Paint with me ft intense procrastination

  • katma 11 Haz 2019
    Can someone explain to me why everyone is suddenly overly hyped about basketball in Canada? What's happening? Who's playing who? I'm so confused. Every time I turn on the TV, there is some rhetoric about "playoffs" and "Warriors", and I am beyond lost! What do you mean, "Warriors"? That sounds extremely violent, and I don't like it. In fact, what is basketball? What is a ball? Is it round? Does it smell like rubber? is it an orange? Can I dice it? My head is a whirlwind of questions and I seem to have lost my bearings. I need a compass for the mess in my head.
    Note: I keep on forgetting to do this: The sweater I am wearing in this video was graciously sent to me by the company "Deep End". I just wanted to thank them for the gift because the sweaters are very nice (even my dad liked them). If you want one too, here is a link to the company:
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    North York, ON
    If you want to translate the video:
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    With love,
    Janderson Cooper
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  • Antisseptica
    Antisseptica Aylar önce +24400

    Joana: *Recreates a famous painting*
    "I'm never gonna do this again"

    • Jessie Dahl
      Jessie Dahl 3 gün önce

      did she really do that? would be cool

    • A
      A 12 gün önce +1

      So glad u didn’t add it
      OmG tHanKs FoR 27363 LiKes ❤️😃😃😃

    • Elijah Shoaga
      Elijah Shoaga 21 gün önce +1

      Have you ever sold a painting

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      19k likes in 6 days... and JoanA liked

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  • alexander kian
    alexander kian Gün önce +1

    Joana: paint with me
    Also Joana first 5 minutes: WERE ARE THE SIBLING TO THIS SHOE

  • Kpop4life
    Kpop4life Gün önce +1

    I'm offended stop using big words
    Lol English is my 2nd language

  • Duan Torruellas
    Duan Torruellas Gün önce

    End score by carmen , video was nice . Have a good night. Lol.

  • Cenko Lino
    Cenko Lino Gün önce

    A funny woman? You are the first female who earns my subscription. Congrats.

  • Undead Animations
    Undead Animations Gün önce +1

    Joana: I ate 3 avacados.... Gym time!
    Me: *Eats an entire fast food chain* Time to watch Joana!

  • Robin Lee
    Robin Lee Gün önce

    wait paints did you use?

  • Lydia G
    Lydia G 2 gün önce

    toast your freakin bread for ur avocado toast and it’ll taste so much better girl

  • Ashley Correia
    Ashley Correia 2 gün önce

    Wait you don’t like avocado toast???

  • midnight eclipse
    midnight eclipse 2 gün önce

    I was painting during this video

  • Vasco Cruz
    Vasco Cruz 2 gün önce

    Me: *looks at the face* "Hm... not bad"
    Also me: *looks at her neck* "Holy sh*t WTF"😬 11:26

  • Noelle Sung
    Noelle Sung 2 gün önce

    joanna's vocabularies makes me feel like i dont even know english

  • The Small Juice Box
    The Small Juice Box 2 gün önce

    Hey Joana! I was just wondering how you calculate your proportions. I don't know how I would do it....

  • Anwar Al asmi
    Anwar Al asmi 2 gün önce

    She Paints better than people that run actually art channels 😂 I’m looking at you Rae😂

  • Vicky Wei
    Vicky Wei 2 gün önce +1

    When it hits you that Joana only does art as a hobby/passion and she’s rly majoring in physics and astronomy...


  • Bluë Bërry Gachä
    Bluë Bërry Gachä 2 gün önce

    When you take it as a challenge
    Dammit she’s back home already.

  • Sophia Castle
    Sophia Castle 2 gün önce

    This was a cinematic masterpiece

  • Memeilicous
    Memeilicous 3 gün önce

    "I will use Jaclyn's hill new lipstick for the lips but I don't wanna get mold on the painting" I see shade thrown

  • Maureen Brown
    Maureen Brown 3 gün önce +1

    I see a resemblance.

  • KaleaStar
    KaleaStar 3 gün önce

    suddenly my neighbors dog just started barking and for some reason it made me laugh. Like there is no reason for me to laugh at it

  • Danika Hammerschmidt
    Danika Hammerschmidt 3 gün önce

    John Cena's first sonnet

  • jictix
    jictix 3 gün önce

    3:24 thats a frickin meme right there

  • Darrel Leger
    Darrel Leger 3 gün önce

    The subtle shade joana shrows it just impressive

  • jupiter is a bean
    jupiter is a bean 3 gün önce

    how are you so good at painting

  • jupiter is a bean
    jupiter is a bean 3 gün önce

    Newton's four laws 😳😳 Newton is woke

  • Bam
    Bam 3 gün önce

    The entire time I thought you were using lapel mics

  • meat loaf
    meat loaf 3 gün önce +1

    Where do I get that matrix glasses?

  • paivaiva
    paivaiva 3 gün önce

    nobody gives comment about her biceps

    IAM MEH 3 gün önce +3

    At first glance I thought this was a Jenna Marbles new random video 😂

  • lena aguirre
    lena aguirre 3 gün önce


  • Arel Enoc
    Arel Enoc 3 gün önce

    can you do a portrait of our lord mr world wide, pitbull

  • True2Live
    True2Live 3 gün önce +1

    I genuinely don’t think this girls parents live in the same house lol

  • The Sponge
    The Sponge 3 gün önce

    7:23 OMFG KSKSKS

  • sade Duka
    sade Duka 4 gün önce

    when she said “white girl hell hole” I thought she was going to say Lulu Lemon.

  • Chiara Tether
    Chiara Tether 4 gün önce

    9:33 ayeeeee we've got the same boring lock screen

  • Emilee Watson
    Emilee Watson 4 gün önce

    nice painting! I think to make it look more realistic you should try and minimise the amount of pure black and white you use in a painting. You painted the background totally black when really it was a very dark brown shade. You did the skin white when really there are warmer undertones.

  • ong si jie
    ong si jie 4 gün önce


  • Deeva Ebadi
    Deeva Ebadi 4 gün önce

    Heyeyey canadians

  • xxDualSwordsxx
    xxDualSwordsxx 5 gün önce +1

    a wise man once said: we tried on sunglasses for shizzles and giggles

  • Ari potato potato
    Ari potato potato 5 gün önce

    Is she the girl from that vine?

  • Itstrue mammanon
    Itstrue mammanon 5 gün önce

    like a cookie dooh when you want a cookie

  • Maya rukavina
    Maya rukavina 5 gün önce

    Anyone know where she got dat microphone from

  • mostafa daher 321
    mostafa daher 321 5 gün önce

    best youtube video

  • dolceama sweet
    dolceama sweet 5 gün önce

    You are such an inspiration for me.I always live to be entertained by you.Whenever i am sad ,you bring my happiness mood back in track ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Uni Rainbows :3
    Uni Rainbows :3 5 gün önce +1

    Joana needs a podcast 😆

  • Maria Kakashi
    Maria Kakashi 5 gün önce +1

    Please tell me where you got that easel from ...PLEAAASE I beg you

  • Nikita Sharma
    Nikita Sharma 5 gün önce

    Yess I have the same pink highlighter!!!!❤️❤️

  • Alexa Romero
    Alexa Romero 5 gün önce +1

    she's violating every law in the American constitution as she is Canadian......
    so its fine

  • Romina Cooke
    Romina Cooke 5 gün önce

    the phrase ''it was supposed to be a full moon but taylor launter did NOT run shirtless into my house so i guess they were wrong'' wil go down in history

  • Silvia Cabrera
    Silvia Cabrera 5 gün önce +1

    At around 5 am you sound REALLY Canadian 😂😂

    KKUNICORN #1 6 gün önce

    Make a poopy

  • Ashley Worth
    Ashley Worth 6 gün önce

    U got me w/ that jac hill joke bffft😂😂

  • Fruity Pebbles
    Fruity Pebbles 6 gün önce

    Well I totally understand when you said you stopped everything when “Billie Jean” Came on because THAT IS TOTALLY NECESSARY! one time it came on in class and it was a sub so I stopped everything I was doing and started lip syncing. But I got a D-Hall. *totally worth it*

  • val franco
    val franco 6 gün önce

    make a portrait of either shrek or lord farquaad please sir
    edit: nvm it must me MR. WORLDWIDE

  • Skye Jackson
    Skye Jackson 6 gün önce +10

    To make metal things or shiny things, first use low tones and go towards brighter Nd then at last use titanium white. And while doing oil paintings you should follow 2-3 steps. That is rough patchy work, then small details to bring out the show and then finally the details...hope this helps...good luck...😊 I love you videos

  • jupiter is a bean
    jupiter is a bean 6 gün önce +1

    Scarlet johannsen looks like everyone I'm scared

    • Kandice M
      Kandice M 3 gün önce

      The it's weird. She has a cameleon face 0.0

  • Holosexual 4 life
    Holosexual 4 life 6 gün önce

    you make me want to learn how to paint

  • Reynand R.W.
    Reynand R.W. 6 gün önce

    That thumbnail... *_it terrifies me_*

  • Komokie
    Komokie 6 gün önce

    ...its 3:08 in the morning and I finished sketching and came to TRclips for relaxing videos to calm my anger of horrible textured paper, to find this video. It gave me all the rants I needed

  • TheMaster
    TheMaster 6 gün önce

    Non capisco perché i titoli e le descrizioni di alcuni tuoi video sono in italiano, can you explain me why?

    • Amatr0n
      Amatr0n 5 gün önce

      uhhhhh je mum apple Jay

  • Evie Trudelle
    Evie Trudelle 6 gün önce +4

    Can you paint a portrait of John Cena.
    Thank you.

  • BrooklynBronxVolgs
    BrooklynBronxVolgs 7 gün önce +2

    no one gonna talk about how she said "I'm gonna start working on the nose" ''something I NOTICED'' yes its not spelt like nose but I feel that pun Joana I rlly do.

  • Froze Gpapps
    Froze Gpapps 7 gün önce

    A collab we never knew we needed

  • Emma Bodner
    Emma Bodner 7 gün önce

    I love you

  • Viviana Reyes
    Viviana Reyes 7 gün önce

    Why did she look like iggy azalea in the thumbnail

  • Pineapple Cake
    Pineapple Cake 7 gün önce

    Can we talk about her perfect teeth?

  • Jenna Adel
    Jenna Adel 7 gün önce

    damnit gurl if you and chamberlain paintings would make a video together the world would explode!


  • Sabrina Williams
    Sabrina Williams 7 gün önce

    Joana eats more healthily than me and I was a dedicated vegan that didn't eat yeast. Also, she's very talented. I hope uni goes well for you Joana.

  • maddie bollinger
    maddie bollinger 7 gün önce

    let’s just say it took me way too long to realize you were slowly turning into the painting

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee 8 gün önce

    Bro, avocado on bread is the only way dude.....