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  • David & Barbara Mielke
    David & Barbara Mielke 4 saatler önce

    I would have been digging clams on those beaches!

  • mahi packers
    mahi packers 4 saatler önce

    If you need a wildlife tour so visit on this link-

  • Damian Bruntz
    Damian Bruntz 6 saatler önce

    Elk ir moose??? Me encanta escucharlos en English. Practico mi comprensión. Creo que me haría entender bastante bien. Gracias por compartir.

  • The Beatles Experience (Argentina)

    Gracias por los videos que suben mostrando los mejores lugares de Canada. Somos una banda tributo a los Beatles de Argentina y estuvimos tocando y viviendo en Parksville por tres años! Hermoso lugar! Keep on hiking!

  • Jared Miller
    Jared Miller 7 saatler önce

    February 2020 going to Japan, I'm ready to see if Japan becomes my new #1 for food for my travels. Thanks for the video.

  • Kayas- Chailatte
    Kayas- Chailatte 7 saatler önce

    Samuel and Audrey, Where exactly are those hairy cows I need to know. Thanks Kaya.

  • Susan Mance
    Susan Mance 8 saatler önce

    We have Tim Hortons also here in Detroit!

  • xMerlin xxx
    xMerlin xxx 8 saatler önce

    My filipino family live in Toronto

  • Sarah Keech
    Sarah Keech 9 saatler önce

    Just don't get a flat tire out there. I've been to Victoria a few times, but now I really want to see the rest of Vancouver Island!

  • Haylea Pratt
    Haylea Pratt 9 saatler önce

    Some of my family lives in Port Hardy so I go up a couple times a year and it's so beautiful there. You should definitely check out San Jose Bay, Raft Cove, Grant Bay and Little Huson Caves. Devils Bath and the Eternal fountain are pretty cool places too!

  • Nidia Borsato
    Nidia Borsato 9 saatler önce

    *Daniel, perdón fue el diccionario

  • Nidia Borsato
    Nidia Borsato 9 saatler önce

    Hermosos paisajes, el Casillero del diablo es un vino intenso y delicioso, y daño el me hizo recordar el aceite de bacalao era horrible, me lo daban porque era flaquita 😂😂😂😂😂fuerte abrazo para todos 🇻🇪🇦🇷

  • Effie Colida
    Effie Colida 10 saatler önce

    Great video Sam and Audrey Keep up the great work Love all your videos

  • Effie Colida
    Effie Colida 10 saatler önce

    What beautiful places Canada has I am so proud of our country

  • Gerd Papenburg
    Gerd Papenburg 11 saatler önce

    In Germany we have a saying: there is no bad weather - just inappropriate clothing! This sounds to be applicable to the "Wet Coast" of Canada, too. In my childhood in Germany I was forced to drink liver oil, too. It was produced using codd and haddock. Interesting fact: haddock is called "Schellfisch" in German. Lots of English speaking tourists are disappointed when they read "Schellfisch" on a German menu, think about shellfish, and are served haddock.

  • TJ Michael
    TJ Michael 11 saatler önce

    I need to get to BC, so beautiful! I'm getting to Nepal in 2020 so I'm only about 3 years behind you.

  • John Roman
    John Roman 12 saatler önce

    Great video, helped us in planning our trip!

  • Lilian Lipper
    Lilian Lipper 13 saatler önce

    What a great aventure !!!! I love rain and these landscapes are just amazing!!!!

  • Yoli Gonzalez
    Yoli Gonzalez 14 saatler önce

    Even with the rain Canada still looks beautiful. Lovely video! :-)

  • LeAny
    LeAny 14 saatler önce

    Forest seems to be untouched, so beautiful and clean 🥰🥰

  • Edward P
    Edward P 16 saatler önce

    The best seaside resort in Poland

  • A A
    A A 16 saatler önce

    The banana price was per bag, and the daikon ( white radish) price was per radish. Prices not too bad 😊. I live on Maui and the prices are much worse.

  • Chris Miguel Sterling T
    Chris Miguel Sterling T 16 saatler önce

    Lots Italian influences

  • Dr.Manish Jain Asthma Specialist

    Fantastic city. I visited it in November 2019 Very beautiful city. Dr.Manish Jain Consultant Pulmonologist

  • jorge antonio perez doncel
    jorge antonio perez doncel 17 saatler önce

    Hermoso video !!!

  • John Burke
    John Burke 18 saatler önce

    Love your channel would love to come to Canada one day, hello from Manchester, England. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and wishing you all the best for 2020

  • valeria correa
    valeria correa 18 saatler önce

    como en londres ! jaja hay q salir igual

  • Angel Chavez
    Angel Chavez 18 saatler önce

    Hola Audrey,hola Samuel,ole ole ole,Dany Dany que bueno verlos again ,que rico se veia ese pescado por favor,okey desde Buenos Aires,San Fernando 🇦🇷

  • Żubrzykszew Maczeta Pompa
    Żubrzykszew Maczeta Pompa 18 saatler önce

    Poznań kings castle is some joke. It wasnt rebuilt people literally decided to build new one knowing only one thing: here was castle. And it doesnt look like residence of king at all. It’s little and ugly. Much better is German castle of Poznań

  • Ansh Shaindilya
    Ansh Shaindilya 18 saatler önce

    Nice natural place to visit 👍👏👍👏

  • Amrut Sawant
    Amrut Sawant 19 saatler önce

    Love you both.

  • Daniel Bc
    Daniel Bc 19 saatler önce

    Nice one hhhhh

  • Finding Awesome with Nena Lavonne

    👏👏👏👏😊 a snowy adventure! Love it! ♥️♥️

  • aintwurfnufnifitaintfree
    aintwurfnufnifitaintfree 19 saatler önce

    I hope you guys got better weather for the rest of your trip!

  • Paul Wheelan
    Paul Wheelan 19 saatler önce

    Hi Guys. Agreed, love Tim Hortons. I actually have one located 10 minutes walk from my flat here in Paisley, Scotland. Also, your Dad was spot on with the choice of wine. Casillero Del Diablo is one of my favourites. Keep the great videos coming.

  • aintwurfnufnifitaintfree
    aintwurfnufnifitaintfree 20 saatler önce

    Nice one guys!

  • Rilum Osmanaj
    Rilum Osmanaj 20 saatler önce

    Hi 👋👋

  • Elizabeth Mazeyko
    Elizabeth Mazeyko 20 saatler önce

    We have Parkville. You have to come to Australia!

  • Beth Peterson
    Beth Peterson 20 saatler önce

    He is a beautiful cat. I do love his color.

  • Daniel Dinenno
    Daniel Dinenno 20 saatler önce

    Hi my canadian friends....!!!.pasando un hermoso domingo en el campo con su grata compañía....NO TIENE PRECIO...!!* Saludos...🎄☺🎅

  • mariaines vicario
    mariaines vicario 20 saatler önce

    que belleza de lugares!!!!

  • Elizabeth Mazeyko
    Elizabeth Mazeyko 20 saatler önce

    Que Disfruten mucho, i was reading Parkville , and I was thinking you’re were in Melbourne Australia?? But it was in Canada. Canadá is so beautiful, thanks for your videos! Abrazos grandes.

  • Korina Viado
    Korina Viado 20 saatler önce

    You both make your videos so informative and engaging! You urge us to see the world and what they are known for. Food and price review are great as well!

  • Boeing 737-800 MAX
    Boeing 737-800 MAX 20 saatler önce


  • Pranav Kumar
    Pranav Kumar 20 saatler önce

    Nice Video Samuel and Audrey

  • Pranav Kumar
    Pranav Kumar 20 saatler önce

    Nice Intro

  • Reaction Of Reactions CHANNEL

    First 😉😍

  • Nicolás Acosta
    Nicolás Acosta 21 saatler önce

    No se cuando fue pero les deseo lo mejor

  • NoodleFanKennedy
    NoodleFanKennedy 21 saatler önce

    Recently saw your informative video. Can you tell me which area is better to stay, Hongdae or Myeondong. We have teens and the elderly in our group. Also where would you recommend in staying for both area, we are a group of 12.

  • Travelin' Rob
    Travelin' Rob 22 saatler önce

    You guys ought to do a Montana road trip in the states. Glacier to Yellowstone parks, great driving along the way, wildlife, ghost towns and good eats. Take the Dads along. American wild west theme with better weather. I could make some great suggestions for you.

  • Grant Atwood
    Grant Atwood 22 saatler önce

    Another great video! Keep them coming - love the rain, so relaxing!

  • Bl eu
    Bl eu 23 saatler önce

    So beautiful.

  • Daniel boxing fan
    Daniel boxing fan Gün önce

    sorry but that isn't the real deal you got ripped off.

  • Dea Hoxha
    Dea Hoxha Gün önce

    subscribe me, I’ll subscribe y’all :))

  • Bajlandia
    Bajlandia Gün önce

    Cool !

  • Patty Orozco
    Patty Orozco Gün önce

    I’m new to your videos ! Can’t wait to see all the good food !

  • Cal Gal
    Cal Gal Gün önce

    You were lucky...that is much nicer than the typical apartment in Ukraine.

  • beck nadia
    beck nadia Gün önce


  • Turki Alsul
    Turki Alsul Gün önce

    She's a good balanced woman treat her good

  • TBomb
    TBomb Gün önce

    So fantastic to get a piece of home that well captured. I'd always go hiking when it was raining like that in the fall, some of the freshest air imaginable. Love the whole series!

  • Nidia Borsato
    Nidia Borsato Gün önce

    Hermosos paisajes a pesar de la lluvia y mal tiempo.

  • TurningUs
    TurningUs Gün önce

    Look at about 2:54 and 2:56. is that an elk in the clearing that you drive by? Hard to tell for sure but seems like it might be maybe even a couple of them? Anybody else seeing this?

  • Maria elena diduszyn

    Q paso con la historia de tu papá Audrey?gracias

  • Angel Chavez
    Angel Chavez Gün önce

    Hermoso lugar che,Y con la lluvia le da otro sabor,por supuesto like,ya vi la otra entrega de hoy y Dany que buen humor le pones a los videos,saludos chicos,hasta pronto desde aquí 🇦🇷

  • Bajlandia
    Bajlandia Gün önce

    So beautiful area which you shown guys ! Stunning green and bears :)

  • Team Meeko
    Team Meeko Gün önce

    We just got back from Mostar, and seen that same dog, That's so funny. 6 December 2019

  • jamie malone
    jamie malone Gün önce


  • LeAny
    LeAny Gün önce

    It's so strange to see rain in Canada at this time... Where's snow?? 😊

    • LeAny
      LeAny Gün önce

      @Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos Oh yeees, that's the secret :) No matter in September or in December, snow or no snow, it's a very beautiful place.

    • Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos
      Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos Gün önce

      Ah, we flimed this in September LeAny! The snow must be in full force now...haha

  • Don Quidion
    Don Quidion Gün önce

    Moiture look like Finland deep forest ... how about mosquitos? heh heh i am sure there is and a lot.

  • akiva private
    akiva private Gün önce

    Part of the stingy taste is the tannins, that come from aging the wine in wooden barrels. Because it is an inexpensive wine, it is probably didn't aged long enough, or not in wooden barrels but in metal containers.

  • Labs Rescue Labradores de Costa Rica

    Porque solo maneja el padre de Audrey? jajjajajj

  • Kim MacIntyre
    Kim MacIntyre Gün önce

    I love your VI series! So beautiful! The rain does make it so green but I’m hoping for some sunshine for Audrey in Comox. 🏔 🌲 🌧

  • jorge antonio perez doncel

    Hermoso video,la comida chatarra,pero vino de lo mejor,abrazo !!!!

  • Michael Sylvester
    Michael Sylvester Gün önce

    I absolutely love your channel, It was a wet video Thanks for sharing this great video.


    Yammi food

  • Interesting
    Interesting Gün önce

    You can live in the clothes of your country as well as you have lived in India.

  • Interesting
    Interesting Gün önce

    i am indian.

  • Srijan Chandrakar
    Srijan Chandrakar Gün önce

    Awesome place, very nice video

  • Traveling With The Teavs

    Vancouver makes me think of home and the Pacific Northwest! Great vlog

  • Juan Pablo Sepulveda

    Holaaa gracias gracias por dejarme entender su video y poder verlos

  • Travel and Life
    Travel and Life Gün önce

    Rain makes green more attractive

  • Daniel Dinenno
    Daniel Dinenno Gün önce

    Hi my canadian friends . . !!!! Beautifull places....cuando regresan a Argentina nuevamente???? Se los extraña chicos...

    • irma moreira
      irma moreira Gün önce

      @Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos para que fecha piensan llegar a Santa Cruz ???? Asi los esperamos !!!!!

    • Daniel Dinenno
      Daniel Dinenno Gün önce

      @Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos genial....cuantos turistas extranjeros vendrán gracias a sus videos....!!! Vayan a Tafi del valle x Cafayate...un camino de ensueño...en jujuy se emocionaran con los paisajes y su gente....pongan de música de "EL CONDOR PASA...." las comidas del norte son alucinantes...en Uruguay lleguense a La Pedrera y Cabo pasan por Rosario avisen y preparo ASADITO...jajaja. es una ciudad muy hermosa sobre el río Paraná....disfruten su estadia...!!! Saludos al papi...

    • Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos
      Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos Gün önce

      Este viaje será Tucumán, Salta, Jujuy, Uruguay, Patagonia (más al sur) y Ushuaia.

    • Daniel Dinenno
      Daniel Dinenno Gün önce

      @Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos por donde che???

    • Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos
      Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos Gün önce

      Gracias Daniel! De hecho, estamos de vuelta en Argentina ahora mismo haciendo nuevos videos. Sin embargo, estamos atrasados ​​en publicarlos.

  • Amparo Fernandez
    Amparo Fernandez Gün önce

    fantastic video. Congratulations.

  • tayee khan
    tayee khan Gün önce

    Very Nice best of all video.very greenery and clean...

  • Pranav Kumar
    Pranav Kumar Gün önce

    Nice Video Samuel and Audrey

  • irma moreira
    irma moreira Gün önce

    Hola Samuel y Audry !!!!! Bonitos paisajes pero lo van a subir en español o subtitulado ???? Gracias . Desde Argentina. Pcia de Santa Cruz les mando un fuerte abrazo . Ahhhh cuando vinieron a la patagonia les faltó conocer mi pcia.con glaciares lagos montaña etc. Los esperamos

    • irma moreira
      irma moreira Gün önce

      @Dan Double Barrel gracias Daniel . Abrazo

    • Dan Double Barrel
      Dan Double Barrel Gün önce

      Hola, si tiene problemas con los subtitulos en espanol pruebe esta manera. Haga clic en el icono que sale al pie de la pantalla ,el que tiene forma de rosca, es setings. Haga clic en subtitulos / CC , cuando aparezca la lista de idiomas haga clic en espanol o spanish. eso le permitira ver subtitulos en espanol. Suerte

    • irma moreira
      irma moreira Gün önce

      @Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos Les pido que me avisen en mi hogar hay lugar para uds !!! Y serán bienvenidos . Yo vivo en la capital de la Pcia . Los esperamos mi marido y yo !!!!!

    • Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos
      Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos Gün önce

      Muchas gracias Irma! ¿Puedes hacer clic en el botón CC debajo del video? Traté de agregar subtítulos en español. ¡Viajaremos a Santa Cruz! Estamos muy emocionados por eso.

  • Pranav Kumar
    Pranav Kumar Gün önce

    Nice intro

  • K mi
    K mi 2 gün önce

    I did this trip with my wife in 2014, i was the only driver!!!!! It was amazing.....

    • K mi
      K mi Gün önce

      Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos haha yes, 11,000 km. I just made program for next summer with my nephew to do the same. We have a kid now and my wife can’t do this trip again with a toddler.

    • Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos
      Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos Gün önce

      So cool to hear! You logged some serious driving KMs

  • George Job
    George Job 2 gün önce

    He,s talking pish, I,m a lowland Scot and Protestant, three Scots regiments fought against the Young Pretender to stop the Catholic reclaiming the British throne.. We defeated Rome... Culloden was a Protestant victory !

  • Gun.Peng. Generalist
    Gun.Peng. Generalist 2 gün önce

    Good Korean mountain video! As a korean, I introduce another korean mountain park(moongyeongsaejae): ​

  • Renzo Vlogs Coverage
    Renzo Vlogs Coverage 2 gün önce

    nice one

  • Joan Lynch
    Joan Lynch 2 gün önce

    Are Canadian bears nicer than American ones? Pitter patter!!

  • Lyn Morris
    Lyn Morris 2 gün önce

    Glasgow sucks just a bunch of dumb jocks that don’t know what they are doing and they also don’t how stupid they look ☠️

  • dedsert
    dedsert 2 gün önce

    >yo bro, we went here to eat food like pigs, but we found 3 other things that were absolute surprises no thanks, I'll look elsewhere for an informed guide

  • 越跃
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  • козак Ябко
    козак Ябко 2 gün önce

    Борщ, без сметани - не вживають !

  • Greg & Peta Smith
    Greg & Peta Smith 2 gün önce

    Fantastic job guys! Can’t wait to get back there ourselves in a couple of weeks - as early as possible in the morning ofcourse!!! 😁😁

  • onewaylove
    onewaylove 2 gün önce

    guys random question but, video descriptions for this channel is automatically translated to my language (Korean) Is there a way to turn this off? it's only happening in this channel (so far).

    • onewaylove
      onewaylove Gün önce

      @Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos Hi, yes I'm aware of that. It turns out you guys enabled auto translate within your TRclips settings. I was trying to figure out how to read your videos/channel in English while keeping my own TRclips language in Korean, but it seems like it's not possible at the moment. The automated translation is pretty bad lol

    • Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos
      Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos Gün önce

      Oh that is because your default language is set to Korean. If you change it to English it will turn off. Also you can watch with incognito browser.

  • haidar darwich
    haidar darwich 2 gün önce

    😍👍 🇦🇷

  • Cams Jam Jars
    Cams Jam Jars 2 gün önce

    Just a wee hint its pronounced edinbruhhh.