Ja Morant Full Highlights Grizzlies vs Spurs 2019.10.18 - 16 Points, 6 Assists!

  • katma 19 Eki 2019
  • Memphis Grizzlies vs San Antonio Spurs - Full Game Highlights | October 18, 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • Synai Mccrae
    Synai Mccrae 8 gün önce

    If he would came to Kentucky

  • William yu
    William yu 22 gün önce

    Ja Morant will create a future for Grizzlies

  • Chandler Wu
    Chandler Wu Aylar önce

    You can’t really find a model for this kid. Westbrook’s explosiveness with CP3’s mindset?

  • David Thompson
    David Thompson Aylar önce +1

    Rookie of the year without a doubt🔥👌

  • Brooks Orlando
    Brooks Orlando Aylar önce +1

    He's a superstar. Not just all star level, MVP level

  • ken2GDTV
    ken2GDTV Aylar önce

    he so smooth bruh!

  • MiNoGanG
    MiNoGanG Aylar önce

    PENNY HARDAWAY YOU AINT SLICK!! That boy movin to damn smooth out there

  • Chika Chiang
    Chika Chiang Aylar önce

    So smart

  • Abuadam0723
    Abuadam0723 Aylar önce

    he looks very good and very good iq

  • Lorenzo Alonzo
    Lorenzo Alonzo Aylar önce

    Next superstar! This young man play with lots of confidence !

  • Cord Smith
    Cord Smith Aylar önce

    I got him wining rookie of the year

  • European American
    European American Aylar önce

    This kid is SPECIAL...you just know it when you see it. 🔥💯🔥💯🔥💯

  • Manroz
    Manroz Aylar önce

    Ja Morant, Brandon Clarke, and Jaren Jackson Jr is gonna be incredible.

  • Sedan Fulks
    Sedan Fulks Aylar önce

    Coby white Better he just the better playmaker

  • Jason
    Jason Aylar önce +2

    - Calm and collected
    - Doesn't waste energy
    - Versatile and crafty
    - Easily a perennial all star

  • IDontGiveA
    IDontGiveA Aylar önce

    First Ja Morant, there’s no comparison.

  • Joe Blue
    Joe Blue Aylar önce

    He’s a great player but he isn’t the most exciting to watch.

    • Joe Blue
      Joe Blue Aylar önce

      Isaa' spirit yea I saw it, he’s still not exciting to watch.

    • Isaa' spirit
      Isaa' spirit Aylar önce

      Joe Blue are you blind or what ? Look the way he give the pass to his teammate , no look pass , he as like a LeBron or magic instinct with the pass , he can dunk , shoot 3 if you followed him before you would know.

  • Colton Begay
    Colton Begay Aylar önce

    As a spurs fan, not only will this dude b a headache since he's a division opponent, but he'll be a top 5 PG in the years to come

  • 4 Kingss
    4 Kingss Aylar önce

    Spurs beat that ass

  • Vaxter
    Vaxter Aylar önce

    1:46 travel... Nice one

  • Max McCoy
    Max McCoy Aylar önce +1

    this guy is unreal oh my god

  • Rakeem SW
    Rakeem SW Aylar önce

    He looks like another John wall

    • Vncnzo
      Vncnzo Aylar önce

      Looks smarter though

  • 972SIRE469
    972SIRE469 Aylar önce +1

    Iverson 2.0 equipped with court vision.

  • Money Jay
    Money Jay Aylar önce +1

    Ja looking good can’t wait for the season....Go Grizz!

  • hoop session
    hoop session Aylar önce

    i hope this nigga dont hurt hisself he a lil wild

  • Jessie Lopez
    Jessie Lopez Aylar önce

    Coby White will be better.

  • Jessie Lopez
    Jessie Lopez Aylar önce

    This is good but come on.
    If it’s not at least 20pts or 10ast.
    Why we even taking about him ? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • greg ross
    greg ross Aylar önce

    Point God Grace's us with a sample of his game

  • Ryan Cola
    Ryan Cola Aylar önce

    He's disgusting

  • 764 Play
    764 Play Aylar önce +1

    Stud alert

  • QuelakaLilNino
    QuelakaLilNino Aylar önce +1

    2:09 he’s gone be in the league for a decade or more no questions asked

  • Eugene M
    Eugene M Aylar önce

    Westbrook 2.0

  • HBK_Meeks
    HBK_Meeks Aylar önce

    Reminds me of a rookie d rose

  • DeoXide
    DeoXide Aylar önce +1

    ROTY ... who wants to bet $$$

  • Dream Soda
    Dream Soda Aylar önce +1

    My candidate for roty :)

  • Tzetsuu
    Tzetsuu Aylar önce

    not afraid of contact, he tuff!

  • Bodhi KING
    Bodhi KING Aylar önce +2

    Make game looks so easy

  • Nav Negruj
    Nav Negruj Aylar önce

    "I just wanna be JA"

  • Dinero DaDemiGod
    Dinero DaDemiGod Aylar önce

    I see a rose type player with iverson tenacity and frame

  • Abdul Ahmed
    Abdul Ahmed Aylar önce +1

    This kid is too legit! #superstarinthemaking

  • Shawn Guron
    Shawn Guron Aylar önce

    Its like everything the scouts said about him was right on, except he's more damian lillard than westbrook pysically. Brandon Clarke is gonna be a monster if he keeps improving his skills he's like a energizer bunny out there

  • 1000gohead
    1000gohead Aylar önce

    The NBA is rigged

  • Bananagoat69
    Bananagoat69 Aylar önce

    This dude has so much swag in his fucking game, a slashing playmaker 3 level scorer gahdamn

  • CallMe3
    CallMe3 Aylar önce


  • Evan DeRouen
    Evan DeRouen Aylar önce +1

    Rookie of the year

  • Digital Gravity
    Digital Gravity Aylar önce

    He reminds me of Lillard not the playstyle but how they play like a vet as a rookie.

  • Chris Aguilar
    Chris Aguilar Aylar önce

    great career ahead of him, new franchise player, he went left & right which is a good for a player

  • Bad Kitty Kitty
    Bad Kitty Kitty Aylar önce

    Black guy with perm was great but the other black guy was better 🤩🤩🤩

  • Jose Soto
    Jose Soto Aylar önce +1

    great vision remindz me of jason kidd as a passer.

  • waynechan1989
    waynechan1989 Aylar önce

    He is a real deal compare to bust ball

  • bobby Valentino
    bobby Valentino Aylar önce

    Dam with all of his great playmaking and under the rim plays I’ve seen so far, I forgot that the kid got BUNNIES 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • nu2dz
    nu2dz Aylar önce +4

    The Grizzlies got one

  • 60zeller
    60zeller Aylar önce

    He will have his growing pains this year but will be fun to watch.
    Memphis will be terrible this year. Clark looks good too.
    Could be powerful in three years

  • Jay The Finesser
    Jay The Finesser Aylar önce

    I know dejounte scored 1 points but if he can score on Westbrook an harden he can score on anybody I love too see him versus ja morant one more time because the fact he still injured

  • youdontknow da1/2
    youdontknow da1/2 Aylar önce +2

    spurs bench looking like “can we get this kid?”

  • youdontknow da1/2
    youdontknow da1/2 Aylar önce +4

    sorry , i know y’all don’t see it but he’s going to be better than kyrie. his vision , athleticism , handle, he got it all . he’s a leader beyond his years

    • youdontknow da1/2
      youdontknow da1/2 Aylar önce

      Follow My New TRclips! he plays the game like it’s easy and having fun doing it. he’s the future

    • Follow My New YouTube!
      Follow My New YouTube! Aylar önce

      youdontknow da1/2 bro i been watching him since his first year, i live 1 hours a way from his college (u don’t believe me ik) but i agree with u

  • Robert T. Vannatta
    Robert T. Vannatta Aylar önce +5


  • TEACHER Hunter
    TEACHER Hunter Aylar önce

    Zion needs to play enough before he can win anything

  • deemorris81
    deemorris81 Aylar önce +1

    This kid is special

  • Kameron Pettigrew
    Kameron Pettigrew Aylar önce +4

    If you took A.I and Rondo, and mixed them together.....