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    Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see another scuba diving video this weekend! Appreciate the love and support as always guys. Much love

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    Frickin size of that cat!!!

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    Hey dallmy am you fan

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    Anyone know what brand that hat is?!?

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    English isn't my first language, so when I first read your channel's name I thought that it meant "D, all my D" and D was an abbreviation for...I don't know... "Dope" or "Dollars" or something.... I'm not too familiar with American slang terms yet. Anyway, I only realized it was supposed to mean "The Almighty" when you introduced yourself at the beginning of a video. Now that I know, I think it's a very cool name though

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    Que bom

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    Im 5

    Jk I'm 8

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    Ray Porter 3 aylar önce

    Sry These videos are so stage how would you just randomly have someone’s number and the funny thing it wasn’t even the guys number it was the woman’s

    • Shrek is life Village
      Shrek is life Village Aylar önce

      Or maybe cause he had his ID. Yall dumb

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      Alaina Usteski 2 aylar önce

      I'm sorry but do you know what a wife is

    • Stefan Steffensen
      Stefan Steffensen 3 aylar önce +1

      He said he talked to him a couple of weeks earlier meybe he got the number there... meybe he looked it up online as you can clearly see the video is cut

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    good stuff man. subbed.

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    Nice 👏👏👏

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    These are really fun to watch. Great work! :)

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    6:08 👏👏👏👏

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    That phone was a sangsum galaxy 7

  • djlobb
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    Judging by the camera bump size, that is a Galaxy S6 (bigger camera hump than S7 etc) and they're not waterproof unfortunately.

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    Turkey den FOLLOWB

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    Being honest and cleaning up the garbage. Love it

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    Awww jakes soo sweet and nice and cute

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    I dropped it ;_;

  • Poopy Adventures
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    My father lost his iPhone with that pocket in the river...

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    Is that her

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    اصحاب ثنيان

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    Hey Jake that was awesome when you returned a young man his phone back to his mother.

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    O es

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    Why do all TRclipsrs have such hot or sexy girl friends

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    Love the shots U take that R half underwater half above. They R 1 of my favorites.

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    And now look at you two. :)

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    Y es om nom

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    Your gonna CALL him that you found his PHONE! I’m ded but nice find and you did the right thing👏🏻👍🏼

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    Could i go in your group

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    That was so sweet you guys are great and nice you guys are doing the thing and I love your videos keep it up guys.😁😉

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    Scuba Diving is thrift shopping for him😂👍

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    What happened to kendall 🤔🤔🤔

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    I'm a girl but I've got my dads acount and I'm just 8

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    Chardonnay, love that song man

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    What kind of knife is that.

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    Relationship goals

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    What about his gf? 😱😱

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      Alonso's Passion this is before

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    God bless you brooooo!

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    Big boy

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    What but you have his phone

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    How many times you gonna say WOOHOO

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    With the current, some of those lure look alive! That hose freaked me out for 1/2 a second.

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    I click the thumb's up.

  • Crystal cat vlog
    Crystal cat vlog 8 aylar önce +1

    I click the thumb's up.

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    Stay happy please being happy is good then you make friends and love

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    Do you now that’s a master catfish

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    I love you vids

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    You are so good people you give back mobile phone

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    Omg!My name is Alex but im a girl so my real name is Alexandria

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    0:52 is so satisfying to me every time he does that

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    this guy is a really nice, honest, and amazing I found him last night I love him keep on keeping on bro love you man

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    Y love yov

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    u just made my day for turning in a phone and one of my favorite youtubers now ✌😁😁

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    Que buen jesto carnal me encantan tus videos subscriptor NUEVO

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    for my our a hiro

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    Was that a baby baby baby baby shark

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    I love your videos so much you shod come to Gladwin Michigan and hunt in the river

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    Bro how did it go with Lindsey

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    يلي عربي يحط جيم

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    Should have named this video "found Girl Friend in river"

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    I love your videos!❤

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    Damn that cat fish was massive

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    i’ve never seen a video so wholesome in my entire life

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    Supporting from Germany:O

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    It's a Samsung galaxy s4 I have the same

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    u are a such a nice guy

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    If you find another phone and it’s been in the river put it in rice. The rice turns it back on. It only works if it’s been water 😁

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    1:34 Thought that was a eel or something lol

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    What's on your hat

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    you do not cep the stuff that you find so i like that

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    When you said “Alex” my heart dropped because that’s my grandpas name XD

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    What is your knife called

  • Valentina Coldlund
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    5:30 that guy is totally right, he does the nicer thing and tries to give the items back to their owners instead of using them for himself. a big reason why I love your videos. keep up the great work!

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    Nice guy

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    Are you dating that kendall girl still

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    I eat cats

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    Can you tell me how much phones have you found in the rivers

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    Lol when he said nu I lost a golf ball "Dang"

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    10:08, when you pounced on that weight! XD remind you of a certain golf ball?

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    where did you get that knife that has two side bladr

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    Ooooo Linsey

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    Home boy likes em a tad thick... respect. Same. Sure unicorns exist, but when it comes time to pet the horn..will they let you? Just find a gal that likes you... she may not be on a calendar, but she prolly won't leave you next time she sees a whale... those were calendar and fishing jokes... don't make it gross...

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    OHMsjsjs I live in Alabama woo

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    Your cool as people will keep things like that keep

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    Good job u are so responsible😊

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    He found the phone at 2:19!!

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    That was funny when he thought the rope was a snake

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    I actually didn't know how to say your name until the end of this video lol another great video oh and of course what a great find I mean Lindsey she's a keeper