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Japanese Blade Restoration... With Lasers


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  • Blacktail Studio
    Blacktail Studio  2 aylar önce +349

    Japanese saw giveaway, remember, no locals! This one is for everyone else, worldwide shipping included www.blacktailstudio.com/giveaway and people, PLEASE look at the name of who contacts you. If it doesn't say "blacktail studio" it isn't me. Anything will "telegram" or some number is a scam. I probably will not do another one of these because people think I am the one scamming them, please help other people in the comments who don't read this or are leaving me angry comments because they think its me. This is a real giveaway, but you need to visit the link above, not some telagram or whatsapp number.

    • Josh Burns
      Josh Burns 10 gün önce

      Is the giveaway over? just curious

    • Matthew Mathis
      Matthew Mathis Aylar önce

      To answer your question, I like this video, and I am watching it.
      I think your table videos are more interesting, but I like it.
      Just make the stuff you enjoy. It's ok if you're Channel broadens a bit in appeal.

    • Lex Lojek
      Lex Lojek Aylar önce

      I'm actually curious if you considered giving their saw back to the gentlemen who sold it to you...they seemed to not want to part with it - maybe it was a family heirloom or something?
      I'm new here. Cool videos!

    • Vladimir Ivanov
      Vladimir Ivanov Aylar önce

      Next project has something to do with a heavy and bendy thing and isn't wood, looks like either a thick steel cable or rebar maybe?

    • It's just Anti.
      It's just Anti. Aylar önce

      Kind of wish you would have super restored it and brought it back to the shop :). Bet it would have blown the old timer away.

  • Complexities
    Complexities 2 aylar önce +2414

    Hey Johnny Sins, loved the vid. Wouldn't mind seeing some more off-brand stuff like this, really enjoying the variety.

    • PrinzEugen02
      PrinzEugen02 Aylar önce

      Is that a fumkin tau profile picture?

    • dr jeremy v pachuau
      dr jeremy v pachuau Aylar önce

      Johnny Sins...ha...ha....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • driacon
      driacon Aylar önce +1

      Woodwork and working with wood.

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover Aylar önce

      @Josh S Average Reddit user

    • ExpertOfSound
      ExpertOfSound Aylar önce

      Frog blast the vent core!

  • Thomas Edel
    Thomas Edel Gün önce +1

    I really enjoyed this video of you restoring the Japanese saw. I enjoy most all of your videos and would definitely like to see more like this. Thank you for everything. Aloha!

  • 21kiel
    21kiel Gün önce

    Love tool restorations, keep em coming!

  • theassenz
    theassenz 21 saatler önce

    I enjoyed this video. Throwing these different restorations in the mix of videos is awesome.

  • Joe Fotoleo
    Joe Fotoleo 2 gün önce

    Mr Clean! It's not the normal video, but it is always satisfying watching your work, Cam. I liked the first handle you crafted. I can't believe you remade that.
    ✌️ Joe from Houston

  • Josiah Smith
    Josiah Smith Aylar önce +337

    Well done 47, looks like you successfully restored a Japanese saw, with minimal casualties.

  • Jack Murphy
    Jack Murphy 20 saatler önce

    Loved the video Ringo Star, I am now wondering if you took it back tp show it to the guy that didn't want to sell it, I'm sure he'd be pleased to see what a great job you made of it. BTW the finished handle is awesome 👌

  • Wayne Bartosh
    Wayne Bartosh Gün önce

    Another fantastic video. Keep doing these please. And by the way. You resemble a young Patrick Stewart. Keep up the great work Captain Picard!!

  • Paulo de Carvalho
    Paulo de Carvalho Gün önce

    Loved the restoration

  • DammSkippy
    DammSkippy 17 gün önce +20

    Hey Saitama, loved the video! Restorations are always fun to both do and watch! Paul Sellers also has some great info about sharpening saws.

  • Bryson Wood
    Bryson Wood 2 aylar önce +1364

    This was a nice change of scenery. I think one restoration video for every 2 or 3 furniture videos would be really nice!

    • Mahmood Almarzooqi
      Mahmood Almarzooqi Aylar önce

      I totally agree. 👍🏻

    • Michael
      Michael Aylar önce

      I agree, I liked it too.

    • Knight master
      Knight master 2 aylar önce


    • Bryant Smyth
      Bryant Smyth 2 aylar önce

      For sure, it's good to shake it up a little

    • nfcapps
      nfcapps 2 aylar önce +3

      @Blacktail Studio totally random question, but did you send a picture of the restoration to the son of the shop owner? It might get him out of some trouble for his dad to know you did such nice work and actually used the saw, even if only once.😉

  • J Fo
    J Fo Aylar önce +104

    Jason Statham, I love the video! I like the restoration, and I like the idea of changing things up every once in a while! Also I appreciate the fact that you could make something and then decide that you don't like it and throw it away. I think it takes a lot of guts, but it's good to be honest with ourselves!

  • David
    David Aylar önce +54

    Mr. Clean, love this video, sometimes i lose motivation to woodwork but watching your videos always sparks it back up!!

  • Elvis Romero
    Elvis Romero Aylar önce +56

    Personally you pull off Pitbull vibes!! I think that as your channel grows so should you as a creator. Yes your woodworking content brought us all here but your personality and humor and transparency of your fails and not so smooth projects really makes us also see the human in you. I appreciate all the content. Thank you for taking us with you.

  • 320turbo
    320turbo 4 saatler önce

    For a while i thought you and Stephan Papdakis where brothers you look much like each other and your videos are very much alike, only that he makes motorsport content and you woodworking. Awesome work!

  • Adam Chaires
    Adam Chaires 2 aylar önce +277

    Lol that Gremilins refrence almost went over my head for a min, but when I realized I burst out laughing. Much respect for choosing a different handle, I too probably would of switched after getting that far, just goes to show we all over think our creation process.

    • Manuel Gutierrez
      Manuel Gutierrez 8 gün önce

      That exact same thing happened to me!

    • TrEfLiPz
      TrEfLiPz 13 gün önce

      Soon as he said “his son said meet me out back” I was like .. where have i heard this story before ? Lol

    • Sawyer Nilsson
      Sawyer Nilsson Aylar önce

      That joke took me so long

    • William Culveaux
      William Culveaux 2 aylar önce +2

      I was looking for a comment like this‼️🤘🏼😎🤘🏼‼️

    • ZyrelRohan
      ZyrelRohan 2 aylar önce +3

      As soon as he mentioned the grandson and that there was some rules it instantly got me to think of the Gremlins.. guess I've seen that movie way to much lol

  • Mrs. G Silver
    Mrs. G Silver 24 gün önce +11

    Mr. CLean, I consider myself a long time watcher and I like your deviations every so often because it gives this channel some extra flavor. Keep up the great entertainment!

  • Doug Sieburg
    Doug Sieburg Aylar önce +7

    Honestly I don't watch a lot of TRclips video's but I always log in and watch yours. Love the dry humor, honesty, and how you explain what and why you are doing what you're doing. As much as I enjoy the table builds, variety is the spice of life, so show us what you got.

  • My Mobile
    My Mobile 8 gün önce +1

    I love these videos. Sometimes they are mesmerising, sometimes they are soothing, sometimes fascinating. I love to see how creative you can be whether making tables or refurbishing a saw. I admire anyone who is creative and skilled.

  • Johannes Vorster
    Johannes Vorster Aylar önce +8

    Loved the video! Super honest and very interesting!
    I admire and appreciate how all your videos have your own unique touch of class 👌🏻 Great motivation for the rest of us!

  • Nanners
    Nanners 2 aylar önce +188

    Wow Cam, you’re like the Beatles of woodworking videos, great stuff!

  • MrMojohh
    MrMojohh Aylar önce +3

    Loved this video. Absolutely loved it. You said yourself, you make videos of things that you personally would like to see, so keep doing what you do and people will follow without fail.
    Currently going to school for machining, and this channel continuously keeps me inspired to make unique and beautiful things.

  • Selene
    Selene 9 gün önce +1

    I know this was done a couple of months ago, BUT this was awesome to watch something old be transformed back into what it was. Hope you do do more of these. Not only that i am a sucker for Japanese tools.

  • Mansour Yaacoubi
    Mansour Yaacoubi Aylar önce +9

    I don't even know anything about woodworking but I love your channel and it is definitely a good idea to add some restauration videos as well 👍🏼

  • Kid Icarus
    Kid Icarus Aylar önce +4

    Your content will stay great as long as you keep at it the way you do. You have your idea and you go methodically at it step by step and narrate great along the way and your style with appreciation and that figure out as long as it gets the job done mentality. It’s great, you can tell you’re enjoying what you do and that makes watching more enjoyable.

  • Ryan Rex
    Ryan Rex Aylar önce +143

    Lex Luthor, I've been subbed for a while now, and probably ended up finding your channel because of my interest in restoration channels, so I'm very happy to watch you restore tools whenever the fancy takes you.

  • Tim Mellor
    Tim Mellor 5 saatler önce

    Excellent video and diversity is great

  • joe dankson
    joe dankson 19 gün önce +2

    This is honestly one of your coolest videos! I'd love to see more tools, and it'd be awesome to see you repair some antique black powder firearms!

  • Mike
    Mike Aylar önce

    That was a beautiful restoration of an incredible looking Japanese saw; awesome find, by the way. And the white oak for the handle, coupled with that dragon pin you found on Etsy, was a perfect complement to the "old" saw with its old handle. I think the first attempt with the rarer wood was beautiful, but wasn't a good match for what you actually finished with.

  • Terman Pak
    Terman Pak Aylar önce +1

    Thanks for the great video Mark Strong. Coming from the perspective of a non-woodworker/handyman I just really enjoy watching the process of you creating things. Watching you transform wood into pieces of art is always compelling, but watching this restoration is equally as enthralling.
    Are you making a metal sculpture? Maybe a metal desk/table? How does epoxy hold up as a cutting board?

    CCR USA 2 aylar önce +271

    I hate that you haven't made more videos like this!😉👍
    It's not always the project itself we find fascinating to watch, it's the amount of skill and effort you put into the project which is most captivating.
    For me it doesn't matter what project you work on because your skill, creativity, and attention to detail are what I enjoy watching the most.

    • RevRynd
      RevRynd 2 aylar önce +1

      Came here to say pretty much this! I'm here for the skill and attention to details, the problem solving and the amazing products that Cam creates!

    • Ryan Bussey
      Ryan Bussey 2 aylar önce

      Perfectly said!

    • Ignatius Omeally
      Ignatius Omeally 2 aylar önce


    • SlowCarToChina
      SlowCarToChina 2 aylar önce

      Another thumbs up from me. More restoration videos, please.

    • Dawson White
      Dawson White 2 aylar önce

      Amen brother, I was thinking of a way to say exactly this but glad a read a few comments first.

  • Wakin Baker
    Wakin Baker 14 gün önce +1

    I love your videos man and I loved seeing this one too! I like hearing your little back stories and the story of how you got the saw was hilarious. I think you should keep doing different things like this! I really like that about you. Not afraid to change it up. Keep it up brother!

  • Nick Adkins
    Nick Adkins Aylar önce +7

    I love your videos, your humor, and the fan of the week segment at the end 🤣 great work, keep it up! Other projects are cool too, I enjoyed this alot

  • Drey Devito
    Drey Devito Aylar önce +6

    Big fan of your work, your videos are the kind of videos that give people inspiration to do things like this (myself included) I just wish I had a shop and enough money to buy the tools needed 😅 All in all though loved this video and would love to see more like it 👍

  • simon7562
    simon7562 28 gün önce +1

    Been watching your content for some time. Really liked this restoration. I would really like to see more of that on your channel. Cheers

  • Chase Cain
    Chase Cain 2 aylar önce +64

    hey walmart jason statham, i really loved this video and this style of restoration work. it’s relatable in a lot of ways because the trial and error nature of your restoration is a lot like mine which is super fun. keep up the great work!

    • Tracy Lewis
      Tracy Lewis 2 aylar önce +2

      Restoration videos can be your secret go-to if you're tired of sanding a conference table. I'm two thumbs up

    • Bluemoondm
      Bluemoondm 2 aylar önce +1

      @Blacktail Studio Home Depot Jason Statham?

    • Rafe Zetter
      Rafe Zetter 2 aylar önce +2

      Oh my, "walmart Jason Statham", that's harsh, funny AF, but harsh.

    • Chase Cain
      Chase Cain 2 aylar önce +4

      @Blacktail Studio it’s a near thing, maybe like the back shelf of walmart, before it’s been all smacked around

    • Blacktail Studio
      Blacktail Studio  2 aylar önce +14

      Wow, not even Kohls Statham?

  • Munawwar Khan
    Munawwar Khan Aylar önce +2

    I love how genuine you are, with your work, with the audience, and with yourself. I might be heading into binge watching your channel, and would appreciate all sorts of videos from you. I'm glad the algorithm brought me here.

  • Kirby Torres
    Kirby Torres 18 gün önce +1

    Hey Andrew Rea, love this type of videos, keep on making these from time to time.

  • dima tchat
    dima tchat Aylar önce +2

    I binged all your videos in a matter 2 days. Great job man. you are an artist! I am going to try to get into table building because of your story. thank you for what you do there is a lot of content on social media but very few actually provide value. I hope to learn as much as I can. keep inspiring brother!!!

  • Gravity
    Gravity 20 gün önce +4

    Also, I really liked this venture. Your personality and your approach to restoration is different to the usual restoration channels - refreshing.

  • Tyrone Wilson
    Tyrone Wilson 2 aylar önce +64

    Honestly, I kind of forgot that it wasn't furniture because I was enjoying what you were doing. I think what makes your videos unique is your narration and style. This still felt 100% Blacktail Studio.

    • Michael Owens
      Michael Owens 2 aylar önce +4

      My feeling exactly. I go to this channel for style and tone and attention to detail and out-of-the-way information. He could be digging ditches or preparing sermons of flying 747s for all I care.

  • Carole Plaine
    Carole Plaine 23 gün önce +3

    I love your woodworking videos, I love restoration videos, and I love the mashup. Keep 'em coming!

  • Johnny Disorder
    Johnny Disorder 21 gün önce

    As always, amazing video! I like this departure from the norm and encourage you to keep branching out and trying new things. We're all on this journey here with you!

  • Crewapp
    Crewapp Aylar önce +5

    oh my lord please make more of these this is absolutely wonderful

  • Col Stinson
    Col Stinson Aylar önce

    Hey man, love your work! Hopefully I’ll be able to buy a piece from you one day. Just a thought, and this is by no means what you should do, just an example for inspiration, but what about doing a rectangular table where you cut out a circle in the middle and have a completely separate piece of epoxy wood as the centerpiece within the table. Just a cool concept I thought of and figured you’d be the best possible person to make a super cool piece with that idea. Keep it up man!

  • Matt Casoni
    Matt Casoni 2 aylar önce +144

    I love that you were done with a handle, hated it, then redid it. That’s one of the most difficult things to realize. Fantastic work

    • Skinflaps Meatslapper
      Skinflaps Meatslapper 2 aylar önce +2

      @What Could Go Wrong The shape and finish of it just didn't mix well with the looks of the saw. Japanese hand tool aesthetics seem to favor simplistic and precise handles. It was a great looking handle, just not on this saw. It would be like seeing an ornate European rapier handle with silver braid and jeweled basket on a broadsword or katana...it might be really functional and look awesome on its own, but the two together would look wrong on so many levels.

    • What Could Go Wrong
      What Could Go Wrong 2 aylar önce +1

      I liked the first handle better…

    • CodeBlue
      CodeBlue 2 aylar önce

      @Blacktail Studio :: great spalted handle but for another tool ..or utensil …js

    • redmatrix
      redmatrix 2 aylar önce

      Killing your baby, that's hard to do.

    • Gr1nd3rs
      Gr1nd3rs 2 aylar önce +4

      Believe it or not, this was my most favorite part of the video. "I don't like all of it"

  • Evan Lauer
    Evan Lauer 15 gün önce

    i love this video, love seeing you apply your process to other projects. please keep it up

  • Evan Lauer
    Evan Lauer 15 gün önce

    i love this video, love seeing you apply your process to other projects. please keep it up

  • Stacyjv_
    Stacyjv_ Aylar önce

    I enjoyed watching a bit of something different on your channel~ keeping things fresh. I also really loved that spalted maple handle and hopefully you are able to use it on a different project. I thought the added flair of the dragon pin was magnificent for this piece. Well done.

  • Mike Ballard
    Mike Ballard Aylar önce +1

    I love watching you work, you have a lot of talent and your enjoyable to watch !!!

  • shardinhand
    shardinhand Aylar önce

    theres such a great feeling that comes from working on a project like this, its so saticfying, to make something beautiful and practical with your own hands its hard to discribe the feeling of achivement you feel. go for your passions my man, no matter what anyone says!

  • The Tryhards feat. the Common Connoisseurs

    I love process videos of all forms - new to the channel and I love what I see! Keep up the amazing work.

  • Parrotman
    Parrotman Aylar önce

    Hey Dr. Evil, loved the video. I would love to see more restoration! Maybe also a display box for that saw to pay some respect to the old man who had to part with it?

  • Leon K
    Leon K 16 gün önce

    This is such a cool project!! Definitely more of this. And yes the second handle was way better. I think it was just the shape that didn’t fit at the first place

  • Shamorin Silentblade
    Shamorin Silentblade 2 aylar önce +100

    I feel strongly that this video is very entertaining.
    You do what you like and probably your community will watch it.
    It's not that we watch your videos because we're all woodworkers. We watch your videos because they are entertaining, good craftsmanship and insanely satisfying.

    • RiTZ509
      RiTZ509 2 aylar önce

      Add another agree to this sentiment. If you make it, they will come.

    • Shamorin Silentblade
      Shamorin Silentblade 2 aylar önce

      @Blacktail Studio Thank you, Sir! Much love and appreciation from Germany! You are probably the most humble master craftsman in existence.

    • Randy Yoder
      Randy Yoder 2 aylar önce +2

      Agreed! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    • Blacktail Studio
      Blacktail Studio  2 aylar önce +4

      I appreciate that

  • Donald Stewart
    Donald Stewart Aylar önce

    With your research and info you relate to us, I'll still watch you do anything! It's the Info I love.
    You do an awesome job of "whatever" you do. And you even show the mistakes you've made
    so we don't have to. You have saved me a Ton!

  • StopMotion Pictures
    StopMotion Pictures  Aylar önce +1

    Awesome video! I’d Love to see more tool restorations!

  • yssing
    yssing Aylar önce +2

    I really love to see restoration videos.. It's preserving history

  • Shawn Berry
    Shawn Berry Aylar önce

    I loved the project where you used Wenge wood….I’m from London, Ontario Canada and build custom doors….we built some out of Wenge for a casino in the States….was beautiful wood and I had never seen it used anywhere else until I saw you use it….great job…looked amazing as usual.

  • Pete E
    Pete E 2 aylar önce +28

    I'd listen to this channel just for the hilarious commentary. The woodworking is a bonus. Great job as always Cam... Love the video make anything you want. Don't ever stop being a smart ass..... It's hilarious...

    • PerfectionHunter
      PerfectionHunter 2 aylar önce +1

      Indeed, i come here for the woodworking, but stay for the smart assy-ness...
      07:57 "I've never sharpened a handsaw blade before, so i did what everybody should do and watched 1 TRclips video and now i can pretty much call myself an expert" LMAO yes! 🏆

    • Text+①(⑧⓪①) ⑨⑧⑨-③⓪⑦⑧
      Text+①(⑧⓪①) ⑨⑧⑨-③⓪⑦⑧ 2 aylar önce

      Yeah 👆Thanks for watching and commenting send a direct message you're the lucky winner for today.......

  • ニツネ NitsuNe
    ニツネ NitsuNe Aylar önce +1

    10:25 After hearing the story, I think this is exactly the reason why they don't want to sell it. They probably respect the saw and keep it as it is. It probably got some history and meaning behind the saw. Should probably ask the shop for it's past if they know anything before you destroy/restore it.

  • Zack Warburg
    Zack Warburg Aylar önce

    You definitely look like Mr. Clean.
    Love the video! Great to see you trying something new out. Personally a huge fan of your furniture making videos and hope to see more of those soon, but love seeing any content you put out.

  • Gravity
    Gravity 20 gün önce +4

    The saw after the restoration looks absolutely amazing. The first handle is a thing only a mother could love. So glad you re-made the original afterall!

    • Lee Schneider
      Lee Schneider 4 gün önce

      I actually liked the first one better.

  • Mike Petitt
    Mike Petitt Aylar önce

    Loved the video really like all the ones you make I wish you made more really love seeing what you are doing! Thanks again

  • Tiffany Madsen
    Tiffany Madsen 2 aylar önce +29

    Video was cool. Would love to see more. Also enjoyed the Gremlins reference. Told my coworkers about your rock paper scissors competitions. Almost convinced then to take a road trip! Thanks for the great content! PS I am great full that I can watch your videos in front of my kids with out worrying about the necessity for bleeps

    • John
      John 2 aylar önce +1

      Gremlins reference really got me. I'm glad I'm not the only one that got this. 😆

  • Bryan Himebaugh
    Bryan Himebaugh 18 gün önce

    I liked the video - it's always interesting to see how you respond to those "mistakes" or changes to the design and how you recover to make another beautiful piece.

  • Alysson Rowan
    Alysson Rowan Aylar önce

    I love seeing tool restorations - more than furniture (which I also enjoy).
    These vids are a great way to relax, especially given that I have no talent for either.

  • Kyle Finney
    Kyle Finney 22 gün önce +1

    Loved this. More tool/knife/blade restorations! Well done sir.

  • XON
    XON Aylar önce

    I mostly watch your videos both for you process and lax approach, your pieces of furniture are amazing and I have been wanting some.. that said, it was just as enjoyable to watch you restore a tool. Do what you do!

  • genkisudo
    genkisudo 21 gün önce

    This is super cool, loved this video. Hope to see more of this!

  • Alexander Stohr
    Alexander Stohr Aylar önce +1

    I do definitely like videos on unique items. thanks for doing such vids.
    keep that up!

  • Nathan Odle
    Nathan Odle 25 gün önce

    The Rock Johnson
    Love tool restoration videos and would love to see more like this from you!!!

  • family tree whisky
    family tree whisky Aylar önce

    This was so amazing would love to see more please

  • Suhail Adam
    Suhail Adam 2 aylar önce +29

    At first, I was confused as to why I kept seeing a restoration video recommended to me many times by TRclips until I realized that it was you. I legit got very excited about it and absolutely enjoyed the video. Would love to see more stuff that's not just furniture builds.

    DIYREST TUBE Aylar önce

    the lazer rust removal was amazing,nice restoration of that big saw.

  • Matt Moorhead
    Matt Moorhead Aylar önce

    Freaking love this video! I flip out seeing your furniture builds, when I saw a restoration video I think I got a chubby!

  • Parker
    Parker 27 gün önce

    Here’s my feedback, I love to learn from people who show the process of learning. It’s an entertainment preference I have when I watch TRclipsrs and your commentary and whole process makes me want to watch videos of Chinese tool restoration. So keep up trying new things. But don’t go away from the main thing that makes you an expert. Keep up the great content.

  • Apodis
    Apodis Aylar önce

    Awesome video, love the laser rust removal. Never seen a saw like that before either 😮 By the way, the Beatles were pioneers, they didn’t have to be that good. They were different at the time and thats why they got the accolades they did. 😊

  • ben reber
    ben reber 2 gün önce

    😂wives freak out. lol true. when i was 15 my parents freaked out because i was using the blender to refine some of the ingrediants to making solid fuel cells.

  • Nick Nola
    Nick Nola Aylar önce

    Hey Cam! Love your work. Can you suggest a cheaper alternative to seal the wood before the epoxy poor. I was thinking of using some water based poly I had spare, but other forums suggest epoxy and water poly don’t mix well. Keen to hear your thoughts/opinion. Cheers. Much love from AUS

    UNARMD Aylar önce

    Dr Greene, Great Video! Love seeing old rusted stuff being restored instead of ending up in landfill.

  • Ahern Plays
    Ahern Plays Aylar önce

    I actually love this video. I do watch restoration videos a lot though so I could not have the best opinion. That said I liked the first handle but after seeing that white oak handle with the dragon pin. Just a chef's kiss decision to go for the white oak.

  • m. d. D.
    m. d. D. 2 aylar önce +31

    If you're a maker, you're a maker. You make furniture. You make jigs. You make ... old tools look new again. Well, in this case, maybe not "new", but restored. Being a maker is about learning, and taking risks. Keep doing what you are doing. One can learn more about your attention to detail than they ever could from your technique.
    Edit: What a gnarly looking saw ... makes you really respect what the craftsmen in the days of yore had to go through, doesn't it?

  • Brook Johnson
    Brook Johnson 14 gün önce

    Hey Mike Tyson, great video and I loved the restoration. I think as long as you’re doing something you really enjoy and are interested in, it translates for us, the viewers.

  • mrbigheart
    mrbigheart 14 gün önce

    Jhonny Sins, this is an awesome project.
    From the lasers and the sharpening and that pin is just a great touch!
    Also, not being afraid to change everything in the 11th hour, earns you big points. You have to trust your own madness!
    Yes, do post more 'odd' projects like this, they are a great addition to the already great content you have here.
    Big fan, btw.. this is awesome stuff! Keep it up!

  • Magmar711
    Magmar711 20 gün önce

    Patrick Stewart! Hey man, variety is always appreciated so that a channel doesn’t get too stale. Definitely stick to furniture and epoxy projects as both you and your main audience enjoy them so much. Can’t wait to see what you make next!

  • Rowen Rhees
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