Saving Hundreds of Fish Left to Die! (Rescue Mission) | DALLMYD


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  • Weenie_Butt_-
    Weenie_Butt_- Yıl önce +4969

    It seems useless to some people to save something like goldfish, but them even they matter. You can try and say they are doing it for yt money however look at what's blown up on his channel. Mainly the river vids, however he decided to devote a video to saving goldfish. And he could have just made videos on completely different big topics like "dis tracks" and the "drama" but no he does what helps people and animals or really any good he and his friends can do.

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    • Crazy horse gi rl
      Crazy horse gi rl 5 aylar önce

      Weenie_Butt_- there is 4.7k likes on your comment and only 3.4k comments

    • Adela Heath
      Adela Heath 5 aylar önce

      Dude that's not true

    • The octopus gamer /TOG
      The octopus gamer /TOG 5 aylar önce

      Weenie_Butt_- Yea everyone's life matter cause if we were the goldfish and we wanted someone to save us and noone cared about us we could die from the people who are like -Nevermind, its only goldfish. Its not human!- NO. IF YOU ARE THINKING THIS WAY SOMEONE MUST CHANGE YOUR MIND. Weenie_Butt_- I agree with you.

    • Amara Zibrin
      Amara Zibrin 6 aylar önce

      I totally agree with you I'm going to those people that's obsessed with animals I have five cats

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  • Andreia Cristina
    Andreia Cristina 4 gün önce

    Você soltou os peixes que não viu o vídeo todo aí eu não sei se você Soltou o peixe

  • Craig Rockwell
    Craig Rockwell 7 gün önce +6

    You guys did a good thing relocating those goldfish.....a little known ichthyological fact: some of the fish may have survived under the pavement in an underground water reservoir and undergone a metamorphosis to become a hyper-intelligent man killing 'goldman' species that would have wiped out the entire town on their quest of world domination....

  • Cassie00111
    Cassie00111 8 gün önce +1

    this video made me happy

  • downbntout
    downbntout 9 gün önce

    Someone released goldfish into our local lake and now everyone fishes em for fun, they get to 3' long, no joke

  • Linda Bealer
    Linda Bealer 10 gün önce +1

    Kept and raised goldfish in a small home-made pond for 12 years. They were eaten by a bear while I was in Iraq. Goldfish are SO chill. I miss them! Glad you took pity on these small creatures, and did not allow them to just get bulldozed under pounds of soil. Even tiny lives are precious!

  • Imani Phillips
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    You are my fav TRclipsr ever

  • Chynna V
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    Your friend with the braces is hot af

  • NorAshraf Arts and crafts MNAZAM

    Hopefully one of the construction workers has a youtube channel and the fishes unsubscribing them and disliking them

  • Yis Pinto
    Yis Pinto 14 gün önce +1

    same video

  • Fiona C
    Fiona C 16 gün önce +3

    Just imagine if you didn't save all the goldfish and then after that fitness cement was in there and then when the kid was like in the parking lot in a piece of the road was broken on the parking lot and there is just a goldfish in their mom what is this

    • Nabokl PLAYZ
      Nabokl PLAYZ 13 gün önce

      You said goldfish in their mom🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Fiona C
    Fiona C 16 gün önce +3

    That's amazing that you just saved up with your goldfish and ruin your Nikes

  • 2 GG'S!
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    2019 right now

  • Jodie York
    Jodie York 20 gün önce +4

    Ty for helping the fish guys.

  • Evelyne Buzani
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    I think i saw Nemo

  • The Glitter Girl
    The Glitter Girl 20 gün önce +6

    2019 anyone?

  • David Houle
    David Houle 22 gün önce +9

    Like this if goldfish r cute

  • David Houle
    David Houle 22 gün önce +4

    R u going to keep them

  • Gwyneth Caudill
    Gwyneth Caudill 23 gün önce +5

    I like your brasses.

  • Elbis Cabrera
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  • Gayle Marchlewicz
    Gayle Marchlewicz Aylar önce +3

    You guys are Awesome!

  • Ct Zaskya
    Ct Zaskya Aylar önce +2

    Tristan! Save the poor wallaby! So sad to see it in a cage like that.. 😔

    GACHA JUSTICE PLAYER Aylar önce +2

    Your fish jesus

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  • Mirwani Fairuz
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    Good looking guys with a 💓 of gold.. love you guys..

  • jason490
    jason490 Aylar önce +4

    Take them to a pet store, they make great tiger Oscar and piranha food!

  • Bibi Dencheva
    Bibi Dencheva Aylar önce +5

    i have saved little fish in the sea putted in a little pool with hot water without in a shade and they whre baby fish!

  • Golden Lioness
    Golden Lioness Aylar önce +5

    Great job!! You may not want to pick them up too much though because they can catch all sorts of diseases from germs and all sorts but yeah! It’s absolutely horrible to think they would just let the fish die and suffer through such a horrific experience for them to die out. Really nice how you gave them to a pet shop. Also why do they have a wallaby?! If it’s rescue and release I get it but...I don’t think that’s the case

  • Itsonlyjessi •{}•
    Itsonlyjessi •{}• Aylar önce +6

    Was I the only one who saw that one dead fish

  • BearyLynn
    BearyLynn Aylar önce +12

    It's pretty shitty that they are getting rid of something that was probably pretty neat and gorgeous to turn it into a damn parking lot......

  • NumNumILikeDonuts
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  • Yashar Bugatti
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    Good job

  • Tienette Pok
    Tienette Pok Aylar önce +8

    Goldfish are fish and animals so they deserve to live

  • Anthony DePalmavlogs
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    Who just noticed his braces

  • yndu Williams
    yndu Williams 2 aylar önce

    You have braces in your friend doesn't that's crazy money

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith 2 aylar önce +2

    You let me and the gold fish down SUPERHERO BIG BOY they will sell them as feeder fish!
    Or feed them to their big fish it makes me sad! But still keep making videos!

  • Reginald Prasad
    Reginald Prasad 2 aylar önce

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fish6yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys?!!!!!!!?

  • Reginald Prasad
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  • Rainbow Potatoes
    Rainbow Potatoes 2 aylar önce +1

    When I first clicked on this video I thought it was Rawfishing but when I saw the intro I realized it was you

    IAMBO 2 aylar önce +5

    4:25 i think its dead best not to keep it beside the living oof

  • Janie Jackson
    Janie Jackson 2 aylar önce

    got. thin. out

  • Janie Jackson
    Janie Jackson 2 aylar önce

    sind. him in

  • gem hamilton
    gem hamilton 2 aylar önce +2

    That silly baby fish just lost it's life

  • MagicAwesome Guy
    MagicAwesome Guy 2 aylar önce

    Life savers

  • C R
    C R 2 aylar önce +6

    thank y'all - all creatures matter big or small :D

  • Bo Doh
    Bo Doh 2 aylar önce +2

    On the land bikers are nice on the water divers are nice

  • Augisplayz 999
    Augisplayz 999 2 aylar önce +2

    I have About 11 fishes,so this video was amazing

  • Lauryl Nguyen
    Lauryl Nguyen 2 aylar önce +1

    You guys are so wholesome and I love it

  • Mia Melendez
    Mia Melendez 3 aylar önce +4

    I love goldfish they are one of my pet fish

  • Kyleigh’s Slime channel
    Kyleigh’s Slime channel 3 aylar önce +2

    He has braces I didn’t know that

  • The Big John Show
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    Y’all are freakin awesome

  • Hannah Grace
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    The tipest of the toes

  • Angel
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    You have braces? Cool, my teacher as braces.

  • Vitor Santos
    Vitor Santos 3 aylar önce

    It não

  • Gavin Eugene
    Gavin Eugene 3 aylar önce +5

    The Walby Was so cute

  • MissNila051486
    MissNila051486 3 aylar önce +7

    Honestly...only words for this, is Thank you for helping taking care of the environment.

  • Barry Green
    Barry Green 4 aylar önce +5

    Well Done you 3 your great...

  • Kitt
    Kitt 4 aylar önce +7

    It’s really good you guys have them to a pet store because if you released them into the wild they would’ve destroyed the ecosystem of the pond or dam you put them in, also why is there a wallaby in the pet store??? That can’t be right! Is Aussie will come save it!

  • addy nguyen
    addy nguyen 4 aylar önce +2

    This had been one of my favorite videos

  • Adelina Vilardi
    Adelina Vilardi 4 aylar önce +2

    This was the first video that I watched of DALLMYD and I have fallen in love since❤️

  • SFZ Gaming
    SFZ Gaming 4 aylar önce +4

    This makes me feel bad for frying a few goldfish alive in a game.

  • Lexi Lps
    Lexi Lps 4 aylar önce +3

    Aww so nice!

  • Aiden Schneider
    Aiden Schneider 4 aylar önce +3

    Very nice that you doing that for all the animals/ fishes:-D

  • Alexis N. K.
    Alexis N. K. 4 aylar önce +11

    Can someone explain why there's a wallaby in a pet store?

    • MissNila051486
      MissNila051486 3 aylar önce

      Its probably legal to have as a pet in their city. There are lots of exotic animals that people own as pets. Ex. Serval cats. You just have to have the necessary requirements for whatever animal it is.

  • Jurassic Person
    Jurassic Person 4 aylar önce +3

    Gold fish are living creatures just like you and me even though they are so tiny and usually classified as useless they are still living

  • Ley Caburnay20
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  • JRRobinson _
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    I love fish

  • jilhlkilhj nb
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    usually i eat goldfish " hahahaha

  • Daria Fedorova
    Daria Fedorova 4 aylar önce +5

    that's so great! you have really big hearts!

  • Carole-Ann Pelchat
    Carole-Ann Pelchat 4 aylar önce +1

    I love you gang ❤️

  • DaleTañagGamer // DTG
    DaleTañagGamer // DTG 4 aylar önce +1

    Next time, just do it straight away or else you will waste a lot of time

  • antonio Ramirez
    antonio Ramirez 4 aylar önce +1

    good people 😌

  • Keona Merry
    Keona Merry 4 aylar önce +15

    This is a great thing to do because goldfish are invasive. They repopulate and grow way to fast. The native species end up having to compete with them for food. I'm glad that you guys took them to a pet store rather than just moving them to a lake or river.

  • wanda jacklin
    wanda jacklin 4 aylar önce

    Love this video guys.Every good thing a person does matters.

  • Sideways Rain
    Sideways Rain 4 aylar önce +5

    why wouldn't someone help animals? It's more normal to care than to not care.

  • Jakobi Mawer
    Jakobi Mawer 4 aylar önce +4

    Save the gold fish!

  • Violet Julianne
    Violet Julianne 4 aylar önce +5

    These are such amazing people... they have such a good heart and it's very encouraging. Ilysm💞 Keep up the good work

  • Alexis Guest
    Alexis Guest 4 aylar önce +3

    you are an amazing person. most people don't care about goldfish's lives. like those workers. I think everyone and everything matters. gods creating us not to hate but to love. there are many good people out there. but they probably don't save goldfish. I think your an amazing person with a big heart

  • Kevin Ackerman
    Kevin Ackerman 4 aylar önce +6

    Thank you so much for saving those fish

  • čhêłšêâ môjšêj
    čhêłšêâ môjšêj 4 aylar önce +6

    it’s crazy how much this channel has blown up, honestly jake and his friends are incredibly inspiring and it’s such a good feeling to realise that there are still good people in this world today. it’s great to see that these people try so hard to make the best of situations and that they try harder and harder to make the right decisions.

  • Slime Time
    Slime Time 4 aylar önce +3

    You guys have a great heart

  • Hailey L
    Hailey L 4 aylar önce +3

    "why you BULLY me"

  • Koa Arias
    Koa Arias 5 aylar önce

    You Guys Are Flippin Awesome! Aloha🤙🏽

  • Logyn B
    Logyn B 5 aylar önce +6

    Don’t put them in a lake because they breed like crazy and grow too big sizes!!!

    • trip ᵘʷᵘ
      trip ᵘʷᵘ 14 gün önce

      yup. they gave them to the pet store.

  • Amelia artbolt
    Amelia artbolt 5 aylar önce

    this made me emotional

  • Jacob Bungo
    Jacob Bungo 5 aylar önce +1

    6:19 hahaha

  • Eiju urushihara
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    This is awesome! Thank you guys *subscribed*

  • Stina Pessink
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    You are on lucky love your vetios

  • Erendira Solorzano
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    you guys did a good job

  • Анапа - Str.Albatros

    How we saved the fish (English titles)

  • Cara Myers
    Cara Myers 5 aylar önce +6

    My gold fish died his name was Ripley😭💔 I buried him with his favorite stuff

  • Lila
    Lila 5 aylar önce +2

    what pet store the wallaby is so cute

  • Ashley Bradley
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  • Mr.Dr.Prof. Intellectual
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    Good fish are really important for the food chain in the ecosystem...

  • Mr.Dr.Prof. Intellectual
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    4:20 scene from nemo

  • Leville
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    You are so nice

  • Hannah Curry
    Hannah Curry 5 aylar önce +8

    I heard goldfish were an invasion species like once you put them in a pond they just take over it all

    • Tina Li
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      They sent those to the pet store

  • Carsen Binge
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    Aw this is so nice of you🤗

  • Toriqul Islam Shimanto
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    You guys are the coolest......... proud of you.........