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    I'm simply without words ... filming in the new beauty studio is so amazing! It has immediately become my favorite room in my home. Thank you Kate, Joey and Team - you guys were amazing!!!! xo's ~ Tati

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    Love you guys so much

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    This looks so good!! Watching this in 2019

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    how do i get u to do that for me

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    The end clip made me laugh so hard

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    this is my fav omg waco i love her so much and you guys too i actually found her channel from this vid and i fell in love with her.

    • Kamila Garcia
      Kamila Garcia 5 gün önce

      So glad you found Tati's channel she is so amazing and genuine

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    Default To The Max 10 gün önce

    Did you guys say that the cushions and bench seat were free?Why?

    • Luna Emerson
      Luna Emerson 3 gün önce

      Default To The Max free bench- the legs are clear so it appears that the top of the bench is floating "free". It just means that the legs are clear.

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    Tati is seriously the sweetest omg!!

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    My parents are redoing my room for my 11 birthday but I think you would do a much better job.😀😧☺

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    Love you 😍

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    I don’t know why they’re not bigger, they are amazing.

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    Make more videos!!!! Ive watched all😫😫

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      +Meleannie Fuentes yess!! haha

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      Beth Y omg that was me!! Now i just need more, i literally LIVEEEEE for her diy. But that is so awesome that means your husband is a keeper lol😂🥰

    • Beth Y
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      I discovered them last week and have been binging at work at home on the tv lol. Even my husband loves them. He shares the same birthday/birth year as Kate so he thinks that's extra cool ;)

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    Interviewer: so tell me joey what are your skills
    Joey: hanging and clustering

  • Linda Skibell
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    What’s the budget for this project? The custom built in unit must have been very pricey, but fabulous 😀

  • Linda Skibell
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    How did you two meet? Really complements each other in such a loving way ❤️

    • Madz _gamer
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      It was a film they were both in 'taking 5' 👍 and I agree, they're so cute together 😍

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    They’re so cuteeee

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    That room is Gorgeous!!!!!!

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    Joey likes to codle I see my boy

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    Who just found the video and just decided to watch after watching other Mr Kate videos. Who is watching this in 2019

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      I just found them. Been watching since about 2pm today. Love them😍😍

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    you are good Kate...this was the client SO on point...(ok you too Joey)

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    How I'm only seeing this now? I've literally been looking at this room for five days a week for like a year

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    You need to do James Charles

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      They are doing James new house

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    Who here is from 2019

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    When you placed the blue china piece beside the black chair I seriously had a moment!

  • S
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    Omg you guys went OFF

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    Idk why but Tati makes me think of Josh Brolin

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    There’s like a kitchen in there? And they only mentioned it for 2 seconds?

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    Love it

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    My mum loves decopatch LOL

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    While Joey was showing us what he did when he was younger you could see his saliva in he sunlight 😂😶

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    anybody 2018

  • Unicorn Bre Rainbowsparkle


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    17:56 joey: I’m going to rock you

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    my wife always watching before going to sleep you make her day complete fan from philippines 😇😇😇

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    Kate does the fun stuff, diy, painting. Then, there’s Joey. Who, hangs the curtains.

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    Her house looks like the Dolan twins one

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    You guys are so cool, and cuteeeeee

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    HOLY! This is incredible

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    I loooove the brush wall. Just added the tiny bit of funky it needed.

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    • Just Emma
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      Sorry, about that but I’m ten years old.

    • Just Emma
      Just Emma Aylar önce


    • Nicole E
      Nicole E Aylar önce

      +Just Emma Might wanna read my comment, again. I think you missed an "I"...

    • Just Emma
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      Nicole Whittaker , stung? Did you me stunting?

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    When tatis channel use to be ‘Glam life guru’ ahhaha I’m so use to it being Tati

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    Hi Mr. kate Ive been marathon watching your videos for 2 days and this youtube make up lounge room is TOTALLY AMAZING
    I'm next... PLEASE

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    Mr. Kate reminds me of Mona Lisa from Parks and Rec

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    This Tati person seems like she is useless.

    • renee
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      music 4u she can’t help out lol? it’s supposed to be a surprise reveal of the room, it wouldn’t be if she was there the whole time helping them

    • music 4u
      music 4u Aylar önce

      +Addison Mulhair who hates Tati? I dont hate Tati, i say she is useless in this situation. She is not willing, or able to help. It could be kind if she helped a little.

    • Addison Mulhair
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      Hating on Tati is useless

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      I can't tell of this is a joke or not

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    Were did you gays get that side table btw love you guys and the work you do 😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍

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    Love it

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    For now on I’ll always karate chop my pillows

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    This video is a dream come true for me!!! my fav power couples in one video!!! omg i cannot! 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    This was absolutely beautiful. You guys get it perfect every single time

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    shout out to mr.kate for linking the items in the video

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    I use that exact rug on my Design Home app 😋 strictly for luxe purposes. Good choice 👍😛

  • Skysurfer 777
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    Wait, Patrick star? They had a cameo on sponge bob?

    Ps I’m joking 🙃 I like bad jokes

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    When she said fall over i fell off my bed

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    I die 😍😍😍 love your work 😭😭

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    9:03 MOOD!! I freaking hate it when my nail chips when playing Volleyball or anything in general.

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    I always wondered what Tati's table looked like lol

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    Please do hacks

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    Why would she not want you any way

    • Nesh Gomes
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      Olivia Barclay Trust issues ig 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ But everyone should want Mr. Kate 100%

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    Keep it up guys, we really love omg we're coming over!

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    so cool even tho am 1 year late please do rosanna pansino

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    Wait this is so cool...I didn’t realize they did Tati’s beauty room 😄

    GETOVERITSIS 2 aylar önce +32

    Plssss do James Charles he just recently moved into a new house that has a lot of space

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    My favourite episodes

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    I need to do james charless plzzzz it will make me happy on the 19 november plz it will be my birthday ilysm ❤️❤️❤️

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    Can you come do my room I love unicorns soooooooo much palace come to me

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    You should do James Charles house like if you agree

  • Ocean lights
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    I wonder how much they charge?

    • Ella Bella
      Ella Bella 2 aylar önce +3

      *They don't Ocean what they do is they ask the person what the highest budget they would go to and they try and not go over it!*

      *Hope it helps*

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    Will you com

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    It's a beautiful beauty room!

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    Avid follower ..ALWAYS love how everything and all the decorations come out ..poor Joey just adors kate, so much he's very affectionate with her....but Kate says get away creaper ! 😑 Being great full towards one another is always key

  • Brandy Paul
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    Aww made me cry to see how humble Tati an James are.. there the best couple ever....

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    Oh Em GEE this rooms AMAZING!

  • Michelle Ross
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    Ahhhhhhhhhh MASON & KIRA!!! You guys were both in taking 5.💜💜💜 This just made my whole childhood!

  • Abby Clarke
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    do they do these for free ?

    • chiseaki
      chiseaki 2 aylar önce

      Abby Clarke no they pay them to do it

  • cynthia krisna
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    The vibe is weird between them two. Managed to watch until the end just because there's Tati in it.

  • Harriet Tubman 2nd
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    You really don't like your husband Mr. Kate.

    • Gabriell McCullough
      Gabriell McCullough 2 aylar önce +4

      This is also a show XD they have to be somewhat professional. There have been videos where she shows love anyways. What you see on a video may not be what their private life is like.

    • Donut mess With me
      Donut mess With me 2 aylar önce +1

      Harriet Tubman 2nd WHAT she seems like she loves him she doesn't want him to touch her because she wants her body to be respected

    • Harriet Tubman 2nd
      Harriet Tubman 2nd 2 aylar önce +1

      +IfYouMeetAWolf Well I guess we see two different things and that's ok.

    • IfYouMeetAWolf
      IfYouMeetAWolf 2 aylar önce +14

      +Harriet Tubman 2nd What makes you say that? I've been marathon watching them fora couple of days now and there's been plenty of times were she has been asking him for a kiss and saying i love you from nowhere. I think she just wants to keep things a bit more professional while at work while he wants to show their love off. She also seem a bit fragile and he is rough and tough with her for fun.
      I can totally understand her as me being someone who's not very lovey-dovey in public and is fragile aswell.

    • Harriet Tubman 2nd
      Harriet Tubman 2nd 2 aylar önce +2

      +Sophie A Do you notice in every video she never wants him to touch her.
      She barely kisses him. I feel so sorry for him because he seems to really
      love her.

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    I am I love with the bult in but not that crazy about the brush bolt wall

  • Lilyan m.s
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    who else wants Mr. Kate to design their room, like if you do!

    MELISSA ROSH 3 aylar önce +2

    WOW !!! My most favourite Mr. Kate video eve! LOVE IT!!!! Absolutely out of this world Amazing! You guys did a smashing job!

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    OMG!!! I love it!!!!!

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    Wow .... so beautiful!! I love it ..... this is amazing beauty studio!!

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    Her beauty room is bigger than my house omg

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    I am wondering how's your house!

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    She is so fucking cringey 🤮

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    The final surprise at 21:45

  • Lulu Jane
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    I want to know the budget

  • Lulu Jane
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    At 19:43 Kate is the teacher and joey is the student

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    you should do this with jeffree star

  • Ajie Satrio
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    OMG! i cried:( this is so sweet... and after watch this, I ABSOLUTELY SUBSRIBE YOUR CHANNEL OMG LOVE.

  • rim hmandi
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    I never knew you were the one decorating tati's beauty Room!!!! Soooo proud and happyyyy. Those marc Jacobs eye shadows at the back were your idea then hhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    Love Tati ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    *Where do you buy the furnitures and accessories?* 😍😍😭

    • Phileene Peagch
      Phileene Peagch 2 aylar önce

      Amy Huang It was not there before that’s why I asked for it 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Amy Huang
      Amy Huang 2 aylar önce

      All in the description!

  • Phileene Peagch
    Phileene Peagch 3 aylar önce +5

    How tall are you Kate? Because your height and Joey’s are like me and my boyfriend 😭😍

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    tati is absolutely stunning, it’s crazy

  • Swadiean Welch
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    u can tell that she genuinely loved it. its perrrrfectttt

  • Tara Scott
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    Fabulous besides the one wall.

    • chiseaki
      chiseaki 2 aylar önce

      Tee Kay really? Fuck off you can’t even respect someone’s opinion.

    • Tee Kay
      Tee Kay 3 aylar önce +3

      Seriously- brush stroke wall ? Really amateur looking "accent" wall guys. Should've done much better IMO. It was a blank canvas FFS in a beauty studio and you went with random splotchy polka dots, unique because they were made with paint brushes that resembled makeup brushes? Doubt that'll be a conversation starter.

  • HappyG
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    TRclips just recommended this after watching Tati's latest vid... I had no idea the beauty room was a collab