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Stray (catview)

  • katma 26 Tem 2022
  • Why doesn't he say jokes?
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  • @JoeyCheerio

    I am very impressed by the developers intentions of publishing a cat-type game in this clearly frog-type game focused year. a bold, but welcome move!

  • @kylesanderson5750

    “If a cat was going to save the world it would either be on accident…. or because It wanted to drink some milk” Possibly the most accurate statement I've ever heard.

  • @jimbob3255

    This game really makes you feel the the exaggerated cuteness of an orange cat.

  • @tehcaptainandy5

    Cat game where he saves the world on accident is actually a dope concept… The cat has his own story line! He just wants to explore the world or go after xyz thing… but along that journey he’s indirectly following mobsters/villains and thwarting plans while accomplishing HIS own goals. It’s exactly what a cat would do

  • @mocapcow2933

    Even with all the jokes, I am still amazed at how good of a reviewer Dunkey is. Too many people focus on scores or final thoughts, when the writing and being able to properly convey how you feel about certain art is what makes a good review. Good or bad score, both reviews can be good.

  • @joshm5347
    @joshm5347  +356

    Stray had a really awesome concept, but the moment they started having NPCs speak to you directly and give you quests and tell you about lore was where the game lost me. You don't play a game where the fantasy is to be a cat so you can get exposition dumps and do basic RPG quests for rewards. That sort of stuff should have been incidental and background detail or things you have to put together yourself from hints in the world that the cat doesn't care about, but you as the player would.

  • @sqyze5335

    Great to see dunkey playing another "stray-type" game

  • @detaia208
    @detaia208  +788

    I like how you acknowledge that a lot of people look at Stray and go "oh shit you can play as a cat? 10/10" and cos of that people sometimes focus on how cool the premise is more than what the actual gameplay is like. But at the same time you acknowledge that playing as a cat

  • @andrewmurray803

    Stray answers the question "How do you turn realistic walking into gameplay?" Stray is a successful strand-type game.

  • @thedarksaber

    I played this game along with my oldest brother. We lost our cat 2 months ago and the cat lived a very very very long life. It was almost 18. She was very social, nice, smart, and a very good cat. I cried playing this game for the first 10 minutes because of how cute it was seeing it interact with the cats and the environment. It really helped with my grief even if I had been happy with her life and that I spent a lot of time with her near the end. I might be biased but I loved this game and I'll always remember that cat through the memories I shared with family and stray. Just a shame I couldn't share it with her.

  • @AxewMichael

    I'm glad that someone finally commented on the fact that the addition of being able to talk to NPCs through text boxes turns a game about a cat into a normal RPG. Don't get me wrong, the game would be totally different if the protagonist wasn't a cat, because the gameplay is about having the mobility of a cat, but the storytelling leaves something to be desired.

  • @aizuddinfahmi9255

    2019: Strand-type game

  • @Zanador

    My impression of this game is that the devs were originally like "hey let's make a cute little minigame where you're a cat in a cyberpunk city and you just vibe for like an hour or two and there's no plot or anything" but then the first trailer got super popular and Sony offered to give them 80 morbillion dollars and then went "uhhh fuck I guess we gotta try to make a real game now"

  • @agentneospy2016

    He was right about them playing their hand early. The game was so interesting in the beginning but I think they really struggled to keep it that way

  • @mrturtletail3945

    A cat accidentally saving the world because he wants to get some milk is the story we need

  • @Scrumpia
    @Scrumpia  +53

    The movement makes sense. Cats can move with such ease and flexibility, I like to think the simple movement buttons are how cats feel about jumping around. It’s easy for them.

  • @ProtoMario

    Stray really makes you feel like a cat.

  • @harveyrunyon4956

    Stray really does a great job of making you

  • @matthewlehr505

    Absolutely gorgeous review. I have had no crashes

  • @joacolp4743

    I like how dunkey isn’t giving numerical scores on his reviews anymore. I feel like it makes you focus more on his actual arguments and opinions rather than on a plain old number. It bothered me how on some dunkviews, like the one on mario sunshine, he would describe the game as a masterpiece but would then rate the game a 3 or 4 out of 5. Glad to see him tweak minor details that aren’t too noticeable changes but do improve videos.