Dumbo Official Teaser Trailer

  • katma 13 Haz 2018
  • Watch the teaser trailer for Tim Burton’s all-new live-action Dumbo, coming to theatres March 2019.

    From Disney and visionary director Tim Burton, the all-new grand live-action adventure “Dumbo” expands on the beloved classic story where differences are celebrated, family is cherished and dreams take flight. Circus owner Max Medici (Danny DeVito) enlists former star Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell) and his children Milly (Nico Parker) and Joe (Finley Hobbins) to care for a newborn elephant whose oversized ears make him a laughingstock in an already struggling circus. But when they discover that Dumbo can fly, the circus makes an incredible comeback, attracting persuasive entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere (Michael Keaton), who recruits the peculiar pachyderm for his newest, larger-than-life entertainment venture, Dreamland. Dumbo soars to new heights alongside a charming and spectacular aerial artist, Colette Marchant (Eva Green), until Holt learns that beneath its shiny veneer, Dreamland is full of dark secrets.
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  • Chloe R
    Chloe R 12 saatler önce

    Hell nah

  • Elvin Garcia
    Elvin Garcia 22 saatler önce +1

    From The Studio That Brought You
    The Jungle Book® Christopher Robin™
    Mary Poppins Returns® And Beauty And The Beast™
    And The Imagination Of Tim Burton

  • phake kate
    phake kate Gün önce

    STOP ADDING FUCKING HUMNAS GOD! some of the story's can be driven without them you know, you know its ganna all be about them when it could be about the crawl treatment of circus animals, how THEY ARE taken from mothers at very young ages, but NO lets throw in some humans coz we can.
    so far im not optimistic about this but ill go see it for sure, i WANT this to be good

  • edward pogi
    edward pogi Gün önce

    An animation remake featuring animation. Got it. Guess it will never end.

  • dallisladner
    dallisladner Gün önce

    Lmfao dumbo bout fast asf 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Poco Dyess
    Poco Dyess Gün önce

    If Tim Burton has a frightening look here, I don't even want to KNOW what he did to the pink elephants....

  • Dá Wéi
    Dá Wéi 2 gün önce


  • Video Nutur
    Video Nutur 2 gün önce

    "Water for Elephant" vibes

  • Michael P.
    Michael P. 2 gün önce

    ......perhaps Tim Burton would be appropriate as director if Disney ever decided to remake "Pinocchio" too!

  • BrynnDraws
    BrynnDraws 2 gün önce

    all of the good movies coming in 2019 :) (not all of them)

  • iluvbunbun14
    iluvbunbun14 2 gün önce

    but dumbo... leaves the circus and everyone makes fun of him its the entire plot.... WTF ARE YOU DOING TIM BURTON STOP REMAKING MOVIES PLEASE

    • iluvbunbun14
      iluvbunbun14 2 gün önce

      if timothy isnt in this and they dont have conversations and become best friends i will be so mad

  • Home factory
    Home factory 3 gün önce

    CgI don't look that real to me.

  • Alex the Memelord
    Alex the Memelord 3 gün önce

    I wonder if Casey Junior will be shown as anthropomorphic or just a regular lifeless steam locomotive. Hoping for the former :)

  • Jacob Bickley
    Jacob Bickley 3 gün önce

    omg this was one of my favorite childhood movies I can't what to see this
    and his mother better be bright back to him in the end or I swear I might scream DX

  • andrea osorio
    andrea osorio 3 gün önce +1

    no aparece el ratoncitoo😭😭

  • Bradley Cotton
    Bradley Cotton 3 gün önce

    Who watched the original cartoon and who’ll be watching this new version to keep Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus alive in their hearts?

  • lordcrumb07
    lordcrumb07 3 gün önce

    am I supposed to get chills from this? i got chills. that music.. wow.

  • Dixon D
    Dixon D 3 gün önce

    Dumbo!!!!!!! where is my Bambi!!!!! wait.....

    No thanks! I don't want his mom get shot........again

  • Jesika_ Is_Awsome
    Jesika_ Is_Awsome 3 gün önce

    I like it but I feel like tim burton just went with the original plot because it could be more exciting like the old one but ig this one can ok

  • Louis Tomlinson
    Louis Tomlinson 3 gün önce

    My brother is in this 🤣🤣

  • Olek Kroc
    Olek Kroc 3 gün önce

    So... is Johnny Depp or Helena Bonham Carter in this movie?

  • Dumbo trilogy
    Dumbo trilogy 4 gün önce +1

    But Tim Burton's Dumbo was made but the story never ends.

  • Jhenifer Bittencourt
    Jhenifer Bittencourt 4 gün önce

    aaa mds,já quero olhar!

  • Buğra Doğan
    Buğra Doğan 4 gün önce

    Wait..Is that Aurora?

  • Stewart Norris
    Stewart Norris 4 gün önce

    Well, I've seen the whole movie now.

  • tal leke
    tal leke 4 gün önce

    What is this?! Did you just made a live action of the most tear jerking animation I've ever seen in my entire life?

  • Shakti Rai
    Shakti Rai 4 gün önce

    Oh my God! It's been a long time I saw the cartoon version of Dumbo as a kid and I wasn't
    a fan of the movie because circuses are the worst in the world! But hey the "silent" flying elephant
    totally looks computer generated and he has a human family helping him instead of a talking mouse.
    But I seriously will not see this in theaters next year since it's not my blockbuster hit. Anyone see this
    comment please respect my opinion.

  • Dumbo trilogy
    Dumbo trilogy 4 gün önce +1

    Watch the full movie online the real one with the new characters. Until it comes out on March 29th 2019.

  • Truman Burbank
    Truman Burbank 4 gün önce

    Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lion King, Dumbo
    What's next? Is this supposed to be like a live action disney universe?!

  • MarshDan100
    MarshDan100 4 gün önce

    This looks creepy......

  • Rixhard Bermudez
    Rixhard Bermudez 5 gün önce

    Can't wait for the pink elephants in the movie

  • Yulia Dwi
    Yulia Dwi 5 gün önce


  • Macy Jensen
    Macy Jensen 5 gün önce

    Do Bambi in real life too please

  • Marcus Jimmeye
    Marcus Jimmeye 5 gün önce

    I wonder if they're going to have the racist crow named Jim like in the original 😂😂😂

  • jacob yanez
    jacob yanez 5 gün önce

    Why Tim Burton

  • whatwhat98
    whatwhat98 5 gün önce

    I want those crows back. They were awesome. And their song was cool.
    But yeah, I don't think I'll watch this. The trailer didn't have the same magic the animated one that captured my attention

  • Zachary Layman
    Zachary Layman 5 gün önce

    Childhood right here

  • Alessandro Marzorati
    Alessandro Marzorati 5 gün önce

    Looks like Millie is now his mom

  • ZaivE Æ
    ZaivE Æ 5 gün önce

    P. T. Barnum should be there

  • Namjin vkook
    Namjin vkook 5 gün önce

    Disney’s going down hill with all these remakes let’s be honest. I mean I’ll probably still love them but I wish they would do more original movies as well as remakes

  • Rey mar
    Rey mar 5 gün önce

    yeah um so...... aladdin trailer just came out.. w o a h

  • Mizuko2501
    Mizuko2501 6 gün önce

    Did they have human in the animation?

  • Sami TheWeirdOne
    Sami TheWeirdOne 6 gün önce

    Let me guess, no talking mouse and no singing crows... hmmmmmm

  • Zoe Collins
    Zoe Collins 6 gün önce

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  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 6 gün önce

    Danny Devito is perfect for this role, as a ringmaster.

  • R&M XP
    R&M XP 6 gün önce +1

    RIP Timothy the Mouse 😢

  • Luna Volva Forest Witch


  • An Liz
    An Liz 6 gün önce

    I want a mouse.. Not human.

  • I don't feel so good.
    I don't feel so good. 6 gün önce

    I hate that this exists.

  • Deri Febrian
    Deri Febrian 6 gün önce

    What is the song

  • Gummy Girl
    Gummy Girl 6 gün önce

    I'm not a baby. I won't cry. WAH.😭

  • NeonHologram666
    NeonHologram666 6 gün önce

    Wow way to really soften the movie by including kids who care about dumbo. Nobody but a mouse cared about him, everyone else laughed and exploited him. I’m curious If Tim burton can place us in the same saddening feels the original did.

  • MadgestyLover
    MadgestyLover 6 gün önce

    This is so... Precious

  • EGP87USN
    EGP87USN 6 gün önce

    Aw, man! What's a Disney classic remake without generous helpings of old-timey racism?!

  • Mils Fuego
    Mils Fuego 7 gün önce

    please, why ???? why do you looking for money by wasting the best ?

  • April Ressler
    April Ressler 7 gün önce

    I cfied

  • Dumbo trilogy
    Dumbo trilogy 7 gün önce

    The movie Tim Burton's Dumbo was made. Is Dumbo crying?

  • darkshark2012
    darkshark2012 8 gün önce


  • WOA LuKa Channel
    WOA LuKa Channel 8 gün önce

    woa Dumbo

  • Saul Garcia Jr.
    Saul Garcia Jr. 8 gün önce

    I feel like this will be bad

  • Alessandro Marzorati
    Alessandro Marzorati 8 gün önce

    I hope Dumbo could reunite with his mom

  • Beyaa Gabrielle Aranilla

    Tim Burton always add up that creepy vibe to the movie. Brrrr!

  • skytte71
    skytte71 8 gün önce

    Aurora singing Baby Mine

  • Lauren Heath
    Lauren Heath 9 gün önce

    Curious who sings the "Baby Mine" song for this one? I really like it. Maybe it will be on the soundtrack?

  • Kayqui Castro
    Kayqui Castro 9 gün önce

    Eu já chorei abessa só nesse trailer !!!#classicolindo

  • DeadmanInc336
    DeadmanInc336 9 gün önce

    Dumbo, welcome home, old friend. :)

  • ahmad basrafiudin saiful azmi

    I cant wait for the little mermaid in real life 😍

  • James vanDijk
    James vanDijk 10 gün önce

    Just imagine the pink elephants

  • Nayoko Edwards
    Nayoko Edwards 10 gün önce

    Please raise awareness about all of the horrible things that happen in the circus

  • KawaiiChibicat
    KawaiiChibicat 10 gün önce


  • George Brown
    George Brown 11 gün önce +1

    Beautiful trailer sometimes I dreamt I was in the movie as a kid named james

  • Southern White Boy
    Southern White Boy 11 gün önce

    Cant wait

  • Spaghetti
    Spaghetti 11 gün önce

    I remember watching this when I was a kid. I loved this movie, and now it’s time to watch it in 3D (I think..)

  • internetguy
    internetguy 12 gün önce

    where are the black workers who put the tent up and where are the crows with the black stereotypical voices doing black stereotypical things? if the mouse isn't there then the movie is just about some elephant born with a birth defect who happens to be able to fly. xD

  • Dumbo trilogy
    Dumbo trilogy 12 gün önce +1

    The movie was made but Tim Burton's Dumbo was made.

  • White Fire The Dragon
    White Fire The Dragon 12 gün önce

    So, instead of a talking mouse, Dumbo's thoughts and feelings will be relayed by human characters?

  • ma angelica
    ma angelica 12 gün önce +1

    In the original dumbo movie there was no humas helliping dombo it was the mouse

  • Itzraytoday
    Itzraytoday 13 gün önce

    This is in the movie theaters I think 😄😄😃😃

  • Charlie Wright
    Charlie Wright 13 gün önce

    This new It flim Part 2?

  • Breanna Lelewski
    Breanna Lelewski 13 gün önce

    u guys going to remake lion king anytime soon?

  • ThatSmolLps
    ThatSmolLps 13 gün önce

    So when I found out my niece has never seen some of old Disney movies it haunted me. I didn’t know what to say. I think that we should appreciate the fact that they make live movies to show younger kids these movies we use to love.

  • Dumbo trilogy
    Dumbo trilogy 13 gün önce +1

    Tim Burton's Dumbo was made i wish for Dumbo 2. Tim Burton's Dumbo needs to be Rated R. Im going to go see this movie next year. This story goes Holt was once a 🎪 circus 🌟 star. Went off to war terribly altered him circus owner Max Medici who hires to take good care of Dumbo whose oversize ears make him the laughing stock of the struggleling circus but Dumbo's mom gets locked up in a prison wagon by Va Vandemere. As Dumbo was met by a group of kids named Milly and Joe Dumbo had an accident where he injuries the elephants and Dumbo was made into a clown. As Dumbo and Milly got drunked pink elephants surrounded the scene. As Dumbo and Milly go on a adventure they knew that he could fly and Vandemere was defeated and made Dumbo a star at the end of the movie Dumbo comes out on March 29th 2019.

    • jacob yanez
      jacob yanez 5 gün önce

      Why R when Disney

    • Cool Boy
      Cool Boy 5 gün önce

      Dumbo trilogy WHAts with r movies DUMBo 🤥

  • Shakara Gervais
    Shakara Gervais 13 gün önce

    This is slight a horror...... flying elephant ...🙄🤯

  • Bryland Sutton
    Bryland Sutton 13 gün önce

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  • Roan Thompson
    Roan Thompson 13 gün önce

    I bet the pink elephants scene is gonna be creepy

  • Adamatronamus
    Adamatronamus 14 gün önce

    This film already exists. Make something new.

  • T
    T 14 gün önce

    Looks like a horror movie

  • Jon Treasure
    Jon Treasure 14 gün önce

    Why the semi-dark trailer for fucking Dumbo? It's not Dumbo vs Predator.

  • DK Murphy
    DK Murphy 14 gün önce

    I am a grown ass man and this gets to me!!!

  • Mary Alvz
    Mary Alvz 15 gün önce

    He's so perfect!

  • Sanvannah Ramirez
    Sanvannah Ramirez 15 gün önce

    😭😭 yesss I love Tim Burton even more now

  • movies clips
    movies clips 16 gün önce

    Please Hindi dubbed release theatres

  • HighVoltage Shock
    HighVoltage Shock 16 gün önce

    Given the fact that this is a Tim Burton film, I'm quite intrigued.

  • Dumbo trilogy
    Dumbo trilogy 16 gün önce +1

    Dumbo the full movie is made but Toy Story 4 was also made.

  • Nintendo supremacist 01
    Nintendo supremacist 01 16 gün önce

    And think the sequel was cancelled

  • Cierra Sweet
    Cierra Sweet 16 gün önce

    i can imagine this is gonna be good. 🧡

  • WikeddTung
    WikeddTung 16 gün önce +1

    When she sings "never to part" as they take Dumbo's mother away and he cries out....😭😭😭😭

  • Samuel Bentley
    Samuel Bentley 16 gün önce

    May the nostalgic rebooting commence one more