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  • Benjamin Jones
    Benjamin Jones Gün önce

    Hey you are fucking rad, and a huge inspiration. Im looking to breakout a speak and read, and was wondering if you had a Schematic or even just a picture of the guts for yours.

  • The Good Green Herb
    The Good Green Herb 3 gün önce

    You are a very creative person and got some serieus skills You should really consider about bringing out a CD or LP with the music you make. I love what you do keep on the right track greetz from Belguim

  • Stephanie Yates
    Stephanie Yates 8 gün önce

    Just stop by to say good for you. I think it's awesome you were able to achieve your dream. Good luck on your journeys.Keep dreaming. Stay persistent.

  • peachcloverlauper
    peachcloverlauper 8 gün önce

    Someone has stolen your video trclips.com/video/E2VPmf2Mr7A/video.html I think you are the only person who can issue a take down request.

  • No Middle
    No Middle 8 gün önce

    Hey man your on one of the largest news site in Holland. www.nu.nl/228970/video/man-maakt-digitaal-orgel-van-oude-furbys.html?redirect=1

  • Warner Family Channel - Private

    Come to the states and bring the Furby Organ. We will put you on tour.

  • charles edwards
    charles edwards 9 gün önce

    going viral with the furby organ, well done mate

  • Machina Music
    Machina Music 16 gün önce

    What a fine example of human ingenuity. Go on fella!

  • Just Happ
    Just Happ Aylar önce

    ur rad

  • Somebody
    Somebody 2 aylar önce

    You are absolutely amazing I hope you know that. I wish for you to get the views and subs you deserve.

  • zander pelgroms
    zander pelgroms 2 aylar önce

    Can you do a DIY tape echo / delay? Looks cool i've been doing research on it but it's hard to find some clear information...

  • Filip Woźniak
    Filip Woźniak 2 aylar önce

    Man, we need you to show us how to add a Control Voltage to The Simplest Oscillator you made!! :D

  • Dominic Ditaranto
    Dominic Ditaranto 3 aylar önce

    Hey man love your stuff, inspired me to start trying to make my own synthesizers and the like. I would love to see the sequencer video you hinted at in the diy oscillator episode mannnnn.

  • Garble Moth
    Garble Moth 3 aylar önce

    Can you please do a tutorial on sequencers?! the last oscillator one was epic haha, syked to step it up a notch with a sequencer.

  • A true meme master
    A true meme master 3 aylar önce

    Best music maker

  • Stanley Alien
    Stanley Alien 4 aylar önce

    when you're bored, it'll take you what 3 hours? GENIUS.

  • Stanley Alien
    Stanley Alien 4 aylar önce

    hello, I am Morpheus...positronicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-blackhole-in-a-star-and-the-alien-asleep-in-the-sun remix this album.

  • Danny Cisco
    Danny Cisco 6 aylar önce

    Got any hot tips for getting started with the PT2399? Whats the best use for it you've found? I'm thinking perhaps a mod delay with an lfo with plenty of waveshapes esp saw and reverse saw.. or a stereo microdelay for making mono signals wider... or perhaps something circuitbent and evil.. or just something basic in modular format?

  • Danny Cisco
    Danny Cisco 6 aylar önce

    Got an idea for ya. We've seen you demonstrate using homemade vactrols to hack pots a few times. What about demonstrating what you do when you need to hack buttons. Got any wisdom to share? What to use? Relays? Analog switch ICs? Transistors? FETs? 2n7000?

  • Jonathan Strength
    Jonathan Strength 8 aylar önce

    You're my hero. Your channel is the best one on youtube. You're a genius; infinite praises. Keep doing what you're doing. You've inspired me.

  • Controversial
    Controversial 8 aylar önce

    Are you planning to ever do a video series on the DIY modular synth you got going? I am mighty intrigued by that ...

  • -Luziferino-
    -Luziferino- 9 aylar önce


  • Dewey Mac Labs
    Dewey Mac Labs 10 aylar önce

    Love these videos!!!!!!

  • akselisgod
    akselisgod Yıl önce

    excited to see how to build parts from your rack. Whats the most expensive item you've had to buy so far for the setup shown in your videos?

  • DdotK
    DdotK Yıl önce

    I just surfed for some synth stuff and accidentally find your channel.