Everything Wrong With Gremlins In Roughly 8 Minutes Or So


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  • Cat_lover 2019
    Cat_lover 2019 6 saatler önce

    Christmas didn’t kill your Father Kate, stupid did! 😂

  • Maria wheater
    Maria wheater Gün önce

    you tube

  • Aidan Michael
    Aidan Michael 2 gün önce

    Forgets to mention the fact that a plastic baby to breaks a showroom's glass pane. How the f*ck was that possible?

  • ProtoStar51
    ProtoStar51 3 gün önce +1

    Don't let 'em get wet! They'll multiply!

  • Kruppt808
    Kruppt808 3 gün önce

    Why is your voice so hesitant? Are you reading off a script you don't agree with?

  • Banter Bus
    Banter Bus 4 gün önce

    Mogwai is the best, The hawk is howling is the best album


    It is actually a “horror-comedy”

  • Marshishu Ishu
    Marshishu Ishu 5 gün önce

    Doesn’t chicken soup have water in it? Stupid move, thank god Chinese dude interrupted.

  • killeing
    killeing 5 gün önce


  • Lightning Reflex
    Lightning Reflex 8 gün önce

    The ‘giant glass coffee mug’ is a pint glass that you’re meant to put your beer in

  • Kxtie :3
    Kxtie :3 8 gün önce

    they are so cute but when i was younger i got scared in fear when i was small xD

    FUCK YOUTUBE 11 gün önce

    4:36 i am proud to still own that blanket lol. every 70's 80's movie.

  • Jeremy Drafall
    Jeremy Drafall 17 gün önce

    R.I.P. Dick Miller. Who played Murray Futterman and the rest of Joe Dante films.

  • Justin Toledo
    Justin Toledo 17 gün önce

    Yo i hate this guy why does he make a living out of hating on movies

  • differentJelly
    differentJelly 19 gün önce

    Rest in peace mr futterman

  • END Studios
    END Studios 20 gün önce +1

    Gizmo Ca Ca!

  • debyan
    debyan 24 gün önce

    when i was young i was EXTREMELY terrified of the gremlins and the theme song. had so many nightmares.

  • Alyssa Drake
    Alyssa Drake Aylar önce

    Gremlins was part of my childhood, and I still watch it to this day.

  • Jacob ML
    Jacob ML Aylar önce

    Randall said he would take the dog to the grandmas house before the convention and pick him up after, remove 1 sin plez

  • thesemfnnutts
    thesemfnnutts Aylar önce

    I think I still have that table top Donkey Kong somewhere

  • Kathy Heffner
    Kathy Heffner Aylar önce

    All the mentioning to ET was basically advertising because ET HADN'T COME OUT YET THEY WERE INSIDE JOKES TO SPEILBURG

  • Judson Joist
    Judson Joist Aylar önce

    Since when is it pronounced "MOE'gwei?"

  • Garfield rogue
    Garfield rogue Aylar önce

    What their is nothing wrong this

  • whodeani Mania
    whodeani Mania Aylar önce

    also,just as the cinema blows up.. there is a guy on a cycle..who the fuck cycles in snow... who...+10 sins for that one

  • Alice Reese
    Alice Reese Aylar önce

    Bendy then FNAF 6 cool

  • woopsohdamnit
    woopsohdamnit Aylar önce

    Gas pipe threads are opposite to normal aren't they?

  • Keaton Fox
    Keaton Fox Aylar önce

    You sinned the cutting of the Christmas lights, which made me realize that at 5:01 you see both sides of the lights are still powered, after being cut. At least one half of them was just cut from the power.

  • Raptor playz x flash
    Raptor playz x flash Aylar önce

    I h8 your videos you talk bad stuff about everything

  • Irish Pupper
    Irish Pupper Aylar önce

    Isn't it always after midnight though??

  • TheEpixCherry
    TheEpixCherry Aylar önce

    Top Quote "Woah Gizmo! Don't Do that in Billy's Room!"

  • Simon
    Simon Aylar önce

    0:46 How much suspense would have been killed if we were told exactly what happens if the three rules were broken early on in the movie?
    9:08 This is from the "Bicycle Man" episode of Different Strokes if anybody's interested.

  • CapitaineGMC
    CapitaineGMC Aylar önce +2

    What about when the Mogwais hang the dog outside in the snow? Isn't snow basically very cold water?

  • Quotenwagnerianer
    Quotenwagnerianer Aylar önce

    The most burning question:
    What happens to the "after midnight"-rule when you travel to a different timezone.

  • wade ash
    wade ash Aylar önce

    the Midnight thing... it is implied its about an hour, so 1am is fine, also the rules come from a chinese man so I assume that timezone, which isn't what happend in the movie but whatever, honestly glGremlins is great and self aware, it made fun of itself in the sequel so it knew what it was, thats something not enough movies do.

  • goblin knight
    goblin knight Aylar önce

    I have one of those mini donkey Kong arcade machines

  • Shasta Mite
    Shasta Mite Aylar önce

    6:10 I believed in Santa until I was 13. I’m 13 and a half now.

  • T Bot
    T Bot Aylar önce

    I'm probably not the first, but the phrase is: "all of a sudden". I'm adding 20 sins for that one.

  • Paco Diago
    Paco Diago Aylar önce


  • Cheezyoverlord27 Hi
    Cheezyoverlord27 Hi Aylar önce

    Hey I’m 17 and I still believe in Santa and yes I know it is weird

  • Sweet Home Alabama
    Sweet Home Alabama Aylar önce

    It’s concerning they can’t take baths. They probably smell like shit

  • The Noise Channel
    The Noise Channel Aylar önce

    If we're gonna nitpick, how bout when they first turn on Snow White? There's a HUGE white flash. Then after the reel runs out, another. They just charge the screen instead of shrieking.

  • Aroreiel
    Aroreiel Aylar önce

    Also...snow is wet.

  • The kid is not his son

    Gremlins scared me as a kid

    NOODLEFACE 14 Aylar önce

    just watched the gremlins last night and why did that one kid have fucking hedge clippers in his room???

  • His-Word Devotionals
    His-Word Devotionals Aylar önce

    How could... how could you sin the Gizmo driving scene😭

  • Steel Here
    Steel Here Aylar önce

    "Gremlins" is a Christmas movie.

  • R
    R Aylar önce +1

    I’m watching this right now, on Christmas. (Sin 21) The 1 orange in the juicer and all the excess juice is ridiculous.

  • Cattle Decapitation
    Cattle Decapitation Aylar önce

    My favorite movie of all time!

  • karatefella
    karatefella Aylar önce

    Take one Sin off for Phoebe Cates being so damn hot in this film !

  • ocularnervosa
    ocularnervosa Aylar önce

    Are they effected by Daylight Savings Time?

  • Harvey Anderson
    Harvey Anderson Aylar önce

    Not going to say anything about taking sins off for cuteness or the amazing animatronic gremlins but i will say that one needs to be removed because Barney is in the car with the dad because earlier he said he would pick him up on the way home from the convention

  • Awesome Alex
    Awesome Alex Aylar önce

    Stop making fun of my Gremlins.

  • FanGirl ForReal
    FanGirl ForReal Aylar önce

    The Holidays Brought me here.
    Merry Christmas. 2k18 🎄

  • Dusty2084
    Dusty2084 2 aylar önce

    Is nothing holy with you @CinemaSins!?

  • Andrew Toone
    Andrew Toone 2 aylar önce

    Barney was along on the trip because Randall took him to Billy’s grandmother’s house on the way to the convention and picked him up on the way home.

  • Angel Arrow
    Angel Arrow 2 aylar önce

    I believed in santa until I was fourteen, so I mean, her believing at nine is completely plausible

  • Julian Goulette
    Julian Goulette 2 aylar önce

    4:49 There is only one explanation, the house is bigger on the inside.
    *Doctor who intro starts playing*

  • 4mySweetheart369
    4mySweetheart369 2 aylar önce

    Santa? Not real?!

  • markmac
    markmac 2 aylar önce

    the part about how old is billy because there are toys was because originally billy was supposed to be younger. so apparently when they changed that they didnt take out the part about toys

  • Clinton H
    Clinton H 2 aylar önce

    His name thingy me bob must of been a mistake or an error in the film it could of been one
    Of those?

  • Clinton H
    Clinton H 2 aylar önce

    Gremlins the movie copied off Indiana jones by saying rockn Ricky Rialto! Am I the only
    One here who knows this?!!

  • Sheez Burga Man
    Sheez Burga Man 2 aylar önce +1

    No "roll credits" for when he says "Gremlins are in the machine"?
    Also he probably heard all e stuff about the cops and Mrs Deagle on the news or from somebody, so he included it

  • Colin Hughes
    Colin Hughes 2 aylar önce

    I mainly only seriously physically momentarily agree with the sins like the piano key one.

  • Hakudoushi Numbernine
    Hakudoushi Numbernine 2 aylar önce

    see, mogwai means demon in chinese. how is "mogwai" cute and "gremlin" the demon they become when the rules aren't followed?

  • VJ Rei
    VJ Rei 2 aylar önce

    This movie was so much fun when a kid.

  • Lucas Ross
    Lucas Ross 2 aylar önce

    Dude,I'm 13 and I still believe in Santa.

  • Fusion Player
    Fusion Player 2 aylar önce


  • Fusion Player
    Fusion Player 2 aylar önce


  • A Geek of One
    A Geek of One 2 aylar önce

    CinemaSins gets a sin for the narrator's odd pronunciation of "Mogwai".

  • JonahPlayss
    JonahPlayss 2 aylar önce

    I'm 15 and I believe in Santa sir

    • markmac
      markmac 2 aylar önce

      you should because he's real

  • Rushin Faure
    Rushin Faure 2 aylar önce

    The evil gremlins bully the cute one whyyyyy. He is a dorable

  • Martin Donohue
    Martin Donohue 2 aylar önce

    You should probably learn the difference between ‘story’ and ‘storey’

    • Martin Donohue
      Martin Donohue Aylar önce

      Hello just another example of Yanks brutalising our language 🙄

    • Hello
      Hello Aylar önce

      In American English storey is written 'story', so he's quite aware.

  • Fluro Fire
    Fluro Fire 2 aylar önce

    Near the end, Jeremy started to sound a little sleepy while pointing out the sins :P

    • Fluro Fire
      Fluro Fire 2 aylar önce

      Oh wow this is an old video

  • Da'Mariae Colbert
    Da'Mariae Colbert 2 aylar önce

    Did your the different strokes pedophile episode Scott in here, how old is he

  • auggie mc
    auggie mc 2 aylar önce

    It destroyed my childhood, but gizmo is adorable.

  • imshippyupup
    imshippyupup 2 aylar önce

    You got the keyboard wrong. 1 sin off

  • Tash
    Tash 2 aylar önce

    I was 15 when I found out about Santa, so shut your whore mouth and let her believe in Santa at age 9!

    • Tash
      Tash Aylar önce

      +Hello Yeah but just meant I had a longer magical whimsy of childhood Christmas 🎄

    • Hello
      Hello Aylar önce

      That's an embarrassing thing to admit lmfao

  • J.J. Williams
    J.J. Williams 2 aylar önce

    I had a Pomeranian mixed with Chihuahua and I named her Gizmo. She's deceased ,I miss her😔

    • markmac
      markmac 2 aylar önce

      i know your pain

  • Nicholas Ali
    Nicholas Ali 2 aylar önce

    I haven’t seen this, but there’s better be a sin for the fact that there’s no indication as to when it’s officially before midnight.

  • Kristen Thompson
    Kristen Thompson 2 aylar önce

    4:16 uh your never too old for toys.

  • Jamy Epstein [gamecatz]
    Jamy Epstein [gamecatz] 2 aylar önce

    0:52 So true! This is coming from a person whose favorite movie of all time is "Back to the Future.

  • Per Arne Kleiven
    Per Arne Kleiven 2 aylar önce

    People often forget that movies are movies :)

  • NotHarold
    NotHarold 2 aylar önce

    When the gremlins were caroling, they were singing the theme song of the movie.

  • Panos Zois
    Panos Zois 3 aylar önce

    Haven't seen the video, but he better subtract some points for the mom's awesomeness in the kitchen scene.

  • mew SP_on23567
    mew SP_on23567 3 aylar önce

    why do you guys never point out the dead dog thing? "'horror movie introduces [cute] dog just so we can watch them kill it' clitche".

  • The Doge Master Doge
    The Doge Master Doge 3 aylar önce +1

    How could you.... Some of these sins are just plain stupid

    • Michael Graham
      Michael Graham 3 aylar önce

      Guy watching cinema sins doesn't understand cinema sins is supposed to be stupid and be illogical cliche. Ding. -1.

  • Gman75
    Gman75 3 aylar önce

    Man!!! This was the best one you have ever done! I've watched this three times and cracked up

  • Spumoni Sloth
    Spumoni Sloth 3 aylar önce

    5:31 water is one of the main ingredients in beer

  • SILVER_BRICK Productions
    SILVER_BRICK Productions 3 aylar önce


  • SILVER_BRICK Productions
    SILVER_BRICK Productions 3 aylar önce

    This movie is amazing, for shame!

  • Fawn Comix
    Fawn Comix 3 aylar önce +1

    Phoebe Cates isn’t sitting on my face in this scene....ding.

  • The Bus driver
    The Bus driver 3 aylar önce +1

    Aw. I came to see if you got the one where it says “don’t feed them after midnight”

    Even though it’s ALWAYS after midnight

    • Michael Graham
      Michael Graham 3 aylar önce

      That's what I've always wondered. Yes it's always after midnight lmao what time does it become not after midnight in this movie? 7am? When you wake Up? Makes no sense! Still love the movie though

  • Vanny / Aidan / vlog Vlog squad

    Man when Gizmo was taken by the old wise man I cried but then I watch the second movie and cried because gizmo kicked ass

  • blessed I am
    blessed I am 3 aylar önce

    He said what an asshole lmao

  • Frerard trash :3
    Frerard trash :3 3 aylar önce

    My cat mango has no tail and his eyes are creepy my mom always calls him a gremlin lmaooo

  • Matthew Boy
    Matthew Boy 3 aylar önce

    Being 9 years old and still believing in Santa is a sin? I read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, which says Santa Clause doesn't exist, and I believed in him at the time. I was probably more than 9 at the time, or about that age. Santa Clause was like God but he actually listened to you, rewarded you in the present life and didn't fuck with you for some kind of moral message that you wouldn't''t even understand. It took a lot to convince me something that awesome was a lie.

  • Brandon von Gedda
    Brandon von Gedda 3 aylar önce

    Aw I thought for the Sentence at the end, you were going to say "don't feed it after midnight!"

  • Neural Burn
    Neural Burn 3 aylar önce

    0:50 - you totally missed riffing on the indiana jones style billboard. also after sin 38 - he's throwing plates at her and she stabs him to death. who's the evil one? then sin 39 - she puts one of them in a microwave and nukes him. again, they've only been causing mischief at this point

  • Jaden Buckley
    Jaden Buckley 3 aylar önce

    im giving this a fat dislike

  • Steve Bragg
    Steve Bragg 3 aylar önce

    Kate used to worked at the theater, so she knew. (Lines were cut from the movie). Also water has to be above freezing for them to multiply.