"Crafting Coco" Featurette - Disney/Pixar's Coco

  • katma 17 Eki 2017
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  • Ryan Juliantara
    Ryan Juliantara 4 aylar önce

    Almost all pixar movie...is legit

  • Emilia Grace
    Emilia Grace 8 aylar önce

    I want to go to Mexico sooo bad

  • xit’syagirl amberx
    xit’syagirl amberx 10 aylar önce

    Anthony’s like AHHHH AHHH AHHH

  • Maura Sanchez
    Maura Sanchez 11 aylar önce

    Make coco part 2

  • Star lord Fan girl
    Star lord Fan girl Yıl önce

    Finally a coco video with no annoying book of life rip off comments because I'm sick of it

  • ayuchanfaiha
    ayuchanfaiha Yıl önce


  • Carys Jones
    Carys Jones Yıl önce

    Such an unbelievable film. Thank you Pixar, I love you!

  • Kawaicookecakecorn and Fluffycorn Unicorn

    How did they managed to do the fire with out getting burnd

  • Kawaicookecakecorn and Fluffycorn Unicorn


  • faye love jack zwiggelaar/buurman

    Love dis!

  • Rahui Mosby
    Rahui Mosby Yıl önce

    I am the same culture like coco

  • Vidisha Roy
    Vidisha Roy Yıl önce +4

    This movie deserves the Oscars for best animated feature

    BTSISLIFE xX Yıl önce

    And by the way I wish I could be in a Disney movie

    BTSISLIFE xX Yıl önce

    The meaning of this isn’t just about music it’s about family too bruh

  • ArichDKC
    ArichDKC Yıl önce +4

    Seeing Coco for the 5th time tomorrow - thank you so, so much for such a wonderful film!

  • Lil Skittle
    Lil Skittle Yıl önce +13

    I think this movie isn’t getting enough attention as it needs. I personally think Coco is my new favorite Pixar movie. Even though a lot of people think they copied or it is a rip off of the Book of Life, I think they are actually different. Just because they are both based on the same holiday, and same culture, doesn’t mean they are the same. To me it seems like Pixar put a lot of work and dedication in to this movie, and they actually did research about it before writing it (I’m pretty sure) And I’m just gonna say this was one of my favorite Pixar movies. So yea

  • Georgi Kaua
    Georgi Kaua Yıl önce +2

    Can't wait for the DVD to come out

  • Manuel Orozco
    Manuel Orozco Yıl önce

    I've only been to Mexico one time in Cancun when I was Miguel's age of 12. I'm 24 now. It's awesome Pixar has put some detail into this movie. I am overdue to see Coco right now

  • DefenderOfJustice7OH7

    This movie was so good! I would go see it again right now if my car wasn't broken😭

  • SnowyReacts
    SnowyReacts Yıl önce


  • Donovan Gallegos
    Donovan Gallegos Yıl önce

    Como mexicano Bravo, hicieron que se sintiera como una pelicula nuestra,gracias por el gran trabajo

  • Chloe's Toy home
    Chloe's Toy home Yıl önce

    I love this movie like I loved it but why did you put in a little bit of frozen in it like why would you put like frozen it it like bra never put frozen in a good movie ha ha Ha

  • Myles Garcia
    Myles Garcia Yıl önce

    I saw the film today and I must say I am disappointed with the story and the pseudo-Mexican songs/music used. "Remember Me" does NOT sound at all like a Mexican ditty or tune. It's a pale copy. Too bad because the visuals of the film are fantastic.

  • Littlesmile 123
    Littlesmile 123 Yıl önce

    This film is so beautiful it made me feel a lot of emotions and it was fantastic probably one of the best Pixar movie I have ever seen!!

  • zoey101 kimpossible
    zoey101 kimpossible Yıl önce +1

    ¡VIVA MEXCO IAM mexicam thats why

  • Cr1spy Ch1p
    Cr1spy Ch1p Yıl önce

    cantiflas shows up as a Easter egg in the movie

  • Melissa-Ann Nievera-Lozano

    I CRIED! THANK YOU for this film!

  • Llare D.G
    Llare D.G Yıl önce +1

    Its a beautiful movie in mexico its already out

  • DarkHorse17
    DarkHorse17 Yıl önce +1

    Awww my heart ! I’m half Mexican and yeah... this movie looks cool 😀👍🏽

  • Edgar Cardenas
    Edgar Cardenas Yıl önce


  • Charisma Bros
    Charisma Bros Yıl önce

    Donald Trumps least favorite movie

  • Charisma Bros
    Charisma Bros Yıl önce +5

    Dislikes are Donald Trump

  • Veronica Delgado
    Veronica Delgado Yıl önce +3

    I just can’t! My heart is going to explode! I love this!

  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz Yıl önce +2

    If this promo has some fantastic editing I wonder what the movie's going to be like.

    • Chris
      Chris Yıl önce

      Diego Ruiz cool

    • Diego Ruiz
      Diego Ruiz Yıl önce

      Cristóbal :v
      Yes its great

    • Chris
      Chris Yıl önce

      Diego Ruiz did you see it yet?

  • Angel Acosta
    Angel Acosta Yıl önce +5

    In México this movie is hitting the Ball out of the Park. Disney did a great job showing how important is the family For mexicans, if you add día de muertos to the formula you Will rock. Thanks Disney Pixar For your amazing work!

  • Fabii Ri
    Fabii Ri Yıl önce +4

    Un verdadero homenaje a México por gente extranjera 👏👏👏

  • charles NA
    charles NA Yıl önce


  • TomoyoYumemi
    TomoyoYumemi Yıl önce +2

    You guys really captured Mexico's essence but the aesthetic mixture confuses me, specially Miguel's family with clothes from everywhere.

  • gabogoblin
    gabogoblin Yıl önce +7

    Just saw it yesterday (it was released earlier in Mexico), it's a really touching and fantastic film, with an amazing world and characters. It really represents many aspects of mexican culture accurately. I highly reccomend you see it.

  • Vitaemins
    Vitaemins Yıl önce +5

    Wow. Just a 3 minute feature and im already crying

  • mood
    mood Yıl önce

    what has pixar/disney
    turned into?

  • P e q u i t a s '
    P e q u i t a s ' Yıl önce +2

    Hermosa película.

  • Alicia Dolores Ruiz Saavedra

    Simplemente hermosa

  • Gabriela Elías
    Gabriela Elías Yıl önce

    Hermosa película, es simplemente perfecta!!!!

  • Oton Cortes
    Oton Cortes Yıl önce

    If you speak English I suggest you click or tap read more to understand what I mean.
    Quiero tener esto como un trabajo y quiero tener esto como un trabajo porque puedo hacer cosas increíbles y aprender cosas nuevas y sorprendentes y volver a conectar con algunas cosas que he perdido antes y también puedo enseñar y ayudar a otras personas a ver lo que hay en el mundo y más ayudando a crear películas animadas y ese sería un trabajo de ensueño para mí .
    I want to have this as a job and I want to have this as a job because I can do amazing things and learn new and amazing things and reconnect with some things that I have lost before and I can also teach and help other people to see what is out there in the world and more by helping to create animated films and that is a dream job for me.
    PS- I hope this reaches to the animators to let them know how I feel. And, by the
    way, I posted this on Nov 2nd so... Feliz Dia de Los Muertos

  • Excuse Me Wtf ?
    Excuse Me Wtf ? Yıl önce

    just remove the frozen trailer lasts a lot and people did not like it😐😑😐!!
    Thank you 😊

  • Rebeka X
    Rebeka X Yıl önce +13

    Refleja el trabajo intenso de investigación y que en realidad representen que no solo somos tequila y mariachi y el típico señor durmiendo junto a un nopal. Se ganaron mis respetos.

  • Ken Aldea
    Ken Aldea Yıl önce

    Why "CoCo" i want "Juan"

    • Christian Salgado
      Christian Salgado Yıl önce +2

      Why Juan, it’s named Coco, it’s because that the named of Miguel’s Great Grandmother

  • Carlos Aguirre
    Carlos Aguirre Yıl önce +4

    i don't understand why disney release the movie in november 22 when the day of the death is in november 2nd, if the people in USA or another countries want to see the celebration in real life they will not find it.

    • Mario Santz
      Mario Santz Yıl önce

      Carlos Aguirre Las peliculas mas importantes en la temporada de Christmas en USA se estrenan el dia 22 o 23 de noviembre thanksgiving day,Coco tiene el privilegio de estrenarse esa fecha,nunca en la historia de una pelicula con tematica latina a sido estrenada en esa fecha,y que mejor que con tematica de el dia de muertos de México

    • Marysol Gonzalez
      Marysol Gonzalez Yıl önce +1

      Carlos Aguirre well they released it early in Mexico which makes sense given they're the ones that fully celebrate it. We celebrate it in the US too but not to the same extent unless it's somewhere with a huge Latino community. Besides it makes sense on the 22nd. Kids & some parents already began their Thanksgiving break, so they can go see it no problem

  • Cintss Cha
    Cintss Cha Yıl önce +44

    I can only say you people in Pixar are genius. All the people in the cinema were crying. Congratulations!!!!

  • Ethic Ethnic
    Ethic Ethnic Yıl önce +3

    When you look at this there is allot of Native American, and Mestizo representation in Disney 2D and 3D. Pretty dope!

  • Movies Now
    Movies Now Yıl önce +4


  • TheeFri2
    TheeFri2 Yıl önce

    At 0:38, what are those guys trying...?

  • William Pina
    William Pina Yıl önce +2

    1:10 Gael Garcia Bernal

  • Luke O
    Luke O Yıl önce +57

    Finally, a video that doesn't have any stupid "book of life" comments

    • one only
      one only Yıl önce


    • l.d.1.8
      l.d.1.8 Yıl önce +14

      Luke O ironically you just made this a video with a stupid book of life comment

    • Caramel Kanken
      Caramel Kanken Yıl önce +2

      I knowww

  • Isael Prado
    Isael Prado Yıl önce +11

    Coco Easter Egg!! 0:02 Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Mike Wasowski as which I am assuming are piñatas.


      You’re right!!
      Piñatas are very common here in Mexico especially in parties, where you can see Pixar characters piñatas!!

  • Hector
    Hector Yıl önce

    So exploit the culture for their profit of course. Hope they gave all those poor familys money for the "inspiration"

  • Play Doh Kids Channel
    Play Doh Kids Channel Yıl önce +3

    Wonderful video! :)

  • Derpy Duck Animation
    Derpy Duck Animation Yıl önce +200

    Proof this isn't copying book of life. They actually went to Mexico in order to form their story. Just because it's based on Mexican culture and dia de los muertos doesn't mean it's a rip off. Saying pixar copied book of life is like saying all Christmas movies are copying Rudolf the red nose reindeer

    • Avalon: The Dragon's Den
      Avalon: The Dragon's Den Yıl önce

      My friend refuses to see this in theaters because she thinks it's a knock-off of Book of Life. Ugh

    • Spectre 14
      Spectre 14 Yıl önce +2

      Oh really? That's nice!

    • Cecilia Chavez
      Cecilia Chavez Yıl önce +1

      Spectre ThirTeen yes, first time in history that a movie is released first in Mexico than in the US

  • Hernan
    Hernan Yıl önce +8

    Oh man I wish we could make time move a little faster can’t wait to see this movie

  • Killerfang 1
    Killerfang 1 Yıl önce +3

    This looks amazing very excited for this

  • felix worlds
    felix worlds Yıl önce +7

    Muchas gracias por representarnos tambien pixar

  • Play Quendra
    Play Quendra Yıl önce +4

    No puedo esperar hasta noviembreeee, ya la quiero veeeer, no puedo esperar estoy súper emocionadaaaaaaa!!!!!! :'DDD

  • Julieta Mercado
    Julieta Mercado Yıl önce +15

    Neta casi lloro 💚🇲🇽❤️

  • Rosana Zaldívar Lizama
    Rosana Zaldívar Lizama Yıl önce +15

    I almost cried, this is hermoso

    • Juan Juilo
      Juan Juilo Yıl önce

      I cried too but luckily she survived :D and gets to meet her father

  • Mr.Larry
    Mr.Larry Yıl önce +14

    Is it me or is there very little hype surrounding this movie for some reason?

    • AlongWithAlex
      AlongWithAlex Yıl önce +12

      Probably because Americans don't want to see a movie about Mexicans...which is stupid because this looks like an amazing film. I, however, am an American who is going to see and support this movie.

    • Paulina
      Paulina Yıl önce +11

      Here in Mexico it has broken records (went to see it today). Definitely go see it!!!!

    • Th.El.Co._1
      Th.El.Co._1 Yıl önce +5

      Mr.Larry Pretty much. I think it's because it was a pretty bad year for animation. Most of them were meh or bad. So maybe people are over animation for the year.

  • Rodrigo Cruzalta
    Rodrigo Cruzalta Yıl önce +7


  • The Sammie and Georgie Show

    Can't wait to see it!

    TAOR_DESU Yıl önce +55

    0:01 There are Toy Story and Monsters Inc pinatas!

  • pricila
    pricila Yıl önce +15

    I cant wait!!! Pixar at its finest

  • Cuache A
    Cuache A Yıl önce +2

    trop hâte de voir cette film

  • The Incredicar Fan Films

    This will be on the 2018 bluray

  • Max Power
    Max Power Yıl önce +61

    Realmente me gusta ver cómo representan está tradición ya no puedo esperar a ver este film y que viva México!

    • Oton Cortes
      Oton Cortes Yıl önce +2

      Yo Siento lo Mismo
      viva México!

  • kev p
    kev p Yıl önce +6

    I Think My Mind is Blowned by that TRclips Video that I just Watched, and I Can't Wait To See That Disney Pixar Coco the Movie at the Piscataway Regal Cinemas! Oh Yes!!! Hype Train!!!!!!!! :-D

  • jeff , s
    jeff , s Yıl önce +3

    cool movies Disney Pixar coco

  • hila naim
    hila naim Yıl önce +27

    It's going to be amazing

  • José Carioca
    José Carioca Yıl önce +2

    Is 'Coco' still a Rip-Off Of 'The Book Of Life'?

    • Filmsparks
      Filmsparks Yıl önce

      no no no, its a very different story

    • Armando Camero Animation
      Armando Camero Animation Yıl önce

      BOL = adventure, fun, comedy and great music. Coco = fun and emotional, okay music.

    • The Pooh
      The Pooh Yıl önce +13

      It’s like saying “elf” is the same movie as “the Santa clause” just because it is the same holiday doesn’t mean that it is the same story

    • Ricky Raymond
      Ricky Raymond Yıl önce +19

      José Carioca It never was in the first place.

  • Flame of Udûn
    Flame of Udûn Yıl önce +42

    Why is there so little buzz for this movie? Kinda worrying...

    • Cintss Cha
      Cintss Cha Yıl önce +3

      I want to see it so badly!!! This reminds me so much of my grandpa, who passed away and whom I love!!! We need to remember our loved ones!!!!

    • luisgarza1000
      luisgarza1000 Yıl önce +6

      TEC1 I am getting so annoyed with those comparisons, they are unintelligent and unsupported, it feels like it's just from people trying to be edgy and "defending originality" even though they are doing it startlingly wrong.

    • Th.El.Co._1
      Th.El.Co._1 Yıl önce +4

      luisgarza1000 True but whenever I hear negativity or disinterest in the film, they seem to mention that it's just a Book of Life rip off. But the non-sequal may also be a reason.

    • Mr Life
      Mr Life Yıl önce +6

      It's not based off of an already existing property.

    • luisgarza1000
      luisgarza1000 Yıl önce +3

      TEC1 I don't think it's the comparisons, I think it's just that the movie is aboud a different culture, and people are turned off by that sadly. Inside Out had so many comparisons to Herman's Head before it came out, and it still had a lot of buzz

  • Jonathan Pinis0N
    Jonathan Pinis0N Yıl önce +13

    What’s Book of Life again? Never heard of it, but we got this movie!

  • Batsu Tsukuyomi
    Batsu Tsukuyomi Yıl önce +36

    ¡Viva México Lindo y Querido!

  • Bilal Kasmani
    Bilal Kasmani Yıl önce +190

    That's why Pixar is the best....
    So much effort & hard work....

  • hi, I'm the one you wanna marry with

    cant wait!

  • Jadhostgamer072
    Jadhostgamer072 Yıl önce +5


  • Producciones José. Calvario

    it will be an excellent movie
    very handsome box office

  • MovieMation
    MovieMation Yıl önce +50

    I'm so excited for this!!!!

  • Marco Diaz
    Marco Diaz Yıl önce +106

    Can't wait to see the movie!

    • Marla Burdett
      Marla Burdett Yıl önce

      Marco Diaz its amazing.

    • Marla Burdett
      Marla Burdett Yıl önce


    • Marla Burdett
      Marla Burdett Yıl önce

      Marco Diaz drake 💂

    • Sky Pony
      Sky Pony Yıl önce

      Marco Diaz well I did I I loved the movie so go and watch it because it was awesome!!!

    • Biella Swanton
      Biella Swanton Yıl önce

      Coco Movie Available in hd Quality
      Stream Now t.co/gZidSDKG6T

  • Forasteiro Gamer
    Forasteiro Gamer Yıl önce +1