Falcon 9 rocket launch provides spectacular view in Bakersfield

  • katma 23 Ara 2017
  • SpaceX's Falcon 9, a rocket carrying satellites, launched shortly before 5:30 p.m. Friday from Vandenberg Air Force Base on the coast and provided a spectacular view all the way to Bakersfield.
    Eyewitness News' Jeff Platt provided commentary as the rocket streaked across the night sky.

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  • kuyanatnatdkrx7
    kuyanatnatdkrx7 Gün önce

    nice a quiet, not like those stupid humans recording and screaming THOSE ARE ALIENS , THOSE ARE ALIENS !!!! Y'ALL NEED TO BE SHOOTING THAT.

  • Peter Mertin
    Peter Mertin 2 gün önce

    This rocket is shut down from a ...Ufo!

  • Shaggy Lynch
    Shaggy Lynch 12 gün önce

    hmmmmm....... a "rocket" huh

  • hai le
    hai le 12 gün önce

    At 0:58 ,I watch this while ''Man of Steel-Terraforming'' soundtrack playing on the background and it feel so EPIC

  • favoritemusicon
    favoritemusicon 13 gün önce

    Are we completely sure that it is what they say it's for.

  • SlimeyWoof
    SlimeyWoof 14 gün önce


    JOSE BUENAVISTA 17 gün önce

    hey ficking No one like md

  • scorps da gamer
    scorps da gamer 21 gün önce

    Wow it look like the sun!

  • N nOni
    N nOni 22 gün önce

    That's not just amazing its beautiful.

  • alikaty2k7
    alikaty2k7 26 gün önce

    Imagine the light show from a falcon heavy with it's three boosters separating & getting ready for re-entry. I guess there'll be footage of that in the not too distant future. That'll be something to see...

  • Bean
    Bean 26 gün önce

    Would be interesting to hear how many car accidents happened at that moment 3:45 of people looking up instead of where they're going

  • Rolf B
    Rolf B 27 gün önce

    CiaX falcon

  • Rolf B
    Rolf B 27 gün önce

    That looks like a plasma reaction

  • elevown
    elevown 29 gün önce

    They do not go 'straight' up.

    • Thijs Snijder
      Thijs Snijder 22 gün önce

      no, why would they? The satellite is only going to LEO

  • rachel freeman
    rachel freeman 29 gün önce

    Did go any were

    • rachel freeman
      rachel freeman 29 gün önce

      Looks like it hard turn never went to space

  • Badong Setneufarim
    Badong Setneufarim 29 gün önce

    The rocket did not pass to the dome the rocket fly around not up straight

    • Thijs Snijder
      Thijs Snijder 22 gün önce

      rockets don't go straight up, they always curve because they have to get into orbit.

  • javier migoya
    javier migoya Aylar önce

    how far is it rocket from you? 300 or 400ft, people don't realize how small this rocket actually is, to put it in perspective, the rocket is no bigger than a small firecracker, thankfully it didn't collide with all those quadcopters that were flying above the rocket which are easily 50 times bigger than the rocket, they sent up a cricket for this historic launch because next to humans, dolphins, and apes, the cricket in all its various species is easily the next smartest species on the IQ ladder on this planet, and of course due to size restrictions a cricket was the obvious choice, sure cockroaches are rezilient but dumb as a post as proven in a basic Mensa IQ test, not to mention probably the size of the rocket it self so cricket was it, the cricket was placed in a small sturdy tempered glass ball glued to the tip of the rocket with enough leg room for it to sit comfortably in its seat with all the controls and keypads accessable for it to communicate to ground control and it was fitted with a very small headset, no monittor though because of it micro sized requirements it just hasn't been invented yet, so the cricket is limited to audio communication and keyboard typing, we recieved the 1st audio message which just sounded like a loud hissing noise almost like when you're frying something cold in fryer oil, first typed message was "uhivsaaicbikais;oasonaj;'/." trully historic, still trying to figure out what it was trying to say, haven't heard from it for over 2 hrs now, probably taking a nap

    • javier migoya
      javier migoya 21 gün önce

      Lucky Cricket is truly upset and has stopped communicating with ground control for now, last communication from ground control to Lucky Cricket was "ground control to Lucky Cricket, please respond how's about you tell us about your experiences so far?" Lucky Cricket immediately responded with "Hows about you all Suck My........." and it went silent, either we lost communication from say small solar flares or someone from ground control accidentally pulled the communication feed plug, Interesting response, I bet if I was any good at Wheel of Fortune I could figure the last word, I was never any good at filling in the blanks, I'll keep you posted for sure, thank you for your interest in this historic mission

    • Thijs Snijder
      Thijs Snijder 21 gün önce

      interesting, please tell me more.

    • javier migoya
      javier migoya 21 gün önce

      you're right it doesn't make sense not to tell someone the whole truth on what to expect, but it seems obvious that Lucky Cricket was misinformed, his fault though, he should of read the fine print, but then again there's no way for us to know if he read it or not because you can imagine how small the print is on a mission briefing made small enough for cricket eyes let alone the fine print on it, he didn't say much before the mission but now he's very vocal and disatisfied

    • Thijs Snijder
      Thijs Snijder 22 gün önce

      right, because that makes sense. /s

    • javier migoya
      javier migoya 22 gün önce

      no, but we are still trying to figure out what the cricket typed in its 1st message, it was incoherent we believe due to turbulence, the 2nd Audio we got was clear, lucky cricket said "1st you try to fry me, then you try and freeze, you sons of bitches, get me outta here, I didn't sign up for this Shit!" as you can see lucky cricket is quite the comedian, lol

  • Randy W
    Randy W Aylar önce

    We just had another rocket launch in calif. Visible in San Francisco

  • Bad Drivers
    Bad Drivers Aylar önce


  • george george
    george george Aylar önce

    not rocket

  • Omar Hernandez
    Omar Hernandez Aylar önce

    Kaaaaameee kaaaaammeee haaaaaaaa

  • Fr0ntnit3 06
    Fr0ntnit3 06 Aylar önce

    I saw it all the way from Eau Claire no Joke and it was daytime

  • S Px
    S Px Aylar önce

    I work at SpaceX and was watching this in mission control and missing out on the awesomeness outside :(

  • Ahbriel queen Bri
    Ahbriel queen Bri Aylar önce

    There trying to hide the ailens so we will think that something else #dont trust them

  • Izzy C
    Izzy C Aylar önce

    Bullshit and you dummies keep falling for it

    • Thijs Snijder
      Thijs Snijder 22 gün önce

      if believing that makes you feel happy, then by all means keep dreaming.

  • Judd Farr
    Judd Farr Aylar önce

    Stfu dickhead u know that shits not a fucking space x launch. They just launched the most powerful rocket in the world and it looked nothing like this

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex Reyes Aylar önce

    I saw it..

    STRATE PAPER Aylar önce

    These gentiles&HEATHENS THINK they know EVERYTHING but it's futile information at best.

    • Thijs Snijder
      Thijs Snijder 22 gün önce

      if believing that makes you feel happy, then by all means keep dreaming.

  • Blue Tiger
    Blue Tiger Aylar önce


  • Chilled Lizard
    Chilled Lizard Aylar önce

    2:40 reminds me of a Kamehameha fired

  • The Great Revelation
    The Great Revelation Aylar önce

    Falcon 9 Heavy launch. Launch begins around 20:00

  • The Great Revelation
    The Great Revelation Aylar önce

    I cannot even believe the amount of epic stupidity revealed by this comment thread. So all you airheads know....we humans have been launching rockets into earth's atmosphere since 1944. This is not alien technology. Just because your tiny mind doesn't understand doesn't make it a conspiracy. You are the people who we won't need when us intelligent human beings leave to colonize Mars and we will leave you on earth. IF YOU BELIEVE EARTH IS FLAT YOU SHOULD BE EUTHANIZED.

  • E.t.A A.
    E.t.A A. Aylar önce

    Astounding! God is beautiful!

  • Hammer Smith
    Hammer Smith Aylar önce

    thats not elons rocket. its mine, although im not supposed to tell anyone

  • Gibbet Hoskins
    Gibbet Hoskins Aylar önce

    Simpletons were literally posting on social media saying Aliens had arrived and Jesus had returned lol Morons.

  • PunchianThe3rd
    PunchianThe3rd Aylar önce

    Ok the Great Delusion is budding. WTF was that?! That one Orb started marking his territory. Thrusters hover in one spot doing flips? It doesn't deviate and spits out stuff. It can't be gas, that means a like so that orb should've blown up. Now you got make-up artist in the comment selling you what to think you saw with words you think are legit. You don't check because you assume he got the credentials. I almost bought till I replayed it. I think the earth is round and it really don't change nothing.

  • Ice Posiedon
    Ice Posiedon Aylar önce

    Vegeta is fucking pissed the fuck off.

  • Ben Kirk
    Ben Kirk Aylar önce

    :O so cool

  • Beat god 24
    Beat god 24 Aylar önce


    Goku: Kamehamehaaaa!!!
    Vegeta: final flash!!!!

  • Josh Gener
    Josh Gener Aylar önce

    Damn it Carl! Wrong Galaxy!

  • kaseyjosh
    kaseyjosh Aylar önce


    • Thijs Snijder
      Thijs Snijder Aylar önce

      "TALK ABOUT GULLIBLE FOOLS....!!!!" why are you talking about yourself?

  • Darren1000
    Darren1000 Aylar önce

    Elon Musik deja d estar contaminando el ambiente cn tus cohetes Chafas.

  • michael
    michael Aylar önce

    What a idiot reporter , pretending he's in Bakersfield

  • Retro Striker
    Retro Striker Aylar önce

    First day after no nut November be like:

  • Nathan Lopez
    Nathan Lopez Aylar önce

    The rocket

  • Nathan Lopez
    Nathan Lopez Aylar önce

    Someone crashed by watching the ship

  • EnInz
    EnInz Aylar önce +1

    3:30 why it haoppening?

  • Cobra Phobic
    Cobra Phobic Aylar önce

    I'd love to die in such a view. I don't wanna die on the streets, neither somewhere in the forest. But I wouldn't mind having that Rocket come at me, as long as its dark and it shines this beatiful, i'd happily accept it.

  • Last Outsider
    Last Outsider Aylar önce +1

    Ka Ma Ha Ma HAaaaaaaa!

  • luke666808g
    luke666808g Aylar önce

    What's up with that pulsating firework inside the gas plume?

  • D⃟I⃟A⃟M⃟O⃟N⃟D⃟ A⃠N⃠G⃠E⃠L⃠

    Ohhhh thats he's mom

  • JeweledJames
    JeweledJames 2 aylar önce

    Lol there's a video about someone on the highway watching this and an accident happened xd

  • Luca Dario Bützberger
    Luca Dario Bützberger 2 aylar önce

    Well. It is also damn impressive how good their camera actually is.

  • triptechable
    triptechable 2 aylar önce

    Dudes on a bluescreen?

  • Lance Siegfried
    Lance Siegfried 2 aylar önce

    sending satellites is like sending trashes. The outerspace is like our environment. It has tons of spacejunks already. And it could harm us anytime.

  • Dᴏᴡʟᴘʜᴡɪɴ
    Dᴏᴡʟᴘʜᴡɪɴ 2 aylar önce

    Interesting visual, I've never seen this before. The low angle is puzzling at first because one thinks space is waaay out there, but when you have clear sight, it's just right up there in front of your nose.

    • Thijs Snijder
      Thijs Snijder Aylar önce

      reaching orbit requires going slightly up and then going sideways very fast.

  • Doug van der Hoop
    Doug van der Hoop 2 aylar önce

    Flatard... "Good work with photoshop". Chemtrail... "Now the government is cheming us from the space conspiracy" Christian.. "You know it's and optical illusion because of the firmament". Science lover. " Wow, what these smart people accomplish is truly amazing."

    • Thijs Snijder
      Thijs Snijder Aylar önce

      I've also read some comments about this being a test for "project bluebeam". Apperently the goverment is going to put something in the sky that is going to make us start worshipping it. Because that makes sense.

  • Saher Assaf
    Saher Assaf 2 aylar önce

    In Lebanon everyday they launch a satellite like this

  • appcty Roblox
    appcty Roblox 2 aylar önce +1

    Looks like alien space ship 😨

  • last day
    last day 2 aylar önce

    I liked it when the reporter described the view of flying rocket as a shooting star in reverse.

  • tanyon derrick
    tanyon derrick 2 aylar önce

    Yeah and a nice crash on the freeway. Probably more

  • Bo Wells
    Bo Wells 2 aylar önce

    That is de wey my druddas it smells of Ebola it is our queen

  • The Venom
    The Venom 2 aylar önce

    this aint no ordinary rocket

  • Kaisserstuff
    Kaisserstuff 2 aylar önce

    That angel thingy is actually the left over from the shuttle? I see! And that sperm effect only happens when the rocket is in space because of the pressure from the vacuum! Oooooh!

  • dadcz
    dadcz 2 aylar önce

    Very good video! We see extremely well the separation first stage and fairing with the booster propulsion for the recovery test. The payload is still on the launch of the orbit

  • Scotty Weißmüller
    Scotty Weißmüller 2 aylar önce

    Where was it? I couldn't see anything

  • Supreme X Bape
    Supreme X Bape 2 aylar önce


  • NeOn
    NeOn 2 aylar önce

    3:24 oh come on we know you wanted to say alien spaceship.

  • Mr Mouse
    Mr Mouse 2 aylar önce

    I was near it I live in the city where they launched it

  • Ana Tovar
    Ana Tovar 2 aylar önce

    That is still freaking amazing!!’

  • KK Gamer
    KK Gamer 2 aylar önce

    I mean I think I sad a satellite or a spaceship takeoff from Boston Logan international airport because it went right up and it was loud like what you would hear from a rocket and it left a huge smoke trail this was back in like 2010 2013 era so if someone wants to correct me please do I would love to know what it was

  • Dan Shodan
    Dan Shodan 2 aylar önce

    because you do not shut up, parrot in a suit. Mummy!!

  • The Zachster1234
    The Zachster1234 2 aylar önce

    3:28 when clouds can do better vape tricks than you

  • Rob Fonua
    Rob Fonua 2 aylar önce

    When does a rocket sit in one spot

  • Igor Tyurenkov
    Igor Tyurenkov 2 aylar önce

    Falcon right falcon this .l.

  • CyberWolf
    CyberWolf 2 aylar önce +1

    I live in a house.

  • Sadasing Parvesh
    Sadasing Parvesh 2 aylar önce

    It look like a jiiihn to me.. :-/

  • Denu Ca
    Denu Ca 2 aylar önce

    wonder why you never see a rocket actually go straight up 🤔

    • Nolan Burke
      Nolan Burke 2 aylar önce

      The shortest path to space is straight up, but spacecraft need to have a lot of sideways velocity to achieve and remain in orbit. The rocket initially launches straight up to get out of the thicker parts of the atmosphere that cause drag, and gradually turns sideways as the atmospheric resistance decreases. Eventually, the craft will have enough sideways velocity to achieve orbit, and will experience little to no drag while doing so.

  • Double V
    Double V 2 aylar önce

    Smart people - Ohh nice a rocket...
    Others - Omg its aliens (just because of the shapel) lmfao

  • Sgt Staffo
    Sgt Staffo 2 aylar önce


  • Alina Dinca
    Alina Dinca 2 aylar önce

    Outer space exploration .. why ? Will it save earth for our next generations ? Will our grandsons , still have this beautiful planet to enjoy , just like our grandparents had ? Is it ireversible , this path , this modern way of living that is destroing earth ? Do we really need these material objects(cars , tvs , gadgets , gold and diamonds , etc. ) to make us happy ? If you are a genious Mr. Elon Musk , and you do look like one , try and stop this destruction , save our childrens children home .

    • Alina Dinca
      Alina Dinca 2 aylar önce

      Nolan Burke .. how about global hunger and lack of water .. how about overpopulation and all the industries that destroy our home .. If he needs to invent something , that is a hunger pill free for all ; unite the nations and vote a single child per family law ; stop consumerism and shut down all industry that is poluting and is digging our earth .

    • Nolan Burke
      Nolan Burke 2 aylar önce

      Elon doesn't only do this. He also makes electric cars (Tesla) and created SolarCity, a company dedicated to providing solar energy. He is concerned about the environment and is doing a lot more than most other wealthy folks to save it.

  • Afak Masria
    Afak Masria 2 aylar önce

    Why cameras were not put on the rocket like this
    I think that NASA wants the world to think that this technology is made by humans ... and that the flag was fired from a US base.
    This experience .. The launch of blatant means that America alone has this technologie ..
    Russia, China and others have this technology ... and this is reliable in video tapes that show these things penetrating the skies of China, Moscow, etc.
    Then the point here ...

    • Thijs Snijder
      Thijs Snijder Aylar önce

      here's the launch vid, including camera's on the rocket. also SpaceX != NASA.

  • art Jimenez
    art Jimenez 2 aylar önce

    Sadly cause crashing in the freeway for watching.

  • Katheryn Kerr
    Katheryn Kerr 2 aylar önce

    "Look at that beautiful vapor trail." Really? Just vapor cause THEY say it is? Prove it!😏

    • Nolan Burke
      Nolan Burke 2 aylar önce

      Well, the second stage of the Falcon 9 burns RP-1 (essentially highly purified Kerosene) and Liquid Oxygen. The products of combustion of Kerosene are oxygen, Carbon dioxide, water, and some others. When the high pressure jet of gas expands into the low pressure atmosphere, it diffuses. At this point, the exhaust gases can be considered vapor, defined as "a substance diffused or suspended in the air, especially one normally liquid or solid".

  • Alan Helton
    Alan Helton 2 aylar önce +1

    SO CON TRAILS FROM ROCKETS NOW!!!!!!!!! (jk im not an idiot)

    • Thijs Snijder
      Thijs Snijder Aylar önce

      It's in the name, CON- trail, they're CONNING you open your eyes!!!!. /s

  • Ruslan Kelsat
    Ruslan Kelsat 2 aylar önce


  • Timothy Durpos
    Timothy Durpos 2 aylar önce

    It looks like it had a problem

  • Kwint
    Kwint 2 aylar önce

    3:30 but what is that weird thing behind it

    • Nolan Burke
      Nolan Burke 2 aylar önce

      That's the first stage of the rocket orienting itself for reentry into the atmosphere and landing. It forces nitrogen gas out of tiny nozzles towards the top of the rocket to turn itself around. These are the puffs that you are seeing.

  • Larry Combs
    Larry Combs 2 aylar önce

    that orb ball thing was pulsating. wtf kinda satellite is that. more ways to radiate us.

    • Thijs Snijder
      Thijs Snijder Aylar önce

      That was the cold gas thruster from the first stage. it's literally just some compressed gas and involes zero harmful radiation.

  • Debangan Mukherjee
    Debangan Mukherjee 2 aylar önce

    It is actually a rocket that launch just when this video is taken everyone thought that it was a UFO

  • Osaris Sunchild
    Osaris Sunchild 2 aylar önce

    looks like it crash with dome lol

  • Osaris Sunchild
    Osaris Sunchild 2 aylar önce

    talks none stop shut the f up.

  • Biel Augusto
    Biel Augusto 2 aylar önce

    In video of jon he see

  • Blake
    Blake 2 aylar önce

    “It’s like a shooting star in reverse”

  • Gaming HD
    Gaming HD 2 aylar önce

    Well, that proved 2points the flat Earth and project blue beam, the rocket can't go vertical coz it's gonna explode into the done, that's why it went horizontally, then the blue trail it made , wake up!!

    • Curioso, curioso y más curioso
      Curioso, curioso y más curioso 2 aylar önce

      Gaming HD
      1- the rocket takes a horizontal position to go into orbit with the earth
      2- if the position was vertical the rocket will not explode, it will fall to the earth because the combustible will never be enough to counter the earth gravity force

    • Gaming HD
      Gaming HD 2 aylar önce

      Moemuggy attempt of what?, You the one that seems pathetic, I am not trying anything since you seem hopeless, I'll fuck your ass before doing anything so fk off... And don't reply, I am not even trying the proof is out there, a stupid pig can see it.....

    • Moemuggy
      Moemuggy 2 aylar önce

      Weak pathetic attempt at trolling... I'll shit on your face

    • Gaming HD
      Gaming HD 2 aylar önce

      Moemuggy well then, get back to sleep stupid sheeple, that got u so ass hurt I see.

    • Moemuggy
      Moemuggy 2 aylar önce

      2016 called, they want their stupid troll back

  • Lucas Neymar
    Lucas Neymar 2 aylar önce

    Vim Pelo Jon Vlogs kkkkk

  • Black Bird
    Black Bird 2 aylar önce

    Could anyone look at videos of this rocket taken from the various places of the US, as you can see the moon behind the trail, and figure out (triangulate?) the distance between them (and moon's distance from earth), to prove existing calculations by such obvious experiment? You can see moon appears in different place between the two trails at the end of each found video due to being shot from a different spot on the globe.

    • Thijs Snijder
      Thijs Snijder Aylar önce

      that would be impossible.
      lets say the moon is right above person A (90 degreees) at a distance of 400.000 km,
      Person B is exactly 1000 km west and we ignore the curvature of the earth.
      the angle of the moon for person B would be arctan(400.000/1.000) this gives us an angle of 89.86 degrees.
      the difference in angle between A and B would be 0.014 degrees. try measuring that with a shaky low quality camera.
      If we account for the curvature of the earth that difference would be even less.

  • Ricky rusk
    Ricky rusk 2 aylar önce

    Reporter : shit I'm running out of words...

  • Aeon News
    Aeon News 2 aylar önce

    amazing... did we drop an emp nuke up there for NK?

  • Shadow
    Shadow 2 aylar önce

    "hits another thrust set" the footage was amazing though. good work but next time learn more about the rocket.