Elon Musk Explains Why SpaceX Only Hires Americans | Inverse


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  • Tony Mind
    Tony Mind 17 gün önce

    Elon I have a new type of inspace propulsion for you. Using electricity only. No lies. :)

  • Corey J
    Corey J 21 gün önce

    The law seems anti competitive. There might be some Bangladeshi or Ukrainian or South African genius who Space X can’t hire and ends up working for Russia or worse China. But on the other hand, America leads in space exploration. We didn’t need foreign help to get to the Moon, why would we need it for Mars? Why shouldn’t Mars belong to the country that gets there first and physically claims as much of it as possible? Why does it have to be an international venture? Anyway, tricky question.

  • Bhupendra Pandey
    Bhupendra Pandey 24 gün önce

    But NASA hires people from other countries. NASA is also rocket science company.

  • Tracy Greenwood
    Tracy Greenwood 26 gün önce

    She did not do her research before she tried to ambush him. What is she writing for, and high school newspaper?

  • MD Supreme
    MD Supreme 28 gün önce

    She was a SJW. People love to get fixated on potential injustice. Lmao

  • Prodigy 117
    Prodigy 117 Aylar önce

    Does anyone know the identity of that woman who asked that question?

  • Neophyte
    Neophyte Aylar önce

    I'm not American and if he did only hire American out of voluntary choice, it would hardly be shocking to me. it can be very expedient to ensure that your team of workers is culturally and linguistically consistent if they have to work closely together under high pressure situations; you don't want translation problems to mess things up when every second counts.

  • Richard Flood
    Richard Flood Aylar önce

    Brilliant man but he doesn't do too well at public speaking.

  • bob thompkins
    bob thompkins Aylar önce

    Elon should have said, "You're wrong, I'm a African and I'm working at SpaceX".

  • KriegerBR29
    KriegerBR29 Aylar önce

    "Oh I have a strong moral concern, let me not do my homework and have my angry point destroyed in front of a crowd."

  • zoiks 66
    zoiks 66 Aylar önce

    Woooooooooooooooooo .... Oh

  • Real Savage?
    Real Savage? Aylar önce +1

    *Stupid Bitch*

  • William
    William Aylar önce

    She’s not an SJW for wanting the company to hire non-Americans

  • B M
    B M Aylar önce

    The question should have been, "Are we getting the most talented people by hiring from the US and if not, then how could that change?" The girl was arrogant and got put in her place.
    I find that people who assume motives w/out first knowing them are interjecting their own, because we all see the world through our own tinted glasses. So her assuming bigotry says more about her or her life experiences than about him or his.

  • B M
    B M Aylar önce

    1:46 *cough*

  • Allan Hellsing
    Allan Hellsing Aylar önce +1

    Why don’t you have other space x in other countries?

  • khris 83
    khris 83 Aylar önce

    Mars should not belong just for American Citizen, the all World should have to involve in colonising the new home Planet , but Elon Musk has Right, he is not in position to decide if he can hire foreign Experts , because of NASA policy, the NASA don't want to transfer their technology specially Rocket science out side the US for national security reasons.

  • PARK
    PARK Aylar önce

    elon musk is a genius but space is fake..all lies. just like nasa which means to decieve in hebrew
    we never left the earth to go the moon bc we.cant leave the earth. there is a firmament.

  • dacoda666
    dacoda666 Aylar önce

    It's obvious! you dont get hired anywhere else in the world in their military sector unless you're a citizen of that country

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis Aylar önce

    Awww, poor SJW, Lmao. 😂

  • K Bye
    K Bye Aylar önce

    He’s also a government contractor

  • RedReign
    RedReign Aylar önce

    876 hindus disliked this video thinking all american tech jobs hire based on race

  • BenjaminIce
    BenjaminIce Aylar önce

    Fuck SJW retards btw I ain’t from USA so any SJW that offended for me as a foreigner you don’t fucking need to 🙏🏻

  • BenjaminIce
    BenjaminIce Aylar önce

    I agree with Musk even I ain’t an American still I respect his choice cause I know and understand him

  • TheOrangeOne
    TheOrangeOne Aylar önce

    Only time you could get away trying to call an African a racist

  • Only4comments
    Only4comments Aylar önce

    I'm sure that information was readily available for her to look up before asking.

  • Jinto117
    Jinto117 Aylar önce

    Fuck that bitch, an American company can hire only Americans if they want. Maybe the EU should hire many of those well qualified immigrants they wanted to let in so bad.

  • CrowTech09
    CrowTech09 Aylar önce

    What's up with the condescending tone in her voice and then the crowd cheering after that stupid question? Damn degenerates wasting Elon Musk's time.

  • Musical Story
    Musical Story Aylar önce

    Maybe i should start may own space x or maybe i should name it space XXX😝😝 just kidding

  • Ashura
    Ashura Aylar önce

    Fucking stealing Americans technology and shit...Bitch gtfo

  • N神 Anson
    N神 Anson Aylar önce

    did he just turn British in the end lol

  • punith s. k
    punith s. k Aylar önce

    How many uhm will he say?

  • Eric Kelly
    Eric Kelly 2 aylar önce

    Yes the question was pretty stupid indeed but I'm more disappointed in Musk for agreeing with the premise of the STUPID question. It seems most here commenting completely missed that part. He basically says "It's because I can't due to U.S. Gov policies but I agree with you it's a stupid policy".. He sounds pretty anti-American to me just like the questioner.

  • Eric Kelly
    Eric Kelly 2 aylar önce

    As if there are not enough extremely highly qualified American's ready and willing to work for a Company right here in America... Elon Musk's answer was a bit disturbing although I think he was more about appeasing the uber- liberal SJW crowd there. At least I hope that was the case as otherwise it just shows that he is very out of touch.

  • TalesOfGod
    TalesOfGod 2 aylar önce

    Why the fuck would you want to hire from people around the world for them to just quit and then, sell the companies' info to others? It's ridiculous!

  • Herrera Feenatics
    Herrera Feenatics 2 aylar önce +1

    Liberal SJW's got owned by the Goat of American Ceos

  • kas prz
    kas prz 2 aylar önce

    Why can't we employ more non americans in america hurr durr

  • kiyonexus
    kiyonexus 2 aylar önce

    Hahahahaha dumb feminist bitch thinking she all smart... I bet she feels like a fool after his answer... Hahahahahahahhahaha Elon just got her to sit down and shut up. Lolololol

  • Bike Vids
    Bike Vids 2 aylar önce

    Americans cheering giving their jobs away to foreign looters........

  • Bike Vids
    Bike Vids 2 aylar önce

    1) Because it is illegal to hire foreign workers at all if Americans are unemployed. www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/8/1182
    2) because he knows Indians and most 3rd worlders are industrial spies and hate Americans. www.reuters.com/article/us-tata-epic-verdict/epic-systems-wins-940-mln-u-s-jury-verdict-in-tata-trade-secret-case-idUSKCN0XD135
    The instant you let these people into your company they will TAKE OVER and kick you out on the street. Americans build the companies, 3rd world losers move in and take them over. Just look at how they stole Microsoft and Google from us.
    That first woman speaking sure is JEALOUS. India Incs organized crime syndicates would LOVE to loot SpaceX and Tesla.
    America makes, the world takes. The prime problem with the US economy is millions of these remittance-hungry job robbing looters here plundering US companies!

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith 2 aylar önce

    God, another SJW question...

  • Just gimme my $200
    Just gimme my $200 2 aylar önce

    Entitlement attitude much?

  • Donald Scott
    Donald Scott 2 aylar önce +1

    We don't need foreigners stealing our technology--especially the Chinese and Russians!!!

  • Egg Kneel
    Egg Kneel 2 aylar önce

    Lmao the whole crowd thought she was about to uncover some great injustice behind SpaceX, but Elon's just "... I can't do it legally." Ahaha. I'm telling ya'll, SJWs always got problems where there aren't any to speak of.

  • Ctk Bryton
    Ctk Bryton 2 aylar önce

    She had a valid question, but the answer is no way, your dealing with advancement of space age technology, it could very well be imbreached by forien military or espionage access, but Musk did mention it's about taking that issues to Congress to change that as he implied, we have a international space station, why not a UNSpaceX.

  • jesuschrisisjasonbourne
    jesuschrisisjasonbourne 2 aylar önce


  • darkshadow955
    darkshadow955 2 aylar önce


  • Maanush 9102
    Maanush 9102 2 aylar önce

    Misleading title

  • HockeyCrab
    HockeyCrab 2 aylar önce

    well spacex seems to be doing fine just with americans so...

  • Brynley Jones
    Brynley Jones 2 aylar önce

    "We don't understand shit, but why don't you hire people from other countries, you dumb fuck?!"

  • JustAgreekPassing
    JustAgreekPassing 2 aylar önce

    Don't go hard on the woman. It was a good and fair question. I didn't know about these regulations before watching this video

  • ECKO723119
    ECKO723119 2 aylar önce

    Fuck the rest of the world

  • Jack Lan
    Jack Lan 2 aylar önce +1

    Next time do some research before asking your question and embarrassing yourself.

  • Media D
    Media D 2 aylar önce

    Anyone here have a clean anus?

  • Alex
    Alex 2 aylar önce

    Because fuck you thats why!

    ALL SELECTED 2 aylar önce

    Thank god

  • J Deli
    J Deli 2 aylar önce

    If I was Musk I’d just be like like “If I was Chinese born and bred and living in China, would you really ask this question?? Fuck outta here”

  • JayyNation
    JayyNation 2 aylar önce +1


  • Richa Narayan
    Richa Narayan 2 aylar önce

    Feeling..like ..he's saying we are separated..😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Laydie Lie
    Laydie Lie 2 aylar önce

    Everything he says makes sense. I'm only confused why he's working so hard under the American regulations when he wasn't even born there himself. Perhaps it would be easier for him to look into, not necessarily hiring non-Americans, but becoming a global company. Expanding internationally instead of "well, we can't import the help". Just export your company.


  • James Flores
    James Flores 2 aylar önce

    Americans? So SpaceX hires ppl born in North and South America?😁

  • Matt Grillz
    Matt Grillz 2 aylar önce

    Haha, big rally for it, then hes like, we cant. Next question?

  • Cody S.
    Cody S. 2 aylar önce

    Snowflakes melt so easily.

  • Hondo Trailside
    Hondo Trailside 2 aylar önce

    Yeah, he is South African/Canadian/ American

  • Aaron Veda
    Aaron Veda 2 aylar önce

    I love that cough at the end, sit down boy.

  • Ananth Selvam
    Ananth Selvam 2 aylar önce

    Stop Hiring Indians in Other Countries,They will have no choice to work anywhere else, They will start their own companies, India can grow

  • Roderick Sutton
    Roderick Sutton 2 aylar önce

    Cheering culminated into one shameful cough at the end.

  • EVO
    EVO 2 aylar önce

    He seems like a decent guy

  • John Mulder
    John Mulder 2 aylar önce

    knowing now that the US govt is so deep into the spacex i hate it even more than i already did.....
    this project is a waste of resources and money, first let us get our own pollution and shit on track then go to outerspace... i mean, we are living in borrowed time here guys..... who cares about the things outside if youre living in a shithole ?

  • Hakageryuu
    Hakageryuu 2 aylar önce

    Oh, its not wise for the US to let in people to work in areas that require knowledge of sensitive and classified information without them obtaining citizenship? I am completely pro-immigration, and think the only wall we should build should be around Trump and his entire complicit family. Letting even highly qualified people come in from other countries and be able to leave, with no need to be loyal to the US are able to potentially run off with our secrets or even worse, sabotage his own program, is the one of the dumbest and most woefully sheltered and ignorant things I have heard anyone suggest.
    All that money has caused him to have his head in the clouds while the clouds are up his ass.

  • Vikas pawar
    Vikas pawar 2 aylar önce

    No issues focus on your goals one day you will be stand by your own company don't depend other people?

  • Troy Mackenzie
    Troy Mackenzie 3 aylar önce

    Why does Elon have a British accent?

  • Butch Seeger
    Butch Seeger 3 aylar önce

    Go start your own company outside the US if you want to work in that field but can't

  • glaco
    glaco 3 aylar önce

    Fuck the girl who asked that question, and yes i just assumed her gender.

  • thesuper hellminator
    thesuper hellminator 3 aylar önce

    Because Americans are retarded?

  • gtrmaster2000
    gtrmaster2000 3 aylar önce

    You can tell by how she read her question that she thought she was calling him out for something LOL

  • Liam Davis
    Liam Davis 3 aylar önce

    You could base your operations in a country which doesn't repress your ability to get workers international.

  • Guus Bouwmans
    Guus Bouwmans 3 aylar önce

    Well that backfired..

  • Lev K
    Lev K 3 aylar önce

    Even Elon Musk's shit is smarter than this stupid comment section...

  • Timrath
    Timrath 3 aylar önce

    Why is hiring from your own country a bad thing? I mean, even if he was doing it by choice, why should it be a problem?

  • Peter Ratto
    Peter Ratto 3 aylar önce

    eerrrr, try again next time

  • brandan booce
    brandan booce 3 aylar önce

    why Is everyone cheering about other nations shouldn't your own nation come first

  • John Gomez
    John Gomez 3 aylar önce

    "sooo you're telling me there's a chance!"

  • Heather Lord
    Heather Lord 3 aylar önce

    have to get specialized visas..long process which I assisted with and he did bring employees from other countries. The government has a yearly cap and if I am not mistaken, regulations have become tighter over the years.

  • Wave
    Wave 3 aylar önce

    in short: the goverment.

  • Daniel Mihalko
    Daniel Mihalko 3 aylar önce

    As much as I like Elon musk, the hype is ridiculous and makes serious discussion impossible because every average asshole thinks they are the next Elon musk even though they don't even have a high school degree.

  • Billy Okara
    Billy Okara 3 aylar önce

    So, let me get this straight - your government want to contact with possible alien species yet they won't let their own species get a job in search for other species . how ironic!!!

  • Centauri A Gaming
    Centauri A Gaming 3 aylar önce +3

    Well, good thing that I'm native born in the US! Time to apply at Space X!

  • Jay Kira
    Jay Kira 3 aylar önce

    He really looks like Jane.. In the "The mentalist"

  • firecloud77
    firecloud77 3 aylar önce

    That awkward moment when the audience realizes their cheering was premature.

  • AsleepWarrior
    AsleepWarrior 3 aylar önce

    "You are going interplanetary, but when are you going international"
    *Crowd Cheers*
    Elon Musk: "Well we can't legally do that..."
    *Crowd* "Oh"

  • The Solemn Nut
    The Solemn Nut 3 aylar önce

    Lmao ... those dumb bitch must be from Europe.

  • William Quinn
    William Quinn 3 aylar önce

    “When are you going to hire people from other countries”. Uhhh never. Move to America and get a job you freaking dummy. It’s an AMERICAN company. Why do they HAVE to hire outside even if there wasn’t a regulation issue. So tired of overly emotional human beings in the industry.

  • ​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ ​​​​​​

    Ahhh... the infamous Elon Musk Q&A filled with fucking cringe-inducing morons...

  • Gabriel Waggoner
    Gabriel Waggoner 3 aylar önce

    I wish I could of heard the awkward silence after he finished lol

  • Unconspiracy
    Unconspiracy 3 aylar önce

    Lots of stutters

  • colin mindak
    colin mindak 3 aylar önce

    Haha, always the germans, then and maybe even now.

  • Raja
    Raja 3 aylar önce

    Same thing with NASA?

  • Atlanta Baruah
    Atlanta Baruah 3 aylar önce

    Why do people in Elon's seminar always ask dumb fucking questions? You're within the presence of one brilliant mind aND YET

  • Z C
    Z C 3 aylar önce +1

    anyone cheering for the question is a fucking moron