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Pokemon Legends : Arceus (dunkview)

  • katma 7 Şub 2022
  • Let the legend come back to life.
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  • Brandon Matt

    The fact that this is only their second game shows how much they have grown as a developer in such a short period of time. Can’t wait for their third game in 25 years.

  • bobbodaskank

    One thing about this game is it just barely scratched the surface of something cool by having a "pasture" instead of a PC to store your extra Pokemon. I wish that it would just in subtle ways impact the town (beyond the Pokemon the town actually asks for.) So like if you had a dozen Starlies, then maybe once in a while you'd see Starlies on the roofs of the town. Stuff like that. Just program in some invisible slots around town, like "bird spot" or "fish spot" and if you've got a matching Pokemon in your pasture, then sometimes it'll be standing in that spot

  • Charles Dupee

    This game is actually completely revolutionary: Not only is it the first fun game freak game, it is also the first fun strand type game. Bethesda really outdid themselves this time.

  • WolfeyVGC

    Dunkey likes a Pokemon game... I thought this day would never come...

  • UnironicallyLikesRanger

    I agree with the final criticism, there should be more Donphan. Really lacking in elephants in general.

  • stockicide
    stockicide  +746

    I'm really glad that Breath of the Wild came out so that other developers could copy it. I've wanted fun traversal mechanics and exploration to be introduced to more games for a long time. Give me a hang glider in every game. I don't care if it doesn't make sense, it's fun.

  • Liam Willauer

    I was honestly prepared for this to be a 4 minute video of Dunkey saying, "I can't believe this."

  • CloudShifter

    I really liked the touch that you can get all your pokemon out and chill with them. Some of them even take a nap or rest. Although I feel like they could have expanded on that idea alot more.

  • Fred
    Fred  +810

    This game shines in handheld mode and a pair of noise canceling headphones on. The sound design of the environments and the Pokémon sounds in the distance/around you are awesome.

    OMGanASIAN  +325

    While the game has flaws, it definitely is in the right direction for the franchise.

  • Zeke 1460
    Zeke 1460  +959

    “Kendrick wrote the code for the gameplay, Jake paul wrote the story.” This sums up the game perfectly. It has so damn much potential and does so much right, but it settles for barely having a plot when it could have done something awesome.

  • Shinymew121
    Shinymew121 2 saatler önce

    All Pokémon games are fun, but some certainly more than others

  • ♀¨•♠ö║í±☻~

    "Graphically, there are games that look worse than this, on the Gamecube, but"

  • Shane
    Shane  +56

    For me, I think arceus is a serious step in the right direction. If they take their time with the next legends game (which I think will become a spinoff series like snap or mystery dungeon) it could be one of if not the best game we've seen from game freak. The parts that were most lacking were story, and tangible world building, like having pokemon actually interact instead of them just waltzing around like they are completely blind to each other, or to see a battle between a torchic and a mudkip,, just something to show that they aren't a bunch of robots just waiting to be caught. For me, the story was also pretty lame, the dialog was decent but I just couldn't get attached to the characters too well. I did like how they went a little harder with this game though, like not avoiding the subject of death or harm, though it's obviously not on the same level as a game like black and white 2.

  • Sceppy
    Sceppy  +14

    I like this game mainly by the fact that it makes the world far more interactive, because I think most of us can agree that Pokémon has probably the least interactive game worlds of all time. So the touch of the features, even if they aren’t huge drastic changes or completely out there concepts, they’ve finally made it so you are in the world of Pokémon rather than being the world for once

  • Ryan Hodgson
    Ryan Hodgson 6 saatler önce

    Just here pondering why Game Freak decided to remake their first game instead of making a third game. Are we getting a Scarlet/Violet video soon?

  • Neil Kirby

    The story, vague as it all is with motivation, is better than most people give credit for. In that the story actually treats us like the main character. Compared to SwSh where the story happens offscreen and we only get involved at the end, when it suddenly becomes our problem in the championship.

  • Kuru Hiyori

    Dunkey has a way of taking my feelings and putting them perfectly into words

  • Samuel Johnson

    The fact that dunkey calls a water fountain a "bubbler" makes me feel something I have never felt before

  • MagicalBread

    It took me 55 hours before making it to the Volo boss battle.