YBN Cordae - Broke As F**k (Official Video)

  • katma 15 Ağu 2019
  • YBN Cordae - Broke As F**k (Official Video)
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  • MüzikMüzik

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  • Adriiin Delan
    Adriiin Delan 21 saatler önce

    Deep and harf af💯💯👌🏻👌🏻

  • Brandon Terrill
    Brandon Terrill 23 saatler önce

    that beat flip into the resurrection, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe _
    Joe _ Gün önce

    This camera work is insane

    Mr DMENOR Gün önce

    this is what we need more of! FOR THE CULTURE!

  • Supernova
    Supernova Gün önce


  • The god
    The god Gün önce


  • Thale Leaf
    Thale Leaf Gün önce

    Glad there is finally some mainstream that isnt so brainless
    Edit: loved how the beat and mood changed later in song

  • Bugzzy Banks
    Bugzzy Banks Gün önce

    Hope people realize you in the nomination with pros #HHA

  • ash greninja
    ash greninja Gün önce

    Cordae: Prada I like Fendi too
    Blue Face: oooooooooh

  • Kalob Norton
    Kalob Norton Gün önce

    Real shit

  • banke ibitoye
    banke ibitoye Gün önce +1

    Producer:how many girls do u want in this video
    Cordae: huh?

  • Marcus Rivera
    Marcus Rivera Gün önce

    The next Cole 🙌🏽🙌🏽 REAL lyricists are still alive and well 🙏🏽

    COMP STXRMZ Gün önce

    Yo could bail him out with yo rich ass

  • lolvideowatch
    lolvideowatch Gün önce +1

    I wish he made the second half of this song longer or a separate track, but i guess he was broke as fuck he had to put 2 tracks on 1 to save that money

  • Joshua Galvan
    Joshua Galvan Gün önce

    Did you go to beacon high G?

  • Logan Carpenter
    Logan Carpenter 2 gün önce

    he went crazyyyyyy

  • TRN Blast
    TRN Blast 2 gün önce +8

    I'm not dying until I get a Cordae and Denzel Curry collab

  • ibra_17 dz
    ibra_17 dz 2 gün önce

    YBN Cordae making is way through rappers" ass

  • Thee OnyxMonique Channel


  • Theodore Cornelius-Adkins

    pure fire u dislike u gay

  • the blesses one
    the blesses one 2 gün önce


  • Nicole Blackman
    Nicole Blackman 2 gün önce


  • Robert Rodrigue
    Robert Rodrigue 2 gün önce

    These are the type of rappers that make history.

  • Storm Clan
    Storm Clan 2 gün önce

    Has a comathezine bands flow

  • LiqUiD November
    LiqUiD November 2 gün önce

    H E L L A B A N G E R

  • SK.Erase
    SK.Erase 2 gün önce

    He just copied school boy q’s flow

    • John Doe
      John Doe Gün önce

      Just like he did with J.I.D.'s NEVER. Go listen to it then go listen to Kung Fu😂😂

  • Lil Pump
    Lil Pump 2 gün önce

    This should blow up, not panini

  • cody krona
    cody krona 2 gün önce

    man got shot over a brisk

  • Flexx 3Much
    Flexx 3Much 2 gün önce

    Gave me the chills gangggg🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • kelsey bocek
    kelsey bocek 2 gün önce

    I'm 23 and fuck with you hard fam 🔥🔥 you lyrical af for being a young dude in the game and really paint a picture. Keep grinding and salute for keeping this real shit alive and making sure we feel it, Love 💪🏼

  • CooliJoni
    CooliJoni 2 gün önce +1

    *This Beat* 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Star-boy Diego
    Star-boy Diego 2 gün önce +1

    Piti sa bon anpil wi

  • TehZapp
    TehZapp 2 gün önce

    4 years from now, Cordae will be huge, mark my words

  • SebbeF
    SebbeF 3 gün önce

    Incredible how much better the second part sounds when listening through the whole thing.

  • Domenick Castro
    Domenick Castro 3 gün önce

    This song heat and the beat switch good 🤯🔥🤯

  • Tshepiso Mbodi
    Tshepiso Mbodi 3 gün önce +1

    I love this song

  • JBRG_Yasco
    JBRG_Yasco 3 gün önce +1

    🔥🔥but y you look 14😂

  • Sxnxstro Oficial
    Sxnxstro Oficial 3 gün önce


  • ぽち ぽち
    ぽち ぽち 3 gün önce


  • D SA
    D SA 3 gün önce +1


    • たぴ
      たぴ 3 gün önce

      D SA 大坂なおみ性格良さそうやん(?)

  • 370HSSV 0773H
    370HSSV 0773H 3 gün önce

    When cordae said *I was broke as f*ck I felt that*

  • BombersRevenge -
    BombersRevenge - 3 gün önce


    KOSEY ESHE 3 gün önce

    he sound like hodgy beats he is fr stealing his flow im talking 2011 oddfuture golfwang hodgy beats

  • DerpyWizerd
    DerpyWizerd 3 gün önce

    I swear I nut every time I hear the drop

  • LT salad123 l
    LT salad123 l 3 gün önce +1

    Wonder how x’s trash ass has 5mill and Cordae only has 750k

  • Joz2015
    Joz2015 3 gün önce +12

    1:43 shoutout to the guy who ran out with a box of frosted flakes 😂 they're grrrrreat!

  • Javanie Brown
    Javanie Brown 3 gün önce +10

    This man has one of the largest vocabularies 😂😂😂

  • Ian Jones
    Ian Jones 3 gün önce +1


  • xamari clarke
    xamari clarke 3 gün önce

    (No Homo) but cordae is different in a good way. His lyrics are actually inspirational and senseful

  • Daniel Ruiz
    Daniel Ruiz 3 gün önce +3

    How am I now just hearing dis... dis SHII SLAPP🔥🔥🔥

  • random car guy
    random car guy 3 gün önce +1

    I can relate but just the being broke part😂

  • SenPai Beats
    SenPai Beats 3 gün önce

    that second beat is fire

  • Chilldude 420
    Chilldude 420 3 gün önce

    He shoulda made the second part a whole song

  • itsreallynotmanny
    itsreallynotmanny 3 gün önce

    these effects are sick tho

  • Katie Carter
    Katie Carter 3 gün önce +1

    U see the doctor smack my a** when i first fell out my mom 👀

  • YouGood?
    YouGood? 3 gün önce

    You don't shoot somebody for stealing a gatorade

  • Jay Finley
    Jay Finley 3 gün önce

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  • Sed Fowler
    Sed Fowler 3 gün önce +1

    Like how he switch his flow up💯

  • Thies_
    Thies_ 4 gün önce

    I love the drop

  • Muham Steed
    Muham Steed 4 gün önce

    3 6 mafia vibes