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ENGSUB Weekly Idol EP573 Ateez

  • katma 3 Ağu 2022
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  • @jennyw5904

    Mingi wanting to be alone but getting upset when people don’t invite him is honestly SO relatable

  • @kookiekookie8275

    All the other members becoming Mingi's protection squad all throughout this show🤣

  • @lostgalaxy4595

    If someone hurts Mingi, I'm ready to throw hands. He's a precious human being and an exceptional hardworking artist. His smile alway makes my day better. Protect him at all costs.

  • @user-hc3os6qj5u

    poor Mingi couldn't even defend himself, but I will. he's so considerate of others and cares for them too. he literally told the staff at ISAC to feed atinys because they told him they were hungry and he immediately called them. also, when he visited his mother at her restaurant and gave her a bouquet of flowers with a letter just because. another thing is that he practically raised jongho and was there for him all the time as his hyung. mingi is a very nice person and he deserves to be more praised for his good actions

  • @maerinlee8749

    I love how comfortable they are with the hosts, it makes this episode so much more fun to watch because I know they are for realz enjoying themselves too

  • @anonymousperson4434

    This episode really shows how good of a person yunho is

  • @hobispreciouseusmile

    atinys who went for the pre recording for MCOUNTDOWN today said that ateez were really tired hongjoong dropped his cane during his part so they had to start again then atinys started cheering for him and he said sorry ~ i'll work harder through his mic san was so exhausted like he was having a hard time to breathe while they were at the back during mingi's rap part , and when they were monitoring the first take some of the members are already asleep while the make up artists retouching them they're super tired that the fans manager noticed and asked atinys to cheer loudly for them so that ateez will get strength as they perform they're working SOOO hard i'm literally sobbing while translating the tweets from ktinys let's work even harder for them they only have us Atiny for ateez guys let's work hard for ateez

  • @melleyang7100

    Also, Woo's generosity is madly underappreciated. He's the warmest member and has many moments when he's being genuinely kind and caring. It stuns me that the majority sentiment about him is that he's just a troublemaker or smth. Everyone's always making fun of him and he always takes it with a smile or a good natured laugh. He's not even my bias but it's not fair how he's portrayed so one dimensionally or so often treated like a clown. Wooyoung is so loving and is one of a kind. Respect this beautiful human.

  • @adrija7498

    Even though Atinys chose San as the member who they wouldn't go on a vacation with, i think my number one choice would be San. I feel that he is really sweet and considerate and would just be a really fun person to tour with...It doesn't matter if we don't go out, but like San said, i feel like he would make sure we were not bored.. And also, i felt bad when they said that Mingi's English was bad...he makes consistent efforts to learn the language and he has improved so much...i really hope that Atinys change their perception of Mingi because he is actually a really smart and thoughtful guy....okay that's all for now😁

  • @user-hr7eh8un5i


  • @dharshigaravi8957

    Mingi was the MVP in this ep...Let's be honest Ateez's Weekly Playlist Special was the BEST out of all so far!!!

  • @narcia9546

    the fact that Mingi when people ask him out and he says ''you need me'' can be part of the anxiety or anguish. I totally understand it

  • @qteezhwa6008

    mingi is such an underrated member, his way of affection, kindness and generosity is honestly so pure. personally mingi's way of showing his love and appreciation is my favourite way.

  • @sssj2482
    @sssj2482  +766

    One day people will stop posting their useless opinions about Mingi's English and the world will become much better. Mingi is the best, you should love and support him instead of writing shitty comments about his skills

  • @emmy8495
    @emmy8495  +508

    Jongho: I’m good at choreography. Mingi: That’s because he doesn’t do much.

  • @samarah2538

    Ever since they hosts the show, u can see how idols/artists are comfortable and free to move without the fear of being pointed at. As expected to Kwanghee and Eunhyuk, that's their power they hold.

  • @NasrunSj
    @NasrunSj  +952

    Lets talk about how incredibly talented ATEEZ are.. I mean their vocals, rapping, dancing, producing, writing etc.. is just insane

  • @jordanbeavers157

    The whole Ateez squad pulled up to protect Mingi saying that him ranking 8th was incorrect. Omg I loved that that was so sweet!! I kept replaying it.