Everything Wrong With Paddington In 10 Minutes Or Less


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  • howdy partner
    howdy partner Gün önce

    No there's nothing wrong with paddington stop

  • Conor
    Conor Gün önce

    4:54 in the scene where he's writing the letter you can see Mrs bird welding the legs back onto the tub.

  • alpha nick
    alpha nick 2 gün önce

    Nothing wrong with this movie

  • Rookie
    Rookie 5 gün önce

    hey ass whole

  • Rookie
    Rookie 5 gün önce

    my brother loves paddington

  • Jonah Murray
    Jonah Murray 8 gün önce

    I don’t get the Weinstein thing.

  • Nxtxlie Youtube
    Nxtxlie Youtube 10 gün önce

    7:35 yes, the snake skin suit

  • Nxtxlie Youtube
    Nxtxlie Youtube 10 gün önce

    0:28 if the bears have no concept of the English language at this point then why did the bear say the one important word from that sentence? The best doesn’t understand that it’s the most important word, if it was just saying things it heard then why didn’t it say another/all the words?

    • Nxtxlie Youtube
      Nxtxlie Youtube 10 gün önce

      Swear this happens in so many movies as well, character who doesn’t understand English conveniently says the one important word in a sentence of words that all mean nothing to them

  • NoHeroes94
    NoHeroes94 11 gün önce

    0:00 - 10:36 is factually inaccurate.

  • random potato
    random potato 12 gün önce

    i tried so hard not too laugh but beary poppins got me

  • Tash
    Tash 13 gün önce

    Cookies are Cookies
    Biscuits are Biscuits
    Digestives are a brand of biscuits.
    This has been a British PSA.

  • Lilac Wolfie
    Lilac Wolfie 14 gün önce

    Eminem’s sweaty hands... when does it end?

  • Maksim Gough
    Maksim Gough 15 gün önce

    Beary Poppins

  • You Tube
    You Tube 16 gün önce

    People are tired of these shitty channels. Pretending that obvious, cynical over-analysis is somehow unique. It's not. It's trite.

  • You Tube
    You Tube 16 gün önce

    What a sad video. A pathetic over-analysis of a children's film. Get a life.

  • Madeline Peyton
    Madeline Peyton 17 gün önce

    You should see we bare bears. I think you'd hate it.

    THEANUSJAM 19 gün önce

    "Mary will be having sex with a sea creature???????" WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING.....

  • Michael Treacy
    Michael Treacy 19 gün önce

    1:54 hey, you can't say bears don't know how to run away from impending doom, since they clearly/obviously didn't go to or were educated in the ways of the Prometheus School of Running Away From Things.

  • Abigail Annalise
    Abigail Annalise 19 gün önce

    Beary Poppins lmao 😂

  • Lt.sparky Of the furry rebbelion DEATH TO CRINGE

    Bear: >~<
    Paddington: *autistic growling*🤤🤤

  • William Shaw
    William Shaw 21 gün önce

    All the delikes are British #Brits

  • Chaotic Youtube
    Chaotic Youtube 22 gün önce

    I love the "urshole" joke... I don't think anyone else gets it but I do :)

  • Edgars Lacis-S
    Edgars Lacis-S 25 gün önce

    That turntable could be a wind up one whit a crank that uses no electricity.

  • BatmanFan 76
    BatmanFan 76 25 gün önce

    6:47 Mrs. Downton-Fire Would Be Excellent At CinemaSins.

  • BatmanFan 76
    BatmanFan 76 25 gün önce

    5:38 That's Bearist.

  • Athos Nogueira
    Athos Nogueira 27 gün önce

    Not with intencion to derrail your criticism, but gramophones work by winding a crank and therefore do not need electricity.
    That being said, your funny videos always cause me to laugh. Thank you.

  • Eriani Haris
    Eriani Haris 29 gün önce

    You clearly don't know the creator of Paddington bear is dead.

  • Morphal FSR
    Morphal FSR 29 gün önce

    where's Paddington 2?

  • ケンネスくん
    ケンネスくん Aylar önce

    oh you forgot that miraculous sandwich under his hat

  • nancy mansour
    nancy mansour Aylar önce

    7:43 when he said "the body of a snake", i think he was talking about the rope.

  • RockLee'sBAE
    RockLee'sBAE Aylar önce

    Can't believe they didn't mention the fact paddington is voiced by Q from James Bond. But I find it strange after this he is now playing adult micheal in the new Mary poppins film or the fact that Hugh Laurie is the villain in the squeal and there was that BBC drama, 'A very english scandal' 😬 Yeah i wont go there

  • RockLee'sBAE
    RockLee'sBAE Aylar önce

    Tbh I think half the jokes and references in this film went right over the heads of the yanks, there were so many that this didn't even pick up on. And i'm upset that they didn't mention the horrible histories guy.

  • K Llo
    K Llo Aylar önce


  • jet_33
    jet_33 Aylar önce

    All of this would be relevant, but the cast was perfect and drunk Julie Walters was halarious

  • cavilier videos
    cavilier videos Aylar önce

    I am British!

  • gaege grogan
    gaege grogan Aylar önce

    The tub legs got off wen the tub wint down the stairs

  • Fluffyth3f0x Gaming
    Fluffyth3f0x Gaming Aylar önce +1

    Paddington in my opinion is a great movie so I wasnt to happy when I first saw this.

  • Elomonelo
    Elomonelo Aylar önce

    you shut your whore mouth there is nothing wrong with Paddington

  • Tyler Batmandakh
    Tyler Batmandakh Aylar önce

    there actually is a home for "retired" bears

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor Aylar önce

    "Someone's looking for a new companion"
    you mother-

  • Lucia Williamson-Waggoner

    You missed one sin: "Evil female has tranquilizer darts" cliche.

  • Lucia Williamson-Waggoner

    Millicent was wearing a snakeskin dress, which is why he thought she had the body of a snake.

  • AInquisitive Doberman
    AInquisitive Doberman Aylar önce

    *T H E Y’ R E R I P E*

  • αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3

    A sin for calling “cookies” biscuits? Sod off.

  • Spring Boy
    Spring Boy Aylar önce

    U realise u speak ENGLISH right they r BISCUITS

  • Some Awkward Guy
    Some Awkward Guy Aylar önce

    I’m just gonna add one more sin. Because of the shape and general anatomy of a bears snout, It would literally be impossible to speak English.

  • Vedder Sloane
    Vedder Sloane Aylar önce


  • TheOkapiStacker
    TheOkapiStacker Aylar önce

    5:21 & 6:26 IM LAUGHING XD XD

  • madoka magica
    madoka magica Aylar önce


  • Moon Man
    Moon Man Aylar önce +1


  • No thanks B
    No thanks B Aylar önce

    I actually really didn’t like this movie

  • Dark Wolfe
    Dark Wolfe Aylar önce

    Wait where's the Paddington 2 movie sin?

  • EmoPixel Turtle11
    EmoPixel Turtle11 Aylar önce

    Or should you say panda-ring. Ba doom ching!

  • BlueskieTheBOSS
    BlueskieTheBOSS Aylar önce

    6:26 Doctor Who fans... You know *EXACTLY* who this is.

    If you're not, it's a famous British actor named Peter Capaldi.

  • christakisf Christakisf

    Ya don't cook cookies. Biscuits is more crunchy as a name like the real thing. Not your chewy crap

  • Shawn Ferrer saud
    Shawn Ferrer saud 2 aylar önce

    Did You Know The Paddington Movie Was Based Of The Series "The Adventures Of Paddington Bear" .

  • Theone Swartz
    Theone Swartz 2 aylar önce

    I loved Paddington, but the sin that bothers me most wasn’t even mentioned. What about Millicent’s age? In the beginning Uncle Pastuzo says they have been talking about going to London for over 40 years. When it shows Millicent with her mother and father after his return from Peru she is at least 10 years old. That would make her at least 50 years old, so why are they portraying a woman who appears to be in her 30s or early 40s?

  • OctoChell
    OctoChell 2 aylar önce +1

    *thats barist*

  • snipertiger3355 menneske
    snipertiger3355 menneske 2 aylar önce

    my onkel is the voice to paddington:
    btw xD

  • Natalie Moenning
    Natalie Moenning 2 aylar önce

    Idk why I never liked the movie paddington.

  • SageTDS
    SageTDS 2 aylar önce

    8:14 This is another point where Up is ripped off.

  • William Tosoff
    William Tosoff 2 aylar önce

    47 seconds of logos

  • ties teuwens
    ties teuwens 2 aylar önce

    make a video everything wrong with me

  • J Wicks
    J Wicks 2 aylar önce

    Yeah but we don’t really say Oreo cookies, I know it is cookie but everyone here says biscuit.
    We’re just weird like that.
    Love this video btw it’s great

  • CosmicX
    CosmicX 2 aylar önce

    At least there’s real people in the movie, apart from the bears, who actually f*cking talk! I’m adding 100 sins because of the random talking

    I AM THE BOSS 2 aylar önce

    all movies where people speak in and english accent just make my ears bleed

  • JJ The dog
    JJ The dog 2 aylar önce


  • J. Patterson
    J. Patterson 2 aylar önce

    Heh, downton-fire 👍

  • DaTRI3E
    DaTRI3E 2 aylar önce

    4:51 i know its late but i think you should had not put that as a sin considering the fact that the tub just flew down the stairs dragging the tub so i think the legs broke.

  • Ir0n Gamer
    Ir0n Gamer 2 aylar önce +1

    5:22 you can't give a sin because they chose 2 actors who happened to be another show

  • MlG Exoticbutters!
    MlG Exoticbutters! 2 aylar önce


  • Astronomical
    Astronomical 2 aylar önce

    Beary Poppins

  • The Universe
    The Universe 2 aylar önce

    Ok, yeah. But she can't just say "The script needs me to disappear."
    What is she? Deadpool?

  • The Weasel
    The Weasel 2 aylar önce

    Nothing is wrong with paddington except for the beginning old camera

  • Sam Wansbury
    Sam Wansbury 2 aylar önce


  • Sam Wansbury
    Sam Wansbury 2 aylar önce

    You do realise this is a children's film and is not real?

  • Cuddlez Productions
    Cuddlez Productions 2 aylar önce

    There is nothing wrong with this movie

  • Beautiful Meeses Gaming
    Beautiful Meeses Gaming 2 aylar önce

    Every single time you add a sin for million years of logos.

  • Quek Scoop
    Quek Scoop 2 aylar önce

    *_W E I N S T E I N_*

  • Sam Wright
    Sam Wright 2 aylar önce +1


  • accident of the last
    accident of the last 2 aylar önce

    at 8:14 he couldve shown everyone the old fashioned video at the start of the movie but for some reason he didnt.

  • Zane Papiernik
    Zane Papiernik 2 aylar önce

    I love this series it adds a little bit of real life to fictional characters

  • Jack Aylward-Williams
    Jack Aylward-Williams 2 aylar önce

    I confess I didn't get the joke about Aunt Lucy "retiring" until someone pointed it out on the film's tvtropes page. When she said "I'm too old to go any further", I was thinking " you're too old to climb into the lifeboat with Paddington?" Since we find out at the end that she literally retired and (spoiler alert) she comes to London at the end of the second movie, that's still a pretty gaping plot hole.

  • Fry 4guy
    Fry 4guy 2 aylar önce

    8:25 no for discovering talking bears

  • Amelia The Diva
    Amelia The Diva 2 aylar önce

    Something is wrong with you because this movie is beautiful and amazing

  • PrincessCrystalDream
    PrincessCrystalDream 2 aylar önce

    This was hilarious. I loved it. If you haven't already, ya'll should do one for the sequel.

  • Shannan Schuster
    Shannan Schuster 2 aylar önce

    When I first saw Padington, I didnt know it was Millicent in the house. I haven’t padington in years, this being the closest recapturement of my glory movies.

  • Cleetus The 2nd
    Cleetus The 2nd 2 aylar önce

    You forgot that Paddington has become bigger than he was when he was in the boat just because he ate marmalade

  • DestinyWarrior 08
    DestinyWarrior 08 2 aylar önce

    You've done it again my friend

  • Amythest 8L/XG
    Amythest 8L/XG 2 aylar önce

    doctor WHO #godbye peter capaldi

  • Vera Wassenaar
    Vera Wassenaar 2 aylar önce +1

    0:10 i was kind of expecting him to say bearration

  • Ben Swanson
    Ben Swanson 2 aylar önce

    3:00 is me

  • Austin Wasserott
    Austin Wasserott 2 aylar önce +1

    Also the body of a snake makes sense she's thing and the suit is black

  • Austin Wasserott
    Austin Wasserott 2 aylar önce

    Legs broke off the tub then the part of the legs that remained eroded off

  • Cubert Pigg
    Cubert Pigg 2 aylar önce +1

    Speaking as a person who has lived in the UK for their whole life and is 100% British, I must say this: Oreos are biscuits because they have two outer Biscuits and a filling. A cookie is eaten warm and is moist in the centre. A biscuit is room temperature and crunchy.

  • Molly Grace
    Molly Grace 2 aylar önce

    I thought Hugh grant was in this movie.

  • Modern_Bowser123
    Modern_Bowser123 2 aylar önce

    *he probably had a magic marmalade duplicater*

  • Modern_Bowser123
    Modern_Bowser123 2 aylar önce

    *this was one of my favorite movies*

  • Thomas Anjema
    Thomas Anjema 2 aylar önce

    I’m mad that you didn’t use unbearable as sentence

  • Peter Bednar
    Peter Bednar 3 aylar önce

    1:40 - What? The first record players- were spring driven. You wound them up via a crank. Seriously? Freaking kids these days.