Found Secret Fishing Spot Infested with Alligators! (Worlds Best Bass Fisherman) | DALLMYD

  • katma 2 Şub 2017
  • In this video I fish with the number one ranked bass fisherman in the world! On are way to the secret spot starting at 1:39
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    Found Secret Fishing Spot Infested with Alligators! (Worlds Best Bass Fisherman)
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  • Vivij
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    "Who you callin Pin head" 0:33 lmao

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    You hit 50k

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    It's just another day in Florida!❤

  • Seth Winters
    Seth Winters Aylar önce +1

    Call me crazy if you want, but I'd love to have a house on a swamp filled with gators. It's always been my dream and I'm from Georgia.

  • Isidro Slabs
    Isidro Slabs Aylar önce +3

    Do gators not try to flip the kayaks over? Way too close

    • Isidro Slabs
      Isidro Slabs 11 gün önce

      +Seth Winters are you kidding me i would not be in a kayak that close lol

    • Seth Winters
      Seth Winters Aylar önce

      No, gators really aren't as bad as crocs.

  • Diana G.
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  • Xxbrennentaylor xX
    Xxbrennentaylor xX Aylar önce +1

    Also I wouldn’t ever swim there because there is like countless gators

    • Seth Winters
      Seth Winters Aylar önce

      There's a place in Florida called Wakulla Springs and they allow you to swim in there while it's infested with gators.

  • Xxbrennentaylor xX
    Xxbrennentaylor xX Aylar önce

    The spot your fishing at, isn’t really secret. I know exactly how to got there where it is and I could get there on my own... maybe

  • Jayden Thebest
    Jayden Thebest Aylar önce

    Never knew this guy fished

  • therealOHJONNY
    therealOHJONNY Aylar önce

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  • Jover Torres
    Jover Torres Aylar önce +1

    I thought you go to dive there hehe

  • kinze Campbell
    kinze Campbell 2 aylar önce

    Love the montage

  • Border Reiver
    Border Reiver 2 aylar önce

    must be mental to jump in with alligators all around...

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    4:54 That's a warmouth, not a bluegill.

  • David G DMZ
    David G DMZ 3 aylar önce

    HOW do you go to the middle of nowhere, miles and miles into gator swamp wilderness and then JUMP into gator INFESTED canal ? Who does that, sheesh. And what do those gators eat in middle of swamp ? There are no large animals because it's all water, do they only eat fish ?l

    • Dan Goff
      Dan Goff 2 aylar önce

      and birds and... stuff.

  • Donna McLeod
    Donna McLeod 3 aylar önce +1

    Get Brandon out here with you, he loves alligators

  • Alejandro Moore
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    nice job man your awesome

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    What is the first song played in the video

    DARTH JAYDER 3 aylar önce +2

    I wanna give a shout out to Dirty Dan

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    My worst fear is alligators

  • Everything Tube123
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    Oml I’ve been to the Everglades it’s soo scary with the alligators

  • Hunter Miller
    Hunter Miller 4 aylar önce +1

    I know exactly where that is, fished there many times myself...great videos and fire content! Love the channel!

  • Seabassin
    Seabassin 5 aylar önce

    *drops fishing to only do river treasure leaving all his sponsors behind*

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    I love your videos please make more videos

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    You should do more fishing videos...

  • Victor
    Victor 6 aylar önce

    alligator chaght

  • Mr.R Brad
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    It’s cool the Pro is such a chill guy, prop chain, on point, high quality video and editing, thanks

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  • Laska Kinsman
    Laska Kinsman 6 aylar önce

    btw i swam with alligators and they did nothing

  • Laska Kinsman
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  • Laska Kinsman
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    0:33 is just a number dude

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    Not quite on par with ap tho lol

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      i’m also good friends with his daughter hilary

  • Evan K
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    ahaha Love this video. Jake (Dallmyd) where did you get your face bib? I am having a hard time finding quality ones that last. @DALLMYD

    • FluffyIsTheNewFat
      FluffyIsTheNewFat 7 aylar önce
      I believe he is using one of these, they're great masks. And well worth the money :) I use it for riding my motorcycle, fishing, hunting, hiking, just cold weather. It's great,

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