Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer

  • katma 22 Eki 2019
  • The saga will end, the story lives forever. Watch the final trailer for #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker in theaters December 20. Get your tickets now:
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  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees 34 saniye önce

    They are repeating the story only with female head roles.....LAME

  • sadavar tv
    sadavar tv 42 saniye önce

    ohh danger

  • James Reid
    James Reid Dakika önce +1

    Cringe.. how sad it is that star wars is nothing more than a Disney cash grab these days.. With crappy characters and a meandering, nonsensical plotline.. oh but it's got lasers and things go boom! So all the idiots will give it a thumbs up and say how excited they are for it.. Disney you have lost the real fans.. in trying to squeeze every last penny from these films you have ruined them and you're never going to get the hardcore fans back.

  • Rich Mendelson
    Rich Mendelson Dakika önce


  • sogerod
    sogerod Dakika önce

    Деньги есть а идея потеряли

  • hypermeme
    hypermeme 2 dakika önce +7

    2019: The saga ends...
    2020: There is another

  • Saeed Alshehri
    Saeed Alshehri 2 dakika önce +1

    I couldn’t care less

  • Ryan Springer
    Ryan Springer 3 dakika önce +1

    I'll wait until it's on HBO and I'll even be using someone else's log in.

    I am not willing and won't be paying to watch this in other words.

  • team 200k
    team 200k 3 dakika önce +1

    may the froce be whith you

  • Carlos Santana
    Carlos Santana 3 dakika önce +1

    Rey will defeat a rejuvenated Palpatine.

  • Bkyc_KapToIIIku TV
    Bkyc_KapToIIIku TV 3 dakika önce

    *шикарно* кто согласен - Like!

  • StayUnvolved
    StayUnvolved 4 dakika önce +3

    2019: The Saga ends
    2021: Meesa back

  • inoxent Shipra
    inoxent Shipra 4 dakika önce +1


  • hypermeme
    hypermeme 5 dakika önce +16

    2019: The saga ends...
    2020: female emperor

  • Blue Hedgehog 91
    Blue Hedgehog 91 5 dakika önce

    Anyone notice the B1 battle droid on the right during C-3PO’s scene?

  • DynamicUnreal
    DynamicUnreal 5 dakika önce +1

    The music in the trailer was epic.

  • - NjjX
    - NjjX 6 dakika önce +1

    Why don't we have an old republic movie? Here we are wasting time on this lame story line when theres so much for be explored.

  • Martin Roncetti
    Martin Roncetti 6 dakika önce

    A great saga ruined - good work JJ.

  • Michael  Grosvenor
    Michael Grosvenor 7 dakika önce

    Yeah I'm boycotting Disney and star wars after what they done to luke

  • Abhishek Deshpande
    Abhishek Deshpande 7 dakika önce

    They are saying that the saga is ending ?
    Me : Nah ! That ain't possible 😂

  • hussein ftm
    hussein ftm 7 dakika önce +2


    Keine Schwäche zeigen

  • Wilson Chang
    Wilson Chang 8 dakika önce

    2019 End of saga
    2021 New Jedi Begin

  • KVG 1988
    KVG 1988 8 dakika önce

    Disney shrank the star wars universe small enough it could fit in a broom closet...

  • Patryk Zemlik
    Patryk Zemlik 8 dakika önce

    Is that the last star wars

  • shadowsapphire100183
    shadowsapphire100183 8 dakika önce

    Personally, I hope this is the last movie with the original group (Skywalkers, Solos, etc.) There's a whole universe of people and stories to tell.

  • BTTFMovie
    BTTFMovie 8 dakika önce

    Ironic that the comments complaining about the lack of originality lack originality.

  • Nsanda Pesu
    Nsanda Pesu 9 dakika önce

    Why am I not excited?

  • Max Choucair
    Max Choucair 9 dakika önce

    Who else cried

  • Pratim Raut
    Pratim Raut 10 dakika önce

    I hope grand admiral Thrawn is leading Palpatine's fleet

  • Alice
    Alice 10 dakika önce

    please be good

  • Amin Hilmi
    Amin Hilmi 10 dakika önce

    This will never end

  • Brandon Powell
    Brandon Powell 10 dakika önce

    These films have accomplished absolutely nothing in terms of the plot

  • SkandiaAUS
    SkandiaAUS 11 dakika önce

    Dawn of the cash grab
    Rise of the generic China friendly audience
    Cynical motives cash grab

  • parnupong prasertsung
    parnupong prasertsung 11 dakika önce +1

    Theme song is amazing

  • xX2kLegendXx
    xX2kLegendXx 12 dakika önce +2

    Ig this whole lastest startwars series was a let down if the black dude doesn’t become a Jedi 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Ryan Netter
    Ryan Netter 12 dakika önce


  • Marco Franck
    Marco Franck 12 dakika önce

    Rose is still in it :s and no hype sadly

  • loudmuch
    loudmuch 12 dakika önce

    Looks soulless and terrible.

  • Ramen Sushi
    Ramen Sushi 12 dakika önce +1

    Sometime in the 23rd Century:
    (Insert Star Wars Title): The Sequel to the Sequel of the Sequel

  • Mythos
    Mythos 13 dakika önce

    3PO can you say CLUSTERF@CK?

  • YungDorus
    YungDorus 13 dakika önce

    Yeah I came here to dislike

  • thefatrollypollyman
    thefatrollypollyman 14 dakika önce

    this looks like utter rubbish

  • R E
    R E 14 dakika önce

    Everyone: 2020, rise of money
    Me: 2020, more like the search for no money, but I won't see any of them after 9 because they insisted this is the end.

  • K-Man Sports
    K-Man Sports 15 dakika önce

    "The saga will end" HOPEFULLY!
    most uninspiring, vanilla trailer of all time...

  • Vulpine Warrior
    Vulpine Warrior 16 dakika önce

    Anyone else missing the Yuuzhan Vong right now?

    CHURCH KYLO REN 16 dakika önce +1

    Carrie Fisher. Peter Mayhew. UR not gone. Wherever u r... ur in better place. I will watch it... four u. May the Peace Be With U. 🙏🏻💛

  • Men dis
    Men dis 17 dakika önce +1


  • R E
    R E 18 dakika önce +1

    My man Lando is back to lead.

  • Longarms
    Longarms 19 dakika önce

    I hope this movie is more original than the comments here.

  • Justin Kelly
    Justin Kelly 20 dakika önce

    This trailer is already better than Episode VIII.

  • Emma Smets
    Emma Smets 20 dakika önce

    Your cook painting lost cow commercial advantage institution beautiful yard week Israeli task.

  • Name Vergessen
    Name Vergessen 21 dakika önce

    Hier hast du ein deutschen kommentar gefunden(:

  • Joey Zimmerman
    Joey Zimmerman 21 dakika önce +1

    Say what you want about the trilogy but that music at 1:27 gave me chills

  • Alex Medvediev
    Alex Medvediev 22 dakika önce

    They delete comments 😂😂

  • AsimoImposter
    AsimoImposter 22 dakika önce +1

    They couldn't even use the original star destroyers from a new hope, such a shame.

  • DieMarvs
    DieMarvs 23 dakika önce

    Rey is Palpatines granddaughter

    • hash force
      hash force 15 dakika önce

      Hopefully Rey Falls to the Dark Side

  • logun24x7
    logun24x7 23 dakika önce +2

    I wanted to feel something ... but nothing ... its like there's some deep scar on my inner child that prevents me from being excited for this movie

    • jh 64
      jh 64 18 dakika önce

      viva quebec

  • Tom Secker
    Tom Secker 23 dakika önce

    No one's ever really gone...

  • Horse Lunch
    Horse Lunch 23 dakika önce +1

    with trailers like these who needs to watch the movie

  • im reatarted
    im reatarted 24 dakika önce +1

    This story ain't it chief