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The MultiVersus Killer

  • katma 22 Ağu 2022
  • There's a new game in town. (Rivals of Aether, 2015)
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YORUMLAR • 5 434

  • Mr Spaghetti

    When Sakurai said “Everyone is here!” it was to protect us from this. Man was not meant to actually have everyone here.

  • Hideo Kojima

    “I can’t wait to play as Hideo Kojima.”

  • 1uke
    1uke  +2

    Mama Coco desperately trying to bounce forward through the fire is just so damn funny to me

  • Matej
    Matej  +721

    The fact that these meme mods are actually incredibly detailed and well made is amazing

  • Spencer
    Spencer  +2

    I used to play this with my roommates. I'm a sweaty melee player so whenever I went accurate fox or falco they'd just change to Super Saiyan Ronald McDonald and whoop my ass. Good times

  • Bastion Unit B73

    The chess piece is legitimately super fucking cool.

  • Mr. Lowell

    What makes Rivals of Aether so amazing isn’t the terrifyingly large number of mods that exist for it, but the fact that so many of them are designed to actually be played legitimately and not solely for shitposting.

  • Whoisthis
    Whoisthis  +351

    3 minutes of straight awesomeness without the need for a single line of voice-over, 100% Dunkey quality.

  • Giga Man
    Giga Man  +226

    I love how Rivals of Aether quite literally became the MUGEN of platform fighters.

  • Hillman Over

    This is, unintentionally, one of the best advertisements for game I've ever seen! A game where you can be almost anything imaginable. Upcoming marketers should take notes on this.

  • James Kidd
    James Kidd  +352

    something I really like the look of is that you can actually see what's happening, so many fighting games have so much happening it's really difficult to focus on it

  • Trent Euman

    I'm so glad Rivals of Aether is getting the spotlight that it deserves, such an underrated gem

  • John Light

    Can we talk about how good dunkey’s commentary was? He’s really stepped it up recently

  • Kami
    Kami  +213

    more incredible than all these amazing modded characters is how fluid and precise the inputs are.

  • Cromanti Cheer

    I've watched this video twice now and both times I've laughed so hard I cried. Absolutely glorious.

  • Joe
    Joe  +30

    the animation for wall-e is genuinely so amazing and awesome

  • C CL Tho

    Dunkey didn't even say anything, he just let the gameplay speak for itself. That's how you know it's a true masterpiece.

  • Corkstronaut

    Thank you dunkey for always putting a smile on my face after a long day of work

  • alec bormia

    Making a character creator in rivals is easily the single best decision they've made bc now they genuinely have something smash bros doesn't: The ability to make basically any matchup happen no matter how random or crazy it may seem. The only limits are that of the player base and that is so smart and so cool.

  • Erik Deckert

    I'm glad youll be spreading light on this incredible game. The workshop made it such an easy buy with friends.