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Testing if Sharks Can Smell a Drop of Blood
görünümler 40 Mn2 aylar önce
I used Machine Learning to hack baseball
görünümler 8 Mn3 aylar önce
Rocket Powered Golf Club at 100,000 FPS
görünümler 8 Mn6 aylar önce
Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap
görünümler 73 Mn10 aylar önce
World's Largest Horn Shatters Glass
görünümler 16 Mn10 aylar önce
Is NASA a waste of money?
görünümler 3,6 MnYıl önce
ARCADE SCAM SCIENCE (not clickbait)
görünümler 17 MnYıl önce
Liquid Sand Hot Tub- Fluidized air bed
görünümler 47 MnYıl önce
görünümler 43 Mn2 yıl önce
NICEST Car Horn Ever- DIY
görünümler 21 Mn2 yıl önce
Hot Wheels STUNT RACE- Slow Mo (2500 FPS)
görünümler 2,1 Mn2 yıl önce
Automatic Bullseye, MOVING DARTBOARD
görünümler 12 Mn2 yıl önce
görünümler 4,5 Mn2 yıl önce
görünümler 2,5 Mn3 yıl önce
görünümler 29 Mn3 yıl önce
1500 Water Balloons + Trampoline- SLO MO!!
görünümler 4,2 Mn3 yıl önce
How to get 1 MILLION subscribers
görünümler 783 B3 yıl önce
How to Survive a Grenade Blast
görünümler 55 Mn3 yıl önce
Snowball Machine Gun- How to make
görünümler 10 Mn3 yıl önce
görünümler 102 Mn4 yıl önce
HEAT MAP Microwave- a NEW invention
görünümler 2 Mn4 yıl önce
NASA Pumpkin Carving Contest w/ LASERS!!!
görünümler 2,6 Mn5 yıl önce
iPhone ATM PIN code hack- HOW TO PREVENT
görünümler 30 Mn5 yıl önce
40 MPH Pinewood Derby Car- HOW TO
görünümler 3,1 Mn5 yıl önce
NASA Pumpkin Carving Contest
görünümler 2,5 Mn6 yıl önce
Glowing Algae Water Fountain
görünümler 627 B6 yıl önce
Unibrow Discrimination- Social Experiment
görünümler 2,9 Mn6 yıl önce
8-bit Annoying Person Remover- NES Hack
görünümler 933 B6 yıl önce
LED Edge Lit Table- HOW TO
görünümler 1,8 Mn6 yıl önce
Scooby Doo Surveillance Cam (w/ 2 iPhones)
görünümler 2,4 Mn6 yıl önce
iWound Animated Halloween Costume
görünümler 354 B7 yıl önce
250 sq ft GLOWING Super Mario night kite
görünümler 581 B7 yıl önce
Shower Hair Mural- HOW TO.mp4
görünümler 364 B7 yıl önce
Shower Hair Art- a mural
görünümler 634 B7 yıl önce
5 EPIC pranks in 60 seconds
görünümler 999 B7 yıl önce
Gorilla lured by iPhone- how-to demo
görünümler 1,1 Mn7 yıl önce
Make a Gorilla cam- HOW TO
görünümler 250 B7 yıl önce
Always win at heads/tails- BEST METHOD
görünümler 1,9 Mn7 yıl önce
Whiteboard Office Darts (using BuckyBalls)
görünümler 733 B7 yıl önce


  • Paxton Keskitalo
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    I thought myself to code at 7

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    May you comment my thing to tell me what the drone is

  • Payne860/ Geomaster20
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    4:28 I dont care. You would make a good science teacher.

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    Boss Babe 9 dakika önce

    What about bleach

  • Pandaisdunb 35
    Pandaisdunb 35 10 dakika önce

    Someone:Why did you make a mess? Mark Rober:I was testing.

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    Zorex Palma 11 dakika önce

    Aaaaaaahaaaaa Good gob I wanted that to

  • DeMi Jayden
    DeMi Jayden 13 dakika önce

    I watch this video at school. lol

  • Pandaisdunb 35
    Pandaisdunb 35 15 dakika önce

    Someone:Why you make a mess? Mark Rober:I was testing.

  • LX • ySavage
    LX • ySavage 28 dakika önce

    did anyone not question the title at first?

  • XxL0stxX XxBlack0utxX
    XxL0stxX XxBlack0utxX 31 dakika önce

    Now I wanna steal a package from his house for this to happen to me cuz I love glitter

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    Mark: *causally talks to the richest man on Earth*

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    logan play's Minecraft 45 dakika önce

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  • Zeila Pedroza
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    when the dinosaurs in the background it was funny

  • Shadow Killz
    Shadow Killz 50 dakika önce

    Wait so your saying I can have my windows defrosted in under 6 hours?

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    Randy Williams 52 dakika önce

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    ColonCapitalD _ 59 dakika önce

    What if your in it for 10 minutes and you forget to refill the canister and it runs out while your under

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    Slash Clash Saatler önce

    *When life gives you to many lemons*

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    CSJiGSaW08 Saatler önce

    Does this work for sperm too?? 😂 😂 😂

  • Alejandro Gonzalez
    Alejandro Gonzalez Saatler önce

    good job i am proud

  • Rexy Boi 727
    Rexy Boi 727 Saatler önce

    “ It basically becomes a liquified soup” Isn’t soup already liquified??

  • Gary Bryant
    Gary Bryant Saatler önce

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  • Bogo732
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    I wouldn’t drink it just knowing there is mud

  • ValleyCottage Jones
    ValleyCottage Jones Saatler önce

    The sports fact that you said is not really true, Well not for me at least. Im an all star for my town league (not bragging or anything)and my school has separate units for different sports.And the only ones I’m good at is baseball and volleyball

    • ValleyCottage Jones
      ValleyCottage Jones Saatler önce

      I’m not giving any offense though I love this channel thank you for this advice 😁👍✌️

  • Clark Villanueva
    Clark Villanueva Saatler önce

    Mark why are you so smart? Make this blue if you want to know!

  • Det hedder Negerboller
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    2:45 it show the rod

  • Juan C Llanos
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  • Damsvonb1337
    Damsvonb1337 Saatler önce

    Technically, the red food coloring (dye) is blood because of where it is harvested... It is the blood of bugs that are crushed.

  • Tommy Jackson
    Tommy Jackson Saatler önce

    It was because they know they there is possibly one or more food on the boat and there isn’t any on the board

    DUCK TV LF Saatler önce

    yUm 😋 jElLy

  • Vampira Morris and Vampiress Morris

    At the end of the video he sounded like a girl screaming

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    DUCK TV LF 2 saatler önce

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    “To the machines that are abused” ~Mark Rober

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    Did he just use Plaque inc. for this footage. 8:23 - 8:30

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    Jeremy Matthews 2 saatler önce

    this helped a LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • ps4 gamer by: Dripz_killz_it

    i guess he is a fan of tkor page with that shirt on

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    Logan Reid 3 saatler önce

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    Fins vs Red Army Colourized

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    7:46 that’s just slavery just with extra steps

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    *Mark Rober Has left the Chat due to Flesh Eating Bacteria

  • Yaniek Sarneel
    Yaniek Sarneel 4 saatler önce

    Ye lets just put that halfway through the race as a pit stop FOR FREE LEMONS

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams 4 saatler önce

    How can the police just decide what is and what isn't "worth their time" to look into? A crime is a crime. I could understand if he had no proof that the package was even stolen, but dude has video footage of the crime! I couldn't figure out how people still feel comfortable stealing things from other people's homes when practically everyone has security cameras these days. But if the cops won't even pursue a case when all the evidence, including video of the crime and criminals, is just handed to them on a silver platter, it's no wonder criminals aren't too worried about facing any consequences.

  • Ed k
    Ed k 4 saatler önce

    And hats off to you for doing this! Great job!!

  • Ed k
    Ed k 4 saatler önce

    I wish I caught someone stealing a package from me. Not sure if I can say this but I would k*#l them. No joke.

  • Big T catapult Addict
    Big T catapult Addict 4 saatler önce

    Is it possible that the only reason the sharks came to the blood board is because of the little fish,like they were going to eat the fish but once they got there they smelt the blood and attracted the other sharks,not hating btw just wondering

    STANLEY LIVINGSTON.S 4 saatler önce

    Where this guy is working ... how he can meet the richest man in the world jst like his neighbour ?😦.. he didn even mention abt bill gates in thumbnail or even in the heading

  • J R
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    0:41 when the bug join area 5

  • Avena Sativa
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  • Look At My Adorable Profile Pic

    PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE COMMENT. This is a genius idea and the world is a better place with healthier people but the creator of this is a bit of a hypocrite. The packets are plastic and plastic is what makes water bad and kills those animals he was talking about. He even showed us those pictures of garbage in water and these packets will end up in those kinds of places or on land which is just as bad. These packets will merely keep us on the brink. Everytime we clean a little water, those plastic packets get dumped in a landfill or body of water which is horrible for this beautiful planet and the animals who have just as much right to a healthy world and a good life as we do. We are one species ruining the world for billions of other species. So please, I'm begging you to change the packaging to paper or other compostable materials.

  • Lovisa Adolfsson
    Lovisa Adolfsson 5 saatler önce

    You should make an upgraded version that can spread fermented herring! And film them when they puke 🤮😂

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    Logan Reid 5 saatler önce

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    Tay • 19 years ago 5 saatler önce

    You didnt even use the bottle of water with the Red dye

  • Hershie ,
    Hershie , 5 saatler önce

    Mark Robor:Or gross potato salad Tyler the Creater:What is that potato Salad give me some of that

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