Liverpool 1-1 Man City (4-5 on pens) | Jesus & Bravo Shine in Shoot Out | FA Community Shield

  • katma 5 Ağu 2019
  • Watch the extended highlights as Manchester City and Liverpool competed in a tightly contested FA Community Shield. Goals from Raheem Sterling and Joel Matip saw the game decided on penalties.
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  • LeroyFutt -Fifa Mobile
    LeroyFutt -Fifa Mobile 2 gün önce

    9:35 kid with a liverpool shirt but has bayern munich hat lol

  • Steven McLoughlin
    Steven McLoughlin 11 gün önce +1

    2 off the line, City were beat in this game.

  • Coomey
    Coomey 12 gün önce

    My MOTM: Kyle Walker

  • Last Generation
    Last Generation 12 gün önce

    Maaan Walker is a Beast

  • Shahbaz Ahmed
    Shahbaz Ahmed 14 gün önce +3

    06:51 Great efforts by walker and salah

  • SaltShakerTV
    SaltShakerTV 15 gün önce

    Sterling's finishing is just a$$

  • 6e6 Julian HADDAD
    6e6 Julian HADDAD 16 gün önce

    I hate Walker now. Lol

  • swapping_
    swapping_ 16 gün önce

    4:15 that was goal...

  • _SEA _
    _SEA _ 21 gün önce +1

    Liverpool won it was offside

    • Tofu Delivery
      Tofu Delivery 17 gün önce

      It was so obviously onside, cry some more

  • Cristobal Procito
    Cristobal Procito 21 gün önce

    Epic Save 7:17

  • Wert Gamer
    Wert Gamer 21 gün önce +3

    Wow Manchester City won both Fa and League Cup so they had to do Liverpool because they won the Champions League😂

    • lfc maestro
      lfc maestro 8 gün önce

      That makes no sense what if a tema outside the prem won the champions league it was because they were the runner up in the prem

  • Rory Smith
    Rory Smith 27 gün önce

    How about when a club win the English double (treble in Man City's case), the team who won the Scottish Football League get to play the English champions for the charity shield. That would be fun. Celtic V Man City.

  • romeo romeo
    romeo romeo 28 gün önce

    looks like the biggest problem for liverpool vs man city is goal line.

  • FItt Int
    FItt Int Aylar önce +2

    Liverpool, you will never walk alone ...
    ManCity will walk ...front of you ...Everywhere.

  • Josh Dorans
    Josh Dorans Aylar önce

    Kenny dalgleesh

  • marwin taukechan
    marwin taukechan Aylar önce

    Liverpool would never ever beat city this season same again! !!!

  • TheKaku6
    TheKaku6 Aylar önce

    Ingleses hijos de la marmota chupa cabra aguante Bravo malditos rufianes qlaos wenos Pal caezooooon

  • Rezia Akter
    Rezia Akter Aylar önce +8

    Can anyone tell me why is Man City's jersey like this???

    • Kelven Soh
      Kelven Soh Aylar önce +1

      125th anniversary jersey

  • Tommy Parky
    Tommy Parky Aylar önce +2


  • Sunny Ang
    Sunny Ang Aylar önce +1

    Who's here after Chelsea game?

  • devi putri
    devi putri Aylar önce

    city love you

  • MusicByTTT
    MusicByTTT Aylar önce

  • Davidson Vincent
    Davidson Vincent Aylar önce +2

    Congrats to Man City

  • Ryan Jeong
    Ryan Jeong Aylar önce

    For sterling's goal, the commentator mentions salah running back as if that's what kept the city onside from that cross field ball. But they were onside even if salah didn't run. in fact, salah did the right thing by getting back coz city would have been onside anyways

  • SUPREME 07
    SUPREME 07 Aylar önce

    MNC is best

  • James L
    James L Aylar önce +3

    If you would have clicked for the _pens_ it costs 7:28

  • Evans harrison Eboh
    Evans harrison Eboh Aylar önce

    Both coaches are the best in the world

  • Fabio Luisi
    Fabio Luisi Aylar önce

    I can just say Lucky lucky man city. I can not believe that liverool did not won this game! Only Mo Salah had 5-6 great opportunities to score!

  • alan828
    alan828 Aylar önce +1

    Kyle Walker looks like one of those villagers of Minecraft.

  • Galuh Mancity 1894
    Galuh Mancity 1894 Aylar önce +1

    Man city Forever😎😎

  • unknown
    unknown Aylar önce +2

    liverpool cant win a cup in his country at all lol

  • tesfay show eri
    tesfay show eri Aylar önce

    Im wishing this year arsenal year

    VOLCANO HD Aylar önce +1

    Once again Man City pipped Liverpool.

  • César Portugal
    César Portugal Aylar önce

    MC did not deserve this win. Liverpool was the better team by far. MC was very opportunistic, score a goal with lucky and then only play in counter attacked and defended hard and many times play the dirty game that PeP-the-hypocrite-one likes but when is the others he cry and call the mummy .
    the best example is the minute 2.22 when Silva goes down in a clean dispute. the ball was with the City players but they keep playing with Silva in the floor, and it was a Liverpool players that send the ball out. Fair-play , but PePito was very irritated making gestures of a violent kick. then when it was a Liverpool player that was kicked and goes down , the City players did not stopped and it was almost goal, but that time PePito did not say nothing, The-Hypocrite-one , only cry like a baby when is against him .

  • Abdulkadir Aweys
    Abdulkadir Aweys Aylar önce


  • Commandant Carthage
    Commandant Carthage Aylar önce

    c est une belle coup de ciseaux

  • The Solar system
    The Solar system Aylar önce

    I love Manchester city

  • Ahmad Yani
    Ahmad Yani Aylar önce


  • Milcore Futbol TV
    Milcore Futbol TV Aylar önce

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana Aylar önce

    *Still Klopp havent learn that he need to buy more players, he and Liverpool will never win the league*

  • Daniel Alvarado
    Daniel Alvarado Aylar önce +1

    What a match! Congrats Manchester City.

  • RSolitaire
    RSolitaire Aylar önce +1

    Unfortunately Mahrez was not there

  • o Keol
    o Keol Aylar önce

    Virgil’s goal went in

  • Kenneth Flaming
    Kenneth Flaming Aylar önce +115

    5:50 guardiola sprinting to score that goal

  • Shane Walter
    Shane Walter Aylar önce


  • Mehmet Fatih Eryılmaz
    Mehmet Fatih Eryılmaz Aylar önce +1

    Manchester is blue..

  • Aarbin Grg
    Aarbin Grg Aylar önce

    Shalide to Walker



  • KxMac
    KxMac Aylar önce +1

    City's kits🔥🔥

  • McDuckie-_-
    McDuckie-_- Aylar önce

    I thought that Virgil would score a header

  • RICKtoSICK10
    RICKtoSICK10 Aylar önce

    Maybe if Sterling didn't run like a buffoon he could have got that pass in

  • Faaris raf Awesome
    Faaris raf Awesome Aylar önce

    Man City is the luckiest team in the world.

  • zafir D caprio
    zafir D caprio Aylar önce +25

    What a play by Liverpool.. so unlucky ..
    Walker from another planet

  • Yunardi Priyanto
    Yunardi Priyanto Aylar önce +1

    Manchester City is the best !!! Community shield is ours !!!

  • Dominico Surya
    Dominico Surya Aylar önce

    2.55 pemain liverpool asu

  • Md. Nehal
    Md. Nehal Aylar önce

    Is ederson left mcity ?!¡!!

  • Handry Lesmana
    Handry Lesmana Aylar önce

    offside itu

  • Olivia Brodarick
    Olivia Brodarick Aylar önce


  • weeweebagget
    weeweebagget Aylar önce +6

    Virgil van dijk with the 99 finishing

    • Tofu Delivery
      Tofu Delivery 17 gün önce

      How is it 99 when you don't score..? 🤔

  • Football Big Matches
    Football Big Matches Aylar önce

    Nice walker