Found Jewelry Underwater in River While Scuba Diving for Lost Valuables! (Unbelievable)


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    Love watching your channel with my son bro it’s a father and son bonding time thanks for your awesome videos

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      DALLMYD keep up the amazing work you do

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      Ok is this weird or this has the same amount of likes as they do subs?

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      கீழ்ப்படியக் கற்றுக்கொள். கட்டளையிடும் பதவி தானாக உன்னை வந்து அடையும். அ

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    Тебе очинь повизло вапще а на море можно наети какиета штучки

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    Why put his own jewelry in the river and video taped it ? .

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    I love Alice lps

  • Robyn Weber
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    Who likes lps

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    I honestly think he just put the jewelry in the water cuz 1: if he really had found it, it would have been rusted or something cuz of the rocks. 2: he was more excited when he found the fish thingies than when he found the necklace. Who would wear a necklace like that while on a river? Like if you think this is fak

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    I wish we saw your girlfrined

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    I would personally want a full face mask because that water is disgusting I mean look at all those dead fish

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    In this video I’m gonna show you my jewelry collection and how I put it on UNDERWATER!!

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    That fish gear thou

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    game graphics have upgraded so much lately that this lowkey looks like something i’d see on a console game like ps4 or xbox

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    I just found out about this channel and I love it already

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    İ love youuuu

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    The sounds he make underwear is so funny!😂

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    So pretty and cute

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    The jewelry might of been thrown in the water with a person's ashes for a funeral. Or yea someone stole it or something.

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    Excited by fish baits????

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    all the lures in the water is bad. just think about all the fish who see them as a meal

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      I know, just thinking about it makes me sick.

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    He finds the necklace at 9:04

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    brasileiros da um like

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    No joke but when you cut something with your mini knife it is so satisfying tho lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤗🤗🤗🙄😐🙄🙄

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    “Let’s see if we can hit 30k likes..”
    7 months later
    257k what the heck!

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    Я русская

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    If you guys found like two thing at one time,it is a hotspot of loot

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    It could have been stolen and once the person who stole it found out it was of no value and threw it in the river.

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    Him carrying all that jewelry stuff is my mom taking groceries inside the house 🙃

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    wtf how is this possiable

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    He is rich

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    you being mean to the fish

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    Oq são essas coisas que ele está colocando no pote?

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    You are so cool DALLMYD

  • Xander Outman
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    I like your videos I will be your number one fan

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  • Megan Young
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    How did you find that

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    Cho e 1con tép

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    Damn it he has a girlfriend 💔😂😂

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    are you feeling now *mr* *krabs*

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    5:40. “I can hand some out to kids”...creepy...😂

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    We do the rock thing here too

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    Việt nam mà lặn xuốngbthof chỉ toàn rác

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    the dude just flipped over on his kayak. lol

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    So Jakey...

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    Oq é isso branco?
    Peixe morto?

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  • I’m not Very creative

    Some of the jewelry looks like costume jewelry like the rings and the pearls but I could wrong but I’ve seen those rings at stores for children.

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    GbbbOh is

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    you very cind

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    Jb my classmatrs hahah

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    ❤️💘🔥👍 *Clíck hérė tơ chát wìth lívе séxу gìrl*

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    OMG! What did I watch!!!

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    Nice to meet you DALLMYD MY new friend your good at treasure hunting

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    Your awesome

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    Hombre se metió en el mar y salios millonario ese es el nuevo vídeo de badabun :v

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    You better mind someone hook you in that water... seems like world war 3 fishing was taking place at that river lol

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    Pause at 2:49

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    Cheap costume jewelry.

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    That fish was dead so sad

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    What are the fish for

    • Rima mima
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      They are used for fishing ..

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    Feel like you should have been a little more concerned about that kayaker. “I tried..”

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    Dive in the same spot but with a bigger container

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    JB is my dads anicels

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    No shark there?

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      Boy theres is no shark in rivers

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    I love you Channel 🧠

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    Toothpaste? 5:32

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      Pretty sure it's used on the inside of his mask, to keep it from fogging up. But don't quote me on that. Haha.

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    Caçada incrível! Muuuuitas iscas! Alguém me diz o que quer dizer essas pedras!

    • Mariah Pinsard
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      La eles escondem essas pedras pra pessoas aleatorias acharem e esconderem em outros lugares, pra outras pessoas aleatorias acharem e assim por diante

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    Plase swimming The Murina deep

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    Really wow

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    Why is all the jewelry in one spot of the river lol. Someone takes a handful from the vanity and chucks it into the river?!

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    So was any of the jewelry worth anything?? I have to know! Lol

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    People hide rocks everywhere I go I have so many of them its insane

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    with all the stuff in the river, are you concern that you will step on something and get hurt?

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    poor cat fish 2:47

  • Fishice Fishnice
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    Now we know what spots not to fish in that river. That log just ate up everyone’s lures

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    Спасибо! Очень весёлое видео !!!! )

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    3:34 hahahhaahhahhahahahahhhaahahaha
    man down

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    Find the odd emoji
    Did you find it well put ur finger here

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    you have relly cool viods!!!!!

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    Make me happy 😂

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    I bet local fans tossed that jewellery in there to see if he would find it and then post the video lol :)

    • Clara Kimmel
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      I'd say mardigra...down south right? Probably Mardi Gra.

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    motherfuckin lier

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    How can you get it

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    Is no one gonna talk about the fish head he found sksks

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    Can I get the toy fish

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    7:44 maybe Justin Bieber painted that rock!?!?!?

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    Good vers good

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    Can i get the jewelry

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    You save the fishes wow manda!

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    Yas! T We do painted rocks Here too! It's called 719 rocks, in colorado.

    • HarmHarm01
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      +Karla Geovanna They can post it on facebook on 719 rocks (colorado only) or keep it. They can also re hide it too

    • Karla Geovanna
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      Tell me if I’m wrong, these rocks... I paint one and take to one place... so who found have to do the same? Like put the rock that she found in other place? Or she can get? I don’t understand but I loved, I would love to find some rocks like this... make the day better :)

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    "If we can reach 30,000 likes", try over 250,000

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    Looks very scripted