SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Reentry and Landing SUCCESS!



  • Rod Ciferri
    Rod Ciferri 2 gün önce

    Look at the landing leg in the top right hand quadrant of the screen when it is folded up and as it begins to unfold. You can see there is a triangle of opaque material that actually reflects the light from the rocket flames. Then, after the landing leg has fully opened - with no change in the angle of the rocket - you can see the triangular part terminating at the very end of the landing leg has turned mostly transparent, with part of the rocket's nozzle, part of another landing leg and part of the sky visible through it! Sorry, but, it's as fake as it gets...

    SIT DOWN, SHUT UP 14 gün önce +1

    Tesla cultists cheering in the background

  • whatever3210
    whatever3210 22 gün önce


  • Amber van Hoek
    Amber van Hoek 26 gün önce

    I just get so happy when I see this..!

  • shon evans
    shon evans Aylar önce

    Can we just send a couple of mother fucked over there and end this already . Shit send a monkey let's see if the radiation doesn't kill it but rockets relanding who fuckin cares .
    Show me a party on the fuckin moon with humans using that tech.

  • shon evans
    shon evans Aylar önce

    Still can't go to the fuckin moon though with people in it SMFH how small we really are

  • Jordanis Laureano
    Jordanis Laureano Aylar önce +1

    check this out when the falcon lands the speed keeps on going ! #fakeX

  • Fraternal House
    Fraternal House Aylar önce

    I Remember when NASA had to Splash-Land in the Ocean....LOL

  • Jerry Williams
    Jerry Williams Aylar önce +2

    Anyone willing to believe in such a poor demonstration of CGI should be institutionalized. This video is as fake as the reflecting wire-harness cable found in many of NASA's "moon landing" footage. Smh

  • Dodgson
    Dodgson Aylar önce

    checkout the live feed now. Spacex went back and edit'd their live feed. its not the same as this one anymore. Who is spacex to be able to edit their live feeds without putting edited on the video?

    • gunnarMyTube
      gunnarMyTube Aylar önce

      They probably plan to make something commercial out of it.

  • earthwizard1
    earthwizard1 Aylar önce

    wow wow and lots more wows im so gobsmacked at seeing a double landing, its like something out of a sci fi movie.

  • Kinnzie Martin
    Kinnzie Martin Aylar önce

    Elon made Buck Rogers real haha

  • Andreas Taraldsen
    Andreas Taraldsen Aylar önce

    FakeX - When LSC Concave Earth is revealed you will not be very popular. You are cursed for lying to the public.

  • Gary Masters
    Gary Masters Aylar önce

    I think this may be the coolest thing ever.

    IBIZABIKE Aylar önce

    That's the way to do it

  • CAH4E3
    CAH4E3 Aylar önce

    Where is the smoke and flames from the second rocket?????

  • Curi0u50ne
    Curi0u50ne Aylar önce

    As fake as the moon landings 🤣😂🤣

  • SnowHawk7
    SnowHawk7 Aylar önce

    Musk is going to put ArianneSpace out of business at this rate.

  • rufus worrell
    rufus worrell Aylar önce +1

    Always something always a story why not one camera in full screen why four half shot cameras and its always in slow motion come on people you have sight you have a brain 🧠 please use it u fools it’s all fake you really believe there is a car floating* around in space I’m ashamed

    • Barbara Goins
      Barbara Goins 29 gün önce

      rufus worrell there were people there watching them land you fool!

  • Darren Martin
    Darren Martin Aylar önce

    How can anyone thumbs down this? The man / his team are genesis.

    • Curi0u50ne
      Curi0u50ne Aylar önce

      Darren Martin hey if they had smart phones in the 60s I'd have thumbed down the moon landings as well.

  • Tal3n
    Tal3n Aylar önce

    That landing was honestly badass

  • Im’a Potato
    Im’a Potato Aylar önce

    You humans are awesome

  • Saya Angel
    Saya Angel Aylar önce

    Exciting and beautiful. A very big step.

  • carlosnyc13
    carlosnyc13 Aylar önce +4

    That looked kind of fake?

    • Jordan Fry
      Jordan Fry Aylar önce

      Got any evidence that it's fake that isn't just ignorance?

    • Miguel Medina
      Miguel Medina Aylar önce +1

      carlosnyc13 bro go see a rocket launch.

  • Katie
    Katie Aylar önce +5

    fabricated and homosexual

  • Dave C
    Dave C Aylar önce

    As someone who has purchased many Amazon products, I feel like a proud father.

  • Michael Scott Harris
    Michael Scott Harris Aylar önce

    We already live in outer space on a fine ship = Mother Earth. Keep the animations rolling and next time clean the landing pads of all the dust that blew about on landing. BTW a Tesla does not have a mass of 64 tons so it was not a test run of "Heavy Lift".

  • Jack
    Jack Aylar önce +12

    It’s a shame the majority of people will never truly understand just how innovative and amazing this re-landing technology is, makes me very excited for future space exploration potential

  • Len Kop
    Len Kop Aylar önce

    more bs

  • RJA Davis
    RJA Davis Aylar önce

    my heart is racing, extraterrestrials take notice, humanity just revolutionized. Musk will be the great hero of the 21st century when 22nd century history books recount our age.

  • Jackie Treehorn
    Jackie Treehorn Aylar önce

    How I laughed at 50s sci-fi films like 'Destination Moon' and their vertical landing rockets.

  • Ulli Michel
    Ulli Michel Aylar önce

    Game changer indeed. Now what we really need is a massive space race by private companies that can prove the feasibility of commercial exploration of space.

  • michael andrisano
    michael andrisano Aylar önce

    Fake as hell! Haha these dumb asses fooling a world full of zombies.

  • hello say
    hello say Aylar önce +1

    It's sad how fat and lazy people out their, calling things fake....they probably mad because they can't to anything.....

      GURI RISING Aylar önce

      hello say Nope that would be you chubbs

    • hello say
      hello say Aylar önce

      rich echo no your one of them

      GURI RISING Aylar önce

      hello say Says the fat fatty

  • Dookie Howser
    Dookie Howser Aylar önce

    The Soviets would've shit their pants if they saw us do this with the Saturn 5 rocket.

  • XxretardhaterxX
    XxretardhaterxX Aylar önce

    What a stupid waste of fuel.

    • hello say
      hello say Aylar önce

      Waste of fuel..... destroying rockets isn't waste.. it's a step closer in landing space rockets ....

  • K P
    K P Aylar önce

    Damn ! Russia , China , NKorea take notes !

  • ralexlu
    ralexlu Aylar önce +29

    Where's the superbowl type parade for these engineers and programmers???

      AMERICAN CARNAGE 13 gün önce

      James Allaire Can I borrow some of your stoopid? I got a hot date with a truther chick tonight ;-)
      Really, though. Teaching two superior computers to adapt to real-time atmospheric changes while on an accelerating retrograde insertion, followed by a suicide burn isn't exactly rocket science. It's Musk Magic.

    • James Allaire
      James Allaire 28 gün önce +3

      ralexlu this is Secret US military technology. Most likely electro-magnetic developed off Nikolas Tesla (not showman celeb Elon Musk - he's doesn't have the brains to do this). Eventually - the USA military markets their weaponry. Where do you think Microwave ovens and cell phones came from? The engineers who developed this are either dead or would be if they ever talked about when and how it was really invented.

  • ralexlu
    ralexlu Aylar önce

    Fucking amazing!

  • neberboi
    neberboi Aylar önce

    The video is in reverse.

    I kid I kid.

  • Lee Nix
    Lee Nix Aylar önce


  • ytRbro
    ytRbro Aylar önce

    bad ass! I thought it was 3 of them?

    • Lee Nix
      Lee Nix Aylar önce

      ytRbro one landed on a barge in the ocean.

  • wkw
    wkw Aylar önce +4

    Wow!!! that is freaking amazing CGI! well, I guess it still looks fake so maybe they need to work on it. I think whatever country can produce the best fake shit wins :)

    • wkw
      wkw Aylar önce

      nope, your head is're lonely, single and ugly.

    • wkw
      wkw Aylar önce


    • Dookie Howser
      Dookie Howser Aylar önce +1

      I'm married with 3 kids, but that doesn't make you not fat.

    • wkw
      wkw Aylar önce +1

      your head is're lonely, single and ugly...see how easy that is for me say ;)

    • Dookie Howser
      Dookie Howser Aylar önce +1

      You're fat.

  • Cee G08
    Cee G08 Aylar önce +3

    That was amazing. Go SpaceX!

  • Kierre Hodges
    Kierre Hodges Aylar önce +5

    My mind has been blown! 👀

  • Krumpli Nudli
    Krumpli Nudli Aylar önce

    And the core rocket?

  • MrThedygse
    MrThedygse Aylar önce

    Absolutly beautiful!

  • Eric Wanyama
    Eric Wanyama Aylar önce

    Great display of engineering. The booster landing was phenomenal.

  • ken sanders
    ken sanders Aylar önce +7

    Lol. Fake x. It's clearly CG.

    • Jackie Treehorn
      Jackie Treehorn Aylar önce

      ken sanders Sorry I cannot understand your last post, nice effort all the same.
      OP was clearly a trigger, it was fun for a while, I'm gonna watch a movies now.
      Capricorn One perhaps?? Haha

    • ken sanders
      ken sanders Aylar önce

      Jackie Treehorn oh I'm woke as he'll now thanks to your glorious efforts.

    • Jackie Treehorn
      Jackie Treehorn Aylar önce

      ken sanders they sure went to a lot of trouble to _fake_ it

    • Jackie Treehorn
      Jackie Treehorn Aylar önce

      Thank you, hope it helped you

    • ken sanders
      ken sanders Aylar önce

      Jackie Treehorn damn someone visited Wikipedia. Good for u.

  • Jocelyn Da Prato
    Jocelyn Da Prato Aylar önce

    Do you know if the main rocket landed. Weird that they didn't talk about

    • paul prosser
      paul prosser Aylar önce

      Jocelyn Da Prato ,,,it crashed into the ocean.

    • Exnem
      Exnem Aylar önce +2

      As far as we know, it didn't land, which is why they didn't present the core to us. It would be bad press to have the failure of one of 3 boosters overshadow the success of the rest. They'll come to us with news in time I bet.

  • Moon Tone
    Moon Tone Aylar önce +6

    It's like someone just pressed rewind!

    • Dustin Smith
      Dustin Smith Aylar önce

      That's funny you say that because most all of physics work the exact same forwards in time as it does backwards in time, so they actually could look the same except for a few minor details!

  • ComicKish
    ComicKish Aylar önce +14

    Looks fake

    • xc5647321 xc5647321
      xc5647321 xc5647321 9 gün önce

      MediaSubliminal -- SpaceX lands rockets and reuses them. And there is no "likely real launch". They ARE real launches. Let me guess. You're one of those guys who thinks Lizard people are putting flouride and date rape drugs in your food huh??? hahahahahahahaha

    • xc5647321 xc5647321
      xc5647321 xc5647321 9 gün önce

      rufus worrell --- please never breed... thank you.

    • Thomas Herman
      Thomas Herman 13 gün önce

      ComicKish Many years ago was in an Airport in New Zealand and there was a Michael Jordan highlight reel playing and a guy next to me said the same thing.

    • MediaSubliminal
      MediaSubliminal Aylar önce

      everyone is missing the point.
      Yes of course they've tested rockets. Yes of course rockets exist. Yes of course rockets are launched and this launch was likely real. Yes yes yes. That's not the point. Every content creator on all of youtube should be at least annoyed by this if not pissed off.

    • Joshua Santella
      Joshua Santella Aylar önce

      MediaSubliminal you know they’ve tested these multiple times?

  • froop
    froop Aylar önce +9

    Wow... Incredible demonstration of engineering.

  • Michal Čáslavský
    Michal Čáslavský Aylar önce

    Wow! How?

    • Lee Nix
      Lee Nix Aylar önce

      Michal Čáslavský Very smart people

  • J L N
    J L N Aylar önce +3

    I clapped so loud!

  • ny_kia31
    ny_kia31 Aylar önce +13

    There is nothing humanity isnt capable of..Just incredible.

    • rufus worrell
      rufus worrell Aylar önce

      Why not in real time ?why not ever show one continuous shot? it’s always edited and explained away such lemons these fools that believe this shit are so sad and so lost

    • iAMChrisCC
      iAMChrisCC Aylar önce

      Consigning religion to history (where it belongs) seems to be a bit of a challenge....

    • Slipvayne21
      Slipvayne21 Aylar önce +1

      ny_kia31 yep... lets go eat some more tide pods

    • sadf asdf
      sadf asdf Aylar önce +1

      I wish that were true. We're rapidly destroying the biosphere, engaging in endless wars, ruining the future for ten thousand generations. Don't let a rocket launch / landing blind you to what we really do on this planet.

  • Jp Reddy
    Jp Reddy Aylar önce +19

    That was freakin amazing!

    AMERICAN CARNAGE Aylar önce +13

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.