Enes Kanter Having Fun with Tacko Fall Driving A Car! Shows His BIG SHOE!

  • katma 14 Eki 2019
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  • We All Blessed
    We All Blessed 6 gün önce

    May Allah bless both of my brother. Beautiful Quran recitation

  • khadija
    khadija 28 gün önce


  • Max
    Max Aylar önce

    Nah you can tell hes not messing with it, nobody actually emphasizes with him. Think about it, hes a this 7'7 giant who must feel like a monster compared to everyone else and now that hes in the media and over the internet, more attention keeps getting brought up and I know hes a hooper but still that shit really affects you deep down for whatever it is.

  • SOS: Salaamy
    SOS: Salaamy Aylar önce

    I don't get why this comment section is filled with so many butthurt people talking about which is right and whatnot, Lol.

  • Wanda Samanda
    Wanda Samanda Aylar önce +1


  • Reddted
    Reddted Aylar önce +2

    Tacko fazla onla arkadaşlık yapma darbe felan yapar mazallah

  • Abdülhey
    Abdülhey Aylar önce

    ibne enes! hoca sıçmış bir porsiyonu sana ayırmış, yetiş soğumadan!

  • Poroğ Ğorop
    Poroğ Ğorop Aylar önce

    Teröris hain

  • Dayton for crashnation
    Dayton for crashnation Aylar önce +1

    Tacko power!!!!!

  • Mert Atay
    Mert Atay Aylar önce +2

    Listening to quran❤

  • Rs Datukon
    Rs Datukon Aylar önce +1


  • Dawah Youtubers- الدعاة اليوتيوبرز

    This is what they were listening to: trclips.com/video/npmGqMW5Gso/video.html

  • Dawah Youtubers- الدعاة اليوتيوبرز

    This is what they were listening to: Surah Al-Hijr Hazza Al Balushi

  • Jay A Lay
    Jay A Lay Aylar önce

    If he wrecks his car them knees need they own airbag

  • papis ND
    papis ND Aylar önce +1

    The coran 😍 is beautiful sound he makes the heart ❤

  • Guyteau Salvador
    Guyteau Salvador Aylar önce

    I have a felling enes kanter is using tacko for clout

  • Abdelmonem Dawood
    Abdelmonem Dawood Aylar önce +2

    I love the fact that they are listening to Quran ❤️

  • Sans Mans
    Sans Mans Aylar önce

    That music is what should play when Tako enters the arena

    • Bat Man
      Bat Man Aylar önce

      @Sans Mans suite ur self

    • Sans Mans
      Sans Mans Aylar önce

      Bat Man no thanks I’m an Atheist

    • Bat Man
      Bat Man Aylar önce

      @Sans Mans just listen to it

    • Sans Mans
      Sans Mans Aylar önce

      Bat Man change my mind about what?

    • Bat Man
      Bat Man Aylar önce

      @Sans Mans search it up. And listen to it. It will sooth u and hopefully change ur mind

  • devonte johnson
    devonte johnson Aylar önce +1

    Y’all hear that 🔥 in the background

  • Khadar Ahmed
    Khadar Ahmed Aylar önce +2

    💫Mashaallah 💫

  • Jaiden Hawkins
    Jaiden Hawkins Aylar önce

    Enes acting he a vet in this league, his goofy ass is still a rookie

  • Tanner S
    Tanner S Aylar önce +1

    Ya Kanter bro lets go Celtics for life ☘️☘️☘️

  • Yusuf
    Yusuf Aylar önce +1


  • Abdoul Ahmadou
    Abdoul Ahmadou Aylar önce +1

    Mashallah he got the Quran on May allah protect give him a successful career🙏🙏.

  • Yousef Osmani
    Yousef Osmani Aylar önce +1

    Such good guys!

  • Hätïm سقرآط
    Hätïm سقرآط Aylar önce

    is Tacko fall muslim ?

  • Abdulaziz Alhudaib
    Abdulaziz Alhudaib Aylar önce +2

    ما أجمل صوت القرآن 💫

  • YeahWhatOoh
    YeahWhatOoh Aylar önce

    A Car LOL

  • Ayuub Shire
    Ayuub Shire Aylar önce +4


  • sranveer Singh
    sranveer Singh Aylar önce

    I respect sports...... But not that music..

    • sranveer Singh
      sranveer Singh Aylar önce

      @Bat Man they don't listening... And talking bout some 7'7" Height yo..... Wow hands up 🙌...
      Huge respect they r giving to Quran bro

    • sranveer Singh
      sranveer Singh Aylar önce

      @Bat Man ow good than listening quran with shoes in hand.... Wow that's respect....

    • Bat Man
      Bat Man Aylar önce

      It's not music. It's the quran. Learn first

    • Jay Waz
      Jay Waz Aylar önce

      It’s not music

  • kralhacker1
    kralhacker1 Aylar önce

    Lan fetocu arkadan kuran sesi geliyor

  • Jerrad Brown
    Jerrad Brown Aylar önce +3

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact they are listening to quran 😭🤧

  • McGriddle69
    McGriddle69 Aylar önce

    That's a big ass truck and he makes look like hes driving a toyota Corolla

  • thedeafgenius
    thedeafgenius Aylar önce

    Sure beats working in an office like you originally wanted to....right Tacko. Glad hes having fun.

  • Politics and Sports
    Politics and Sports Aylar önce

    Where they heading to? Music from a James Bond movie. Bond in talabib!

  • Drew Peacock
    Drew Peacock Aylar önce

    Dude makes a truck seem like a smart car

  • Mustapha C
    Mustapha C Aylar önce +14

    They both Muslim ayyy that’s wassup 🤲🏾

  • martynas bonifacas
    martynas bonifacas Aylar önce +1

    Nice music xD

  • Marc in NA
    Marc in NA Aylar önce +2

    There was some very weird incident a week or so ago when Tacko and Kanter were leaving a mosque in the Boston area and some Turkish guys started threatening Kanter because he is a critic of the Turkish President. So Kanter videoed it and put in on the internet. I saw this on one site and was very dismayed at the comments, almost all of which were simply anti-Muslim rants from Americans, complete with references to ISIS, etc. The irony there is that Kanter got into trouble with the Turkish President over Democracy and free speech issues. I didn't know much about Kanter before he came to Boston, but he turns out to be a very intelligent and articulate guy and he attracted the ire of President Erdogan because he criticized the suppression of free speech, dismissal of judges, jailing of reporters and shutting down news outlets that didn't support Erdogan. Now Kanter's family has been harassed (his Dad is a university professor), Kanter's Turkish passport was rendered invalid and Erdogan put out an international warrant for his arrest. The very dumb folks criticizing Kanter for being a Muslim appear not to know anything else about him, including the fact that he supports the values that we as Americans want to promote around the world.
    Tacko also is a very smart guy, had a 4.0 GPA in high school and scored in the top 5% on his SATs. These are two unusual and talented guys.

    RIO TEGAR FAHLEVI Aylar önce +2

    A slipped message from his video,
    Wherever u go, don't forget the Quran

  • poosht
    poosht Aylar önce +1

    That music in the background tho.. 😂

    • SOS: Salaamy
      SOS: Salaamy Aylar önce

      That's quran, it is what the muslim's revelation sounds like when it is being "recited". It is meant to sound calming, and or focusing.

    • Jay Waz
      Jay Waz Aylar önce

      It’s not music

    • FeitanXAli
      FeitanXAli Aylar önce

      poosht was is it funny

  • Pineapplez
    Pineapplez Aylar önce +11

    “Tacko Mobile”😂😂

  • Saadat Hashmi
    Saadat Hashmi Aylar önce +14

    It is beautiful that they are listening to the Quran 👌🏽 Mashallah

  • Sean Farnham
    Sean Farnham Aylar önce

    Tf they listening to lmao

  • Ali Engür
    Ali Engür Aylar önce +1

    Terörist !

  • theNIJHEL show
    theNIJHEL show Aylar önce

    That music is the 💣 🤭

  • Donovan D.
    Donovan D. Aylar önce

    I swear I saw a backwoods wrapper !! Lmfao

  • Miki Pit
    Miki Pit Aylar önce +2

    Alhamdullilah to two of you

  • alan tapia
    alan tapia Aylar önce

    What kind of Go Kart is this guys?

  • Palatial Slumlord
    Palatial Slumlord Aylar önce

    Listening to Qur'an while chilling ✌🏾🤲🏾🕋

  • StupidNub
    StupidNub Aylar önce

    Is he driving a Kia?

  • GXB Kidsmoove978
    GXB Kidsmoove978 Aylar önce

    TackoMobile I'm sleep

  • Gloxkz
    Gloxkz Aylar önce +10


  • Brennan James
    Brennan James Aylar önce

    Watertown mall tough 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Ensar Oksuz
    Ensar Oksuz Aylar önce

    kuran dalgaya alınacak bişey değil yazık cidden kanter sana

    • zeytin ağacı
      zeytin ağacı Aylar önce

      dalga geçmemiş. hayatında kuran duymamış yüzlerce insan belki bu video ile kuran dinledi. ve etkilendiklerini yazmışlar yorumlara.... bu adam nba finalinde bile orucunu bırakmamış adam.

  • Mcjabar Esmael
    Mcjabar Esmael Aylar önce +9

    Mashallah this two great players listening qur'an.
    May allah bless you two in your journey as NBA PLAYERS.

  • D. White
    D. White Aylar önce

    Not even joking, I thought dude was imitating the She bomber at 1st..... I'm like what the heck does Tacko got going on!

  • Enlight Miscellany
    Enlight Miscellany Aylar önce

    Celtics are sending him to G League

  • Reca S.
    Reca S. Aylar önce +1

    Hug anyone?

  • Sean Miguel Baez
    Sean Miguel Baez Aylar önce

    Taco You Know Damn Well Your Big Ass Don't Fit In That Car