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Fortnite Daycare

  • katma 18 Şub 2022
  • This game is now a masterpiece.
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  • toughdough

    These kids are unironically the funniest people dunkey has collabed with

  • gg_2
    gg_2  +21

    The mom yelling in the back

  • Crumb
    Crumb  +4

    Dunkey manages to troll these kids while not being exclusionary or toxic. Very lighthearted and wholesome. :)

  • Romil
    Romil  +8


  • Kay M
    Kay M  +15

    "It's a pizza hut effect." got more laughs than everyone at Comedy Night. Kids rock.

  • Jacob
    Jacob  +9

    “Cuz that’s my Roblox name” is the most unintentionally hilarious response that kid could’ve possibly given.

  • NorrisTheSpider

    I appreciate Dunkeys ability to troll these kids without being super meanspirited and toxic.

  • Jack Bugee


  • The_Nuclear_Winter

    Bless Dunk. He's like a troll-y big brother to these kids but he stays PG and doesn't swear at or bully them. Their parents should be paying him for keeping their kids busy lol

  • Jeruhmi
    Jeruhmi  +6

    If only these kids knew what kind of legendary video they're in. Daycares need to teach kids the classics.

  • Death Follows

    "What do you MEAN I hate spiderman!?"

  • Devin
    Devin  +844

    Man, people were nothing but BRUTALLY MEAN to me when I played online as a kid. It seemed like every fucking dude was out to verbally behead you the second they could tell you were 12 or under. where were the dudes like Dunkey when I was a kid? This is way more entertaining than some dude who had a bad shift at McDonalds taking it out on kids in MW2 lobbies

  • Arthur Timpe

    I'll be honest, it was legitimately a really nice moment where dunkey told the pizza hut joke and the kids laughed

  • phillipfreeman


  • Fish For Thought

    this is dunkey's way of telling leah he's ready for kids

  • consent
    consent  +284


  • Fabian Correa


  • TreasureFreak

    I love how that kid at

  • デスThaKidd

    I can't believe how good Dunk is with kids considering he was a vicious crime lord back in the 80s.