Coby White Full Highlights vs Toronto Raptors (2019.10.13) - 18 Pts, 4 Threes!

  • katma 14 Eki 2019
  • Coby White 18 Points | Chicago Bulls vs Toronto Raptors - Full Game Highlights | October 13, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • Isaiah Davis
    Isaiah Davis Aylar önce

    this nigga jumpshot smooth af

  • Blaze High
    Blaze High Aylar önce

    Corner specialist badge on hall of fame

  • Sub Me In Coach
    Sub Me In Coach Aylar önce

    Coby White should start.
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  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones Aylar önce

    The thumbnail has him looking like wanda from in living color

  • Kim
    Kim Aylar önce

    Congrats to bulls for winning against Toronto 3rd string players 😂

  • FitchKiddz
    FitchKiddz Aylar önce

    Lol we need to start him

  • Eric Davis
    Eric Davis Aylar önce +1

    Those 4 3s was on 12 attempts. Dude really gotta get others involved more and make plays for teammates. He don't gotta be Chris Paul but only 1 assist in a game isn't gonna cut it.

  • smoove Savv
    smoove Savv Aylar önce

    lol hes an offensive threat with 99 speed 😲😂

  • bigpoppa 1967
    bigpoppa 1967 Aylar önce +1

    The Bulls FINALLY got "Coby" to play for the Bulls. 😋😋😋😋

  • Slim Hendrixx
    Slim Hendrixx Aylar önce +1

    If da team can stay healthy they might sneak in da playoffs HOPEFULLY! #LetsGoBulls 💪🏾

  • Loyal Rockets Fan / Comment section Legend

    Satoransky is better PG, this guy will play SG

  • nguyen luong khoi
    nguyen luong khoi Aylar önce

    nice form

  • Drew Sims
    Drew Sims Aylar önce +1

    Arch of dimes

  • Drew Sims
    Drew Sims Aylar önce

    His shot looking even better in the nba

  • Amari John
    Amari John Aylar önce

    So we not gonna talk about the travel that this man just did

    BABY GIRL Aylar önce +1

    YES COBY 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Living Meme
    Living Meme Aylar önce

    Be aware , that hair is the limiter if he removed that dunno maybe he will gain more speed 🤭

  • Tomas Žukauskas
    Tomas Žukauskas Aylar önce

    For that first shot he only made 5 steps without bouncing the ball.

  • Ian Jericho
    Ian Jericho Aylar önce

    Dude aint got no time for assists

  • Adrian Henderson
    Adrian Henderson Aylar önce

    I like the bulls announcers lol

  • erik greeno
    erik greeno Aylar önce

    Coby Caucasian! Chicago is rooting for u #7 pik!

  • Colin McKoy
    Colin McKoy Aylar önce

    The first highlight was a heavy travel

  • Alex Chen
    Alex Chen Aylar önce +2

    Fro-by 2.0🔥🔥🔥

  • CPGoat #3
    CPGoat #3 Aylar önce


  • LA Vibes
    LA Vibes Aylar önce

    He gotta make every shot he take because every time he shoots the announcer gotta say 'Coby'

  • Hunter
    Hunter Aylar önce

    This guys good, but I just can’t help but think he’s mildly retarded since that one interview. Lol

  • PrettyBlackBoyRocker
    PrettyBlackBoyRocker Aylar önce

    Don't let Chicago Sports get your hopes up.

  • lante07
    lante07 Aylar önce

    Welp, if any team need a PG.. Kris Dunn is on the trading block. I would say PHX, but they've already entered the LaMelo Ball sweepstakes

  • Stephen Vassello
    Stephen Vassello Aylar önce

    Mans ugly as hell

    MA'AT SUN CHILD Aylar önce

    Is it just me or is it weird hearing the name of another player with this name?... Lol

  • Why Not
    Why Not Aylar önce +3

    Bulls have been doing good with there draft picks these past 3 years lauri Wendell and now coby

    • Why Not
      Why Not Aylar önce

      Ian they’ll maybe keep him for the rest of the season but I don’t see him getting major playing time behind Coby and satoransky

    • VictorSMD
      VictorSMD Aylar önce

      Wonder if they gonna keep kris or trade him

    THE MIDNIGHT ROOM Aylar önce

    should be starting smh

  • JXC ?
    JXC ? Aylar önce +1

    He has such a talent for scoring and is able to set the pace but you can really tell hes a combo guard like jordan Clarkson and might have problems playing point for this team. Wouldn't surpise me if he statistically is better at the 2 kinda like jrue holliday

  • Crown TheKing
    Crown TheKing Aylar önce +15

    “Gimme the hot sauce Coby” 🤣🤣

  • dukeakartj
    dukeakartj Aylar önce

    He balled out, but...Do Refs Not Call Travel Anymore?

    PG 13PACERNATION Aylar önce

    He a killer

  • Juicyj
    Juicyj Aylar önce

    Anyone catch that travel first play?

  • Young Suga
    Young Suga Aylar önce +37

    He has that My Career Hair 😂

  • iGuallaTV
    iGuallaTV Aylar önce +1

    2nd attempt at asking HOH if Ximo is associated with them in any way now ⚡️

    • iGuallaTV
      iGuallaTV Aylar önce

      House of Highlights YOURE FUCKING GOATED, thanks for the reply brother

    • House of Highlights
      House of Highlights  Aylar önce +1

      Yes. I work for HoH.

  • monkeyfury
    monkeyfury Aylar önce +1

    Can these commentators say ANYTHING else, I’ve been watching the bulls for many years and they haven’t come up with anything new 😂

    • Drew Sims
      Drew Sims Aylar önce

      15 years for me they started changing up around 07'08

  • pyramid architect
    pyramid architect Aylar önce +1

    He's a good player to bad the Bulls are a garbage organization they'll be trash forever just like my knicks

    • pyramid architect
      pyramid architect Aylar önce

      @1311 North Stories Tanking by design Lmao you have 0 infrastructure your coaching /management is trash your organization is doomed you haven't won anything since 98 denial is strong in Chicago!

    TK RONES Aylar önce +12

    Damn Denzel still trash 😪😭

    • Gaunter O'Dimm
      Gaunter O'Dimm Aylar önce

      Somethings never change...

    • VictorSMD
      VictorSMD Aylar önce +1

      He need minutes but then again a lot of players do

  • XXII
    XXII Aylar önce +1

    Hay another Coby has entered the league

  • SilentBut Krazzy
    SilentBut Krazzy Aylar önce

    Corner specialist...

  • Jose Orea
    Jose Orea Aylar önce +4

    Bro idk why, but him wearing number 0 lookin cold on him

    AWSME J Aylar önce +3

    Chicago gone make the playoffs In the East this year, I can see 7,8th seed: they got a nice young core, I think Lavine gone take another step this year like he did last year

  • Archangel_BBaller / DarkSlyShadow

    His shot is wet

  • nocturnal hustler
    nocturnal hustler Aylar önce +1

    It's very clear and Coby said it himself he's more comfortable at shooting guard at this time he obviously is still learning the point and he is not going to start over Zach and sato is a better option at the point at this time for my bulls who are trying to make a run at the playoffs. Go Bulls!

  • Delano III
    Delano III Aylar önce +152

    “cobys got 99 problems but scoring ain’t one “ 🤣

    • Fiona
      Fiona Aylar önce +2

      @Demar Williams Neil funk and Stacey King the best in the Nba.

    • Clutch7
      Clutch7 Aylar önce +11


    • Demar Williams
      Demar Williams Aylar önce +22

      Bulls commentator is underrated

  • WatchMeMove x
    WatchMeMove x Aylar önce

    Tf he got a bird nest for

  • Ness
    Ness Aylar önce +4

    "Sometimes when you get to the finals something rubs off the next year".... you mean a superstar dimwit? Lol

  • pardon me just passing through

    He has to fix his 99 problems

  • Anirudh Seshadri
    Anirudh Seshadri Aylar önce +8

    My dude traveled on the first play

    • Anirudh Seshadri
      Anirudh Seshadri Aylar önce

      Slow the video down and see for yourself, his "gather" is two steps and he then takes two more straps, four in total.

    • Tray Ross
      Tray Ross Aylar önce

      Go get your eyes checked asap not a travel at all

    • Young Suga
      Young Suga Aylar önce +4

      He took 2 after the gather

    • Ricardo Silva
      Ricardo Silva Aylar önce +4

      he didn't. only two steps after the gather

  • Themilio xperience
    Themilio xperience Aylar önce +7

    Coby is a young Lou Williams. He gets buckets! Will be an amazing 6th man for Chicago this season.

    • Themilio xperience
      Themilio xperience Aylar önce +1

      Coby is not a point guard he’s a combo guard. Therefore Chicago already has scoring in the starting line up with Lavine and Markennen. Having another scorer doesn’t make sense plus their bench can use a guy like that. Every great team has a good 6th man. You need balance and Coby makes our bench deeper.

    • Pip Stain
      Pip Stain Aylar önce

      X D i think he starting forsure first game but yeah if not he’s definitely going to very soon. Think he’s underrated

    • Why Not
      Why Not Aylar önce

      He should start but hopefully he’ll win that starting spot later in the season

    • Pip Stain
      Pip Stain Aylar önce

      Themilio xperience 6th mannnn??????

  • cxreyk a1rs0ft
    cxreyk a1rs0ft Aylar önce

    About 30 steps before the first bucket

  • H2z0
    H2z0 Aylar önce +3


  • Ethan Weems
    Ethan Weems Aylar önce +5

    He’s cold

  • A Cat
    A Cat Aylar önce +15

    Bulls future lookin good

  • Red Rum
    Red Rum Aylar önce

    He looks like that nigga on Everyday Struggle and no not the fat nigga

  • Draco
    Draco Aylar önce +4

    Stacey king really the goat 🐐