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Re-Issue: Everything Wrong With Back To The Future


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  • TaintofCartman
    TaintofCartman Gün önce

    You took the same analysis Cracked After Hours had. HACK!

  • Alexander Colon
    Alexander Colon 2 gün önce

    A phone book does prove someone is alive considering doc Brown is alive in 1985 so you would not be dead in 1955 that's how he knows he's still alive.

  • ben prastitis
    ben prastitis 2 gün önce


  • CentralNintendo1
    CentralNintendo1 5 gün önce

    Doc had to be shot at that spot at that time. What happened needs to happen, he just changed it in a way that wouldn't affect Marty's point of view so he can still warn Doc. Not to forget, what if he changed the location in another timeline to that location? That sin wasn't thought out well :P

  • Sock Puppet
    Sock Puppet 5 gün önce

    Another couple of sins. Nobody in the neighborhood were startled by the delorean's engine noise and the flux capacitor noise in the morning

  • SuperCookieGaming
    SuperCookieGaming 8 gün önce

    that last sin was a stretch. he was facing the other way when Doc first left for 2015. and if you remember when they are with Jenifer they direction they are facing is facing right into a 3 way intersection. so unless the Delorean is a 4x4 Marty is right in thinking that there isn't enough space. But to get to 55 sins might be worth it

  • eaglevision993
    eaglevision993 9 gün önce

    Wait: You can easily open the Delorean doors inside the truck. They only have a very small side clearance and almost open vertically.

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 9 gün önce

    Not one of Biff's sidekicks objects to him trying to kill Marty.
    Even Johnny's henchmen in Katate Kid told him he was going too far when he was beating down Danny.

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 9 gün önce

    Doc plays the pronoun game

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 9 gün önce

    They make it clear that Marty's watch keeps malfunctioning throughout the movie

  • Rickydc04
    Rickydc04 10 gün önce

    Too funny!!!

  • Jeff Solt
    Jeff Solt 10 gün önce

    May have been said before but the doors could of been opened in the truck because they are gullwing

  • Bryan Liguori
    Bryan Liguori 14 gün önce

    Some of these are easily explained away, like "David" being the name of someone important to Lorraine or George.
    Also: "I always wear a suit to the office." Yeah, but it's Saturday!

  • marty mcfly
    marty mcfly 15 gün önce

    excuse me?

  • Richard Hunter
    Richard Hunter 17 gün önce

    Also why would Chuck Berry be 'looking for a new sound'? Is that how music works, musicians scout around for a 'sound' to rip off (and even have other people doing it for them)? They don't just rip off what's already around them without even thinking about it?

  • passengerplanetearth
    passengerplanetearth 19 gün önce

    Allen Douangchak also exactly 55 replies to your comment, but I can't add this as another reply to your comment as that would make 56 so you'll probably never see this lol

  • Marc T
    Marc T 22 gün önce

    Marty had the makings of a Varsity Athlete

  • Makani Mato-Toyela
    Makani Mato-Toyela 22 gün önce

    All and all, my favorite movie.

  • Too Crash
    Too Crash 23 gün önce

    What if the flames not touching them was a mental image?, it does not pay to be 100% realist.

  • joep snuiters
    joep snuiters 24 gün önce

    Isn't it kind of messed to keep the guy who tried to rape your wife around as a submissive family pet who does your chores?

  • AwesomeGamer 10
    AwesomeGamer 10 24 gün önce

    twin pines mall to lone pine mall. because marty killed one of the pine trees.

  • Jad Daher ,Jadson Dancing

    Wow only 55 sins

  • TheSteelStallion
    TheSteelStallion Aylar önce

    I guess it depends on the logic of the films idea of time travel but how does Marty get back to being 'himself' in a timeline that is no longer his due to screwing around with it? I get that he zips back to before he made his original time jump but that time jump would no longer be if his parents have been altered in such a way that he'd be altered from birth too. It's not like Einstein's jump where he merely zips ahead one minute because he's simply hopping forward a little. For Marty at the end, he would have gone back to minutes before his original time jump and should have found pretty much nobody there waiting for him at the parking lot because he's drastically changed his own conception, assuming he hasn't vanished already like in his photo.
    If interfering with the past has such a minuscule effect, Doc has very little to worry over.

  • KnickKnack07
    KnickKnack07 Aylar önce

    Here is a question..WHY is it such a big deal that mayor wants to fix the clock tower? And why wasn't it done long before that? It isn't as if it was some historic event that stopped it that they would want to preserve in history. It was a very quick moving thunderstorm (based on the end of part 2, it lasted like a minute) So they would have fixed it right after it happened.

  • KnickKnack07
    KnickKnack07 Aylar önce +1

    No sin for the fact that is the Flux Capacitor truly is a capacitor, then there is no need for the lightning. A capacitor STORES electricity so it can release it all at once. (Think an old fashioned camera flash where you would hear a whistling sound as you waited the flash built up enough electricity from the small batteries before you could take another picture.)
    So, all they would have to do is plug the flux capacitor into any outlet in Doc's garage and wait for it to build up 1.21 Gigawatts.

  • Keith Roberts
    Keith Roberts Aylar önce

    Wouldn't the Lybians be a little bit confused to have passed one Delorean with Marty climbing out of it in the Town Square, only to encounter the EXACT same Delorean at Twin Pines (errrr now Lone Pines) Mall? Even in 1985, Deloreans weren't exactly a common sight on the road, and especially not at 1:30 in the morning.

    • Keith Roberts
      Keith Roberts Aylar önce

      +KnickKnack07 LOL good point! I guess also it would have been confusing to us (the audience) when the Lybians arrive at the mall, if they would have said "hey! there's that Delorean again!".

    • KnickKnack07
      KnickKnack07 Aylar önce +2

      How do you know they WEREN'T confused? We don't hear their conversation as they drive to the mall where they know Doc is. Maybe they were saying to each other "dude...was that another Delorean? That's strange. Even in this year, Deloreans aren't exactly a common sight on the road. Plus, it's 1:30 in the morning. Oh well...we're not here for all Delorean drivers...Just that bastard Doc who stole our plutonium and didn't even give us a working pinball machine."

  • Jackson Stuhr
    Jackson Stuhr Aylar önce +2

    I swear I was just thinking that last one like 5-10 minutes earlier. Maybe even a day earlier.

  • Riley
    Riley Aylar önce

    8:17 is genius.

  • Adam Walker
    Adam Walker Aylar önce

    Nothing, nothing is wrong with this god sent of a movie!

  • John Cooper - Art of Social

    The thing I don’t understand is - if the doc from 1985 met Marty in 1955 - and watches the video of himself showing the first time machine experiment with Einstein, how did he recycle the exact same lines in 1985 flawlessly.
    Also he wouldn’t be so amazed that einy is first time traveller given fact he’s already helped Marty out and had first hand experience with time travel

  • Lucas Van Caeneghem
    Lucas Van Caeneghem Aylar önce

    Also, they know the exact minute of the lightning strike but not the exact second and I don't think a lightning strike is slower than a second.

    • KnickKnack07
      KnickKnack07 Aylar önce

      Why not? Just because the clock doesn't SHOW seconds doesn't mean that it couldn't be determined. The GEARS in that clock are still calculating seconds. Sometime between 1955 and 1985, someone easily could have gone up to that clock tower and examined the gears and determined that it struck exactly on the minute.

  • Felix Otto
    Felix Otto Aylar önce

    Why are living in the same house if they have more money?

    • KnickKnack07
      KnickKnack07 Aylar önce

      Not every upper middle class family (they were not shown to be uber rich) chooses to move out of their first home, where they have established friendships with the neighbors.

  • James Durbin
    James Durbin Aylar önce

    I have the biggest sin of all! If you watch the clock tower the hand only moves every 59 seconds to the next minute. So there is no way to tell when the lightning was going to strike, it can strike at any of those 59 seconds! You could tell easier if the clock hand swept, but it doesn't.

    • KnickKnack07
      KnickKnack07 Aylar önce

      Your biggest sing is not understand how gears work. EVERY clock has to know the time down to the second. Just because it doesn't show it doesn't mean it doesn't know it. The gear mechanism has to count off 60 seconds, even if the minute hand gear is set up to move incrementally. So sometime between the lightning strike and 1985, someone could easily have gone up the tower and examined the gears to know that the lightning coincidentally struck right on the minute.

  • Rudy Rallalla
    Rudy Rallalla Aylar önce

    5:01 ... what's up with the small picture in the upper right corner???

    • MrEd315
      MrEd315 6 gün önce

      I can't remember his name but that's a picture of a policeman who was struck by a lightning and lived to tell about it 😀

  • C Porter
    C Porter Aylar önce

    4:11 In october of 1955, Chuck was actually working on his next hit Roll Over Beethoven.

  • Patrick Henderson
    Patrick Henderson Aylar önce

    YOU FORGOT TO SIN THE GUITAR HE PLAYS!!!! it's a gibson ES-335 and they only came out in 1956

  • scottv007
    scottv007 Aylar önce

    Why is this pedantic dogshit acct still showing up in my autoplay?

  • Manny Rivas
    Manny Rivas Aylar önce

    7:23 *Elisabeth

  • Anthony Metcalf
    Anthony Metcalf Aylar önce

    The theater that used to show porn is now a place of Christ

    • KnickKnack07
      KnickKnack07 Aylar önce

      No...you mean the place of Christ is not a theater that shows porn.

  • Anthony Metcalf
    Anthony Metcalf Aylar önce

    Duration 532 where Marty jumps over Bret the bum, you could see Jennifer Parker's dad's car in the parking lot LOL

    MrBROTHERFELDER Aylar önce

    Einstein may have HEARD the van coming. I thought of the money in the diner though.

  • TimmyTheSnail
    TimmyTheSnail Aylar önce

    You know I started watching this but I just can’t watch anymore because I don’t want to ruin one of my favourite trilogy’s

  • tokyworld
    tokyworld Aylar önce

    sin #1: if you were to travel in time you have to think in the 4th dimension. it'd travel through time but not in space. now the earth travels around the sun, and the sun travels around a massive blackhole at the center of the galaxy, and the galaxy travels as well towards the so called "great attractor" , so...... earth's position would be different minute to minute, let alone 30 years.
    sin #2: you're fucked if you wanted to travel Before Christ or 5 digits into the past/future.
    sin #3: doc already knows marty in alt 1985 did he kept the story all by himself? (maybe)but he already knows the flaws of the machine. hell he knows the machine by 1955, he could've finished way before 1985. He knows that the delorean is a piece of shit and still used the same car.

  • GIO9980
    GIO9980 Aylar önce

    AK47 bullets that don't make any holes or maybe Dr Brown truck is bullet proof, also the numeric keypad on the time machine the doc only enters the year 1776 the month and day auto populates JUL 04 then for the birth of Christ he enters 25 0000 and the time machine automatically knows that he meant DEC

  • Stefano Selleri
    Stefano Selleri 2 aylar önce

    Wow do you want a 56 and 57? 56) The De Lorean it's was switch off 3 times 2:01, 4:55 and 5:20 maybe the car has a problem on the gasoline injectors and more the car was struck by lightning so DOC why you don't check De Lorean before leave for 2015? 57) Martin is just come back from the past but arrive DOC tha wants going in the future. DOC keep calm the future doesn't run away, you can plan the strategy in the present and after you come in the future w/o Jennifer.

  • Cláudio Henrique
    Cláudio Henrique 2 aylar önce


  • Mario Man 85
    Mario Man 85 2 aylar önce

    Where’s Part 3?

  • Joshua Blackwood
    Joshua Blackwood 2 aylar önce

    This was a lot worse than I remember.

  • Reptile Ranger
    Reptile Ranger 2 aylar önce

    Oh Shut the fuck up!!! Leave a great series ALONE!

  • Ryan Judkins
    Ryan Judkins 2 aylar önce

    Kennedy was pretty well known in 1955

  • Joe O
    Joe O 2 aylar önce

    The bum on the bench is NOT Mayor Red Thomas

  • Malachy Smith
    Malachy Smith 2 aylar önce


  • Trevor Nilsson
    Trevor Nilsson 2 aylar önce

    You missed one. They're watching the honeymooners episode where Ralph Ralph dresses as the man from space. But that episode didn't air untill December of 55

  • Kevin Sandoval
    Kevin Sandoval 2 aylar önce +1

    5:46 Because if so:
    >Doc dodges the attack and survives
    >Marty travels to the past, but does'nt tell Doc
    >Doc actually gets killed
    >He gets convinced to warn Doc
    >Back to the beggining
    in a nutshell: to prevent a paradox

  • Beatrice Levi
    Beatrice Levi 2 aylar önce

    2:00 Well if he went into the future and looked somebody up, then it wouldn't mean the the person in question is alive. However since Doc is still alive the n 1985, and Marty found him in the phone book, there is no way he was not alive.

  • Paivi Project
    Paivi Project 2 aylar önce

    Hello. This one is one of all time favorites of ours. Now we must watch it again. So very funny 👍 Thanks 😂👍

  • John Dayberry
    John Dayberry 2 aylar önce

    This is the funniest shitt I've seen or heard in a long time purely entertaining that's why I subscribed it is just hilarious as f*** I thought you had to have a deposit if someone gives you a keg of beer back in 1955 and you had to prove you were of legal drinking age, but obviously not in this movie,Back To The Future.It still remains a favorite among my DVD collection.

  • Kerrie Thompson
    Kerrie Thompson 2 aylar önce

    It took me a long time to get the Chuck Berry joke. Lol

  • Mr. krabs the sex addict
    Mr. krabs the sex addict 2 aylar önce

    4:25 what if they forgot about Marty until the second child and decided the person that cause them to be together is what they should name the next available child (after remembering) or what if they decided “let’s name our first child Dave as a normal name and then reserve Marty if we have another boy”. It is a lil sus because they had Marty which is named after a kid who very shorty appeared then disappeared from their life and then he later looked EXACTLY like him.....

    • KnickKnack07
      KnickKnack07 Aylar önce

      The other obvious explanation is that David is a family name. And you would be more likely to name your first born after a beloved ancestor than some guy you met for a week 8-10 years earlier (depending on how old Dave was supposed to be) years earlier.

  • Agnieszka Hadacz
    Agnieszka Hadacz 2 aylar önce

    what wrong with your TRclips channel too much talking smack and about good films

  • simeon hammonds
    simeon hammonds 2 aylar önce +1

    2:28 Doc said " Never mind that, never mind that now" on the playback, and says "Never mind that now, never mind that now" at the time Marty supposedly recorded Doc. 2:32

  • Alan Velociraptor
    Alan Velociraptor 2 aylar önce

    Here's another one, and for me, one of the biggest ones: When Marty hit his head on the steering wheel, the car's horn went off, which somehow started the car. That shouldn't have worked, since the horn on a DeLorean is on the blinker switch. The horn isn't even the one that's supposed to be in the car; go to 2:23 here: trclips.com/video/dpartBFmX_E/video.html and then watch this video: trclips.com/video/Jl_vqpgeC8I/video.html

  • TightSqueeze Jam at FB
    TightSqueeze Jam at FB 2 aylar önce

    "Car suddenly goes dead when you most need it" cliche'.
    Ah, from.the mouths of babes (who don't drive). EVERY time I really needed my car I've had this.
    Incidentally? the DeLorean was A crappy car (a lame Volvo 6, too and no room for a GOOD motor like a HEMI I don't think.), putting it mildly, full of thrown together components and ANY mechanic would tell you, this was NOT too far off in reality. About as bad as Jaguar before Ford took over.

    • evilsWa - beyond pandora films
      evilsWa - beyond pandora films 2 aylar önce

      TightSqueeze Jam at FB Did you seriously just implied that the dude who makes this video doesn’t drive cars? Motherfucker there’s like 1 billion cars in this fucking world dude you are not that fucking unique because you drive one… And I’m sorry if you just happen to have a car the dies every time you have to be somewhere then you have shitty luck and that doesn’t mean that everyone else and every car in the world acts like that… And it also doesn’t mean that the car not starting in a movie isn’t a cliché… Any good mechanic will tell you that as well you fucking moron.

  • TightSqueeze Jam at FB
    TightSqueeze Jam at FB 2 aylar önce

    Dear Everything's Wrong...don't eff with me about the cool factor with logistics like car doors clearing the truck...he's CLEARLY hiding from the terrorists he stole the plutonium from! lol If THAT'S your car, you stand out, see??

  • nickthemusicnerd27
    nickthemusicnerd27 2 aylar önce

    Anyone else agree that this is the greatest movie of all time

  • Cyclops Was Right
    Cyclops Was Right 2 aylar önce

    if you did this same video in 2018, it would be like an hour long.

  • LeeTeeArr
    LeeTeeArr 2 aylar önce

    2:00 Also why would Marty be glad that Doc is alive, he went back in time. If Doc wasn't then Marty wouldn't have even have known about him as well as beome a time traveller to worry about this, let alone worry about it in the first place.

  • Pancake Boy
    Pancake Boy 2 aylar önce

    No sin for the fact that it literally says "smegma" on the school near the beginning of the movie.

    • evilsWa - beyond pandora films
      evilsWa - beyond pandora films 2 aylar önce

      Pancake Boy Do you know what a sin is? It’s actually not just random things that you point out and say look what I noticed… They are actual things that are supposed to take away from the logic of the movie… I understand how it’s confusing when this video has sins like Mountain Dew hat in it but come on… What is the sin about production design? I really want to know why because the production designer decided to write what they wrote makes it a sin. I’ll wait.

  • Adrian Ramriez
    Adrian Ramriez 2 aylar önce

    Why this movie love you’re channel knock of 5 sins

  • joel torres
    joel torres 2 aylar önce

    How dare you....

  • jonas brave
    jonas brave 2 aylar önce

    01:59 the front end piece never matched the stainless steel body panels.

  • djrmonix
    djrmonix 2 aylar önce

    Its a time travel movie (not reality) just enjoy it. One thing I would question just is Seamus McFly and his wife. George mcfly is obviously going to be their grandson or whatever, but surely martys mum comes from the Baines family so how does she look like Seamus' wife unless some incest going on lol!

  • Gregory Gannon
    Gregory Gannon 2 aylar önce

    I was ready to rant, "How dare you Sin this movie?!", but I forgot about some of those editing mistakes. You're doing a everything great about BTTF, right?"

  • George Corbul
    George Corbul 2 aylar önce

    But, but, my momma wasn't born yet in 1955!

  • George Corbul
    George Corbul 2 aylar önce

    Fucking copyright nazis! >.

  • Hudson Navarro
    Hudson Navarro 2 aylar önce +1

    What's wrong with this movie?
    Really not that much at all
    This movie is on of the best movies ever

  • Jude Abijah
    Jude Abijah 3 aylar önce

    Are we just going to ignore that Hill Valley’s name is an oxymoron

  • Maria&Tim Elmeier
    Maria&Tim Elmeier 3 aylar önce

    getting in the car in the truck would be improbable but not impossible as gull wings open close to the car.

  • Valentine
    Valentine 3 aylar önce

    What about when Marty is documenting/taping Doc in the parking lot the first time. Doc is saying
    "I'm standing on the parking lot at Twin Pines Mall.
    It's Saturday morning, October 26, 1985, 1:18 a.m., ..."
    While Doc is saying this, Marty checks his watch to verify the time for himself, but notices that his watch is perhaps not working or displaying the time incorrectly. He then shakes his forearm and has a listen to the watch (for ticking) as if it was an old mechanical/spring wound watch... but in fact he is wearing a digital calculator casio watch.

  • Valentine
    Valentine 3 aylar önce

    What about when Doc read the watchtower flyer? "It says here that a bolt of lightning is going to strike the clock tower at precisely 10:04 p.m. Next Saturday night!" .... 1. Who recorded that exact time, in the movie no one was really there PRECISELY to witness it and 2. Why would they even state that on the flyer, wouldnt they just be more vague/general, like... "on Saturday, the 12th of Sept, clock was damaged by lightning"...

    • Valentine
      Valentine Aylar önce

      +KnickKnack07 I humbly accept your well described and plausible answer good sir. Cheers

    • KnickKnack07
      KnickKnack07 Aylar önce

      One more time...ALL clocks have to calculate the exact time. Even a clock that only had a minute hand and that only movies the minute hand in full 1 minute increments still KNOWS the seconds. The gears still count off 60 seconds before the minute hand is triggered to move clockwise a half a degree (1/720th around the clock face..or 1 minute). So it is perfectly reasonable that sometimes between the lightning strike and that flyer being written, someone had gone up into the clock tower and examined the gears and saw that the clock stopped exactly on the minute.

  • Samantha Victoria
    Samantha Victoria 3 aylar önce +1

    Where are all my emos that yelled DALLON when he said “I don’t know how but they found me” 😂😂😂

  • Imtehbaconman 123
    Imtehbaconman 123 3 aylar önce

    7:41 is what I thought when I rewatched the the fist two movies

  • Graham Potter
    Graham Potter 3 aylar önce

    Wait, the 1955 mayor is the bum?! I never caught that!



  • Derek Patterson
    Derek Patterson 3 aylar önce

    "Red-headed stepchild". That's racist!

  • Mercy Knight
    Mercy Knight 3 aylar önce

    5:43 modern bullet proof vest would work against an ak tho. if it was a true ak47 it fired 762x39rounds, not as armor peircing as more modern weapons and hit comparably to a 30 30 deer rifle force

  • Sapphire Battersea
    Sapphire Battersea 3 aylar önce

    It’s still a great movie 🎥

  • Rich B
    Rich B 3 aylar önce

    Thiey need to do this again longer this time

  • BlackBird Films
    BlackBird Films 3 aylar önce

    Don't see why he gave a sin for the JFK part. Marty didn't know the road didn't exist back then let alone with him being famous. He's use to his own time and can't really tell the differences between what exists in his time and didn't in theirs. So can understand their response. Disappearance part, there's still a chance they can fall in love so they slowly fade away. Marty and Linda not disappearing, Dave is 1st born, Linda is 2nd and Marty popped out last. Or it could be that it's giving Marty the chance to fix it before it gets him. George's 1st punch he was scared man, was just a hit sticking his hand out rather then actually trying to hurt him. Then seeing Lorraine pushed back like that gave him a motive to finally man and throw a real punch. His existance still in danger, timeline may be in flux and not know what's going to happen but still decides its path to erase Marty. Cause George was a wimpy nerd and never hit Biff and now that he has and is different the timeline is brand new to the following events and so it dosen't know if George would kiss her and fall in love in this timeline. Strickland ears, c'mon man you know movies sometimes replays shots to get other angles XD.(All I got for that one) Day part, got to remember he went by his place in the day wasn't there and was at school all day so he'd just be wasting the day away pretty much. There may not be another power source for the delorean in that time or doesn't have the technology to make a new one. Once we see he traveled to the future he was able to edit its power source. People still live with their parents their whole life it happens. Some takie longer to move out. Heck his job may not pay enough for him to be on his own. Or he could be visiting his parents. No one could get that out about the 4x4 cause they thought the car was wrecked and George had to explain its fine. Nah I see it as George finally stood up for himself from then on and whipped Biff's butt and people made fun of him about it ^^ Tell them in 1985, yeah so they can forget later like how they forgot what Marty looked like in 55.

    • BlackBird Films
      BlackBird Films 2 aylar önce

      evilsWa - beyond pandora films it’s for fun and to make jokes defense of theirs is garbage. It’s called everything wrong with. Making stuff up or something he doesn’t like or get isn’t a sin of the movie or an error. trclips.com/video/ELEAsGoP-5I/video.html&feature=share around 5 min in the video listen to what Jeremy said about cinemasins

    • evilsWa - beyond pandora films
      evilsWa - beyond pandora films 2 aylar önce

      BlackBird Films Seriously this joke is to make people laugh. It’s not an actual analytical analysis of potholes in back to the future of which things like Mountain Dew hat would not be one of them. It’s a joke video not a dick don’t take it so hard

  • Etienne Aubert
    Etienne Aubert 3 aylar önce

    I loved the "Back to the Future" trilogy, but once you start thinking about time travel in movies, as in Terminator, 12 Monkeys or Looper, you realize that the plot time-line makes no friggin' sense!

  • Jᴀᴄᴋᴇʀᴄᴏ
    Jᴀᴄᴋᴇʀᴄᴏ 3 aylar önce

    the one about dave's head: Dave is Lorraine and George's first born child. Therefore he starts disappearing first.

  • Marty McFLY 1985
    Marty McFLY 1985 3 aylar önce

    Why did the lightning hit the clock tower on 00 seconds exactly why not 44 seconds but no its zero seconds exactly

  • Marty McFLY 1985
    Marty McFLY 1985 3 aylar önce

    Why was Martys bedroom the same at the end of 1st movie even though the entire house had changed around it and Marty still wearing the same clothes he had even though his familys wardrobe had changed.
    Griff has no father. Griff calls Biff gramps when he enters cafe 80s but in 1985 Biff has no kids and kids who are after Marty are Needles not related to the Biff but MARTY AND JENNIFER have Marty Jnr in 1998 for Marty jnr to be 17/18 in 2015. This means Biff has only 13 years to have a son who then also has to have a son called Griff by 1998 to be the same age as Marty jnr in 2015 = You have BIFF & GRIFF so what would Griffs dad who never excited be called JIFF, SNIFF , MIFF , TIFF , why nobody do the maths on BTTF script writing team and work out Griff has no dad

    • Marty McFLY 1985
      Marty McFLY 1985 2 aylar önce

      +evilsWa - beyond pandora films please explain to the entire world how Marty's bedroom and Marty's wardrobe remains the same at the start and finish of the 1st film even though the rest of the house and rest of his families wardrobe had become a lot posher and the families wealth had changed yet he woke up in the same bedroom with all the same poor family things inside his bedroom yet the entire house outside his bedroom had changed= Marty saw the Toyota pass him in his poor past before he went back so by the time he came back to 1985 he wouldn't have seen that Toyota pass him as that past now doesn't exist

    • Marty McFLY 1985
      Marty McFLY 1985 2 aylar önce

      In alternate 1985 the only kids he has are George's kids after biff married Lorraine in story of BTTF 1955 BIFF BULLYS GEORGE, 2015 GRIFF BULLYS MARTY JNR , 1985 MARTY BULLIED BY NEEDLES no relation to Biffs family

    • evilsWa - beyond pandora films
      evilsWa - beyond pandora films 2 aylar önce

      Marty McFLY 1985 Why do you assume that biff has no kids? He’s in like two seconds in the original movie as an old man… Neither of those times is he at all in his own house or in his own life he’s a visitor at the McFly’s house. If someone shows up to your house without their kids do you assume that they don’t have kids? If you do that’s really stupid. Oh my God when biff was waxing the car he didn’t ever talk about how he has kids and we didn’t see his kids there while he was working his day job… That must mean he doesn’t have kids and Griff doesn’t have a dad… Seriously you should not be in charge of any sort of anything on any sort of movie script.

  • Lyca31
    Lyca31 3 aylar önce

    I know this is an old video, but I may have one you missed. When George kisses Lorraine and Marty and his family pop back into the picture they still look the same. The picture hasn't changed. But when Marty goes back to his own time his family have changed dramatically, so why would they look the same in the picture? I know you touch on the differences between past and present Marty at the end so I'll let you guys off and not sin you. :P

  • Grimm
    Grimm 3 aylar önce

    Man I love this movie.

  • Alex St John
    Alex St John 3 aylar önce

    Is there one for Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle???

  • Ka Wrss
    Ka Wrss 3 aylar önce

    i cant wait for this fuckwit to make a movie with no sins in it.

  • david lindsey
    david lindsey 3 aylar önce

    Wrong about doc getting into the car while it’s in the truck. Notice how the doors open upward in the next shot. The doors don’t open outward and up which would then make you correct.

  • Reeny 'Ren' Lamb
    Reeny 'Ren' Lamb 3 aylar önce

    that teen wolf clip at the end gave me so much cringe I got wrinkles

  • jacob stofer
    jacob stofer 3 aylar önce