How Far Can The Roadster Get -Explaining How The Falcon Heavy Can Reach Mars Outside Transfer Window



  • Jason Guthrie
    Jason Guthrie 10 aylar önce

    They should of sent the delorean from back to the future

  • Dalton Harmon
    Dalton Harmon 10 aylar önce


    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  10 aylar önce

      really? a rough computer visualisation of what something that happened a month after this video was released is not the real deal? you mus be a real genius to spot that

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  • Jew Manji
    Jew Manji 11 aylar önce

    Shut up.

  • ashzole
    ashzole 11 aylar önce

    Is the Tesla car in space using regular unleaded or premium?

  • Guitar Beaver
    Guitar Beaver 11 aylar önce

    Should have put a Chevy Silverado up there instead . Aliens see that candy ass red convertible they are going to know how weak we are !

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      well... we are weak - compared to any alien capable of coming here at least - if any species has the technology to get here we can only hope for peace

  • bobtailvw22
    bobtailvw22 11 aylar önce

    Anyone got pics of the moon from starman?

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      here's its final orbit and its position over future years

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      it hasn't passed mars orbti its ust at the elocity where it's going to pass mars orbit

    • bobtailvw22
      bobtailvw22 11 aylar önce

      Musk said it had already missed and passed mars orbit

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      yes, but thats a long way - it sent back its last image one day after being launched into earth robti and one hour after being pusehd onto escape trajectory - it's not gonna get to the moon in an hour - it took it another day to intersect the moons orbit, although the moon was on the other side of that orbit at the time so it never got close - it will take another 3 months to intersect mars orbit and another 3 years to pass the asteroid belt

    • bobtailvw22
      bobtailvw22 11 aylar önce

      But isnt starman supposed to be on its way thru the asteroid belt having missed Mars?

  • Mandolinic
    Mandolinic 11 aylar önce

    Is the payload a complete car? or has it been stripped of its internals to reduce weight? If it were my project, I'd strip out the engine, batteries, etc, leaving just the shell. It would still look the same, but save a lot of weight.

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      no, its a complete car - given that the falcon upperstage alone weighs about 4 tons when empty, those few undred kilos wouldn't make much difference either

  • Mighty Saturn 5
    Mighty Saturn 5 11 aylar önce

    the visual of the standard flight (5:54 till about 6:40) is great in that you can see how they use that extreme speed to their advantage -at that speed using small side thrusters to turn backwards so as to quickly get back down, once the fuel is spent they use the side thrusters again to turn 'backside down' so that it's oriented in the same manner it took off hell of an awesome ballet to watch

  • steven day
    steven day 11 aylar önce

    Can't hear you

  • john emanuel
    john emanuel 11 aylar önce

    We can put a Tesla in space but can't edit a video so the audio doesn't suck ?

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      give me 90 million dollars and I'll set up audio however you like

  • Jun M. Dela Rosa
    Jun M. Dela Rosa 11 aylar önce

    Moslems were duped by their false prophet Hahahaha hahahaha Hahahaha

  • Mr bad Review guy
    Mr bad Review guy 11 aylar önce

    When did Conker start doing youtube videos?

  • John sarab
    John sarab 11 aylar önce +1

    Never driven, high mileage car on sale soon for free!

  • UncleEarl97
    UncleEarl97 11 aylar önce +1

    Exactly! Some people don't understand the value of sending up a $150K car instead of $20 worth of concrete! Would people care as much about the launch and especially about watching the live videos of Starman and his Tesla? It's called brilliant advertising! I've looked at the live "where's Starman and Tesla" a few times since launch. It worked because people keep watching the TRclips live video of it. I wouldn't care about a chunk of concrete. This was brilliant or as Elon Musk said... concrete would have been boring. It worked!

  • EmeraldRider
    EmeraldRider 11 aylar önce here you go sheeple and Frizzbizz! Ufos, strange clouds that never seem to move?Light anomalies, scale and location issues, sheeple you are being deceived! best toy car debunk vid out so far!

  • Jonathan Rollins
    Jonathan Rollins 11 aylar önce

    Your audio is too soft. Just saying...

  • Scotty Douglass
    Scotty Douglass 11 aylar önce

    Nothing dumb about this at all, kind of like learning to speak clearly

  • Dale K
    Dale K 11 aylar önce

    Why not record this at an a
    more audible volume?

  • IfYouOnlyKnew
    IfYouOnlyKnew 11 aylar önce

    I could play your voice on loop and sleep like a baby. Love it

  • Jim Georgiev
    Jim Georgiev 11 aylar önce

    the rocket was going over 25000km per hour at one point how would a car still have tires that are not popped. side mirrors in tacked. windshield not shattered from the pressure? i guess the car was made with the same metals and materials as the rocket? the launch

    • SW6
      SW6 11 aylar önce

      Those panels are blown of with explosive bolts which ensure they move away from the rocket out of harms way, the flash may have been the bolts exploding. The panels just moved out of camera shot. After the camera had adjusted its self to the lighting conditions you just see what was there before the panels blew off and that is the Earth. the Car was supported from underneath so once the panels had gone there was 360 degree visibility.

    • Jim Georgiev
      Jim Georgiev 11 aylar önce

      Julian Danzer i see the tires on the rims still though?

    • Jim Georgiev
      Jim Georgiev 11 aylar önce

      SW6 i noticed at the end of the video in the link in my comment that the container it was in popped off. You see a big flash then the side view of the car and earth beside it. Then it switches camera angles to the front of the car and behind the car is earth. What happend to the container it was in? It evaporated?

    • SW6
      SW6 11 aylar önce

      Same as men and satellites survive launch. and the tyres either now have an additional 1 atmosphere of pressure or the were deflated by 1 atmosphere before launch.

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      the car was protected inside hte fairing until it had left the atmosphere so there was no pressure on it - tires were removed to make it resist vacuum

  • Ed Sutton
    Ed Sutton 11 aylar önce +1

    Tesla roadster - when you just don't want to quit driving.............. out of this world. .............

  • Ken Gibbens
    Ken Gibbens 11 aylar önce +6

    So some dude named after a cologne or something sent a car into space... wow bet the starving millions on Earth are impressed.

    • Praise Jesus
      Praise Jesus 11 aylar önce

      amen brother. (; well said. - ken g

    • Praise Jesus
      Praise Jesus 11 aylar önce


    • Southern Gent
      Southern Gent 11 aylar önce +1

      Yeah, why don't you go work in a soup kitchen and feed them like I have done instead of trying to judge others.

  • London Dada
    London Dada 11 aylar önce

    Is it called HEAVY Falcon because the re-useable rockets have to be extra heavy with fuel for them to be able to soft land again?

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 11 aylar önce

    cant hear you...sound is too low

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson 11 aylar önce

    i have that game Universe Sandbox that's what you're using to example nice

  • Thom Yafanaro
    Thom Yafanaro 11 aylar önce

    If this car is in orbit , wouldn't be able to use on board cameras flying around thousand miles around orbit ????

  • Ken ibn Anak
    Ken ibn Anak 11 aylar önce

    Well it is up. I don't know if there are provisions for a battery jump a billion years from now.

  • Roland Frei
    Roland Frei 11 aylar önce

    Wie dekadent muss man sein 90 Millionen zu verpulvern. Während Millionen Menschen nichts bis fast nichts zu essen haben, oder ein Dach über dem Kopf. Denkt mal nach!!!!!!!!

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      it's a testflight - spaceflight is evidently useful and every other rockettype in history was testflone with a dead chunk of concrete as payload and you didn't complain when using satellite made weather forecasts or navigation systems - in fact given that these chunks of concrete are mostly still in orbit and posing a threat to other spacecraft and the roadster is off and away this is actually the most responsible rockettest ever

  • MSP_666 CCTV_AccessControl

    Sound is terrible.

  • EmeraldRider
    EmeraldRider 11 aylar önce debunk this globetards

  • EmeraldRider
    EmeraldRider 11 aylar önce for Frizzbizz! right from the horse's mouth! who's the real LIERS?

  • John Mohr
    John Mohr 11 aylar önce

    Julian, would you mind sharing with us the program you were using to work out your calculations - the one shown in your TRclips video.

    • John Mohr
      John Mohr 11 aylar önce

      Thank you Julian

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      within one video usualyl different softwares ranging from just a calculator to software like universe sandbox and orbiter spaceflight simulator

  • So Much for Privacy Just to Play a Game

    NASA now officially looks like chumps. If they don't hurry up when they get to Mars, Musk will be waiting there with a pitcher of lemonade.

  • So Much for Privacy Just to Play a Game

    Did anyone else get the Heavy Metal reference?

  • Kbarmike
    Kbarmike 11 aylar önce +6

    Elon Musk the day after, “Dude, where’s my car?”
    I WHAT?

  • Charles Martin
    Charles Martin 11 aylar önce

    We can't leave earth😂😂😂 stop believing these movies they make. Sheep.

    • roner61
      roner61 11 aylar önce

      We must leave Earth, so we are going to leave it.Survival of the species prevail

    • Fromage Frizzbizz
      Fromage Frizzbizz 11 aylar önce

      +Charles Martin It's not a matter of what we believe, it's a matter of those paying money to him to launch satellites believing. If you think that Iridium Corporation is spending billions of dollars to launch dozens of fake satellites on fake rockets and they'd be fooled by their OWN equipment, I think you need some quiet time in a strait-jacket.

  • Charles Martin
    Charles Martin 11 aylar önce

    It's funny you people are still believing lie after lie.

    • SW6
      SW6 11 aylar önce

      His comment is the only evidence he has.

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      its funny you've got thet ime to write two comments but not to google 2 seconds for evidence and notice how dumb they are

  • Vicki Boyer
    Vicki Boyer 11 aylar önce

    what are you saying?

  • Calvin Weekley
    Calvin Weekley 11 aylar önce

    If they launched in December the car would be on mars in June of this year

  • Scott Wehrman
    Scott Wehrman 11 aylar önce

    Wonder if tesla has the dent resistance panels like the saturn cars had in the 90s? (You know, in case it encounters space debris) LoL. According to the numbers I've seen on the site tonight, it's traveling at 44,750 mph and is 147,600,000 miles away, which is 4.5 months away, putting it around late June for its planet Mars pass by????

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      orbital mechancis is a lot more tricky then just time and distance - but I've made an orbital prediction of its trajectory and it should indeed pass through mars orbit in about 4 months

    • Fromage Frizzbizz
      Fromage Frizzbizz 11 aylar önce

      +Scott Wehrman at that velocity, it ain't going to be a dent. It's going to be a bright flash and vaporized car.
      Tesla's body panels are aluminum. Saturn's were plastic of a type that would return to shape if gently coaxed. Aluminum doesn't.

  • sun spots T
    sun spots T 11 aylar önce

    I think its just great!

  • Darryl Dee
    Darryl Dee 11 aylar önce

    The model car that is attached in front of the rocket looks like a Chrysler Laser. Hokey video.

  • John Michael
    John Michael 11 aylar önce

    Is it just me, or did the guy narrating this sound exactly like Roddy McDowell?

  • Dennis Alfonso
    Dennis Alfonso 11 aylar önce

    That car is going be worth a lot more when they finally retrieve it someday. Ths first car in space!! That's one for the history books.

  • David Sims
    David Sims 11 aylar önce

    Here's the final heliocentric orbit of Elon's Roadster/Starman, using data from NASA/JPL Horizons, where its object ID is [-143205].
    Keplerian orbital elements
    Elon's Roadster
    Epoch: 6 April 2018
    a = 1.326427 AU
    e = 0.256580
    i = 1.052577°
    Ω = 317.118857°
    ω = 177.454188°
    T = 2458153.505755 JD
    I note with some satisfaction that my earlier guestimates about the longitude of the ascending node (Ω=317.9°) and the argument of the perihelion (ω=180°) were close to the truth.
    The orbit diagram that Elon Musk tweeted on 7 February 2018 was incorrect. He might have done a conservation of energy calculation wrong and arrived at an overly high value for the Tesla Roadster's hyperbolic excess speed, relative to Earth.
    Earth's gravity is still slowing the speed of Elon's Roadster, so don't take the present (early February) heliocentric state vector as predictive of the final heliocentric orbit. I picked a time two months from launch to read off the orbital elements.
    Elon's Roadster will have an aphelion distance of 1.6667 AU, a perihelion distance of 0.9861 AU, and an orbital period of 558 days.
    Ephemeris with observer at the Earth-moon barycenter.
    Date , distance from Earth , right ascension , declination
    01 April 2018 , 0.10695 AU , 14h 07m 10s , −22° 29' 24"
    ... → 3.5° N of π Hydrae, leaving Hydra for Virgo
    15 April 2018 , 0.14468 AU , 13h 49m 28s , −19° 37' 26"
    01 May 2018 , 0.20478 AU , 13h 37m 58s , −16° 48' 01"
    15 May 2018 , 0.27516 AU , 13h 37m 45s , −15° 21' 50"
    01 June 2018 , 0.38324 AU , 13h 48m 04s , −14° 57' 25"
    ... → Turns prograde in apparent celestial motion just SE of Spica

  • Jonathan Gray
    Jonathan Gray 11 aylar önce

    what software are you using?

  • John J
    John J 11 aylar önce

    Is the narrator Chris Eubank?

  • PsyOp Cop
    PsyOp Cop 11 aylar önce

    Yo Dude, _you takin Elon Musk to school🤣_

  • Paul Gee
    Paul Gee 11 aylar önce

    Messing around like that can get the ISS crew killed.

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      actually it can't, its a compeletely different trajectory, zero chance of a hit

  • Kevin Tucker
    Kevin Tucker 11 aylar önce +1

    They left early so unless it has a lot of fuel left for delta v it cannot rendezvous with mars.

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      yes.. thats my point - they do have quite a bit of deltaV since the tesla is - for a rocekt payload - pretty tiny - however they didn't end up aiming for mars, here's an updated version of its final orbit, showing how much spare deltav they had

  • K. Tucker
    K. Tucker 11 aylar önce +1

    So.. the challenge now is for someone else to develop more technology to go up and "retrieve" (read: steal) the Tesla and what - return it to SpaceX?

  • aresmars2003
    aresmars2003 11 aylar önce

    The actual orbit went slightly outside Mars, with a modest Mars Flyby on Oct 6, 2020, on the second orbit. Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster 2018-2067

  • Denis Krasulin
    Denis Krasulin 11 aylar önce +1

    Julian, could you please tell what app or site do you use to demonstrate planets' orbits?

    • Denis Krasulin
      Denis Krasulin 11 aylar önce

      Thank you! Universe sandbox - that's it. Looks very cool

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce +1

      different softwars and image sources but mostly universe sandbox and orbiter spaceflight simulator

  • christina lawson
    christina lawson 11 aylar önce

    Sound way to low can not understand him lol

  • Brian Goley
    Brian Goley 11 aylar önce

    can't hear you

  • Inclementmike P
    Inclementmike P 11 aylar önce

    I made it to 2:59 before your voice made me physically sick.

  • Jeffro Doe
    Jeffro Doe 11 aylar önce

    Being forced to listen to info you desperately want to learn about being spoken by someone with a dreadful speech impediment should be made illegal. Why oh WHY oh WHY do we have people on the web narrating videos who can't speak properly? MY gawd people...why not pay someone who can speak properly $5 to do the voiceover work on videos instead of forcing us to strain to comprehend what elmer fudd is talking about?

  • Doubting Thomas
    Doubting Thomas 11 aylar önce

    Is this the Emperor from Monty Python? Biggus Dickus.... Weeleess Woger!

  • chris p bacon
    chris p bacon 11 aylar önce

    Can't wait to hear what the flatards will say about this!! Lmao

  • jake merchant
    jake merchant 11 aylar önce

    probably send it arround mars then sell it to recoup the money for the useless mission.

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      not really useless -they tested and learned about the falcon heavy - which they now know is reliable enough to actually launch a useful satellite this year -wouldn't want THAT to be the first testlaunch with a 300000000$ satellite on top...

  • ric Sosa
    ric Sosa 11 aylar önce

    The Car will corrode once the car lands on Mars

  • Charles Zimmer
    Charles Zimmer 11 aylar önce

    Get someone without a lithp....

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      yeah, I'm totally gonna pay someone else to read in texts I wrote for my entertainment

  • ac3
    ac3 11 aylar önce

    Your audio sucks

  • Jeffrey Vegiard
    Jeffrey Vegiard 11 aylar önce

    Best part of this video for me was seeing my 1st car as the payload. Makes perfect sense to put a Laser in space haha!

  • Jared Gerstein
    Jared Gerstein 11 aylar önce

    That is some of the worst audio ever

  • Karamer Space TV
    Karamer Space TV 11 aylar önce +1

    gutes Video

  • Joshua Upham
    Joshua Upham 11 aylar önce

    Volume! Cant hear it.

  • Jeremy Rider
    Jeremy Rider 11 aylar önce

    Is the Tesla a full size car? PlZ let me know thx.

    • Jeremy Rider
      Jeremy Rider 11 aylar önce

      Julian Danzer WOW WOW WOW. THIS IS NUTS

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      itsan atual fully functional tesla roadster

  • Dawid Czerniak
    Dawid Czerniak 11 aylar önce

    How far ? To the studio and back

  • Wayne Lee Ramsden
    Wayne Lee Ramsden 11 aylar önce

    your sound volume is way too low.

  • PoloTheGr8
    PoloTheGr8 11 aylar önce

    Why is mars behind Earth?

  • Sarge Playz Gamez
    Sarge Playz Gamez 11 aylar önce

    I think you forgot Elon Musk OWNS TESLA AND GETS TESLA'S FOR FREE.

  • basimpsn
    basimpsn 11 aylar önce


  • ranDOMreSERVEaCCount
    ranDOMreSERVEaCCount 11 aylar önce

    Your english is hurting my ears, maybe go learn speaking such a simple language before learning this complex shit you described in the video.

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      or if you find learning 20 languages boring and wanna learn something interesting - you could start by graduating highschool - then this might no longer seem so overly complciated

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      or maybe you learn german before complaining about my english skills - seems only fair

  • merlin 13
    merlin 13 11 aylar önce

    The HEAVY is not built like it is just to go Mars, its built like that so it can carry enough shielding to protect astronauts from the Van Allen RADIATION belts because they know they would die before reaching the moon....

    • Fromage Frizzbizz
      Fromage Frizzbizz 11 aylar önce

      +merlin13 run out of BS to spew, and that's the best you can come up with?
      Speaking of which, you might want to learn about it. An introduction is here:
      The experiment I referenced was a joint ISA (Italian Space Agency) and NASA venture completing in 1996
      On second thought, perhaps you should go to: and actually learn about the VABs instead of swallowing the garbage spewed by fellow Apollo hoaxers. Wake up sheep.

    • merlin 13
      merlin 13 11 aylar önce

      my last response to you as a NASA apologist is that your statements are puerile.

    • Fromage Frizzbizz
      Fromage Frizzbizz 11 aylar önce +1

      +merlin13 The VABs would be a problem _if_ they decided that they needed to put human-inhabited satellites in orbit above LEO. So they experimented with it a bit to see if it would work. It did work, and the calculations are that it would take about 2 months to reduce the inner belt to 1% of its current strength, and if they left the tethers in place, it would remove new ionic radiation coming just as fast as the sun replenishes it.
      It's not a great idea, because this is part of what shields the planet from GCR (have you figured out what GCR is yet?). Since it's obviously possible to get around them, and since we don't have a particular need for human-inhabited space stations above MEO so far, there's no compelling need to do it _now_. But now they know it works. Basic science.
      But you wouldn't know what basic science is, would you?

    • merlin 13
      merlin 13 11 aylar önce

      Are you nuts?
      "Change? Hell yes, over 40 years ago there was even a proposal from astrophysicists to reduce the strength of the inner belt. Experiments have even been done to test out the idea, and it works. But they haven't done it because it would be a bad idea."
      That is one stupid statement regardless of who made it, (reducing the strength of the radiation which happens to be constantly replenished by the sun), why bother it were not a problem? No i am not a flat earther (stupid theory anyway) and yes i do believe in satellites.

    • Fromage Frizzbizz
      Fromage Frizzbizz 11 aylar önce

      +merline13 The BS is strong in this one. You don't believe in satellites, and hence you shouldn't believe in the VABs because it's the only way they could be discovered (Explorer 1, Explorer 3, Explorer 4, Pioneer 3 and Luna 1 (Russian)). And you expect us to believe that _you_, a complete ignoramus know more about them than the guy who discovered, measured and mapped them? More than the guy who they're named after? Pull the other one.
      You don't even know the slightest bit about the VABs, and we are supposed to believe _you_ are the expert? Pull the other one.
      Actually Apollo has been past the VABs 14 times. 7 missions, both going and returning. Including Apollo 13.
      Of COURSE it makes sense to recheck their intensities periodically. Because the VABs move and change strength due to the sunspot cycle, coronal mass ejection events and others space weather effects. That's what creates and feeds the VABs and pushes 'em around. Oh, and yes, the recheck done by a satellite well above LEO.
      Change? Hell yes, over 40 years ago there was even a proposal from astrophysicists to reduce the strength of the inner belt. Experiments have even been done to test out the idea, and it works. But they haven't done it because it would be a bad idea.
      You yammered about the astronauts being in the LM during the VAB transits. They were not. You lied. We know you cut-and-pasted that BS from another flattie you follow around like a sheep without one whit of understanding. A flattie who didn't know any better. Nor, obviously, do you.
      If you're going to cry "hoax", you at least have to know _something_ about the subject. Making things up don't count.
      As for walking around on the moon for a while, with the space suits and LM for shelter. The LM's shells and suits contain layers of aluminum. That is a pretty good shield against alpha and beta particles, otherwise known as ionizing radiation.
      While the radiation is higher than on earth, a few days on the moon is about the same dosage than an airline pilot gets in a couple of years. In other words, inconsequential. But I'm sure you're going to bullshit you way out of that too. We should believe you? Or the scientists?
      Do you even know the difference between ionizing radiation and gammas or GCR? Rads, Rems or Sieverts? Do you even realize that the astronauts in LEO get more dosage in their long visits to the ISS than the Apollo astronauts got in their brief trips to the moon?
      When did you get your degree in RadioBiology? You don't have one? Thought not.

  • Daltonxx Lombard
    Daltonxx Lombard 11 aylar önce +1

    One day we will be on Mars and we will see on the news that the tesla is coming past. Goodbye comets.

  • hairycat
    hairycat 11 aylar önce

    the tesla flew today

  • Michal Pfeil
    Michal Pfeil 11 aylar önce

    What software are you suing that shows the planetary orbits at mark 1:50? Thanks

  • rompn4x
    rompn4x 11 aylar önce

    People forget the fact that extreme temps, uv rays and what will probably destroy the car.

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      it won't be under much operating load though - so yes, if it got recovered I wouldn't feel safe driving in it, but jsut floating aroudn it will bprobably hold together quite well

  • chronic bullets
    chronic bullets 11 aylar önce

    He put the car there because why not. I applaud him. Even though he's going to end up being Weyland from alien but I'd do the same thing.

  • Zulatek666
    Zulatek666 11 aylar önce

    Fix your audio

  • Terry
    Terry 11 aylar önce +1

    MAWWAIGE....... 🤣🤣🤣
    This guy sounds like the Priest from Princesses bride. You must look at the wedding scene to compare..

  • butternutcrunch
    butternutcrunch 11 aylar önce +1

    Why in the actual fuck would anybody want to go to Mars? So fucking stupid. I'm super rich so I am gonna send a car into space! Then all the dumbfuck fanboy followers will think it's so cool and high five each other on the interwebs! He should take all this wasted money and do some good with it ffs. There are human beings that are in need you selfish pricks. Fuck Elon Musk and fuck anyone that still thinks shit like this okay. Grow the fuck up.

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      its called atestflight - the alternative is sending a chunk of concrete into orbit and the fact that you complain about this but didn't complain every other time a rocket was testflown tells me that oyu have no idea what you're talking about - you probably just recnetly learned that rockets exist when seeing hte roadster in the news and din't botheto research the topic at hand for 5 seconds

  • ctbram0627
    ctbram0627 11 aylar önce

    I wanted to see the final projected orbit of the car! I know the transfer takes it to the orbital height of mars at its apoapsis but where does its periapsis end up? Heliocentric means it could end up with a apoapsis the distance of mars and a periapsis pretty close to its transfer orbital height above earth. So does that mean it will periodically come close to mars at apoapsis and then close to earth at periapsis?

  • Gregory Garrett
    Gregory Garrett 11 aylar önce +2

    CGI and Hollywood sheen (Musk's specialty) and you get a car in space...people are so

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      except a few thousand people witnissed the alunc hwith their own eyes and amateur astronomers spotted the car in space with telescopes - so ifits cgi ten mus must hae built a gigantic teleision all aorund the entire earth

  • Philip Longee
    Philip Longee 11 aylar önce

    If the roadster gets hit with any asteroid or comet on the way to Mars it will spread space junk all over the galaxy. I don't know why Elon is doing this. Just because? I thought the flamethrowers by the Boring Company was ill conceived but we have enough space junk out there already. I hoped SpaceX would've sent a satellite or maybe a Martian rover. Hey, those boosters landed together. (Not sure about that 3rd one, though). C'mon Musk you're amazing but be careful. It makes it around the Sun and next somebody has a fender crashing through their roof. It happened with Skylab.

    • Dave Boggess
      Dave Boggess 11 aylar önce

      it was always intended to orbit the sun, it's orbit just extended out to the Mars orbit. They pushed too hard, and now will be orbiting the sun (still) with a max distance out near the asteroid belt.

    • Philip Longee
      Philip Longee 11 aylar önce

      Well, I just heard that SpaceX had the wrong trajectory and the roadster isn't headed for Mars but instead orbiting the Sun. Maybe the car will melt or a spare tire might hit the ISS on its return orbit. I'll contact AAA.

    • Julian Danzer
      Julian Danzer  11 aylar önce

      space junk in a mars transfer orbit isn't aproblem - thats too large, too far away, too spread out - and also an orbti which won't beused again since the next transfer windows to mars will all be different orbits

  • Mud Sh-sh-shark
    Mud Sh-sh-shark 11 aylar önce

    well it just went up and Ive never seen anything so bizarre love it!!!

  • Ian Pratt
    Ian Pratt 11 aylar önce

    Release Rodrick!!!

  • Hello こんにちは Hallo Ciao Salut

    Turn the volume up !

  • Izio Shaba
    Izio Shaba 11 aylar önce

    Welease Bwian!

  • FakeNoob Yup
    FakeNoob Yup 11 aylar önce

    ya and his next big rocket will be named MFBR

  • FakeNoob Yup
    FakeNoob Yup 11 aylar önce

    wow this is amazing ! i cant wait when it will pass around the Sun and take snapshots of it ! Spectacular ! Thanx Elon!!

  • Cat22
    Cat22 11 aylar önce

    Hey man, turn up the volume, we can barely hear this

  • kobehal
    kobehal 11 aylar önce

    Really grabs the imagination.

  • John LaRocca, MDT
    John LaRocca, MDT 11 aylar önce +6

    My question is whats going to happen to the materials that the car is made of. Ie tires, and paint interior in time

    • Fromage Frizzbizz
      Fromage Frizzbizz 11 aylar önce

      +Robert Had a chance to see it yet? it caused a huge stir in the tech crowd and won a lot of technical achievement awards. Aki had her own fan club - she was supposed to be the "first virtual actress" to appear in many future movies. For a deep dive into the making of the movie, I suggest the Bluray or DVD editions - given 4 and 5 stars out of 5 by various reviewers.
      Unfortunately, it bombed at the box office and recouped about 60% of its production cost. Script was weak. Bankrupted the studio.

    • Fromage Frizzbizz
      Fromage Frizzbizz 11 aylar önce

      +butternutcrunch I can tell you've been swilling too much sheep dip. it's a neurotoxin and eats brain cells. You don't seem to have many left.

    • Robert Vandermark
      Robert Vandermark 11 aylar önce

      I just watched the trailer for Final Fantasy and when I get a chance I will watch the movie it looks amazing

    • Fromage Frizzbizz
      Fromage Frizzbizz 11 aylar önce

      +Robert Don't worry about it, it happens.

    • Robert Vandermark
      Robert Vandermark 11 aylar önce

      I'm new at this so if I have insulted the wrong person I am sincerely apologetic to those who feel insulted

  • TheCanadianBubba
    TheCanadianBubba 11 aylar önce

    Just watched the flight... here is a link to the Tesla

  • Dave George
    Dave George 11 aylar önce +29

    Years later we have the 1st car accident in space a ET lawsuit VS our planet! haha

    • IT'S PROBING TIME ! 666
      IT'S PROBING TIME ! 666 11 aylar önce

      It's ok as long as the aliens rear end it. The guy behind is always in the wrong here, let's hope they use the same rules lol.
      BTW. It's up there orbiting earth and slowly tumbling as it goes. The driver appears calm and relaxed. I think his nappy might be overflowing by the time they do the burn to send it across to Mars though lol.

    • Dean Corso
      Dean Corso 11 aylar önce +1

      Oh man, I wonder... could that be the cause of the intergalactic wars?!