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  • Simon Daniels
    Simon Daniels 4 aylar önce

    when is the next watch and listen podcast up?

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 4 aylar önce

    "men" who waste money on useless jewelry are retarded faaaaggs

    • Drew Somers
      Drew Somers 4 aylar önce

      I don't think you're in the right place....

  • jimf42
    jimf42 5 aylar önce

    for a future show..another US made very nice watch could also cover RGM and other US fine watchmakers.

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith 5 aylar önce

    Please cover watches for those of us with large wrist, divers, dress etc.

  • Jason Works
    Jason Works 6 aylar önce

    Question about broken watches, Say you come across a piece that is for sale that states that it isn't working , but you know that it is a expensive watch. Is that a way that a person could get into a expensive watch for a reasonable amount of cash. I know that a repair wouldn't be a cheap thing but if you came across a rolex for $100 would it be worth considering Great series by the way, never really considered watches before you started the show, but am now looking to purchase my first watch, am looking at purchasing the Maurice Lacroix Day Date that you had on the show Thanks and keep up the great show, really enjoyed Jonathan ward and chef Sang Yoon

  • Dylan Cassagnol
    Dylan Cassagnol 6 aylar önce

    Absolutely amazing and original podcast. Contrasting and unique personalities. Also, a wide range of watches of all kinds.

  • Brett Campbell
    Brett Campbell 7 aylar önce

    Hey guys, Keep doing what you guys are doing. Love it. Posted on Reddit to hopefully help generate more love I think you guys deserve. Thank you

  • TheVinceb100
    TheVinceb100 7 aylar önce

    some clips like JRE does would be cool

  • Steve Szirmai
    Steve Szirmai 8 aylar önce

    Great series! Really love it, like I love the TST. I've learned a lot, and turned on other watch lovers (my sons especially). Suggested future programs: 1 - Talk about the non-Swiss watch industry, as well as non-conglomerate watch brands (i.e., Breitling) - Suggest a program on the German industry and how it integrates/differs with the Swiss watch industry, plus exposure to brands - Hanhart, Tutima, Glashuette Original, A. Lange & Soehne, etc.; Frank Mueller, Breitling, etc. 2- Talk more about what has happened historically - suggest a program on Hayek Senior and post-recession; on the Swiss watch industry with Hayek trying to limit usage of ETA movements (i.e., forcing brands to develop in-house movements), post-recession impact on watch industry (i.e., on over-production for Chinese market), impact of Fall of Berlin Wall (i.e., German Glashuette industry, post war and pre-war) 3 - Suggest a program on the "high-end" buyers of watches - i.e., oil wealth, Chinese wealth, the huge Italian market for watches, Wall Street and London bankers as buyers, etc. 4 - Suggest more on "less expensive, but yet automatic watches" i.e., "lower high-end" brands - Mido, Fortis, Oris, Chronoswiss, Mont Blanc, Ebel, Maurice Lecroix, Movado, Bulova, Acutron, etc.; as well as Chinese brands - Jiusko, for example. 5 - A story on the "grand dame's" of the watch industry - Patek & Rolex - Suggest a program on the tier below Patek & Rolex, i.e., IWC, Vacheron, Gerard Perregeaux, Corum, Cartier, Ulyse Nardin, Porshe Design, etc. 6 - Suggest a program on "American" brands - Shinola, Ball, Kobold, Luminix, etc. 7 - Very interesting listening to Weiss insight to working in the industry - a program on the "stories" in watch making and watch repair (especially in the US, and potentially 70's, 80's, 90's, etc.) 8 - A story on iconic/famous watches, whether from famous owners and/or how the watch got its "reputation" - i.e., Heuer Monaco, Monza, Carrera; Porsche Design IWC titanium watch, Rolex Milgaus, etc., IWC Pilot, Cartier Santos, etc. 9 - A story on "special edition watches" - Coca Cola watches, middle eastern military watches, British/American/German special forces watches, Rolex customer watches 10 - A Seiko episode - Diver watches and Grand Seiko 11- A Japanese (non-Seiko) episode - i.e., Citizen (basic, high-end and Campanola), Orient, etc. 12 - Fringe brands - Parmigiani, HYT, Jacques Droz, etc. 13- A program on Smart Watches - Start with Iwatch - the features of an Apple watch, etc., then a FitBit, then a Samsung Gear, then an HTC, then crank it up with a TAG Heuer connected, a Frederick Constant Hybrid, etc. 14 - THE FUTURE OF FINE WATCHES VS SMART WATCHES - Hey, be bold, speculate (you might be sited as an expert)! After all those suggestions - great program!

  • James A
    James A 9 aylar önce

    Matt and Cameron: I'm really enjoying the series so far. When it comes to watches I have an ongoing dilemma. I have a small frame and when I see a watch I love, it's almost always a 44MM case or bigger, or astronomically above my price (as much as I could afford to buy an Omega Seamaster, Maslow says I still have many things that take priority in my life at this moment, and it would still look a touch big on me with a 41MM case.) A lot of these beautiful time pieces are only available in larger cases due to the popularity of chunky looking, or oversize watches, which do not look proportionate on me at all. Tyler touched on the opposite of this in the previous episode where he felt that a 42MM looked dainty on him. I wear a 38-40mm case most of the time, but depending on the size and design of the lugs , even a 40-41MM case can look disproportionate or fit uncomfortably Can you guys talk about some designs and sizes for smaller framed people, and more importantly how to properly size a watch to your stature. Looking forward to the coming episodes.

  • Internet Cancer
    Internet Cancer 9 aylar önce

    Hi Matt and Cameron, enjoyed podcasts tremendously. I'd like to suggest few topics for future podcasts/segments in the podcast: - impact of Quartz Revolution/Quartz Crisis on the industry - Ridiculous Complications, (e.g. most notably Greubel Forsey watches, which I like the most :D) - Cheap and Cheerful (good design/value ratio) - Watch in Awe (notable/interesting watches in film or broader in culture etc)

  • Jon Power
    Jon Power 9 aylar önce

    Hey Matt and Cameron, love the new channel and I can't wait to see what you guys cover next. I'm new to the watch game (thank you for that), and I was just wondering how you guys feel about Marloe Watches from the UK? I think the Lomond is spectacular looking, and for the price of 449 GBP, you can't really beat it. They say it uses a Seagull ST19 manual movement. No offense Cameron, your watches are great too, but a bit more than I can afford right now. Again, thanks for the great content!

  • Michael Bradeen
    Michael Bradeen 10 aylar önce

    Will this be a more visual podcast than the Smoking Tire? Is it worth catching on TRclips over the audio podcast?

    • WatchAndListenPodcast
      WatchAndListenPodcast 9 aylar önce

      Although it's still early in the production, we feel that the show is optimized for video, but we do our best to make it work for audio only. As we get through the first few episodes, we welcome (reasonable) suggestions going forward.

  • Conan Magruder
    Conan Magruder 10 aylar önce

    I'm looking forward to this!