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  • katma 6 Eki 2017
  • In this video I metal detect underwater for a lost $27,000 ring!
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    Metal Detecting Underwater for Lost $27,000 Ring! (Scuba Diving)
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      DALLMYD what is the name brand of that metal detector, please

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      DALLMYD best way ever al seems

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    Video show! Top

  • Tammy Bands The ink kitten 2

    It beeped when you pulled the knife out XD

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    Brayden Strause 2 gün önce

    If you do go there and search for the artifacts they are in crates

  • Brayden Strause
    Brayden Strause 2 gün önce

    Hey you should dive at lake ochicoto it is thought to be where the Germans dumped all their weapons and a fortune of gold after WW2

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    This is not not supposed to be bad but you can like your mother it’s just a complement

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    Muito legal, um abraço do Brasil.

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    Is that it at 2:22 in the centre of the sceen

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    Bought one it lasted 5 Minuit so until the batery lid came of. Turning it it into junk. Ed

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    Hi i take it you are using the PI-iking 750 Metal Detector. may i ask how good is it detecting gold

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    He said I wanna thank Walmart for there cheap chicken 🍗 lol

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    Good gold ☔

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    Soy la única que habla español...
    PD: me encanta este canal

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    What type and what is the cost of the metal detector in this video?

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    4:45 i see it on the top to the left theres a diamond ring

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    At 1:18 I’m almost positive I saw a ring.. just saying.. watch the footage closely. When he brushes away the rocks.. tell me I’m wrong

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      Po Beans i think that was a shell

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      I find your rite

    • Po Beans
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      4:45 theres a diamond ring and the detector says so too

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      that's part of the fishing lure he found

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    Give me gopro jake

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    Lol Bro!! Those r someone’s wish’s!! Think about it!! Why else would their be so many pennies in there? Some one was Wishing for something.

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    beauty guanto cost her wetsuit

  • Daniel Rodrigues
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    beauty guanto cost her wetsuit

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    No ingles

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    That detector it can detect a gold nugget.?

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    good work

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    Good work! Glad that I know your channel, man!

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    Just started watching the channel...gotta tell ya, you seem like a really well grounded individual. Seem super nice and honest. Awesome how you’re making $ with TRclips. Love the entrepreneurial venture you’re riding...well done! Don’t even know you, but I’m proud of you!

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    What’s the toothpaste for guys???

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    This was so manic it gave me anxiety

  • Haley Roberts
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    just curious, i may have missed the video where you explained this already, but what’s the toothpaste for? XD

    • Haley Roberts
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      Amber oh snap i wouldn’t have guessed that, thanks for telling me!

    • Amber
      Amber 2 aylar önce

      Haley Roberts he rubs toothpaste on his goggles to prevent them from fogging up

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    Don’t you find bigger things? I subed and like!

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    Is it jay or jake never hear it prop

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      Mlg gamer it’s Jake. You can see it on his wet suit above water.

  • Doug Naylor
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    Creepy how it vibrates right where metal is

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    What's metal detector name?

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    • The Outdoors Daddy
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      +Autumn Andrews I think its the Vibra-Tector 740, but not positive.

    • Autumn Andrews
      Autumn Andrews 2 aylar önce

      I think it is a regular one not like a fancy one of a kind one I don't know FYI I'm trying to help u figure it out 😊

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    how i wish they found the ring . . . . and the cloths is terrifying , like monster

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    I subscribed to your channel I hope you also sign up for my thanks

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    You gave this metal detector to tfue lol

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    Será q sou a única brasileira q é apaixonada nos vídeos dele? 😍

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    HEy, where can i get a similar detector from?

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    what camera do you use ?

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    So everyting yall americans have to call the cops for lol

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    why does he always have a toothpaste thing in his treasure box?

    • Kimon Froussios
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      ​ Official Railfan Nation Yeah, but you are supposed to coat the lenses *before* you go in the water and then it stays fine the whole dive. If it does fog up you just do a mask clear which is the first thing you learn in a scuba course. I'm not sure the application of toothpaste underwater would even work as the soap reacts with the water and dissolves away, not to mention I hate my eyes being open in the water and everything is blurry, and any faffing with your kit underwater increases the risk of things going south.

    • Official Railfan Nation
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      Ian Bailey when you put toothpaste on your goggles, it prevents it from fogging up

    • Ian Bailey
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      it cant be for weight, can it? he could just use a rock or something like that.

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    Walmart has good cheap chicken. Yummy!

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    Instead of going over the item you just found with the detector, go back over the hole to make sure there's not another item, and going over an already-found item consumes time.

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    Scatman John

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    Which camera is he using to shoot, the video quality is amazing.

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    Are you a footballer

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    What is that metal detector called it’s “fancy”

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    If everyone Dropping on the Underwater You Keep Finding All There Something Object You are so cool

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    0:36 is to blow up, and then act like I don't know nobody, hahahahaa!

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    How much is that metal detector?

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    It was a watch under there

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    suggestion: cut a coin hole in the top or in your many hole area. Will save you time opening the container. love your vids!

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      Veena Waziri I’m bout to do that. Thanks.

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    it was under a rock

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    Jake, ARE YOU SCARED of being a fish hook stuck in your finger/hand?

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    Skip to 8:45 - Thank me later.

  • Julia Tarapata
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    there was a watch there ! 5:20

    • SixGill Fishing
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      Not a watch or a compass. That is his pressure gauge that measures the amount of air in his tank.

    • Dean Koshakji
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      Uh that's not a watch, it's called a compass, and it wasn't there, he had it on him.

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      thats not a watch omg boiii

  • GRie_Fer
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    Truth is that he actually found it and sold it instead of returning it.

  • ريم العسل tik tok


  • Eden Shaw
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    Isn’t that a ring on top of his metal detector at 7:33 or is it me seeing weird

  • Ciorchinele Suprem
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    This is probably how Smeagol found the ring too

  • Andrew Davis
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    Hey what brand is the metel detector in want one

  • tristan barnett
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    Could you do a video of all the knives you have found

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    Hello: my name is Mohamed from Morocco, I would like to see all your videos, I am your fan, and I would like to ask you about the price of that metal di’tekter please thank your

  • Tim Brindley
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    hi jake , where can I buy a detector like yours for $ 100 dollars ?

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    is it me or did he miss a silver ring at 11.41-42?

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    New subscriber, love all ur vids. I wonder if u would have a larger coil for ur detector. You would greatly increase ur search. Keep up the great work guys!

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    Where is it

  • coby Byers
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    4:45 looks like a ring

    • Richard Atkins
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      I saw that while I was watching it and then saw that you did in the comments

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  • Mathew Davis - Adventures and DIY

    Walmart does have some good chicken. I enjoyed the video also.

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    I hate the fog thing

  • Lia wolf cat dog lover Cat dog say he wants u guys to find more guns

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    Kevin Leitao 6 aylar önce +3

    whats is the metal detector you use?

    • Ultimate Tensile
      Ultimate Tensile 6 aylar önce +1

      Kevin Leitao I think it's the kkmoon 750 98ft waterproof pin pointer metal detector but if you pause the video when it's in view you can see that he's put black tape over the brand name and make of it, I'm still unsure of what model this is as the kkmoon 750 only vibrates and lights up, the one he's using beeps and lights up, if you find out give me a nudge plz.

  • BC Survivor
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    I'm a new subscriber, and I really enjoy the videos where you are using the metal detector.

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    7:31 to the right lower center you can also see a ring with alot of diamonds on it RIP

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    1:17 looks like a ring

    • Ohgrr
      Ohgrr 6 aylar önce

      I saw it too, was about to comment.

  • Dink
    Dink 6 aylar önce +4

    I just ordered my detector for underwater, Next week I will be in Panama City Beach Florida. I dont dive yet but will also be my first Snorkel adventure.
    Any Advice?

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