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You're in trouble and we need to talk
görünümler 39 B22 saatler önce
It is the first day of university
görünümler 2,5 Mn7 gün önce
I painted on a 12 hour flight
görünümler 2,4 Mn14 gün önce
görünümler 1,6 Mn23 gün önce
A day in my life in brazil
görünümler 2,7 MnAylar önce
I forced Brad Mondo to fix my hair
görünümler 4,9 MnAylar önce
I bleached my hair
görünümler 6 MnAylar önce
Flying to Anaheim on 2 hours of sleep
görünümler 1,6 Mn2 aylar önce
How to Crash a Wedding
görünümler 2,4 Mn2 aylar önce
The same video one year later
görünümler 2,4 Mn2 aylar önce
I graduated from high school
görünümler 2,3 Mn2 aylar önce
The final week of high school
görünümler 2,3 Mn3 aylar önce
Paint with me ft intense procrastination
görünümler 2 Mn3 aylar önce
A day in the life: high school edition
görünümler 2,2 Mn3 aylar önce
I DIY'd Prince's Blue Cloud Suit
görünümler 920 B3 aylar önce
görünümler 1,3 Mn3 aylar önce
Oops I'm in New York
görünümler 2,3 Mn4 aylar önce
I went to prom
görünümler 4,3 Mn4 aylar önce
Study with me ft. Senioritis
görünümler 1,7 Mn4 aylar önce
I DIY'd Joana Ceddia's new merch
görünümler 1,2 Mn4 aylar önce
I painted for 24 hours straight
görünümler 3 Mn5 aylar önce
Let's talk about school
görünümler 1,2 Mn5 aylar önce
WeLcOMe tO mY wORkoUT rOutiNE
görünümler 1,7 Mn5 aylar önce
Here's what I did over the weekend
görünümler 2 Mn6 aylar önce
Come with me to a swim meet
görünümler 3,9 Mn6 aylar önce
Meanwhile, in Canada
görünümler 1,2 Mn6 aylar önce
I painted A Starry Starry Night
görünümler 1,5 Mn6 aylar önce
24 Hour Transformation: Shrek Edition
görünümler 1,7 Mn7 aylar önce
Dear Mom, give me a dog
görünümler 1,7 Mn7 aylar önce
It is exam season.
görünümler 3,4 Mn7 aylar önce
The History of John Cena
görünümler 3,3 Mn7 aylar önce
görünümler 1,8 Mn8 aylar önce
I painted the Mona Lisa
görünümler 2,4 Mn8 aylar önce
Merry Chrystler from the Ceddia Family
görünümler 1,5 Mn8 aylar önce
Brad Mondo, this is for you
görünümler 4,2 Mn9 aylar önce
I DIY'd my own Christmas tree
görünümler 1,2 Mn9 aylar önce
A week in the life of John Cena
görünümler 3,4 Mn9 aylar önce
Playing A Horror Game
görünümler 2,3 Mn9 aylar önce
URGENT: Hair Tutorial
görünümler 2,3 Mn9 aylar önce
The room tour you've all been waiting for
görünümler 3 Mn9 aylar önce
A second attempt at a self portrait
görünümler 1,6 Mn10 aylar önce
A very productive weekend
görünümler 4,7 Mn10 aylar önce
A (very late) Halloween Spooptacular
görünümler 1,4 Mn10 aylar önce
Waxing and Ranting: ASMR Edition
görünümler 1,6 Mn10 aylar önce
I DIY'd my own wedding dress
görünümler 2,3 Mn11 aylar önce
Turning Myself Into the Cookie Monster
görünümler 2 Mn11 aylar önce
Following a Rob Boss painting tutorial
görünümler 4,9 Mn11 aylar önce
görünümler 1,6 Mn11 aylar önce
görünümler 994 BYıl önce
Waxing and Ranting: the sequel
görünümler 1,3 MnYıl önce
görünümler 2,3 MnYıl önce
görünümler 1,1 MnYıl önce
A Jojo Siwa makeover
görünümler 3,1 MnYıl önce
görünümler 1,5 MnYıl önce
Making a homemade pizza for idiots
görünümler 2,1 MnYıl önce
görünümler 1,3 MnYıl önce
A nAtURaL gLoWY MakeUP TutORiaL
görünümler 1,3 MnYıl önce
i cut my hair with craft scissors
görünümler 9 MnYıl önce
Last-minute small town thrifting!
görünümler 949 BYıl önce
görünümler 750 BYıl önce
How to overpack: a tutorial
görünümler 582 BYıl önce
I drew Tana Mongoose crying
görünümler 737 BYıl önce
görünümler 2 MnYıl önce
Try-On Thrift Haul in Under 5 Minutes
görünümler 512 BYıl önce


  • Laylo04
    Laylo04 Saatler önce

    Haven't seen the Carl part yet 😑

  • caytlin mckinney
    caytlin mckinney Saatler önce

    The bees

  • Michelle Sui
    Michelle Sui Saatler önce

    joana: slaps some paint on a canvas and creates a masterpiece me: slaps some paint on a canvas and creates baby vomit

  • 『sαrαcн¡¡』
    『sαrαcн¡¡』 Saatler önce

    Mum y-

  • Queen Strawbz
    Queen Strawbz Saatler önce


  • -allana •*
    -allana •* Saatler önce

    Last time I was this early Joanna cut her hair 🙂

  • Jellybean S
    Jellybean S Saatler önce

    How the hell did this come out 8 minutes ago AND IT HAS 1.5 thousand comments Yeeyee

  • Crystal
    Crystal Saatler önce

    Vsco girls are just tumblr girls from 2013

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez Saatler önce

    John Cena. Will you dye your hair the color of Shrek?? A very beautiful color indeed.

  • William Demeyer
    William Demeyer Saatler önce

    1:50 I have an idea, what if you learn more and more about what you wish to learn, and every few weeks you paint stuff related to what you learned?

  • Antzi06 Antzelina
    Antzi06 Antzelina Saatler önce

    The best thing about Joana is that even if you see the title you seriously don't know what to expect... (something good but I'm always a bit scared)

  • Avi Tiki
    Avi Tiki Saatler önce

    Everyone who wants John to live stream ⏬↙️

  • Celeste Martin Eventing

    Joana: uploads 6 minutes ago Me: goes on TRclips sees her video, sees that she uploaded it 6 minutes ago gets really excited thinking I'll be like the 10th person to view it!! Also me: starts crying that's she was 23,000 people to late.

  • EnigmaDrath
    EnigmaDrath Saatler önce

    Me: *watching Pacific Rim (THE ORIGINAL BECAUSE FUCK THE SEQUEL!!) clips* TRclips recommendation: " ... John Cenna, eh?" Me: *almost breaks my touch pad clicking thumbnail*

  • Madeline Hunn
    Madeline Hunn Saatler önce

    "Its bc he's adopted" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Melonn
    Melonn Saatler önce

    Hippity Hoppity, I smell 3 million cookies on Joanas property

  • Limeade L
    Limeade L Saatler önce

    Nobody: Not a soul: Everybody Early: sUbScRibE tO mY rOaD tO a mIlLioN¡!

    /I PURPLE YOU/ Saatler önce

    *reads title right after a crack my phone* I see why-

  • Splattered Inc.
    Splattered Inc. Saatler önce

    Your throat has failed you. Oof.

  • Kylee MSP
    Kylee MSP Saatler önce

    Give me a like or I’m gonna steal your avocado tortilla-

  • flamingo
    flamingo Saatler önce

    when i watch your videos i feel like i’m talking to a friend and i love it 🥰

  • Kyle Tatore
    Kyle Tatore Saatler önce

    wait I have a question... does the Canadian cash smell like maple?

  • Vi Chan
    Vi Chan Saatler önce

    4:38 Brad mondo is quacking

  • あああ
    あああ Saatler önce

    i’m also sick. i almost passed out at school

  • I love Peepeepoopoo
    I love Peepeepoopoo Saatler önce

    I thought this was about getting in trouble for filming at uni-

  • finola heffernan
    finola heffernan Saatler önce

    I haven't been this early since I came out of my mother's womb.

  • natcat
    natcat Saatler önce

    HEY I'M SICK TOO okay thats all

  • dakotah.mariaa
    dakotah.mariaa Saatler önce

    pin me if ur gonna whoop all of us jack 😳

  • Queenofhearts 22
    Queenofhearts 22 Saatler önce

    Ikr my son Carl omg

  • Natalie Ethridge
    Natalie Ethridge Saatler önce

    Dang Posted 7 mins ago and 1.5 k comments. You go jasper carrot

  • moom11_1
    moom11_1 Saatler önce

    *T H E B E E S*

  • crabsscareme
    crabsscareme Saatler önce

    oh shizzle, joham cedor is mad at us again

  • Kassy-Lin Jones
    Kassy-Lin Jones Saatler önce

    9 minutes late

  • Bill Dino
    Bill Dino Saatler önce

    How did you get sick (the bees)

  • Bill Dino
    Bill Dino Saatler önce

    How did you get sick (the bees)

  • Kate G
    Kate G Saatler önce

    the fucking spike of anxiety i had from this title was unable to be recorded into a form of understandable words

  • The Almond Milk is Scary

    The title gave me anxiety and made me try and remember what i had done

  • Kate Rocque
    Kate Rocque Saatler önce

    Luv ya

  • Charlie Mason
    Charlie Mason Saatler önce

    Okay but why did that title give me anxiety

  • Tina Martinez
    Tina Martinez Saatler önce

    *I'm procrastinating again and what do I do, I watch Joana Centipede*

  • Inês Lopes
    Inês Lopes Saatler önce

    You need to come to Portugal you’ll love it

  • Totally Not An Area 51 Alien

    Joanna you motivational speaker!

  • Cade Bowman
    Cade Bowman Saatler önce

    The title gave me anxiety so _thanks for that_

  • Itz_Just_Jack
    Itz_Just_Jack Saatler önce

    Mom, I’m sorry please don’t ground me😔

  • X Nova X
    X Nova X Saatler önce

    Poor John Cena...

  • Dante Caballero
    Dante Caballero Saatler önce

    0:00 Joanna Appreciate post: WHY IS SHE SO CUTE????!!!!

  • Lindsay States
    Lindsay States Saatler önce

    There is a bunch of stuff going around right now(I work in a pharmacy...) Feel better soon kiddo!!! Also get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids!!

  • Julia Levy
    Julia Levy Saatler önce

    Shrek? Yes.

  • Carl
    Carl Saatler önce

    We need Joanna to make a series on remaking expensive YT merch but it's just her swallowing the mic and screaming

  • Timber Playz
    Timber Playz Saatler önce

    My sisters 16 and she has her Ls

  • Klaudia Rosalia
    Klaudia Rosalia Saatler önce

    omg sameee my parents speak to me in polish and i reply in a weird polish-english combo that literally only my family understands

  • Local Crackhead
    Local Crackhead Saatler önce

    I’m scared this title is making me scared

  • xpoprxyalty
    xpoprxyalty Saatler önce

    ngl that video title scared the fuck outta me

  • Evil Kermit
    Evil Kermit Saatler önce

    Omg I’m so early

  • Safiyah Ali
    Safiyah Ali Saatler önce

    Reads title: OH CRAP SHE FOUND OUT

  • Saimeaw
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    sorry mommy :(

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    Ann ! Saatler önce

    The notification with the thumbnail and title gave me a heart attack. Whatever I did mom, I'm sorry 😔🙏🏻

  • Caesar_
    Caesar_ Saatler önce

    At first I thought it was a text from my parents and I was *shook*

  • felicity ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    felicity ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Saatler önce

    Wow that was one inspirational speech about... avocados😂🥑💕👌🏼

  • Ailaz Squad
    Ailaz Squad Saatler önce

    Joana I have a question How flexible are you Can you sub to me

  • SR212787
    SR212787 Saatler önce

    Carl left the show because he wanted to go to school.... 😂

  • Julia Carrasco
    Julia Carrasco Saatler önce

    everybody in the comments "oMg iM acTuaLly eArlY" but same 😂

  • felix jessie
    felix jessie Saatler önce

    Finally made it to an upload

  • Ulises Bravo
    Ulises Bravo Saatler önce

    0:57 Jade is offended Lowkey don’t remember her name 😬

  • Elin Thomas
    Elin Thomas Saatler önce

    My throat is broken as well, and dang I'm early

  • abi l
    abi l Saatler önce

    lmao i had a bunch of alarms to get up but this was the video that got me out of bed

  • Ella Calhoun
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    Almost 3 million subs how we gonna celebrate

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    Irish potatoes Saatler önce

    Welcome back my blonde goddess

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    We may have a future bob ross in our hand

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    aoi kun Saatler önce

    Whats your opinion on ceddia gorls

  • Banana Butter
    Banana Butter Saatler önce

    You don't sound pretentious you sound like shrek (A compliment)

  • Kloee Ortega
    Kloee Ortega Saatler önce

    I hope you get better ❤

  • Andrina Brantley
    Andrina Brantley Saatler önce


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    molly p Saatler önce

    oh gosh I hope we don't get the I'm not mad just disappointed talk...

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    Frostbite Saatler önce

    The title is my parents literally after I breathe

  • XxWierdoxX XxForeverxX
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  • a username
    a username Saatler önce

    Pls don’t smash your Nokia against my head :(

  • Zeinab Mohammed
    Zeinab Mohammed Saatler önce

    bruh literally 7 minutes since this vid has been out and theres already 30k views and almost 1,500 comments. how. this is some black magic right here.

  • Shrek is Ur mom
    Shrek is Ur mom Saatler önce


  • Muffin D
    Muffin D Saatler önce

    I love u

  • Tushi Yumberly
    Tushi Yumberly Saatler önce

    after I ate the last slice of pizza in my house, i went on youtube, i saw the title of this video. "You're in trouble and we need to talk", ok cookie monster.

  • Mehrava Afshani
    Mehrava Afshani Saatler önce

    Ahhhhhh new vid, i get freaked out everytime u post <3

  • Avery Fallon
    Avery Fallon Saatler önce

    Only 2 mins in she hasn’t answered my question and I’m freaking out

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    Sydney Baffoe Saatler önce

    i saw the title of this video and it low key scared me because i thought it was a text from my mom lol

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    Hussna Waka Saatler önce

    I swear everyones sick.

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    *me: reads title* joana is literally my mom

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    im sorry i have given u my disease ):

  • Melody Lin
    Melody Lin Saatler önce

    1,551st comment...

  • Thedepressedartist
    Thedepressedartist Saatler önce

    Joanna: it’s about $7,000 tuition Me in America: cries in student loans

  • Try_on_some_Vinegar ;]
    Try_on_some_Vinegar ;] Saatler önce


  • Ash_ xX
    Ash_ xX Saatler önce

    Hiiiiiiii have a great day random person!!

  • • grace •
    • grace • Saatler önce

    Oh my

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    Laura Toro Saatler önce

    your dad is adopted? everything makes so much sense now

  • Pastel Trash
    Pastel Trash Saatler önce

    fiesta salsa quincenera

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    Cmac D Saatler önce

    The last time I was this early.....I’ve never been this early