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TRIANGLE (2009) Explained
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IT CHAPTER TWO (2019) Ending Explained
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THE DESCENT (2005) Ending Explained
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IT CHAPTER TWO: All About The Losers Club
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Stephen King's 1408 (2007) Endings Explained
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MA (2019) Ending Explained
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BRIGHTBURN (2019) Ending Explained
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TOP 10 Home Invasion Movies
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PET SEMATARY (2019) Ending Explained
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US (2019) Ending Explained
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COMIC CON 2018 Horror News Roundup
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CRYPT TV'S Scariest Monsters Explained
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MAYHEM (2017) Ending Explained
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TRUTH OR DARE (2018) Ending Explained
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  • Ty Marv
    Ty Marv Dakika önce

    I vote "13 Ghosts"

  • AmericaDeutscher
    AmericaDeutscher 2 dakika önce

    “Last Shift 😈” is my vote!

  • AmericaDeutscher
    AmericaDeutscher 2 dakika önce

    “Last Shift 😈” is my vote!

  • AmericaDeutscher
    AmericaDeutscher 2 dakika önce

    “Last Shift 😈” is my vote!

  • Marcus Stockton
    Marcus Stockton 3 dakika önce

    I thought this was a great film! One of my favs

  • BredOG
    BredOG 3 dakika önce

    Wouldn't the loop end if she would just return to the driver?

  • Kristin Torres
    Kristin Torres 6 dakika önce

    13 ghosts

  • Nguyen Tri Dung
    Nguyen Tri Dung 8 dakika önce

    last shift

  • Piyush Shakya
    Piyush Shakya 13 dakika önce

    13 ghosts go go go

  • JFra472449
    JFra472449 14 dakika önce

    Good god, 10 minutes in and constant bitching and no mention of the ending.

  • Daron Mitchell
    Daron Mitchell 14 dakika önce

    Last shift

  • kim smith
    kim smith 16 dakika önce

    Last shift!

  • Alysia Vadskjaer
    Alysia Vadskjaer 16 dakika önce

    I'd love to see Crimson Peak! It never got published 😢

  • Jay Really
    Jay Really 17 dakika önce

    Both. Is that an option?

  • Andrew Cook
    Andrew Cook 27 dakika önce

    10:32 what's that pokey stick for *looks two centimeters to the left* Probably to hold tie lines or rope like what the other ones to the left are doing

  • Prince Peppermint
    Prince Peppermint 30 dakika önce

    I think it’s obvious what the camera man did 👀

  • Kevin Middleton
    Kevin Middleton 33 dakika önce

    13 ghost

  • stoagy mahalo
    stoagy mahalo 36 dakika önce

    I don't know why, this guy's antics are just ridiculous but least works well hah

  • IM FeaRz
    IM FeaRz 41 dakika önce

    Last shift

  • Zombie Cat
    Zombie Cat 42 dakika önce

    Ungelating is my word of the day

  • Zachary Chisolm
    Zachary Chisolm 43 dakika önce

    Last shift for sure!

  • Grant Lovett
    Grant Lovett 44 dakika önce

    Last shift!

  • DBX Spartan
    DBX Spartan 47 dakika önce

    Last shift sounds fun

  • Jerome Greene
    Jerome Greene 50 dakika önce

    could be evolutionary change that is triggered by stress or test of faith in order to evolve. If most people have the gene for them to become those beings, it maybe that is recessive in some or most people or you could be born like that or through test or enlightenment you can make the shift. I would assume that was the message at the end with the guy whose eyes glowed for a second because his higher self was triggered for just a few seconds.

  • Yeetus
    Yeetus 52 dakika önce

    Last shift

  • Anthony Blake
    Anthony Blake 52 dakika önce

    13 ghosts

  • Absolute JM123
    Absolute JM123 53 dakika önce

    Last shift

  • Arutosh kumar
    Arutosh kumar 55 dakika önce

    last shift

  • Diddly Dank Damien
    Diddly Dank Damien 56 dakika önce

    Ive seen last shift and enjoyed it and i love thirteen ghosts but i personally believe last shift is a lot more vague so I'd love to see you explain it!

  • Alphagamer 121
    Alphagamer 121 58 dakika önce

    I like both options

  • Erick Salgado
    Erick Salgado Saatler önce

    Last shyft Please !!

  • IrishCat04
    IrishCat04 Saatler önce

    13 ghost because I loved that movie

  • Lyrikek
    Lyrikek Saatler önce

    Huh... I just watched this recently.

  • Cornelius Maximus
    Cornelius Maximus Saatler önce

    Jess can't "accept" that she can't save her son because she'll eventually forget the previous events. That's why the punishment and revelation falls flat. What's the point of eternal torment if the person doesn't know they're being tormented?

  • Ricekrispy
    Ricekrispy Saatler önce

    6:50 I miss these comedic moments in your videos. Your explanations of the story are always spot on but your unique sense of humor is what separates you from the rest

  • Havoc The Wendigo
    Havoc The Wendigo Saatler önce

    Last shift is my vote

  • cassidee melvin
    cassidee melvin Saatler önce

    last shift for sure

  • Nikhil Kumar
    Nikhil Kumar Saatler önce

    If your thumbnail is about ending explaining then do only that, No need to explain whole movie 😒

  • MisteryMan
    MisteryMan Saatler önce

    last shift i liked that movie

  • Joy Lee
    Joy Lee Saatler önce

    I don’t know if it’s just me but his small skits are so funny and I find myself enjoying it with out even knowing.

  • Nico Nico Niii
    Nico Nico Niii Saatler önce

    Last shift

  • Corey Kazaks
    Corey Kazaks Saatler önce

    Last shift!

  • Hikaeme4022
    Hikaeme4022 Saatler önce

    I feel like this movie wanted to be a spiritual sequel to Hereditary but wasn't as good.

  • Sammy Sam
    Sammy Sam Saatler önce

    13 ghosts definitely

  • Anton Skouborg
    Anton Skouborg Saatler önce

    Last shift sounds good

  • Matthew Lanchester
    Matthew Lanchester Saatler önce

    Last shift please!!!!!!!

  • Borys Mendoza
    Borys Mendoza Saatler önce

    last shift!

  • Andrée-Anne Tremblay
    Andrée-Anne Tremblay 2 saatler önce

    13 ghosts

  • Rosè Anne
    Rosè Anne 2 saatler önce

    I watch this before i was still a child and i didnt understand anything. Now i do by this ending explained. Tysm.

  • Dreadnought35
    Dreadnought35 2 saatler önce

    Last shift

    J.E.T TXSLMPT 2 saatler önce

    Last Shift

  • Crowscythe13
    Crowscythe13 2 saatler önce

    Last shift

  • Daddy Issues
    Daddy Issues 2 saatler önce

    Last shift please.

  • Brendan Griffith
    Brendan Griffith 2 saatler önce

    Idk this movie isn’t that good, tbh I’m confused why people like this . Tons of problems, a witch can be killed by fire 🔥 tbh

  • Dime
    Dime 2 saatler önce

    IDK what this movie is but I was scrolling and seen the thumbnail and it looks like Karen page is getting a Dr. Strange portal... Am I the only one??

  • Kampfa
    Kampfa 2 saatler önce

    Last Shift, was a good movie, well I enjoyed it either way, would be great to see you do a video on it

  • Victoria Poirier
    Victoria Poirier 2 saatler önce

    The 13th ghost

  • nosiphiwo tokota
    nosiphiwo tokota 2 saatler önce

    Last shift

  • Brendan Griffith
    Brendan Griffith 2 saatler önce

    How did the girl friend get in ???? Biggest problem with the movie.

  • The Lorp
    The Lorp 2 saatler önce

    All about last shift

    INSTINCT MEME OvO 2 saatler önce

    How to kill? *USE THE SUPER NUCLEAR BOMB!*

  • Aiden Clarke
    Aiden Clarke 2 saatler önce

    Do last shift!

  • jacob chatfield
    jacob chatfield 2 saatler önce

    Last shift

  • Neo-Shadow X-3
    Neo-Shadow X-3 2 saatler önce

    Last shift

  • Tyrsdottir
    Tyrsdottir 2 saatler önce

    the pokey thing is a ships door latch that holds the outer hull doors open.

  • Jennifer Tran
    Jennifer Tran 2 saatler önce

    13 ghosts! Covering the backstory of each ghost

  • Shawn Proctor
    Shawn Proctor 2 saatler önce

    13 👻

  • Sufyan Mohamed
    Sufyan Mohamed 2 saatler önce

    Last shift sounds better

  • Jordan Garrett
    Jordan Garrett 2 saatler önce

    Thirteen ghosts 👻

  • The cult of MEMES
    The cult of MEMES 2 saatler önce

    Last shift !,!!!!!,,!!

  • Clay Roks
    Clay Roks 2 saatler önce

    I'm late to the party, but gonna assume the magnetic poles changed location or something like that. Edit: SOMEONE ANSWER THAT PHONE!

  • Rohan kumar
    Rohan kumar 2 saatler önce


  • Rohan kumar
    Rohan kumar 2 saatler önce


  • Rohan kumar
    Rohan kumar 2 saatler önce

    Rock star

  • Rohan kumar
    Rohan kumar 2 saatler önce


  • Rohan kumar
    Rohan kumar 2 saatler önce

    Yrr bhaai plz rockstar ki story explain kardo

  • Shrikar Tummala
    Shrikar Tummala 2 saatler önce

    Last shift please. Thank you.

  • TrulySilentLie
    TrulySilentLie 3 saatler önce

    Last Shift, definitely, it seems like the one I'd wanna watch the most of the two :O

  • sirenio308
    sirenio308 3 saatler önce

    13 GHOSTS!

  • Aiden Flame
    Aiden Flame 3 saatler önce

    Last s hiiiiiift!!! Also no community poll. I dont see it

  • Jadyn Silver
    Jadyn Silver 3 saatler önce

    Ok but the scene where she was naked and went into the forest...? Like what was that? Is that supposed to be symbolic of her grief or something?

  • Geri Lyn
    Geri Lyn 3 saatler önce

    "I'm doing this for my boi! MY BOOOOOIIII" - FoundFlix 2019

  • Dominic Chia
    Dominic Chia 3 saatler önce

    Last shift please

  • Dandin
    Dandin 3 saatler önce


  • Chris Dat —Membaaa?—
    Chris Dat —Membaaa?— 3 saatler önce

    I watched this film randomly one night and it is one fucked up movie. I was not ready for what I watched. The film fucked me up for life lol

  • Kyle Merisotes
    Kyle Merisotes 3 saatler önce

    Shining+Good son.

  • Leon Morgan
    Leon Morgan 3 saatler önce

    13 ghost.. i never understand that movie..

  • Donte H
    Donte H 3 saatler önce


  • Rhys Holton
    Rhys Holton 3 saatler önce

    Last Shift mate

  • Chris Lavelle
    Chris Lavelle 3 saatler önce

    13 ghosts would be good to Explain or do both

  • Nightcore Winter
    Nightcore Winter 3 saatler önce

    Last shift is a must in these choices

  • Dream State Films
    Dream State Films 3 saatler önce

    Last Shift I already know and am sick of everything about 13 ghosts.

  • Gabe Wilkins
    Gabe Wilkins 3 saatler önce

    last shift

  • Danyellels
    Danyellels 3 saatler önce

    13 Ghost please

  • TheLittleRedPig
    TheLittleRedPig 3 saatler önce

    I thought this was going to just be a demon or something in his dreams... and I just started bawling when they revealed Kanker Man. I lost both of my parents to Cancer so this... it hit real close to home and I wasn’t okay for daysss

  • latEbloomeR 42o
    latEbloomeR 42o 3 saatler önce

    Not complaining but when did he start sharing so many negative opinions? 😂 I haven't ready been keeping up so hearing his disappointment is so new to me. 💯

  • Nicole Ajobo
    Nicole Ajobo 3 saatler önce

    13 ghost please

  • Emma Cross
    Emma Cross 3 saatler önce

    I liked this movie. But I like games in horror movies

  • jaime leon
    jaime leon 3 saatler önce

    Last shift 13 ghosts have been done so much

  • Ryan Trudeau
    Ryan Trudeau 3 saatler önce

    13 ghost please