Found a Working iPhone Underwater in a Waterproof Bag! (Scuba Diving)


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    Raquel Vargens Gün önce

    Brasileira aqui bjo bjo amei o vídeo 👏👏

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    O may god kkkkk sortudo

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    Yg orang indonesia likr

  • Aryo CountryBoy
    Aryo CountryBoy Gün önce

    Nice short opening... Like it

    TÙNG ADIDAS 2 gün önce

    Lặn như zầy chắc mệt lắm!!!

  • Thanos
    Thanos 2 gün önce +1

    Where do you put those lures?
    Do you give them yo local fisherman or?

  • Bevan Direen
    Bevan Direen 2 gün önce +1

    I go treasure diving with my two brother

  • Matthew Piper
    Matthew Piper 2 gün önce

    Me too

  • Princess Star Gamer
    Princess Star Gamer 3 gün önce

    Τέλειο Fantastic very funny

  • TichyMouse Minecraft
    TichyMouse Minecraft 4 gün önce

    Ngl but isn't that suspicious like ifnyou found a phone inna sealed seethrough bag and it works don't you think that's odd like if it was accidently dropped it wouldn't be in a sealed see through bag #mafia

  • Yazmyn Montgomery
    Yazmyn Montgomery 4 gün önce

    Fish at 1:19. “Wha- no. No, nonononno” 😂

  • Ari Metrickz
    Ari Metrickz 5 gün önce

    Why talking so fast? Clown!

  • Snail Farms
    Snail Farms 6 gün önce

    that rock

  • Stuart Marshall
    Stuart Marshall 6 gün önce

    Did you find how owns the phone

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    ATV vlog 7 gün önce

    Có thằng vn nào dang xem ko

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      Truong Ly 4 gün önce

      mình không phải việt nam

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    Istvànzon Kincses 7 gün önce

    Huu de gyorsan beszélsz mi vagy te repper?

  • Natalie. Mit
    Natalie. Mit 7 gün önce

    The gold thing (i think) is called fool's gold, people get fooled by it's beautiful sparkle and try to cash it in for money

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    Dats not rell she drop end she video

  • Vin SunGlory
    Vin SunGlory 11 gün önce

    Give me your iPhone haha

  • Kade Holm
    Kade Holm 12 gün önce

    It my glasses 1st one you found I live in Spain but I lost then America

  • Ларион Ефремов

    Ставьте лайк

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  • Mereoni Veiseyaki
    Mereoni Veiseyaki 14 gün önce

    You really can do a good catch of trash

  • Murrayclan Murrayclan
    Murrayclan Murrayclan 14 gün önce

    I found a knife on the beach once

  • Danielle Van Wey
    Danielle Van Wey 14 gün önce

    Jake is so awesome and amazing

  • Renee Martinez
    Renee Martinez 14 gün önce

    Most of the time he just finds junk, but honestly I'm just so interested what people throw in the water for some reason. I mean the fact that he takes the time to pick up everything he finds even trash is awesome. New subscriber and binge watcher.

    • Deadly Ponys
      Deadly Ponys 4 gün önce

      He does help cleaning by taking the trash

  • Wesley Hubner
    Wesley Hubner 15 gün önce

    Uma dica aos pescadores americanos é usar isca anti-enrrosco

  • Sarah Stevens
    Sarah Stevens 15 gün önce

    10:00 is where the good stuff happen

  • Sarah Stevens
    Sarah Stevens 15 gün önce

    So blury

  • paulo Henrique
    paulo Henrique 16 gün önce

    coloca legenda portugues

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    Good work

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    Taylor AF 16 gün önce

    I’m sorry, could you talk a little faster?

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    Afnan Ahmed 17 gün önce

    Thanks for cleaning river

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    Viêtnam helo

  • Natasha Ahmad
    Natasha Ahmad 18 gün önce

    You found my rock!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Марина Мельникова

    чо чо чо

  • Димитар Николов

    !!!!!!!!!!! И за каква екология се говори но в действителност какво се случва в Океаните и Моретата???????!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Димитар Николов

    !!!!!!!!!!! И за каква екология се говори но в действителност какво се случва в Океаните и Моретата???????!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mariegaby Pawley
    Mariegaby Pawley 19 gün önce

    Are those paddle board fins?

  • Max B.
    Max B. 19 gün önce

    That fishing Gear...

  • Aziz Baiseitov
    Aziz Baiseitov 19 gün önce

    Есьть руский

  • Nathan Porter
    Nathan Porter 19 gün önce

    He talks so fast I nearly double-checked my playback speed

  • Declan Morrison
    Declan Morrison 20 gün önce

    at 5:51

  • William Jimenez
    William Jimenez 20 gün önce

    that was realy cool

  • Declan Morrison
    Declan Morrison 20 gün önce +1

    that was manurer(fish poop) and u touched

    • _James
      _James 19 gün önce

      Declan Morrison Timestamp?

  • Joseph Romel
    Joseph Romel 20 gün önce

    You speak very fast, i can't understand

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  • Molly Naylor
    Molly Naylor 22 gün önce

    Spot the odd one out (impossible)
    Like if you found it :)

  • Molly Naylor
    Molly Naylor 22 gün önce

    6000000 subs cant believe it!😱😱Jake u are amazing! :)
    Edit: like if you agree

  • Aaron Kagan
    Aaron Kagan 22 gün önce

    O my god you just found a iPhone 📱 you are cool 😎

  • Diego Rosado
    Diego Rosado 23 gün önce

    At 6:23

  • Diego Rosado
    Diego Rosado 23 gün önce

    There’ was a iPhone

  • Semp
    Semp 24 gün önce

    did the phon work???

  • Art w!tH_ Sr XD
    Art w!tH_ Sr XD 25 gün önce

    Omg the end with the geese xD I love that part so much 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Shady Kated 25 gün önce

    مافي حدا عربي😒

  • baby cuddlebear
    baby cuddlebear 25 gün önce

    I learned off to you to scuba dive in the local pools to find toys Plus I'm only 10 And I'm doing it

  • Piper French
    Piper French 27 gün önce

    I love your Channel

    HACKER MAN 27 gün önce

    Where iş the iPhone ??? 📱📱📱

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    Скоко у тебе вже айфоно

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    Hai I'm Dhalisa from Malaysia

  • geng description
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    And I can't undertand

  • geng description
    geng description Aylar önce

    Why you talk so fast

    OFFICIAL NSA Aylar önce

    6:49 something shiny *RIGHT UNDER YOUR HAND*

  • Kittygirl 56
    Kittygirl 56 Aylar önce

    Lucky you got a free ipnone

  • Tayfun Kara
    Tayfun Kara Aylar önce

    I cant translate turkish your talking pls talk slowly thanks

  • TonyA musical
    TonyA musical Aylar önce

    U actually found a rock that was decaying and from looks of it, I had Either gold or silver on it

  • Elizabeth Goodson
    Elizabeth Goodson Aylar önce

    he found gold

  • Andrew Bagley
    Andrew Bagley Aylar önce

    theres an iphone at 6:23

  • Andrew Bagley
    Andrew Bagley Aylar önce

    OMG WHAT the hell you could of kept it or sold it

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    אם הייתי מוצא ספינר הייתי שם לגר חדש

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  • Daniela Valladares
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    ,That bag you opend it was cat pop

  • Reg Furmidge
    Reg Furmidge Aylar önce

    That rock thing was gold

  • Pink Panda
    Pink Panda Aylar önce

    Am I the only person who thinks he overlaid audio of him making popcorn? 😂

  • chele edwards
    chele edwards Aylar önce

    Hey I love your vids

  • Agiel Trie Ghufroon
    Agiel Trie Ghufroon Aylar önce

    Orang indonesia?like!dikit

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    JAKE DEARY 4478 Aylar önce

    I love Ur vids I wanna be like u
    Edit: my name is Jake

  • Τα νιντζάκια - The kung fu kids

    I wonder how many people are watching these videos and say "Hold on. THAT'S MINE"!

  • Truth Peace
    Truth Peace Aylar önce

    How do you keep finding these phones and they are in these waterproof bags? If someone lost it whilst diving then wouldn't they go back to find themselves? I don't see any other reason for someone to use bags like these unless they are wanting to underwater filming and then if they lost it would not they go to look for it. Seems so odd.

  • Annan Ashraf
    Annan Ashraf Aylar önce

    i can't belive ur so brave i mean don't u ever have thoughts of what could happen to u?!?!?!?!
    JK love ur channel and if no one subscribes to ur channel,
    you have no soul

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    Mui Fish

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    Jfc your talking very fast xD

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    2:50 Rafa Moreira mano 777

  • 100 Abonnenten Ohne Video

    Das Handy ist meins

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    I respect u thanks for picking up trash

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    siapa yang dari indo comment....

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    Give me iphone plis im from indonesia