Everything Wrong With The Incredibles In 10 Minutes Or Less


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  • timmy mouse
    timmy mouse Gün önce

    Did you add a sin for the mini eye mask hiding their identities and nobody recognising that????

  • Oys
    Oys Gün önce


  • Erika Roy
    Erika Roy Gün önce

    Do incredibles 2!

  • Cat Claws
    Cat Claws 2 gün önce +1

    You need to subtract a sin for “Where’s my super suite!?!?”

  • green garden
    green garden 3 gün önce

    10:04 Do you find something comical about my appearance when I'm driving my automobile.🤣

  • BananaCorn
    BananaCorn 3 gün önce

    2:23 but it’s supposed to be set in the 60’s

  • DJ - W0LFB3AT5
    DJ - W0LFB3AT5 4 gün önce

    You forgot one sin where after the family was captured and Violet users her shields to easily get out, Helen apparently didn’t see what happened RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER FIELD OF VISION!

  • Jasmine Johnston
    Jasmine Johnston 4 gün önce

    1:40 in Incredibles 2 it’s revealed that Jack-Jack has super strength like his dad does that count?

  • TheGravyTrain 6016
    TheGravyTrain 6016 4 gün önce

    10:54 to 11:12 How perfect that the exact same actors were used in the voice overs

  • Kellin Wirtz
    Kellin Wirtz 4 gün önce

    Now we need everything wrong with incredibles 2

  • Benjamin Le
    Benjamin Le 4 gün önce

    7:13, WOW, lmao

  • The epic DragonOMG
    The epic DragonOMG 4 gün önce

    Stop lying you say ten mins or less but it’s more WHAT

  • DashRoadrunner
    DashRoadrunner 5 gün önce

    What about the lawsuits against Mr.Incredible?

  • Imtehbaconman 123
    Imtehbaconman 123 5 gün önce

    5:19 Gazerbeam was leaning on a rock so Mr. Incredible hid behind the rock.

  • Mrscur DrawsToMuch
    Mrscur DrawsToMuch 6 gün önce

    I love how theres only one sin on Frozone.

    NOAH MADRID 6 gün önce

    your so fucking retarded and this is how you treat people and they put so much effort in one movie as if you could better CINEMASINS the ACCuser!!

  • Abc Fernanda Elizondo
    Abc Fernanda Elizondo 6 gün önce

    Do everything wrong with incredibles 2

  • The Sophie Things
    The Sophie Things 7 gün önce

    Me and my class watched this movie and then everyone said: HONEYYYYYY WHERES MY SUPER SUIT? WHERE, IS, MY, SUPER SUIT!

  • Louis Hackney
    Louis Hackney 7 gün önce +1

    Everything wrong with Incredibles 2

  • AceDecade110
    AceDecade110 7 gün önce +1

    Do an Everything wrong with part 2!!

  • David Godfrey
    David Godfrey 7 gün önce

    Should have took a sin off for the throw me part.

    MR. GOONCH 8 gün önce

    Minus one sin because someone did see the,

  • The #6 Runaway Guys Fan

    The Underminer was barely even needed. He's only important in a tie-in video game.

  • Nicholas Ali
    Nicholas Ali 9 gün önce

    Nothing about the you’ve been busy line?

  • Einshine Goku
    Einshine Goku 9 gün önce +1

    If Dash can run on water,
    Then is Dash Jesus?
    oh wait, wrong video...

    • David Dolan
      David Dolan 7 gün önce

      He looks like a little Slim Shady. I wonder if he got the idea for Walk on Water from this.

  • Danny the great
    Danny the great 10 gün önce

    Dude mr incredible when he was putting on his suit he had a watch and when he put on his gloves its gone

  • Windows 98 SE
    Windows 98 SE 10 gün önce


  • 簡宥名
    簡宥名 12 gün önce +1

    Where's my super suit?

  • zerocool gonna hack u
    zerocool gonna hack u 12 gün önce

    Dude get ur facts right Jack Jack had All The powers in The world deeeeeerp!!!

  • Sara 0546309
    Sara 0546309 12 gün önce

    Honey WHERES MY SUPER SUIT?! -Frozone

  • Prince Ghast
    Prince Ghast 13 gün önce +1

    What about The Incredibles 2?

  • Isabella Williams
    Isabella Williams 13 gün önce

    Do one on rise of the guardians

    STAR WARS ORIGIN 13 gün önce

    Uh oh retard alert

  • Pixel
    Pixel 13 gün önce

    wait why there be no memes

  • Shadow Crafter
    Shadow Crafter 14 gün önce

    How about incredibles 2? The HD version is out

  • J L
    J L 15 gün önce

    The priest was a super too.... duh

  • Viktor Caballeros
    Viktor Caballeros 15 gün önce

    What do you mean when you say that " Taylor Swift is going to be sorry when I unleash all my evil intentions "

  • Demure Villeneuve Winslet

    Is it called: "Trainyard" or "railyard"?

  • X
    X 17 gün önce

    My question is why so many people who have superpowers chose to be heroes instead of just using them for normal things. Maybe being the best at the gym, or being the best at Yoga, or being the best at Racing, or being the best at Hide and Seek, or being the best at micromanaging.

  • Madison Gilbert38
    Madison Gilbert38 17 gün önce

    11:40-I knew that was gonna happen! 😂

  • Jim Widenroth
    Jim Widenroth 17 gün önce

    If he didn't break the table then how is the knife staying upright when he lets it go? =*

  • Juggling Morron
    Juggling Morron 17 gün önce


  • Phoenix Snilloc
    Phoenix Snilloc 21 gün önce

    Do Everything Wrong With Lilo And Stitch!

  • Jared Bray
    Jared Bray 22 gün önce

    why did you de-sin the elastagirl stuck in a fuckin door scene, how could she be stuck in a fuckin door, are they her kryptonite? the door isn't hurting her but its strong enough to keep the train dodging goddess there, how? Can't believe that slipped past yall

  • William Dillery
    William Dillery 23 gün önce

    2:56 that is a reference for the second movie where he can and does erase memories

  • KM
    KM 23 gün önce

    There's a theory where the incredibles each have powers based off there personalities like mr incredible is a strong husbend and elastic girl needs to be a flexible mother violet wants to be literaly invisible dash wants to join the track team

  • Payon de
    Payon de 24 gün önce

    Sin 62 is literally the dumbest shit. They LITERALLY DO SURVIVE THE CRASH. That doesn't mean they're going to be entirely reliant on their suits, the kids don't even KNOW.

  • Payon de
    Payon de 24 gün önce

    The sixteenth sin is literally praise, yet it's still sinned.

    • Payon de
      Payon de 24 gün önce

      The 44th sin "getting banged and he's still cheating"? An entire change in overall attitude and outlook as well as a job requiring multiple and frequent "conference calls". On top of that a mysterious woman is calling and strange hair is on his now damaged suit. You would sin it if she didn't think he was calling.

  • LeoPlayz117
    LeoPlayz117 24 gün önce


  • Dave Robson
    Dave Robson 24 gün önce

    The thing about Dash using the Prometheus method of running away from things is, for him, it usually works just fine.

  • BigFoots Toes
    BigFoots Toes 25 gün önce

    “Honey where’s my super suit” “Why do you need to know”

  • X-wing downer
    X-wing downer 25 gün önce

    1:52 OMG😂😂

  • Tj Smithson
    Tj Smithson 27 gün önce

    A plate doesn't matter. The table is damaged

  • tyler Butler
    tyler Butler 28 gün önce

    Here’s something to make some people feel old:this movie came out in 2004.

  • fantasic floor
    fantasic floor 28 gün önce

    Was jack Jack's diaper fireproof? it didn't burn when he caught on fire.

  • launchedrug4
    launchedrug4 Aylar önce


  • Nathaniel Mickelson
    Nathaniel Mickelson Aylar önce

    5:24 we see that jack jack envelopes himself in fire so the answer to your question is "yes" also as Edna said "well I wasn't sure what his powers were" so she could have predicted that as a possibility

  • Nathaniel Mickelson
    Nathaniel Mickelson Aylar önce

    1:44 you could argue that super strength is displayed in the forms of dash's ability to survive running that fast as well as violet's impenetrable force fields. As for elasticity, isn't there a point where the force field moves to include another person? IDK it might be a bit of a *stretch* ... not funny?... ok :(

  • Strawberry moon
    Strawberry moon Aylar önce

    NO. the incredibles is so gud

  • Serg P
    Serg P Aylar önce

    When you do incredibles 2, please point out how or when did Mr. Incredible programmed the kids voice into the car. The kids did not recognized the car so is safe to assumed Mr. Incredible he did not have the car after the kids were even born.

  • Shez Zzzz
    Shez Zzzz Aylar önce

    10 mins or less video is 11 mins

  • Skylar DaEpic
    Skylar DaEpic Aylar önce

    Now do incredibles 2

  • Caitlyn Kincaid
    Caitlyn Kincaid Aylar önce

    wow. You _really_ liked this movie! I don't think I've ever seen so few sins!

  • Bloodstar of FireClan
    Bloodstar of FireClan Aylar önce

    I came here for...

    *wHeReS mY sUpErSuIt???*

  • Anastasia Marie
    Anastasia Marie Aylar önce

    I hated Incredibles 2. The plot was not nearly as good as the first movie

    • David Dolan
      David Dolan 7 gün önce

      Come on. Did you really expect it to be?

  • Jennifer D
    Jennifer D Aylar önce

    𝙄 աօʊʟɖ 𝙡𝙞𝙠𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙨𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙚 ʍɛȶɦօɖ 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙢𝙖𝙙𝙚 miracles 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙢𝙚, 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙘𝙖𝙣 𝙨𝙚𝙚 𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚 𝙖𝙗𝙤𝙪𝙩tt 𝙞𝙩 𝙞𝙣 this 𝙫𝙞𝙙𝙚𝙤 >> >>t.co/iwLrU6RZzP?negert5a2254lokk33 8274

  • Autofan02 X
    Autofan02 X Aylar önce

    Lie! This must be wrong!

  • WulfieZi
    WulfieZi Aylar önce +5

    Here's my question -- in a world where superheroes not only exist, but work together to fight crime, why are normal non-superpowered people still trying to get away with stuff?

  • 7jennifer a
    7jennifer a Aylar önce

    Super powers are made by personality traits

  • 7jennifer a
    7jennifer a Aylar önce

    Well strength+stamina=

  • Li’s comedie Show
    Li’s comedie Show Aylar önce

    You should do more Thor movies

  • K1naku5ana3R1ka
    K1naku5ana3R1ka Aylar önce

    2:45 Said jerk boss did actually wind up in a full body cast from that, which is exactly why he got fired. This isn’t even not doing your research; you referred to Robert needing a new job while showing a clip of the ruined office, clearly showing you understood that scene! What on earth possessed you to say that?

  • The Strong
    The Strong Aylar önce

    Dash is actually called Flash in the italian dub...

  • Sakibul Islam
    Sakibul Islam Aylar önce

    4:42 three ways?!

  • Master Wave
    Master Wave Aylar önce

    1:35 knife does look like it's through the table

  • Q Double D C
    Q Double D C Aylar önce

    8:00 is that supposed to be a sex joke

  • Unity Johnson
    Unity Johnson 2 aylar önce

    Add a sin for the fact that we had to wait 2 years for the second one. The movie was great nd all. But come on 2 years for the best movie of our childhood kinda seems unfair.

  • Sabita Jha
    Sabita Jha 2 aylar önce

    So you like this movie, don't you?

  • Randy 0wise
    Randy 0wise 2 aylar önce

    your going to hell for making this

  • Mr. Minecrafter
    Mr. Minecrafter 2 aylar önce

    Why is there no incredibles 2 sins?!?!

    • MegaSoulHero
      MegaSoulHero Aylar önce

      Wait. It’s on dvd already? When did that happen?

  • Valia Voryth
    Valia Voryth 2 aylar önce

    1:34 he does have to fix the table, there’s a knife buried in it.

  • Liana H
    Liana H 2 aylar önce

    That is one lit fire wall

  • Liana H
    Liana H 2 aylar önce

    I'm just imagining this guy sitting and taking notes while watching the movie 😂😂

  • ImSoporific
    ImSoporific 2 aylar önce

    2 is out 👀

  • Stevo Gill
    Stevo Gill 2 aylar önce

    Who else said "Like a Glove" before he did? Lol

  • Eric Parham
    Eric Parham 2 aylar önce

    11:28 A Salamander is trying to convert his brethren to the Tau Empire.

  • MC_DogWarrior
    MC_DogWarrior 2 aylar önce

    The knife was in the table, so he does kinda need to fix it
    Also Frozone casually kills a police officer

  • Lina Breznik
    Lina Breznik 2 aylar önce

    You know, I used to think Edna was a dude. Or is he not a girl? Is Edna even his/her name? I really am not good with names!

  • barthoforpresident
    barthoforpresident 2 aylar önce

    5:10- why didn’t he sin that face?

  • Hakudoushi Numbernine
    Hakudoushi Numbernine 2 aylar önce

    i was hoping you would take a sin off of dash's laugh XD

  • Alexandria Harris
    Alexandria Harris 2 aylar önce

    Everything wrong with Sydney McGee We so lit rights now watch sssniperwolf first

  • the penguin king
    the penguin king 2 aylar önce +1

    W H E R E I S M Y S U P E R S U I T

  • oof
    oof 2 aylar önce

    9:09. One sin on please. Mr incredible was in the omnidroid at the beginning on the movie. He PROBABLY would've seen where the core is. Yes, there are some problems with my theory: 1, this is an updated model, but then again, why would you move the brain core? 2, He was inside so he wouldn't really know where. Then again, it's a circle so that's pretty unlikely.

  • barthoforpresident
    barthoforpresident 2 aylar önce

    Do Everything Wrong with Incredibles 2!!!!!

  • Michael Motter
    Michael Motter 2 aylar önce

    Still a great kids movie!

  • Riwaj Regmi
    Riwaj Regmi 2 aylar önce

    waiting for pulp fiction

  • Toy Master
    Toy Master 2 aylar önce

    5:26 that's one of his powers

  • RoseOfTheNight4444
    RoseOfTheNight4444 2 aylar önce

    It's been ages since I've seen this movie but Elastigirl was surprised in the second movie that Jack-Jack had powers... didn't she know about them at the end of the first movie?

  • Logan Lancaster
    Logan Lancaster 2 aylar önce

    What do you mean?! There is nothing wrong with the incredibles

  • Yukina Wright
    Yukina Wright 2 aylar önce

    You should have taken of a sin when Edna said “no capes”.
    And the frozon “ where’s my super suit” part should have tooken a sin off