önce +5

      Level your vigor up.

    • lachainone
      lachainone 7 aylar önce +15

      He's not the record holder of Bowser's Big Bean Burrito for no reason

  • Law
    Law 8 aylar önce +4092

    You can actually speed run the game by ordering every enemy to stop attacking or by just asking the bear to get the elden ring for you

    • Power Gekko
      Power Gekko 7 aylar önce +1

      @River 11, when will I see results?

    • Ahnaful Kabir Zarif
      Ahnaful Kabir Zarif 7 aylar önce

      @River 69696969yourMom6969696

    • Jordan Rodriguez
      Jordan Rodriguez 8 aylar önce

      @Hayrettin Resit Kayacan it's a bug and easy to do.

    • A1iJ
      A1iJ 8 aylar önce +1

      The bear is more than capable

    • Fade
      Fade 8 aylar önce


  • chanlaman
    chanlaman 8 aylar önce +36

    This really shows Dunker’s power. He is able to transcend the barrier between fiction and reality to cast Stopza himself on the enemies he fights in the game. Nothing will stop him from finding the Elden Ring

  • Kay Lee
    Kay Lee 8 aylar önce +23

    The weapon art at the end just being "no skill" is true art

  • William Aitken
    William Aitken 7 aylar önce +6

    Just a heads up: you can reveal the hidden enemies featured at 3:50 using an item called the Sentry's Torch.

  • Deej
    Deej 8 aylar önce +18

    the choice to make the final boss voice commandable was very brave, thank you Miyazaki

  • Rafael Intrevado
    Rafael Intrevado 8 aylar önce +8931

    Now imagine how many Elden Rings he could find if he wasn't blindfolded.

    • phuegaa
      phuegaa 2 aylar önce

      @Catomaster32 its insane some people know dunkey so well as if they've been friends for decades. bro you don't know him like that chill tf out u baboon.

    • TSFish94
      TSFish94 3 aylar önce

      @Catomaster32 my guy why are you here?

    • Brainboyandthefunkybunch
      Brainboyandthefunkybunch 3 aylar önce

      I can’t believe y’all parents sinned and had sex, I read on Wikipedia that’s how babies are made and as a child of god that’s just so gross 🤮

    • Steve Goralski
      Steve Goralski 6 aylar önce

      @Catomaster32 you know what's better than all these dumbass jokes?

    • Ethan Hopkins
      Ethan Hopkins 8 aylar önce +1

      @Harry Parker no not everyone recycles the same jokes 💀

  • TellyHam
    TellyHam 8 aylar önce +17

    I can always count on a dunkey vid to cheer me up after a day of finding no items.

  • Matik
    Matik 2 aylar önce +13

    3:02 first teaser of BIGMODE, amazingly planned, truly stunning

  • Dev Benz
    Dev Benz 8 aylar önce +25

    "will you just give me the damn onion ring already" love it

  • Sick Randy
    Sick Randy 6 aylar önce +11

    Genuinely one of your funniest videos, which is really saying something. I laughed nearly the entire video.

  • Troll
    Troll 8 aylar önce +5546

    I can’t believe dunkey actually got the Elden Ring

    • TheRealGooseMan
      TheRealGooseMan 7 aylar önce +2

      I can't believe dunkey became the elden ring

    • ilusions4
      ilusions4 8 aylar önce +1

      great comment.. a true creative visionary

    • Troll
      Troll 8 aylar önce +3

      @Lonk Badonk mmm bröther

    • Salad
      Salad 8 aylar önce +1

      @Minimum Wage Demon I can't believe I watched you comment on watching dunkey get the eldeb ring

    • Lonk Badonk
      Lonk Badonk 8 aylar önce +2


  • Dr. Narwhal MD
    Dr. Narwhal MD 8 aylar önce +10

    I actually had the same thing happen to me with the elden beast where he just stood still for 3/4 of his healthbar and i couldnt pass up the opportunity for the free kill (I beat him legit on new game plus though)

    • Little Spoon
      Little Spoon 7 aylar önce

      Same, I was really confused but I didn't let the opportunity go to waste

  • Tyler Burleson
    Tyler Burleson 8 aylar önce +34

    0:19 he broke through your de-fences so easily by using his own brand of de-fencing.

  • BungoBongo
    BungoBongo 7 aylar önce +9

    After finishing the game, I can finally watch this video without getting spoiled

  • Donkey Diddy Combs
    Donkey Diddy Combs 8 aylar önce +9

    dude you are the reason i started watching youtube, my friend showed me your hilarious fall out videos (in the wandering man) and i appreciate that you're still going man! Keep up the great vids your sense of humor is a delight!

  • Dark_Styx
    Dark_Styx 8 aylar önce +7038

    dude's got the double AI break, that's what every speedrunner wishes for

    • NOLA 0977
      NOLA 0977 7 aylar önce

      @Monty But he has the hat. So clearly the WR is still his.

    • Close_Your_Eyes
      Close_Your_Eyes 7 aylar önce

      @LLIW BROWN will brown your pants

    • Jefferson Santos
      Jefferson Santos 7 aylar önce

      Now speedrunners don't even fight the boss, they just use the zip method and it's done lol

    • Gigachad Vtuber Enjoyer
      Gigachad Vtuber Enjoyer 8 aylar önce +2

      every speedrunner actually wishes to be a woman.
      unfortunately they never will be, no matter what.

    • Lyrody
      Lyrody 8 aylar önce

      @Nick Fudala cerulean flasks vs. crimson flasks. I don’t see any differences between that, besides his mimic tear being dead

  • Liberal Who Likes Being Dominated And Shlt On

    im still waiting to find 1 boss item/set and i just went up the lift i have 2 great runes, 3rd one doesnt count? (luiunaria mage one) i have radahan and the liunaria mage boss sets. thats it. i have 2. and like 5 boss weapons.
    welcome to elden trash.

  • Matthew Boyle
    Matthew Boyle 7 aylar önce +4

    So I watched this and then fought the final boss myself, on one of the runs I actually got the glitch where Radagon just doesn't move or attack and was laughing and relieved. But then I broke his posture and broke him out of the spell, I should have been able to get to the second phase easily but I panicked and died. So embarrassing

  • Jack Joung
    Jack Joung 8 aylar önce +5

    Dunkey has finally found a way to realize his game-breaking abilities at will

  • Bloodyhellevator
    Bloodyhellevator 8 aylar önce +1

    Your videos always make me laugh. Love your videos, dunkey!

  • Impressionable Gaming
    Impressionable Gaming 8 aylar önce +1153

    I envy his ability to break literally EVERY game he plays lol

    • Idle Byte
      Idle Byte 8 aylar önce +2

      ​@Randomfools you have to go out of your way to get radagon to break (hit him with the slicer move just before his animation finishes), and the elden beast part is pretty difficult to trigger naturally and hell even when you want to, but I could see that happening to someone. 99% dunkey did this on purpose though.

    • GorgeousFortress
      GorgeousFortress 8 aylar önce

      He definitely looked all this up sorry to tell you

    • Yono
      Yono 8 aylar önce +3

      He probably looked a lot of it up, hes using a very well known broken summon at Godrick, way earlier than most people would have it since youd have to go way out of the way to find it (mimic tear) and the AI exploit he used to beat the final boss is a speedrunning tactic and hard to trigger accidentally.

    • IAmDaDumb1
      IAmDaDumb1 8 aylar önce +3

      @bento campos actually it’s pretty easy to recreate

    • bento campos
      bento campos 8 aylar önce +1

      @Randomfools to be fair, its a pretty damn rare glitch to happen, at least thats what i heard

  • RuneofWarcraft
    RuneofWarcraft 8 aylar önce +7

    In all seriousness, I woulda kinda liked seeing dunkey do a dunkview of this game - I enjoyed this game a lot and I would be interested to see what dunkey picked up on and what he thought
    Edit: welp nvm

  • Lucas Milt Petrovics
    Lucas Milt Petrovics 8 aylar önce +5

    Hey donkey just wanted to say that you have helped through very tough times in my life love you with all my heart

  • Chaplain Raziel
    Chaplain Raziel 8 aylar önce +3

    Dunkey! I’m so glad to see you… I haven’t seen an update from you in a while and I feared the worst.

  • Lauren Eberhardt
    Lauren Eberhardt 8 aylar önce +2

    This has got to be one of your best videos. I cannot stop laughing

    MR MLG PRO 6 aylar önce +2

    Love how dunkey was going to say "thank you dark souls" but then remembered he was playing elden ring

  • shootermcgavin72
    shootermcgavin72 8 aylar önce +1

    Dude you are so talented and hilarious. Wish you uploaded more.

  • LTK Roland
    LTK Roland 2 aylar önce +5

    3:03 Dunkey was already teasing his new company, how did we not see that.

  • RIP Greedo
    RIP Greedo 8 aylar önce +2

    I laughed out loud when the giant ball had a health bar

  • Cressx
    Cressx 8 aylar önce +4194

    As a souls fan, I was suspicious of the Longtail Cat Talisman. "immune to fall damage"
    Switched display window and sure enough, I was right to question the power of the item. Found the small print: "Does not prevent deaths caused by fall damage"

    • kutmulc
      kutmulc 3 gün önce

      It's the same as it's always worked in Souls games. Another way to think about it is that it only prevents non-lethal fall damage.

    • Zaid Lacksalastname
      Zaid Lacksalastname Aylar önce

      @Zealant lmao imagine

    • TheBfutgreg
      TheBfutgreg 5 aylar önce

      @Wet Bread So Rennala would be a good option to use it for? Or is that also a lie somehow

    • Nuclear Weapons
      Nuclear Weapons 6 aylar önce

      @Saad N I’m glad you liked it.

    • Dawgweazle
      Dawgweazle 6 aylar önce +1

      Well duh - falling doesn't kill you. Hitting the ground does. ;)

  • TheBfutgreg
    TheBfutgreg 3 aylar önce +1

    I love the fall death sound, like it's so hilarious like "OOOoooohhhh....."
    Plus the fire death is really brutal and makes me never want to die again
    (to fire)

  • WorldEaterZero
    WorldEaterZero 2 aylar önce

    Only Dunkey can win a hard game while ranting the whole time and still feels genuine lol

  • Neddypwnz
    Neddypwnz 8 aylar önce +2

    Bro the sonic adventure 2 songs just sent me back in time so hard. Plus the rock boss that looks like the sand boss from that game. Truly dunkey is a connoisseur of the classics

  • Kyle Ledeadboi
    Kyle Ledeadboi 8 aylar önce

    Truly one of the best indie games i have ever played.

  • Hand
    Hand 8 aylar önce +1831

    This game really makes you *FEEL* like you’re maidenless

    • Fake Man spider
      Fake Man spider 8 aylar önce +1

      A Maiden tells you that you’re madienless, then tells you that she’s your maiden now

    • Achlys
      Achlys 8 aylar önce +5

      I'm not maidenless, you're my maiden.

    • Mark Belisle
      Mark Belisle 8 aylar önce

      Best comment

    • James Doyle
      James Doyle 8 aylar önce +40

      The fact that somebody's right hand said this is magnificent.

  • TheKyleBrah
    TheKyleBrah 8 aylar önce +1

    Legend has it that he's still looking for the Elden Ring to this very day

  • The Play by Play with Matt Severino

    There actually was a really good item ahead 2:23 you just had to jump off that ledge onto the tree below, and then off the tree onto the ground and there should be 4 items

  • G With The Headphones
    G With The Headphones 7 aylar önce +5

    I have never watched this channel before, but this is already my new favorite youtuber lol

  • Ilia Prodanov
    Ilia Prodanov 8 aylar önce +1

    Man you're so funny! I like the way you enjoy such tuf games. I don't know if you will ever see this, but if you do... thanks for everything man

  • nessesaryschoolthing
    nessesaryschoolthing 8 aylar önce +1897

    I was like "why the Sonic music at the end," but then I realized, Sonic also was trying to get rings. True art, Dunkey.

    • Billy McIntyre 3
      Billy McIntyre 3 8 aylar önce

      @Tommy π the whom?

    • Tommy π
      Tommy π 8 aylar önce +4

      @Billy McIntyre 3 i actually thought the elden beast looked more like the biolizard

    • Billy McIntyre 3
      Billy McIntyre 3 8 aylar önce +3

      pretty sure its also because the elden beast looks kinda like Chaos true form at the end of Sonic Adventure which is what the song is from along with the Godskin Noble rolling

    • Excelsior Espio
      Excelsior Espio 8 aylar önce

      @Ningxy oh I hate comment deleters

    • Excelsior Espio
      Excelsior Espio 8 aylar önce

      @Ningxy and that has what to do with music?

  • Big Brain Energy
    Big Brain Energy 8 aylar önce +8

    This game really is the Bloodborne of Dunk Souls.

  • SlipperyKoRn
    SlipperyKoRn 8 aylar önce

    to anyone who cheesed the final boss, congrats on getting passed the initial rage

  • Frank Jones
    Frank Jones 8 aylar önce +3

    Another great video, this channel has really turned itself around since the pre-Chinchillo era

  • Bartholomew Thundercat III
    Bartholomew Thundercat III 7 aylar önce +7

    That should be the motto of every FromSoft game.

  • BlueNinja Noname
    BlueNinja Noname 8 aylar önce +2219

    I like how the spinning trap doesn't touch him but kills him anyway, but the massive ball hits him and doesn't kill him.

    • yellowcard8100
      yellowcard8100 8 aylar önce +3

      @Randomfools oh no you sometimes get clipped through the wall maybe once in your hundreds of hours in the game, shit game you're right /s

    • Poop Smith
      Poop Smith 8 aylar önce +4

      @ngfshgsfhsgh so what you really mean is you've never progressed out of the first area on any of their games, don't understand the mechanics, and want to make judgements on them not having actually played it enough to understand it. Sounds fair. They should dump the multi-million selling formula they have and cater to you.

    • IAmDaDumb1
      IAmDaDumb1 8 aylar önce +2

      @ngfshgsfhsgh haha yeah okay. Someone’s hangry because their mom forgot to bring their pizza pockets down to the basement for them I see. I frame dodging, for the reasons I explained, is objectively better for this series, especially if the only side effect of I frame dodging is dodging through boulders and other harmless/hilarious anecdotes. If that weak ass argument is the best you have then you honestly come off as someone who died to tree sentinel and rage quit to write a 1-star review. Stay “woke” on fromsoft and pout in your corner while everybody else gets to have fun

    • ngfshgsfhsgh
      ngfshgsfhsgh 8 aylar önce +3

      Could make exclusions for dodging I-frames for sanity such as rolling death balls and attacks clipping through walls is just a failure of design. It's not good. This is objective fact, but nobody cares and just continues to let From get away with it, every single fucking game. But then I'm not blinded by being a Souls simp, so.

    • IAmDaDumb1
      IAmDaDumb1 8 aylar önce +8

      @Smart Alec it seems dumb until you play the game and realize how ass the combat would be if you didn’t get I frames from dodging. Many of the bosses and enemies have huge sweeping or AOE attacks so making your dodge just change your hit box would be useless and you’d just be hit anyway. Dodge timing is and always has been a core mechanic of these games, as the I frame approach means you can’t just panic roll around the bosses and enemies and actually have to think about when the right time to dodge is. Just changing your hit box would encourage mindless rolling that would probably end up in you being hit anyway.
      Also the I frames in dodging allow you to dodge towards the boss and stay aggressive rather than always having to dodge away from them and losing your window to attack

  • Awkward Runner
    Awkward Runner 8 aylar önce +1

    This game is so fun 😂 but the drip is everything 🤟🏾🦬

  • J Riggs
    J Riggs 2 aylar önce +1

    Revisiting this video for the first time since you posted. Can confirm it’s still golden

  • Bartholomew Thundercat III
    Bartholomew Thundercat III 7 aylar önce +1

    3:48-4:10 perfectly encapsulates the Souls/Borne/Sekiro/Ring experience.

  • CosmogCrusader
    CosmogCrusader 8 aylar önce +1

    Wow, this game really makes you feel like Elden Ring.

  • Nathan Perry
    Nathan Perry 8 aylar önce +3237

    "Why does a normal enemy have a second phase!?!" had me rolling! LOL

    • bagofsteel
      bagofsteel 8 aylar önce

      It's about time we've had more of this concept, last I can remember was Zelda Twilight Princess's Darknuts.

    • redgyrados2000
      redgyrados2000 8 aylar önce +2

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    • Sauron Awdi
      Sauron Awdi 8 aylar önce

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