Found Jewelry Underwater in River While Scuba Diving for Lost Valuables! (Unbelievable)


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  • Slack Nano
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    Love watching your channel with my son bro it’s a father and son bonding time thanks for your awesome videos

    • Samuel Pitamber
      Samuel Pitamber 4 gün önce

      Hi. your videos are very interesting to my dad - br ther,me

    • preciousbash
      preciousbash 5 gün önce

      AWWWWW!!! :0) :0)

    • Krystal Cook
      Krystal Cook 7 gün önce

      Slack Nano ugh

    • David Choi
      David Choi 10 gün önce

      Alan Tena Jr sending costs money why would he send you something

    • Eva Dahmoush
      Eva Dahmoush 15 gün önce

      I am all ways excited to see what you find in the lakes

  • Gertjan Booi
    Gertjan Booi 8 saatler önce

    Er stond jb janneke booi

  • Kelsey K
    Kelsey K 21 saatler önce +2

    You should carry a bag with you underwater to hold stuff

  • Ellie Marie
    Ellie Marie 23 saatler önce +4

    That's a lot of jewelry!!! Looks like it was robbed lol probably not because it wouldn't have been in the water😂. He is a FANCY diver now!!


    I wonder where all the jewelry came from, it all looks like its from the same owner so i wonder what happened

  • Savannah Main
    Savannah Main Gün önce +3

    You missed some of the jewelry, but I still think it's such a cool find!! I'm kind wish I was the one who found it. Congrats!!

  • Elisabeth Sonuga
    Elisabeth Sonuga Gün önce

    Raubtier Elisabeth 1 knows what to do with it to make a lot of money.
    Titiloa don't know and haven't no idear what to Do with Rohstoffe.
    Elisabeth 2 is just taken for her Kingdom.And let Titi left behind with her brain and mind in Afrika.

  • Elisabeth Sonuga
    Elisabeth Sonuga Gün önce +3

    Dead fishes at unclear Walter water with Stones and Rocks.

    • Ben Headrick
      Ben Headrick Gün önce

      The tiny fish was bait, the other fish was on a stringer that someone forgot and it died, im sure.

  • Elisabeth Sonuga
    Elisabeth Sonuga Gün önce

    Köder finden und in ein Glas mit Deckel stecken.

  • Alexandra Shemeleva
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  • WWA Sondler 1
    WWA Sondler 1 Gün önce

    Alter hat der viele abbos

  • Maiza Kelly
    Maiza Kelly Gün önce

    Alguém que fale português, me digam o que ele faz, ele retira as iscas de pescas perdidas do mar ?

    • Dani Matos
      Dani Matos Gün önce


    • Maiza Kelly
      Maiza Kelly Gün önce

      +Abner Issao pensei nossa ele gosta de procurar iscas. Bom que tira da água e os peixes não comem e morrem.

    • Maiza Kelly
      Maiza Kelly Gün önce +1

      +Bruno Villalva kkkkkkk vou largar a vida de Professora e ir procurar objetos perdidos

    • Bruno Villalva
      Bruno Villalva Gün önce +1

      Na realidade ele aproveita para fazer isso tambem, mas basicamente ele é um caçador de tesouros (ou coisas estranhas) perdidas de baixo d'água.

    • Abner Issao
      Abner Issao Gün önce +1

      Ele acha objetos perdidos no fundo de um rio

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  • Bester KING
    Bester KING Gün önce

    #bling bling boy

  • Trina McDaniel
    Trina McDaniel Gün önce +2

    how many fishing luers do you think you've found in your years of diving.

  • marblegecko Gamez
    marblegecko Gamez Gün önce +3

    2:49 lmao he picked up a fish carcass

  • Kawaii BubblePup
    Kawaii BubblePup Gün önce +1

    oml he picked up a catfish head haha

  • mike perez
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    He picked up a catfish head

  • Mirza Nawawi
    Mirza Nawawi 2 gün önce +3

    Great thing yall do guys

  • OSxSkullcrusher
    OSxSkullcrusher 2 gün önce +5

    Was the jewelry real?

  • Bacchanalia
    Bacchanalia 2 gün önce +4

    That is dollars store jewelry.

  • Renam Oliveira
    Renam Oliveira 2 gün önce

    hapefs asdwfa aderssa adsdw

  • princesse الزينة
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    So fack

  • Kathy Fan
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    276K likes! Yay!

  • James Tweedell
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    Back in the middle ‘70’s they had a Chattahoochee Raft Race for for about 3 years and their were over 200,00 people on the river with all kinds of rafts.....The biggest pile up area was at Roswell Road and 285 bridge crossing...
    No telling what you would find!!

  • Landon Ohanian
    Landon Ohanian 2 gün önce +1

    This dudes got ice on his wrists

  • nerf master
    nerf master 2 gün önce

    A ded fish

  • Luke Rinberger
    Luke Rinberger 2 gün önce +3

    ya might have as well just opened up a treasure chest

  • Hingefallen !
    Hingefallen ! 2 gün önce +3

    Pleas make german subtitels

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  • SugarHoneyKisses
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    Only the pearls might be worth something.

  • Khushi Prasad
    Khushi Prasad 2 gün önce +2

    That could be my mum's jewellery that's been lost for years🤔

  • Demi Ofiaza
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  • Oanh Duong
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    Mấy vật dụng này giống của người ấn độ

  • Jack Lack
    Jack Lack 2 gün önce +5

    Who’s idea was it to have a costume jewelry rafting party?

  • Juntak Tampz
    Juntak Tampz 2 gün önce

    i like your chanel bro

  • DIY Girl
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    Hey I love you channel 😊 there was a dead fish did no one see that

  • malyn jayme
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    Am I the only one who feel nervous as if somethings will just show up and snap grab him in that cloudy water?

  • Jessica Tannebaum
    Jessica Tannebaum 2 gün önce

    that ring fits you well

  • Morgan Jenkins
    Morgan Jenkins 3 gün önce +1

    What are those fish things that you kept picking up called? They look cool ❤

  • Pepi Tanev
    Pepi Tanev 3 gün önce

    I like like like your videos realy

  • Pepi Tanev
    Pepi Tanev 3 gün önce

    I like your videos and gave you sob

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    O cara catou as oferendas de Iemanjá kkk

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  • Ruukasu
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    how do you refill the oxygen tanks?

  • nguyen van thuong EVN
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    I think you love ocean!

  • S L
    S L 3 gün önce +1

    Перегнул ты чутка с бижутерией! Не очень вериться! Few overdone with jewelry. Do not believe it.

  • Trial by voyeurism
    Trial by voyeurism 3 gün önce +1

    Enemy is very materialistic. Good job. I'll show some more jewels from Claire's

    • Trial by voyeurism
      Trial by voyeurism 3 gün önce

      Surface va substance. Enemies eyes always on sarees and jewelry

    • Trial by voyeurism
      Trial by voyeurism 3 gün önce

      Enemy is certainly our relatives, searching for loot

  • Dedpul Hasinov
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  • TJ mcdonald
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    I can't believe it 27 mln views about a guy picking up used condoms from the filthy river.... Humans are unbelievable to comprehend

    • DIY Girl
      DIY Girl 2 gün önce

      TJ mcdonald 😠don’t say anything if it’s not nice.

  • Kamden 1987
    Kamden 1987 3 gün önce +7

    dat fish dead tho.
    2019 anybody

  • Fire Fox
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    You look fabulous by the way. Who else thinks he looks fabulous.

  • катока 03
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    Hee is in georgiaa???

  • Darlene Kemp
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    We do rocks in TN. Too

  • Weeum Squidley
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    2:50 fish head

  • Matheus Blublu
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    Fala ai seus filho de uma égua

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    Possible subscription

  • Rory Johnson
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    Wow you found that 😇

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    Zabavno je Yeas☺

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    Your starting to plant things for views, what a faker

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  • Rueee
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    As a female i could already tell by the thumbnail that it was gonna be all costume jewelry... looks like i was right

    DEEPAK VERMA 4 gün önce +3

    It is Indian jewellery

  • Nemi Caral
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    Oh my god bro you’re so lucky!!!!!!!!!())

  • Random Cat
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    These ppl need to work on their lure tying skills XD

  • renzie ruiz
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    Dallymd you have left in a river

  • Renato Fernandes
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    Its so hard to believe...

  • Pink Catz
    Pink Catz 4 gün önce +4

    You must look very fashionable now XD. Btw u should have taken out the dead fish to make the river at least a little bit better :P

    • Sharon Moore
      Sharon Moore 3 gün önce

      The smaller fish will eat the dead fish

  • Ashley The wise
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  • Morgan Bam
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    My name is Georgia

    • Morgan Bam
      Morgan Bam 4 gün önce

      Morgan is my older sisters name

    • Grace Elizabeth
      Grace Elizabeth 4 gün önce

      Morgan Bam why is you channel name Morgan?

  • Kermit Petersen
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    Are town has something called Parker rocks

  • Catie Rose
    Catie Rose 5 gün önce +1

    Did anyone else die a bit when he picked up that dead fish after he picked up the painted rock

  • Mười Trần
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    Có ai người Việt Nam ko ta

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    xjshs j nsbjzz jzbs sj s.s

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      김재일 you must be bored

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    You are so lucky man

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    Ur lucky day...enjoy it!!!

  • Златито Паскова

    Правиш много яки клипове

    K-POP BTS 5 gün önce +3

    e verdade isso é alguém brasileiro

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    What do u do with all the stuff

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    2:47. Nope.

  • Marie Animates
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    * sees a bunch of cute fish * : blolololololooooo
    * holds one * : BOLOLOLOLOOOOO

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    Catch a fish please and the dead ones

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    ايش هاد

    • nadia chamess
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      سمك صناعي يصطادون به السمك. ووجد في الاخير عقيق بلاستيك

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  • Isadora Silva Silva Ribeiro


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    Your GF may hit you--it's all gumball machine stuff, but loads of fun! :)

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    I want all of that juliary!🙂😏🙄

  • Amber Catchem
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    Wow you hit the jackpot at the start of the vid

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    Solo es una mujer despojandose de sus joyas... Botando ala basura toda vanidad y cosa del mundo

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    I love when he screams in the water..... XD

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    I want some

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    The world needs more kind people like you. You are SO amazing, I love how you always help other people. I would LOVE to meet you.
    Love your videos and channel. 😍❤️💖😜

    • Mermaid Rock
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      I don't either!🙁

    • Amber Catchem
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      Same here I would want to see him in real life but I don't live in the same country as him ☹😢

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    ja vi esse video mais de uma vez ... apaixonante

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    your channel is great, love all the videos

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    Cool 😎

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    Love this love you

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