Everything Wrong With Paddington In 10 Minutes Or Less


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  • OctoChell
    OctoChell 12 saatler önce +1

    *thats barist*

  • snipertiger3355 menneske
    snipertiger3355 menneske 21 saatler önce

    my onkel is the voice to paddington:
    btw xD

  • Natalie Moenning
    Natalie Moenning Gün önce

    Idk why I never liked the movie paddington.

  • SageTDS
    SageTDS 2 gün önce

    8:14 This is another point where Up is ripped off.

  • William Tosoff
    William Tosoff 2 gün önce

    47 seconds of logos

  • ties teuwens
    ties teuwens 2 gün önce

    make a video everything wrong with me

  • J Wicks
    J Wicks 3 gün önce

    Yeah but we don’t really say Oreo cookies, I know it is cookie but everyone here says biscuit.
    We’re just weird like that.
    Love this video btw it’s great

  • A Acevedo
    A Acevedo 3 gün önce

    Get stuffed Cinemasins. Paddington rules :)

  • CosmicX
    CosmicX 3 gün önce

    At least there’s real people in the movie, apart from the bears, who actually f*cking talk! I’m adding 100 sins because of the random talking

    I AM THE BOSS 3 gün önce

    all movies where people speak in and english accent just make my ears bleed

  • JJ The dog
    JJ The dog 4 gün önce


  • J. Patterson
    J. Patterson 5 gün önce

    Heh, downton-fire 👍

  • DaTRI3E
    DaTRI3E 5 gün önce

    4:51 i know its late but i think you should had not put that as a sin considering the fact that the tub just flew down the stairs dragging the tub so i think the legs broke.

  • Ir0n Gamer
    Ir0n Gamer 6 gün önce

    5:22 you can't give a sin because they chose 2 actors who happened to be another show

  • MlG Exoticbutters!
    MlG Exoticbutters! 6 gün önce


  • The real Night Time
    The real Night Time 6 gün önce

    Beary Poppins

  • Adrian Csupor
    Adrian Csupor 7 gün önce

    Ok, yeah. But she can't just say "The script needs me to disappear."
    What is she? Deadpool?

  • The Weasel
    The Weasel 7 gün önce

    Nothing is wrong with paddington except for the beginning old camera

  • Sam Wansbury
    Sam Wansbury 8 gün önce


  • Sam Wansbury
    Sam Wansbury 8 gün önce

    You do realise this is a children's film and is not real?

  • Cuddlez Productions
    Cuddlez Productions 9 gün önce

    There is nothing wrong with this movie

  • beautiful meeses
    beautiful meeses 11 gün önce

    Every single time you add a sin for million years of logos.

  • Quek Scoop
    Quek Scoop 11 gün önce

    *_W E I N S T E I N_*

  • Sam Wright
    Sam Wright 11 gün önce


  • corn of the fields
    corn of the fields 13 gün önce

    at 8:14 he couldve shown everyone the old fashioned video at the start of the movie but for some reason he didnt.

  • Zane Papiernik
    Zane Papiernik 13 gün önce

    I love this series it adds a little bit of real life to fictional characters

  • Jack Aylward-Williams
    Jack Aylward-Williams 15 gün önce

    I confess I didn't get the joke about Aunt Lucy "retiring" until someone pointed it out on the film's tvtropes page. When she said "I'm too old to go any further", I was thinking " you're too old to climb into the lifeboat with Paddington?" Since we find out at the end that she literally retired and (spoiler alert) she comes to London at the end of the second movie, that's still a pretty gaping plot hole.

  • Fry 4guy
    Fry 4guy 15 gün önce

    8:25 no for discovering talking bears

  • Amelia The Diva
    Amelia The Diva 16 gün önce

    Something is wrong with you because this movie is beautiful and amazing

  • PrincessCrystalDream
    PrincessCrystalDream 16 gün önce

    This was hilarious. I loved it. If you haven't already, ya'll should do one for the sequel.

  • Shannan Schuster
    Shannan Schuster 17 gün önce

    When I first saw Padington, I didnt know it was Millicent in the house. I haven’t padington in years, this being the closest recapturement of my glory movies.

  • Cleetus The 2nd
    Cleetus The 2nd 18 gün önce

    You forgot that Paddington has become bigger than he was when he was in the boat just because he ate marmalade

  • DestinyWarrior 08
    DestinyWarrior 08 18 gün önce

    You've done it again my friend

  • Amythest 8L/XG
    Amythest 8L/XG 19 gün önce

    doctor WHO #godbye peter capaldi

  • Vera Wassenaar
    Vera Wassenaar 19 gün önce +1

    0:10 i was kind of expecting him to say bearration

  • Ben Swanson
    Ben Swanson 19 gün önce

    3:00 is me

  • Austin Wasserott
    Austin Wasserott 20 gün önce +1

    Also the body of a snake makes sense she's thing and the suit is black

  • Austin Wasserott
    Austin Wasserott 20 gün önce

    Legs broke off the tub then the part of the legs that remained eroded off

  • Cubert Pigg
    Cubert Pigg 21 gün önce +1

    Also I always imagined Paddington Bear with a Peruvian accent...😅

  • Cubert Pigg
    Cubert Pigg 21 gün önce +1

    Speaking as a person who has lived in the UK for their whole life and is 100% British, I must say this: Oreos are biscuits because they have two outer Biscuits and a filling. A cookie is eaten warm and is moist in the centre. A biscuit is room temperature and crunchy.

  • Molly Grace
    Molly Grace 22 gün önce

    I thought Hugh grant was in this movie.

  • Modern_Bowser123
    Modern_Bowser123 27 gün önce

    *he probably had a magic marmalade duplicater*

  • Modern_Bowser123
    Modern_Bowser123 27 gün önce

    *this was one of my favorite movies*

  • Thomas Anjema
    Thomas Anjema 28 gün önce

    I’m mad that you didn’t use unbearable as sentence

  • Peter Bednar
    Peter Bednar 29 gün önce

    1:40 - What? The first record players- were spring driven. You wound them up via a crank. Seriously? Freaking kids these days.

  • Zavier Taff
    Zavier Taff Aylar önce

    Why is Kidman always the villian

  • CeltycSparrow
    CeltycSparrow Aylar önce

    That moment at 2:30 when Aunt Lucy sends Paddington to London and says she is too old and too tired to accompany him so she was going to the home for retired bears. I literally thought she was going to die. I was shocked to find that such a place existed and she's just living it up there while her nephew is in London and to my knowledge we NEVER see her again.

  • scrax6
    scrax6 Aylar önce

    These movies are perfect 👌

  • Patrick Parr
    Patrick Parr Aylar önce

    A new urs-hole. 🐻 Nice.

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf Aylar önce


  • 7.83 Hz
    7.83 Hz Aylar önce

    No Weinstein Company name on the UK DVD release.

  • Jessica Nguyen
    Jessica Nguyen Aylar önce

    lol you're going to love the logic of paddington 2

  • Souhardya Dutta
    Souhardya Dutta Aylar önce

    our adult mind criticize everything thats why we'll never be happy like kids , its a masterpiece watch it or leave it!

  • Joanne Whitehall
    Joanne Whitehall Aylar önce


  • Ian Begley
    Ian Begley Aylar önce

    Am I the only person to know that you don't need electricity to play LPs on old timey record players??

  • Kaylee Wyrostek
    Kaylee Wyrostek Aylar önce

    first of all fuck you for making this

  • Unorthodox Individual
    Unorthodox Individual Aylar önce

    This and its sequel are 2 of the absolute best movies I've ever seen.

  • Joshua Gall
    Joshua Gall Aylar önce

    Bruh... Cookies are soft and chewy, biscuits are brittle. There's a difference

  • Nic Leach
    Nic Leach Aylar önce

    You’re a fucking retard

  • Master Nidoking X
    Master Nidoking X Aylar önce

    Make Everything wrong with Paddington 2

  • Yoshidex WGY
    Yoshidex WGY Aylar önce

    3:05 EXACTLY

  • Kamarion Moore
    Kamarion Moore Aylar önce

    those movies are entertaining beautiful masterpieces, both of them.the second more than the first but both of them non the less

  • victor van grim gamming

    The victrola record player as to my knowledge has a crank to wind it up and have it run, no electricity needed. Well better question where did the hat come from, and the glasses and beads around his/aunt's neck. So would Indiana Jones say Padington should be in a museum or.... mabey mission un-bearable.... Eh he. I take great pleasure in this sort of thing.

  • J-train
    J-train Aylar önce

    I'm just upset that the movie killed uncle Pastuzo
    (the book had him come back in the end)

  • Jeebus Christos
    Jeebus Christos 2 aylar önce

    8:53... So I guess he's a Pandering Bear?

  • C Boi
    C Boi 2 aylar önce +1

    Little did he know there was a sequel

  • shoten skull
    shoten skull 2 aylar önce

    136 its a crank up

  • Royalrosewolf
    Royalrosewolf 2 aylar önce

    Ok I'm just got to sin you there: cookies and biscuits are 2 different confectionery products. Biscuits is not british for cookies and cookies is not american for biscuit. Cookies are dry, thick and round with chocolate chips in, biscuits are thin, neat and can be any gosh darn shape you want! Sometimes with details, or even words on them.

  • Thomas Hemmen
    Thomas Hemmen 2 aylar önce


  • taurenits 2
    taurenits 2 2 aylar önce

    When paddington gets into the bag, it is tied, m a g i c!

  • Avi Holtz
    Avi Holtz 2 aylar önce

    I don't understand why they didn't send more explorers to Darkest Peru to get the bears, they said they were going to and yet there were no other documented expeditions

  • Muzza25
    Muzza25 2 aylar önce

    I knew it I knew capaldi was gonna get a Doctor who mention

  • Immyprincess07 #Amazing
    Immyprincess07 #Amazing 2 aylar önce

    U have to add a sin for calling then biscuits? F*** U AND UR SINS!!!

  • thomasfan 2009
    thomasfan 2009 2 aylar önce

    padington is the best it is funny

  • Craggsy's Creed
    Craggsy's Creed 2 aylar önce

    2:23: Umm, the movie didn't make up the 'Home For Retired Bears', it was in the books. But you wouldn't know that because you don't have the mental capacity to read a fucking book. Hence why you're always saying that 'the books don't matter'. And this isn't like Les Miserables where the book is longer than the Bible, it would take you less than an hour- Hell probably less than half an hour to read one of the Paddington Bear books. Or for your stupid little pudding-brain you can watch the old TV show, but you'd sin it for not explaining why everyone is made of paper and then you'd sin it for explaining why because it's 'exposition'.

  • Marshmallow Pie
    Marshmallow Pie 2 aylar önce

    Those record players don't need electricity you damn fool! Phonographs are COIL POWERED!

  • Mckenzie Welsh
    Mckenzie Welsh 2 aylar önce

    Do not sin my country

  • Simon Mulholland
    Simon Mulholland 3 aylar önce

    5:53 Ah, we got an naughty bugger yea we do pip pip, taliho!

  • Adeli Rosado
    Adeli Rosado 3 aylar önce

    Do Paddington 2 Next!

  • Mia Baker
    Mia Baker 3 aylar önce

    Yeah but the movie's still amazing :)

  • Geek Net
    Geek Net 3 aylar önce

    do padington 2\

  • Omar Ali
    Omar Ali 3 aylar önce

    I'm guessing gravity just works differently

  • Plug'n'fly
    Plug'n'fly 3 aylar önce

    you've missed sooooooo much mistakes ... 😂

  • Juicilini Brovado
    Juicilini Brovado 3 aylar önce

    I do love this movie a lot and I know you usually bring up good points but you brought up everything this movie did on purpose.

  • Captainjack1988
    Captainjack1988 3 aylar önce

    Mrs Downton-fire XD that really cracked me up!

  • Taylor Clark
    Taylor Clark 3 aylar önce

    The reason Paddington said “...the body of a snake” is because she was wearing a snake skin catsuit

  • Niamh P93
    Niamh P93 3 aylar önce +1

    5:56 They were biscuits. Just cuz you're American doesn't mean you can say other dialects are wrong. If they're hard they're biscuits, if they're soft they're cookies. Get educated.

  • Grant Way
    Grant Way 3 aylar önce

    You know CinemaSins really likes this movie when the video's only 10 minutes long and they skip a "roll credits" and "London landmarks" sin

  • CallumDowSucks
    CallumDowSucks 3 aylar önce

    Oh here gravity doesn’t work at all we have to glue stuff to ourselves or we fall into the queens flying island and getting stabbed

  • Green Star Ponies
    Green Star Ponies 3 aylar önce

    8:25 "as a geographer????" Well yeah if you discover to talking animal is isn't a human I guess I mean just a GUESS you're be at least a LITTLE bit famous

  • Super Mario the hedgehog
    Super Mario the hedgehog 3 aylar önce

    Also if the kids were on holiday why are they in there school clothes

  • Hackingking4478 Tv
    Hackingking4478 Tv 3 aylar önce

    Even though has 90 sins, this is still a fantastic film!
    I wonder when he'll do the fantastic sequal soon.

  • IT'S ME
    IT'S ME 3 aylar önce

    You should do the 2nd one

  • Lisa Fan
    Lisa Fan 3 aylar önce

    umm ten or less minutes does not mean 10:36 so ya, this video pretty much sucks ALOT.

  • Bulba Man
    Bulba Man 3 aylar önce

    *slow clap*well fucking done with the doctor who reference

  • Aalvee shit posts
    Aalvee shit posts 3 aylar önce


  • Regirade
    Regirade 3 aylar önce

    thing is though is that the original tv show in england aunt lucy was always in the retired home and the dad was never mentioned so they had to get them both out of the picture

  • Spooky Boob
    Spooky Boob 3 aylar önce


  • Gabriel Davis
    Gabriel Davis 3 aylar önce

    The reason the bathtub was missing its legs is because it lost them going down the stairs

  • misterweon13
    misterweon13 3 aylar önce

    I hate this movie so much