[2017 MAMA in Hong Kong] BTS_INTRO Perf. + Not Today


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  • Abigail Noel
    Abigail Noel 18 saatler önce

    Honestly, I love BTS so much but if I were to attend a concert all I would be able to do is cry and cry because they move me so much. Watching them perform like this just..it's truly amazing.

  • Monica Orrala
    Monica Orrala Gün önce

    I love bts

  • Jhaypee Guillen
    Jhaypee Guillen 2 gün önce

    Chanting on point... 4:16 😁 how cute​ when she suddenly got shy hehehe 💜

  • Carla Zambelli
    Carla Zambelli 3 gün önce

    When MAMA transforms into a BTS concert

  • monike wisllany
    monike wisllany 3 gün önce

    2019?! Saudade BTS 😍

  • Spice Li
    Spice Li 4 gün önce

    this song perfectly match for hater😂 sorry not today

  • Thabinta Ata
    Thabinta Ata 5 gün önce


  • Bangtan Channel
    Bangtan Channel 5 gün önce

    3:59 i see got7 lightstick in Amryocean

  • channa rea
    channa rea 6 gün önce

    Today, I went to look at their appearances at Grammys and took myself back down the lane. They've gone on such a journey and grew into the group they are today 💜💜💜🤗

  • りヴイア 리비아 Livia

    Wow. Not even a single close up of Jin? It's bad enough he only gets 2 lines in this song.
    P.S. Do you ever just watch a bunch of performances of a certain song in one day/night?

  • Ioanna Zach
    Ioanna Zach 8 gün önce


  • yingjiao chen
    yingjiao chen 9 gün önce +1

    Best intro in the history

  • Ilyatul Fitriya
    Ilyatul Fitriya 10 gün önce +1


  • Siti Nur Ain Azman
    Siti Nur Ain Azman 11 gün önce

    The boys were great... But can the cameraman work on their ability to show us the boys instead of zoom out when it was the great part.

  • Aimee _
    Aimee _ 11 gün önce +1


  • A dose of TAEKILA is good for your help i swear !

    Why Jin don't sing so often ?

  • louca por bts bts
    louca por bts bts 15 gün önce

    i love suga

  • Nej Jen12
    Nej Jen12 16 gün önce

    They killed it mama stage 💜💜💜

  • xx Bts_worldeu xx
    xx Bts_worldeu xx 16 gün önce

    All I’ve been focusing on is jimin lmao

  • TaeKook's Noona
    TaeKook's Noona 18 gün önce

    One Word! ---- L.E.G.E.N.D.A.R.Y!

  • golden kookie
    golden kookie 19 gün önce


  • - p a r a d i s e -
    - p a r a d i s e - 20 gün önce

  • Namjoon Trash
    Namjoon Trash 22 gün önce +1


  • İrem Bts
    İrem Bts 22 gün önce +2

    BTS perfect 💝❤💞👍

  • Mareem xD
    Mareem xD 25 gün önce +3

    some people are surprised, *IT'S BTS MAN, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?*

  • Maham Saeed
    Maham Saeed 29 gün önce

    The wormhole performance is related to the BTS theory line. Its like they're changing timelines and going back and forth into the future to correct their mistakes. By this i mean Jin!
    *this is my perspective

  • dilyn Dumalag
    dilyn Dumalag Aylar önce +1

    Year of BTS 😍

  • ghabb tag
    ghabb tag Aylar önce

    Woow just wow,my heart is beating so fast,, I'm so amazed

  • Maroon King
    Maroon King Aylar önce +1

    Btss performance is always In another leve.

  • MusicLove K
    MusicLove K Aylar önce

    The intro music, on Jimin's part sounds like the instrumental of Serendipity....

  • um omar
    um omar Aylar önce

    4:16 she is cute😂

  • Iris Freeze
    Iris Freeze Aylar önce

    *They set the bar to high for western artists...come on Bangtan at least give us a chance..BTS:...NO NOT TODAY*

  • diana jk
    diana jk Aylar önce

    rip replay button 😂 6:02

  • bts svt
    bts svt Aylar önce

    2019 but still one of Bangtan's best performance

  • BTS x Army
    BTS x Army Aylar önce +1

    4:22 excuji me mr kim namjoon and mr j hope are u trying to kill us??

  • Magenta Potato
    Magenta Potato Aylar önce +1

    Poor Suga XD
    V Will Be Jealous XD
    Because Of The GUCCI Headband 😂😂😂

  • MinHM
    MinHM Aylar önce

    Why im here again? :))

  • chim cokky
    chim cokky Aylar önce +1

    Who here's 2019 ?

    BTS FOREVER Aylar önce

    Chicos debemos suscribirnos más a la Página Oficial de BTS para que tengan más suscriptores 💖❤🇺🇸 BANTANGTV SUSCRIBIRSE 💖🇺🇸

  • Icee x_x
    Icee x_x Aylar önce

    OHMYGOD IT'S SO LIT 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • fire wrecker
    fire wrecker Aylar önce

    fuck camera work #worst

  • Rang Bayua
    Rang Bayua Aylar önce

    The intro is DNA

  • alone in the world
    alone in the world Aylar önce +1

    BTS dance is the best

  • Chim Chim Mochi
    Chim Chim Mochi Aylar önce

    I'm see I g this a year later and now I don't know which intro is better. Fake Love intro, or this intro?

  • Maroon King
    Maroon King Aylar önce

    Bts legit has the most creative energetic and entertaining performances

  • dilyn Dumalag
    dilyn Dumalag Aylar önce

    I hate cameraman

  • aisah muda
    aisah muda Aylar önce +2

    Who else find that hand make V sign at 1:45

  • Sheryl Lenia
    Sheryl Lenia Aylar önce

    J-Hope 4:24, you are welcome in advance.

  • Elaine Tan
    Elaine Tan Aylar önce +2


  • Zahra Dwi
    Zahra Dwi 2 aylar önce

    Where is part of jin?):

  • ice sno_angel playz
    ice sno_angel playz 2 aylar önce

    V i think ne0extt time you r voice sould be much more good

  • ice sno_angel playz
    ice sno_angel playz 2 aylar önce

    Iam shook what is this

  • sun lee
    sun lee 2 aylar önce

    Incredible performance!!!

  • Queen of Shades
    Queen of Shades 2 aylar önce

    Seriously, this CAMERA man should be FIRED.... what’s he/she shooting?

  • Raysel Allysa Dasal
    Raysel Allysa Dasal 2 aylar önce

    yoongi killed this

  • Army 1101
    Army 1101 2 aylar önce

    I was brought back here after watching their 2018 MAMA Hk Performance. Yas! As always it seems and beyond expectations they are a TOTAL performer. Awesome and a Freaking so hot in the stage, well wherever they are. We always love you Bangtan Boys Please dont disband. Keep holding with us. 😭🙌💗❤️💕

  • Choirina Muqtavia
    Choirina Muqtavia 2 aylar önce

    Like avatar movie

  • Thủy Trương
    Thủy Trương 2 aylar önce

    2018? 😍

  • Shouchan
    Shouchan 2 aylar önce

    I don't know why but I'm so fond in their intro in this. Till this day, this intro is still my favorite

  • Athi Mufidhah
    Athi Mufidhah 2 aylar önce

    I come after MAMA 2018😅

  • BTS armys
    BTS armys 2 aylar önce

    osm, what a energetic performance

  • Shanzae Malik
    Shanzae Malik 2 aylar önce


  • Comichal Me
    Comichal Me 2 aylar önce


  • De Mi
    De Mi 2 aylar önce


  • Vera Shu
    Vera Shu 2 aylar önce

    ^^ 好奇問 ~ 紅色是哪家Idol的應援棒呢?

  • tinni das
    tinni das 2 aylar önce

    Have no idea what's gonna happen today in mama...so exicted!!!

  • Alicia*Kim
    Alicia*Kim 2 aylar önce

    Tonight’s performance will be epic!

  • Tine P
    Tine P 2 aylar önce +1

    Rewatching all their past MAMA performances before their anticipated act later! Army, who's doing it right now?

  • Ade Tiara Regita
    Ade Tiara Regita 2 aylar önce


  • helloxBloom
    helloxBloom 2 aylar önce +3

    Yall İdk how, but if MAMA 2018 performance would be more iconic than THIS.....

    *digs* *her* *grave* *for* *500th* *time* I'll be here

  • Going - East
    Going - East 2 aylar önce +2

    discovered this because of the mama 2018 trailer.

  • J S
    J S 2 aylar önce

    I don't care if this award show is biased or shit, as a casual multi fan I'm more interested in the spectacular stages than the petty fandom fights about meaningless awards and anyone who says they don't care about mama after finding out their bias isn't in the line up is just a salty liar

  • LUCY
    LUCY 2 aylar önce +3

    The intro tho oh my god

  • Luna Dormida.
    Luna Dormida. 2 aylar önce +6

    BTS has the BEST stage performance, for real. Just look all that stage production, plus of cource, BTS are master they real kill all the songs. I just love it.

  • パライゾくん
    パライゾくん 2 aylar önce


  • G Pearl
    G Pearl 2 aylar önce +2


  • WWSGeek96
    WWSGeek96 2 aylar önce +3

    lol when jungkook and jhope are benders from avatar iconic

  • Novita Novita
    Novita Novita 2 aylar önce +1

    Wow the moon.
    Chim chim 👍👍👍👍

  • Sophie Xu
    Sophie Xu 2 aylar önce

    what's wrong with the camera? I can't see people's face about half of the time

  • Kang Seongwoo Stan
    Kang Seongwoo Stan 2 aylar önce

    Jungkook's expression at the end is the cause of my death :))

  • 박
     2 aylar önce


  • Christine Ceniza
    Christine Ceniza 2 aylar önce +1


  • Jaime Singletary
    Jaime Singletary 2 aylar önce

    OOgdwOk hyou love pxenMR 😍😗😙😘😚🙋🙌🙍🙅🙆🙇🙎🙏👶👦👧👩👴👨💏💑💃💇💖❤💗❤💘❤💝❤💞💙💟💚👍👌✊✌

  • JIMIN You got no JAM
    JIMIN You got no JAM 2 aylar önce

    2018 ? 💜

  • Mokinauta olivares
    Mokinauta olivares 2 aylar önce

    Observen el minuto 4:15( al lado de mujer) gente que tiene la oportunidad de ver a idols y en ves de disfrutar de los premios esta en su celular hay tanta gente ahí Afuera deseando ver a sus idol tan siquiera por 2 minutos y el que tiene la oportunidad no lo aprovecha,si vas a un concierto o a unos premios tienes que disfrutar el momento al 100% y estar agradecido pues piensa que haya afuera hay gente deseando estar ocupando tu espacio [tomen lo en cuenta chicos]

  • KatysView
    KatysView 2 aylar önce

    Omg how amazing was that ????

  • Izaiddin's Princess
    Izaiddin's Princess 2 aylar önce

    the best mama performance ever

  • Dead City
    Dead City 2 aylar önce

    4:16-4:17 awww, she got shy

  • Зинаида Мансорунова

    Да ребята Вы Супер ВТS😍😍😍🙋🙌🙌💜💜💛💛💙💙❤❤💞💞💞💞👍мы Вас уважаем и любим Как Вы поете красиво 👌👌👍👍👍✌✌

  • mochi _tae
    mochi _tae 2 aylar önce

    Fire, water, air and land come together 😂

  • 乙乙乙02
    乙乙乙02 2 aylar önce

    México v:

  • JungkookieXTaehyung BTS
    JungkookieXTaehyung BTS 2 aylar önce

    That intro thoo

  • hello kitty 252
    hello kitty 252 2 aylar önce +1


  • Deadly Ponys
    Deadly Ponys 2 aylar önce

    These boys know how to hype up their fans!! WOOOOHH!!

  • kim Tae Tae
    kim Tae Tae 2 aylar önce


  • Nona Fahad
    Nona Fahad 2 aylar önce

    يجمالهم bts 💜😩

  • Taehyung's Scenery
    Taehyung's Scenery 2 aylar önce

    Favorite part 5:26. 🤧👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Jeol El
    Jeol El 2 aylar önce

    As an ARMY I want to give a big slap to the camera man cuz in the whole performance I didn't see JIN !!

    MINT YOONJI 2 aylar önce +3

    And this year they will destroy the stage 😎😎😎🔥💜cant wait

  • Mei Astuti
    Mei Astuti 3 aylar önce +1

    bts in the best dance not today 😍😍😍😍