Baltimore Police Officer Resigns After Viral Video Shows Him Beating, Tackling Man

  • katma 13 Ağu 2018
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    • TheQuawn40
      TheQuawn40 8 aylar önce

      stfu with that fake ass account!

    • Alonzo Washington
      Alonzo Washington 8 aylar önce

      This was mentioned on the Wire over a decade ago.

    • G
      G 8 aylar önce

      Shock3Ram your ignorant bro we are victims and we deserve our reparations.

    • G
      G 8 aylar önce

      Bruh I can't believe your promoting this the only reason this cop is in trouble is because he's black and the system is rigged against him.

    • Juston Johnson
      Juston Johnson 8 aylar önce

      Boy Doll FINALLY a sensible comment. RESPECT +

  • Max Brazil
    Max Brazil 9 gün önce

    More proof police are the filth of humanity.

  • Itsyaboyyang
    Itsyaboyyang 3 aylar önce

    They should be charged as criminals, not give the option to resign. No justice at all.

  • Todd Williamson
    Todd Williamson 3 aylar önce

    smh. Easy to judge this man until you been in his situation. I PLEAD WITH ANYONE TO GO WALK A BEAT IN A POLICE UNIFORM IN BALTIMORE. It is relentless amd it gets to you. Humans beings can only take so much .

  • Liberty Tree
    Liberty Tree 3 aylar önce +1

    Maybe we need more people from the "community" to act civilized. How many black on black murders have occurred in Hellmore, I mean Baltimore? Baltimore was a great city....once....
    I wish the Baltimore Police would just STAND DOWN, sit in their patrol car and read a magazine. Let it rot from the head down.

  • ron barnes
    ron barnes 3 aylar önce

    This cop clearly had mental issues you might not like what someone says to you but you don't have the right just to beat the hell out of them.

  • slangnocturno
    slangnocturno 4 aylar önce

    Any updated on this officer? As his court date was on the October 23rd 2018.

  • tell it like it is
    tell it like it is 4 aylar önce

    #blackonblack violence…#blacklivesmatter…#bluelivesvsblacklives.

  • Mother of Dragons
    Mother of Dragons 5 aylar önce

    His partner should have stepped in!

  • Dr Pepsi
    Dr Pepsi 5 aylar önce

    Charlemagne actually has to go against a black guy lol 😂😂 not so perfect after all im guessing 😂

  • pimp1979robertmack
    pimp1979robertmack 5 aylar önce

    Ses charlimain the rapist... he should give himself donkey of the decade..

  • Scott Benoit
    Scott Benoit 6 aylar önce

    Oh i remember this story... bout time

  • Liberty Tree
    Liberty Tree 6 aylar önce

    "Little Tyrone" is one of the biggest dope dealers in the 'da hood... God, I wish the Baltimore police would just stand DOWN! Sit in your car and read a magazine, then take a report.

  • westwild89
    westwild89 7 aylar önce

    He pushed the cops hand away.Learn how to be respectful,and obedient then less of this will happen.

    BAPS XOXO 7 aylar önce

    Both of them should have been suspended!

  • Gaz Matic
    Gaz Matic 7 aylar önce

    What happened before the video started recording?

  • Big Papa
    Big Papa 7 aylar önce

    Sharleenman is the biggest racist there is. Look at the book behind him Black Privilege. Trump dont have anything to do with black people getting shot, killed, beat in the world today. You act like a Effin animal you get handled like an animal. Respect goes both ways. Now this cop that beat this other black mans ass because he was seeking retaliation well this cop deserves to be fired prosecuted to the highest levels of the law. You and the other hand sharleenman ur a disgrace to your own kind and your show sucks. I hope I dont ever run into you.

  • Ragnar Lothrbrook
    Ragnar Lothrbrook 7 aylar önce

    Why are the urban cameras on the cops and not the 300+ murderers in Baltimore.

  • Scottie Courtney
    Scottie Courtney 7 aylar önce +1

    Black cop assaults black man. This idiot calls it a system of white supremacy. Blacks will blame whites for everything, even when it’s blacks attacking blacks. Yeah it’s my fault. I’m guilty of being white. GTFOH

    NEWKNOWLEDGE 7 aylar önce

    The cop seemed to be a bit confused, and thus proceeded with Mixed Martial Arts instead of using proper police tactics.

  • Erwin St Rose
    Erwin St Rose 7 aylar önce

    Arthur the ardvark lmfaoooo cthagod is a whole fool

  • Nm Wms
    Nm Wms 7 aylar önce

    Demon possessed self hatrec. He is from the community what happened to him? Plantation overser. May he burn in hell in jail.

  • l. kerr
    l. kerr 8 aylar önce

    Its almost like your police aren’t well trained isnt it.

  • Muntazir M
    Muntazir M 8 aylar önce

    Uncle Tom they had them back then.

  • ADZ
    ADZ 8 aylar önce

    What a surprise Charlatan the Dog on MSNBC.

  • Bad Cholesterol
    Bad Cholesterol 8 aylar önce

    That pink fruitcake deserved every punch, sucks the cop got fired

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 8 aylar önce

    Author was picked on in school.He was and still is a Gump.

  • No Gravity
    No Gravity 8 aylar önce

    Instead of all that hot air your talking, take this American Nazi regime to the international criminal court and sight human rights abuses and murder, take them to the united nations for abuse against there own citizens. These so called public officials work for us we don't work for them. The citizen has the right to do a public audit on them see how many laws they are breaking. We pay there damned salary, not to be abused and murdered by them. It is a Nazi regime as nothing changes in regard to the inalienable right of the citizen. You cannot take them to court within the US and expect anything to change as its contained. End of communicate !!!

  • No Gravity
    No Gravity 8 aylar önce

    It dosn't matter if the police are black or white they all eat the same dog shit in my opinion. the proof is in the pudding as this clown just like the other dressed up police clowns resigned instead of being arrested and charged like the criminal he is. Black people and white should follow there second amendment right and open carry against any assault

  • emmanuel safari
    emmanuel safari 8 aylar önce

    Sometimes yr own kind is the wast , only with blacks ather groups do well with each other,

  • Kamron Isaiah Johnson
    Kamron Isaiah Johnson 8 aylar önce

    Of course it's Baltimore.

  • osp80
    osp80 8 aylar önce

    looked like the guy wanted to talk shit and get in soembody's face until he didn't...

  • Angelic Felon
    Angelic Felon 8 aylar önce

    I hope your having a great day. 🙌 I personally think you deserve it. I just love your videos. 😍 Check out mine. Id love to know your thoughts

  • Andre Meadows
    Andre Meadows 8 aylar önce

    Get rid of them both

  • Julian G
    Julian G 8 aylar önce

    You're right, brother. It ain't about black and white. It's all about the thin blue line.

    BIGALABASSA 8 aylar önce

    I was sitting on the steps screaming out loud for what!!?? What are you touching me for. Police are not just a nigga moment

  • RapStarr 412
    RapStarr 412 8 aylar önce haven't seen "Boyz N Da Hood"? Black cops aint no better

  • Cool Water
    Cool Water 8 aylar önce


  • Reggie Kanan
    Reggie Kanan 8 aylar önce

    He'll be fighting off the Booty Bandit in

  • Reggie Kanan
    Reggie Kanan 8 aylar önce

    Dude police are

  • blackbird 419
    blackbird 419 8 aylar önce

    Let's make America great again

  • blackbird 419
    blackbird 419 8 aylar önce

    Here we go the new black lottery

  • april181976
    april181976 8 aylar önce

    Guess the cop didn't get the memo.....................Cameras are everywhere.

    IMHTP 8 aylar önce +1

    Who names their sons "Tyrone" in 2018? Charlamagne is woke ignorant.

  • Jason Weaver
    Jason Weaver 8 aylar önce

    As a 19 year police veteran , police Instructor an Iraqi war vet it pains me to see police brutality such as this. The problems that plagues our country pertaining to Law Enforcement is social (with in the community & police culture).
    I have been working in law enforcement to say I believe Law Enforcement gave up on the community long before the community gave up on Law Enforcement.
    The bigger the agency, the bigger the corruption and the agency’s ability to silence what the public has access to. Example: Professional Media Relations Officer V Teams AKA Spin Doctors.
    Silence tactic: if local news portrays agencies in a negative light the news agency does not get notified of breaking news. Small agency does not hold this power.
    The epidemic problems are training, funding recruitment and accountability to the public.

  • magnoliaLAMAR
    magnoliaLAMAR 8 aylar önce

    I like cthagod's thoughts on the matter. however, I disagree on some aspects. I don't believe that black cop disproves his original theory. the reason being is the fact that the black race like every other race isn't perfect. therefore we shouldn't feel shame as a collective that a potential victim of white supremacy had an incident. it would be amazing to interview that cop and delve into what makes him the type of person that would have an incident like that; it seems important to talk to him. regardless his reasons for more black cops seem right. more black cops.

  • Quentin Bennett
    Quentin Bennett 8 aylar önce

    This is not a blk or white thing it's about the biggest gang in America .....

  • Tonio Walker
    Tonio Walker 8 aylar önce

    Plot twist he actually cool with the dude he beat up and they came up with a plan to get money out of the city

  • terrell fillmore
    terrell fillmore 8 aylar önce

    That cop is a fucking race trader.

  • John Owens
    John Owens 8 aylar önce

    He look like he was bullied in high school.... it’s sad story but he didn’t kill em

  • Mac_Daddy of Parkland
    Mac_Daddy of Parkland 8 aylar önce

    "Can't we all just get along?"

  • HipHopScholar95
    HipHopScholar95 8 aylar önce

    On the boyz n da hood cop side of the game

  • A R
    A R 8 aylar önce

    I am a brown minority and I have never been racially discriminated from police. If you stay out of trouble and mind your business then you will have no problem in this country,some people don’t realize the harsh reality.

    davidSON MERRIWEATHER 8 aylar önce

    I doubt it he get another police job when you black you only get one fuckup they don't need no background check on him all you got to do is Google his name and that video will pop up only ones that can resign and go get another job doing the same type of work is shity white privilege look what they did to the black man accidentally for accidentally shooting a little kid they dog the shit out of him and put him under the building

  • Ramba Ral
    Ramba Ral 8 aylar önce

    We need to abolish police lel

  • darkness descends
    darkness descends 8 aylar önce

    You need a medal and a bonus

  • Ian Cornell
    Ian Cornell 8 aylar önce


  • Andre sams
    Andre sams 8 aylar önce

    Shoot yourself SUCKA....

    LIA MINELLI 8 aylar önce

    & you would think the other officer would step in. All they ever do is watch.

  • super nerd
    super nerd 8 aylar önce

    little tyrone?

  • SwiftKick Sneaker Wipes

    He should have been fired ..he shouldn't have had the opportunity to walk out he should have been thrown out!

  • Your Favorite Person
    Your Favorite Person 8 aylar önce

    I hate PIGS!!

  • MyNameIsDrope
    MyNameIsDrope 8 aylar önce

    White supremacy, what about black supremacy, which is what you support you racist

  • Joseph Vallejo
    Joseph Vallejo 8 aylar önce

    It's about brain washing these guys when they get trained by a powerful system. Some and most officers forget why they became cops because of the evil brainwashing training they get...

  • Mr. G
    Mr. G 8 aylar önce

    You see we are ignorant. Historically speaking more black cops has not made things better, because the cops develop a superiority complex towards their own people, so they will in fact treat black people worst than a white cop would. It's not my opinion this is what happened right here in America when black people were finally allowed to be cops.

  • Shinobi Magos
    Shinobi Magos 8 aylar önce

    He should try boxing tho he might beat a few bums

  • bonanzatime
    bonanzatime 8 aylar önce +1

    If 'black' people had it all figured out, then Africa would be a Utopia. Is Africa a Utopia?? ... Hell, that's where slavery was 'INVENTED'. Even their biggest 'export'.

  • ChronosJG
    ChronosJG 8 aylar önce

    Higher ups want more corrupt officers I am 100% convinced. How the hell can you not get the job if your IQ is to high? That has an agenda written all over it. Barely any good blue lives anymore and again I blame the higher ups..

  • Silent Hitter 2
    Silent Hitter 2 8 aylar önce

    Yup can only deal with so much non cooperation

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 8 aylar önce

    I guess this guy's an idiot and doesn't know what he's talking about.

  • Albert Wang
    Albert Wang 8 aylar önce

    To “protect” and to serve ~The police

  • Hans harris
    Hans harris 8 aylar önce

    If we all stop judging each other in groups and judge a person on their personal merit, we can change this cycle. Our diversity makes us beautiful but our acceptance of each other will make us great.

  • Dakota Colley
    Dakota Colley 8 aylar önce

    Guys chill police need to have fun once in a while too

  • skArpPT
    skArpPT 8 aylar önce +1

    More could be in blue if the black and brown people stop loving the hood life and idolizing the lifestyle.

  • Gus Shackleford
    Gus Shackleford 8 aylar önce +1

    So where are the sorostesters. They should be burning the streets calling for "jusis"

  • Terrell Miller
    Terrell Miller 8 aylar önce +1

    Got me questioning we’re is the love ❤️

  • siberwolf33
    siberwolf33 8 aylar önce

    Gotta be a black or brown cop. Can't be an impartial, fair and just white cop.

  • Menakarra Star
    Menakarra Star 8 aylar önce

    He attacked that man because he rejected his advances. Thank GOD he resigned!

  • Frank White
    Frank White 8 aylar önce

    What is this "black & brown"?
    Where are these brown people that being shot and beaten? WHERE ATE THEY?

  • jay Wicks
    jay Wicks 8 aylar önce talked to many police officers in my community and I can say how f up it is to go after a cop doing his job all the time, when blacks are killing blacks at the highest rate in history. Then those who saw anything won't help solve a murder. Complete hypocrisy. Reason why other cultures strive when blacks fail: don't support family, don't support education, and don't support what is right. Look at oppressed Jews and how have rebounded 9 zillion times.

  • junglist maroon
    junglist maroon 8 aylar önce

    Wid his white socks

  • Noah Nesbitt
    Noah Nesbitt 8 aylar önce

    Say it with me everyone, pigs in a blanket...

  • Chipwhitley274
    Chipwhitley274 8 aylar önce

    Your theory is wrong... because the police criminal organization has full control on who is recruited, and trained, who is washed out, who is ostracized... so when a person of any color joins the police force... their race doesn't matter... at that point the only color that matters is blue.

  • Nick DePrimo
    Nick DePrimo 8 aylar önce

    I dislike how people are segregating themselves these days. They call other people of the same race "their people" as if the goal wasnt unity, but superiority. I dislike this ideal, I wish we tried harder to coexist instead of claim other races as a different type of people. Shit we are all the same, same heart, same blood, same feelings. If we differ in color, culture, and preference of sexual orientation who cares.... we should all accept each other. This is the goal that we should constantly work towards, not against.

  • Richard Wigginton
    Richard Wigginton 8 aylar önce

    Where are the blm at now why are they not rioting now.??????? I don’t understand the BLACK PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or the nigras

  • Sonia Ndukwe
    Sonia Ndukwe 8 aylar önce

    Im sure the KKK paid the black cop just so they say ohh look the black cops do it too.

  • Satochi NAkamoto
    Satochi NAkamoto 8 aylar önce

    New Rule needs adopted. P.O. assaults innocent, then all damages come out of the P.O. PENSION, wages. Hospital bills, lost work, counseling, pain and suffering. Thanks.

  • Bunny Milk
    Bunny Milk 8 aylar önce

    said perfectly Charlamange.

  • Jason Keets
    Jason Keets 8 aylar önce

    Why does ctg look like a tranny?

  • dragon0361
    dragon0361 8 aylar önce +1

    But charlemange look like donkey and sound like donkey too

  • Josh Navez
    Josh Navez 8 aylar önce

    Wear black lives matter at and all the outrage bet if the cop was white there would be a way bigger outrage

  • Austin Olivas
    Austin Olivas 8 aylar önce

    Its trumps fault black cops are bad now lmfao

  • Shawn Lewis
    Shawn Lewis 8 aylar önce

    Hardcore CRIMINAL RAPIST #DonkeyEveryday

  • Chibuikem Onyeneho
    Chibuikem Onyeneho 8 aylar önce

    Black People in the comments thrashing the brotha's name has self-hate written all over it. Don't go against your own on any stage to show how 'fair' you are to the enemy!!! This police officer did not kill this brother!!! You guys are distracted. Who's side are we on? The hateful White supremacists or our own???

    • slowmopoke
      slowmopoke 8 aylar önce

      Chibuikem Onyeneho dat rite bro reel deel factz fam peas brah stinky pooper brah 🦁 Dem fungus from ur head bru cuz I'm black and Randy are better than yours sincerely look forward to hearing about it totally

  • Chibuikem Onyeneho
    Chibuikem Onyeneho 8 aylar önce

    Don't let this distract you. White supremacists love us going against our own.

  • dog person
    dog person 8 aylar önce

    He's a fucking human what do u expect

    HEROVILLE VLOGS 8 aylar önce

    Cop looks Muslim Brotherhood placed a year prior. Your people. You sure Black guy?

  • Compton2952
    Compton2952 8 aylar önce

    Yeah, lil tyrone on the corner ain't doing nothing but selling drugs and gang banging. Its da culcha.