The Haunting of Hill House | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • katma 19 Eyl 2018
  • On October 12th, you're expected. The Haunting of Hill House is a modern reimagining of the iconic novel, about 5 siblings who grew up in the most famous haunted house in America.
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    The Haunting of Hill House | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
  • EğlenceEğlence

YORUMLAR • 5 623

  • Iyamis Rangel
    Iyamis Rangel 12 saatler önce

    Is this show good ? Is it worth watching it ?

  • Lover Boy
    Lover Boy Gün önce +1

    Nell & Luke ❤️

  • Ryan Cox
    Ryan Cox Gün önce

    A terrifying, tragic, and touching tale. Easily my favorite Netflix original series.

  • Freddie Grace
    Freddie Grace 2 gün önce

    This show is so freaking intensely scary! Unlike the movie "It", the scares are not jumping out at you they just exist in the dark silent and still without you even knowing they exist! Such great masterful work. I pretty sure I have PTSD from watching it but it was worth it!

  • mayaa
    mayaa 2 gün önce

    That twist!! The neck lady twist!!

  • KennyG881
    KennyG881 3 gün önce

    This show was better than American Horror Story. Just saying.

  • mega mega
    mega mega 3 gün önce

    best of netflix everrrrr😍😍😍

  • Ramiz Karaeski
    Ramiz Karaeski 3 gün önce +1

    Netflix üyeliği aldırtan dizi

  • mouza alw
    mouza alw 4 gün önce

    I just finished watching the series!!! The twists and theories are just INSANE!!!! Specially ep 5, it SHOOK me I literally got goosebumps!!!!!

  • Hale Aiscen Sadie
    Hale Aiscen Sadie 4 gün önce

    i love horror film to death this was one of s best i watched! its so unpredictable.. d actors are So good! i wish they'd do more of this kind of brilliance! its just WOW! 20/10

  • Martina B
    Martina B 4 gün önce

    Is this scary? I want to watch it but I'm quite a scaredy cat😂

    • Abby 4ner
      Abby 4ner 3 gün önce

      It’s more sad then scary but yes it has a few jump scares and is creepy (especially episode 5). I definitely think it’s worth it though considering how amazing the show is!

  • Jerry Omondi
    Jerry Omondi 4 gün önce

    The bent neck-lady Episode 5, can't believe this was written in 1952.

    AVI RAGHAV 5 gün önce

    A real horror series after a long time..

  • bhuwanesh pareek
    bhuwanesh pareek 5 gün önce

    I need the soundtrack

  • Flimbo
    Flimbo 5 gün önce

    This show was okay, but not as brilliant as the comments would have you believe.

  • Brendan
    Brendan 5 gün önce

    This show was much more sad than it was scary. It’s a heartbreaking story about what happens when we don’t take mental illness seriously. I don’t think any of the “ghosts” were actually real. They were more just meant to be mental manifestations of all the trauma and suffering each member of the family faced since the mother’s death. Regardless, it was a really well-shot and directed series.

  • Anatole Trepos
    Anatole Trepos 6 gün önce

    the piano music plz !

  • MrChilongaso
    MrChilongaso 6 gün önce

    Best Show Ever!!! AHS has nothing on this. We need a new season asap

  • Forward Flower
    Forward Flower 8 gün önce

    The acting was so amazing
    Each member of this cast was so good
    The script was wonderful
    The cinematography was perfect
    Please a thousand more like this

  • Forward Flower
    Forward Flower 8 gün önce

    This was fantastic

  • Mascha Claessens
    Mascha Claessens 8 gün önce

    Never did I expect I'd love a horror show this much. Breathtaking. I wanna rewatch it, but I'm still scared, and it's been months since my first playthrough.

  • rakshit kumar
    rakshit kumar 9 gün önce

    Part second is needed...

  • conan mansuri
    conan mansuri 9 gün önce

    I watched show but I don't like it ! Because it's not much horror !

  • Sanket Sutradhar
    Sanket Sutradhar 10 gün önce

    Hands down the most satisfying tv series ever....edge of the seat stuff from the first till the very end!!!!

  • reed
    reed 10 gün önce

    Idk if this is a good horror movie. I just don't feel it.

  • BelgianMusicMaker Tim
    BelgianMusicMaker Tim 10 gün önce

    I want another serie like this one, anyone any sugestions?

  • Hugo Mendes
    Hugo Mendes 11 gün önce

    does this has anything to do with the movie house on haunted hill? ( tremendous movie btw)

  • Trevor Reznik
    Trevor Reznik 11 gün önce

    This is actually a really good representation of what the TV show is about, although you will not realize it until episode 9.

  • Elyka Marisse Agan
    Elyka Marisse Agan 12 gün önce


  • Alone Inthedark
    Alone Inthedark 13 gün önce

    Need season 2 ASAP
    Incredible acting, direct, story, everything about this drama is superb!! Finish it for 2 days straight, pleasee do season 2 very soonnnnnn 😖😖😖🥰

  • Benjamin Perez
    Benjamin Perez 14 gün önce

    This show is spectacular! The overall concept of course is incredible! But the execution in creating this show is what has me in awe. I will be watching it again. As a horror fan, this is type of entertainment I can really enjoy!

  • Ningko80
    Ningko80 15 gün önce

    Episode 5 was the saddest! I cried!!😢😢

  • Rainy Jane
    Rainy Jane 16 gün önce +1

    Why is it NEVER a black woman and a white man? Always the other way around?

  • Megha Gaonkar
    Megha Gaonkar 16 gün önce

    I really liked this one..not as a haunted house story...but the narration, also characters. This is so gentle yet intense story which will hook you till end.
    The dialogue writers need lot of credit..I mean each and every dialogue had to tell us something important..we cant just ignore..
    .I binge watched all episodes over the last three days...
    My heart broke at few scenes and actually wished hope it was someone's dream...
    Finally am I writing this in my dream or I am awake!
    I got only dreams about this story in last two days..

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark 16 gün önce

    I need the soundtrack of this trailer, guys!!

  • KNJWarrior
    KNJWarrior 16 gün önce +1

    This show is a 100 it is the best thing ive watched ever

  • MR713JOSE
    MR713JOSE 16 gün önce

    Gonna start watching it .. I'm excited for the scares lol

  • Fiona Crispin
    Fiona Crispin 16 gün önce +1

    I finished watching and instantly started back at episode 1 to start all over again

  • 愠毓清
    愠毓清 16 gün önce

    Goddamn!!!!! I want this music, I wonder why just no one uploads it

  • stan marsh
    stan marsh 17 gün önce +1

    super gay and boring 1/10

  • 97warlock ismyname
    97warlock ismyname 17 gün önce

    That mom is HOT.

  • Alvin D. Fisher
    Alvin D. Fisher 17 gün önce

    Fuck the stupid Globes. What a shame to have snubbed something like this
    (except for Rami Malek, he's a fr1end, hello.)

  • kristina k
    kristina k 17 gün önce

    Ahs house is still better 😁😁

  • Min And Tulips
    Min And Tulips 18 gün önce

    Turns out their lives were a dream and if their mom wakes them, they die.

  • Ita Itka
    Ita Itka 18 gün önce


  • Sonu Qurban
    Sonu Qurban 19 gün önce

    It was good but not that scary😶😶

  • mohamed suhail
    mohamed suhail 19 gün önce +1

    Till the 9th episode my mind was like.....>wklfhbqaoleuhgfbqauirdbgqdhfnrwhng4redjhnrl.............AND the 10th episode was like.......CRY CRY CRY .....FULL OF SENTIMENTS.......BEST HORROR SERIES IVE EVER WATCHED

  • Ryan T
    Ryan T 19 gün önce

    Such a great show! Besides from being a horror, I’d describe this series as a mystery and psychological drama about love, grief, and family relationships too. There were so many uplifting & emotional moments. Overall, it was very well-acted, written, and directed!

  • Emrik Lindström
    Emrik Lindström 19 gün önce

    Whats this song called???

  • Tim Christopher
    Tim Christopher 19 gün önce

    I haven’t read any comments about this...but I’ll say it...the last episode was just bad.
    SPOILER ALERT: There was so much mystery throughout the series, but the end ruined it. Everything was happy? It was cheesy. It took the fear from all previous episodes out of it. Luke should have died. The dad shouldn’t have ever entered the red room at the end,-I was like “what?!” This house destroyed his family, he protected them from it & yet he decides to die there? C’mon! There are so many other things! The director took the cowardly way out & went against the direction the series was moving. Learn from Stephen King, life seldom ends with a happy ending.
    I LOVED the series up until Nell began helping her siblings in the red room. Explaining the life out of all the brilliant mystery. It should have ended on a very dark note with a hint (just a tiny hint) of hope.

  • Kesa
    Kesa 19 gün önce

    Well to start off I would say that the trailer doesn't show all the aspects of this series. I saw the trailer and I wasn't sure if I had to see this series. But I am glad I went ahead and saw it. It's haunting but emotional at the same time. I can't describe that what this series offers but I know at the end you would be either speechless or stunted. Again I am super glad I saw this, it's really worth.
    The series started and then I decided to watch another episode after another. The script and the directions have been great. This is just a another world journey. I can't praise it enough for the series bcz it stands out. Like really.
    So if someone is having second thoughts about not watching the series after the trailer then please don't listen to yourself cz you are terribly wrong.
    This series would be one of its kind and would be remembered as a masterpiece in the TV series history.

  • Dimas Surya
    Dimas Surya 20 gün önce

    This is the best series movie everrrr, when the seanson 2 coming????????? Please i need to watch this again😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Josh Rhode
    Josh Rhode 20 gün önce

    This very well may be the best show Netflix has ever put out. The acting is other worldly. Rarely do you have a cast that can execute a movie or show without giving ANY cringe or cheesy performances. They acted as if there wasn't a camera in front of them what so ever. You would expect this from a star studded cast. It's no wonder there were 3 oscars won within this show. Unfuckingreal.

  • vakum
    vakum 20 gün önce

    I hope they have another season on the way.And if its not then they suck.

  • rohan mishra
    rohan mishra 20 gün önce +1

    Donno why i come here again and again..for the music i guess!❤

  • Tia Maria
    Tia Maria 21 gün önce

    Why do I see a lot of Theo in me 😒 This show kinda reminds me of my family & my relationship with my siblings.

  • Shakif Hossain
    Shakif Hossain 21 gün önce

    Just finished watching the whole series , And iam crying too hard , it was the best show ever on Netflix , I got scared and cried both at the same time in the show , it will be memorable to me...I love the whole cast

  • The Reel Heel
    The Reel Heel 21 gün önce

    Stranger Things is better.

    • Wackaroo 62
      Wackaroo 62 21 gün önce

      The Reel Heel GAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!

  • Marriz
    Marriz 22 gün önce

    I don’t like TV shows like this. It’s boring to me.

  • Nattii
    Nattii 22 gün önce

    Well, I’m definitely never watching that lol

  • bmoviestgams
    bmoviestgams 22 gün önce


  • happy man
    happy man 23 gün önce

    why didn't these mothafackrs get their asses out of that freaking house??

  • Grant Carlson
    Grant Carlson 23 gün önce

    Best show ever

  • Tea Soža
    Tea Soža 24 gün önce

    The best series so far

  • Im Lovin It
    Im Lovin It 24 gün önce

    I am here because for some reason I have never developed a sense of fear in fact I have 0 phobias so that is weird

  • Jo_ Joseph
    Jo_ Joseph 24 gün önce

    It's too good so I feel like I need to comment it

  • Moufid Bh
    Moufid Bh 24 gün önce

    I'm blessed to have watched this show.

  • MSten Clips
    MSten Clips 25 gün önce

    Best horror story ever 🔥🤙

  • melin sanchez
    melin sanchez 25 gün önce

    It's a series?? Awww

  • James Cheeks
    James Cheeks 25 gün önce +1

    I need this piano version of Our House sooooooooo badly!!!! I come back to this trailer daily to get my fix... I'm going insane here 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Vodka Brandon
    Vodka Brandon 25 gün önce +1

    Be very afraid of the Haunted Forehead.

  • Vodka Brandon
    Vodka Brandon 25 gün önce +1

    So glad I just cancelled this shit

  • grayedoutmonday
    grayedoutmonday 26 gün önce

    After i finish this, i dont know why i miss them (childhood ver) so much

  • Shane
    Shane 26 gün önce

    Is there any actual GOOD horrors anyone can recommend on Netflix?

    • Shane
      Shane 23 gün önce

      Royalish I said a good one please hahaha

    • Royalish
      Royalish 23 gün önce

      The Haunting of Hill House.

  • Monika Sahar
    Monika Sahar 26 gün önce +1


  • Vauseman Fan
    Vauseman Fan 26 gün önce

    This movie is hooking. Its unique

  • Vauseman Fan
    Vauseman Fan 26 gün önce

    season 2?

  • Vauseman Fan
    Vauseman Fan 26 gün önce

    I'm on EP 5.
    The fact that the bits repeat from different perspectives such as:
    1. person1 calls person2 in their perspective
    2. person2 talks to person1 on their perspective.

    LA MUSA 26 gün önce

    Aquel que quiera ver esta serie Escrivá ami whatsApp 1+8298398872 solo por 50 dolar vendo la serie completa

  • Dee Michaels
    Dee Michaels 27 gün önce

    Just binged watched this today…the first episode had me at "hello". Loved it!

  • Sarcasm Entries
    Sarcasm Entries 27 gün önce

    I'd leave the country

  • ancientarrow
    ancientarrow 28 gün önce


  • Abhilasha
    Abhilasha 28 gün önce

    Olivia and Nell... you made me cry🙊🙊🙊

  • Mã Rįã
    Mã Rįã 28 gün önce

    this is the best serie i've watched in a long while, i cried a lot and it was soooo worth it 💔

  • xxJETSETxx
    xxJETSETxx 29 gün önce

    One of my favourite things about this show was the lack of jump scares, or, as they should be called, "loud startles." The horror was entirely atmosphere and situational based, with phenomenal acting to really make you feel it. The number of times something SUDDENLY HAPPENED with a LOUD NOISE can be counted on one hand. Brilliant.

  • Daniel LaGant
    Daniel LaGant 29 gün önce

    Second season needs to be about the Hills when they were alive and what happened within that family.

  • Maria Pb
    Maria Pb 29 gün önce

    The soundtrack was so dramatic,chilling, eerily and mysterious

  • Cocktail Game
    Cocktail Game 29 gün önce

    Just finished it and I watched the whole show in like two days, I'm still a bit confused in some areas but that's just me who don't get it. But I really love it and recommend it to others

  • Nody Osama
    Nody Osama 29 gün önce

    So basicly that house is kinda a loop where the mom saw in the future the death of her twins so she thought that killing them is better than going out to the outer world and experiencing life all good and bad. In real life some parents do that they kill their children because they are afraid they would get sick or be broke or someone take them away. so basicly it is a mental illness i guess olivia had it but the house triggered the events so quickly if it was just the house hugh would have been also affected the same way. The thing i dont understand how could the red room the play room for steve and tree house for luke and dancing room for shirely all at once how come they dont know they have entered it what does it mean?!! I really dont get that part any help

  • Nody Osama
    Nody Osama 29 gün önce

    The duddly guy talking to hugh about his mom and wife and what happened to them was wow it was the longest and hardest line any actor could possibly act and also that scene between shirley and theo when the latter told her why she kissed her husband was also brilliant. The whole show is brilliant i really loved the idea, the filming and the acting especially the wonderful actress who played olivia. Netflix should consider doing a prequal about some of the people who lived in that house earlier or a sequal i wont argue with that just bring season 2

  • Bratislav Metulski
    Bratislav Metulski Aylar önce +1

    STUPID ASPECT RATIO - and here its another different one and much better as the real stream! Sadly - so many scenes ARENT in the streaming version :-(

  • Alyssa Perry
    Alyssa Perry Aylar önce

    Is there anything like this show❤️❤️❤️

  • Eissari4
    Eissari4 Aylar önce

    Fantastic series.. absolutely fantastic

  • Nicole Salazar
    Nicole Salazar Aylar önce

    Is this show the type of scary where im not gonna wanna go downstairs alone in the dark

  • Modern Jedi
    Modern Jedi Aylar önce

    I wanna die in that Hill House just so I could be with Nell.... She's so pure 😭😭😭

  • Mia Larsson
    Mia Larsson Aylar önce

    Has pretty much nothing in common with the book except the title but that doesn’t matter cause is so freaking awesome!

  • Howdy
    Howdy Aylar önce

    another season please!!!!!

  • docmedia Mlambo
    docmedia Mlambo Aylar önce

    The best of the best... sad and emotional ending

  • Jennie Yashi
    Jennie Yashi Aylar önce

    It wasn’t even scary but it was good