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  • tjsinva
    tjsinva 21 dakika önce

    Nice video, but it would've been better with food. 😉 Looking forward to you stories of the Amazon/Galapagos adventure. Rock on!

  • bff chanel
    bff chanel Saatler önce

    First i love you

  • 中华人民共和国台湾省省长韩国瑜

    m50 is way much better. thank you for sharing (❤ ω ❤)

  • Melissa Biku
    Melissa Biku 6 saatler önce

    Hi Jodie, im just wondering when you travel to Sabah, Malaysia how much budget did you brought to spend your holiday in Sabah?

  • J L
    J L 15 saatler önce

    It would be nice if you had summarized your total income. What does your total revenue look like for a month? How does it compare with expenses? Finally, imagine starting from scratch and not having the benefit of established clients... What total revenue would you be making just from your self generated sources like your blog, sponsors, ad sense? As a viewer, I don't want to do the math.

  • Mohamed Badawi
    Mohamed Badawi 16 saatler önce

    GEORGIANS ARE RACISTS!!! Dont go to this shitty land!!!

  • Mariam Tv
    Mariam Tv 2 gün önce

    I'm eating this food all time because I am from georgia

  • Nikita Nikita
    Nikita Nikita 2 gün önce

    Hi Jodie, been watching your videos. What's the music on the end of the video? Thanks in advance.

  • André Jeanpierre
    André Jeanpierre 3 gün önce

    Very well made video! Thank you for sharing your insights into being a digital nomad. I just got my "congratulations, you're been selected" letter so I am officially 100% virtual. I can't begin to tell you how long I've been striving for this. Though I still work for someone and haven't started working for myself (Yet), it is still a step in the right direction. I'd love to start a blog to document this journey and to help others looking to do the same. Do you have any tips, suggestions, or other videos on that?

  • marshal brown
    marshal brown 3 gün önce

    Great video! I’ve been thinking about getting my wife the g7x Mark ii but was disappointed with no mic input. Then the g7x mark iii came out with one but af is horrible! Now I’m looking at this one. My wife has an old Nikon d3200 and doesn’t want as much bulk and the camera is having issues with the lens attaching. What microphone would you recommend? There are a few from shure and rode. Also, what gimbals would you recommend? Thanks!

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke 4 gün önce

    South of the Border is the strangest, most out of place location I have ever accidentally stumbled upon. It literally made me say wtf out loud when I first saw it.

  • MinimalWave1982
    MinimalWave1982 5 gün önce

    turn digital stabilsation off!

  • Pro Youtuber
    Pro Youtuber 5 gün önce

    I am from Georgea

  • Bike Tall
    Bike Tall 6 gün önce

    Didnt canon just add 24 frames in 1080p with a firmware update recently?

  • Bike Tall
    Bike Tall 6 gün önce

    I think Canon has a real winner with the EOS RP. It does seem to be a great FF travel/vlogging camera. And now it’s only $999 here in the US. Plus Canon released a firmware update the gives it 24 frames & better auto focus. I do hope they improve the 4k(no crop) in the next version. But otherwise to have such a small & inexpensive FF camera is awesome for travel vloggers. I have always prefered Canon’s touch screen menus to Sony as well as their fully articulating screen. I never liked the sony flip up screen cause it is blocked by an external mic. The canon side flip out screen that fully rotates is so much more useful.

  • Lizi Lazashvili
    Lizi Lazashvili 6 gün önce


  • Real Steel
    Real Steel 6 gün önce

    Welcome to Thailand 🇹🇭 🙏😊

  • Meghan and Quincy
    Meghan and Quincy 7 gün önce

    Thanks for sharing, it's nice to see how other travellers budget for their trips. Where are you now?

  • Deo Angelo TV
    Deo Angelo TV 7 gün önce

    Loving m50 <3 !

  • magdecze
    magdecze 7 gün önce

    Your video about Naxos is amazing!!! I’m totally in love with Greece and going to Naxos next year for my vacations. I cannot stop watching your video, just love the atmosphere, the epic shots and your voice in the background - it’s just perfect ❤️ the only bad thing is that it’s so short, but I know this was in the competition rules 🙂 I wish you all the best Jodie!

  • APFist
    APFist 7 gün önce

    This video SUCKS

  • x FiAzc0
    x FiAzc0 8 gün önce

    This is so gay.

  • Ika Avaliani
    Ika Avaliani 8 gün önce

    You shud tri mcvadi

  • Ika Avaliani
    Ika Avaliani 8 gün önce

    I m georgien ilove xincali

  • JoRe 51
    JoRe 51 8 gün önce

    You need to visit the state of GUANAJUATO

  • ნინო , ანა და გვანცა კიკალიშვილი

    I am from Georgia and i love Georgian foods

  • John Fishlock
    John Fishlock 8 gün önce

    Great stuff. Enjoying your videos! Good content!

  • Bhojpuri DNA
    Bhojpuri DNA 9 gün önce

    Hey! If you want to visit India then you can contact me. I host people around the world and love to meet people and know their travel experience and culture.

  • Twizted Zero
    Twizted Zero 9 gün önce

    Congratulations and many happy years ahead. :)

  • Lee James Young
    Lee James Young 9 gün önce

    Congratulations, And Merry Christmas! I just found out today, I’m so happy for both of you! You were both meant for each other a very good match, and Oh Yes, Great video by the way! Best Wishes and Have Fun!

  • Einer Hernandez
    Einer Hernandez 9 gün önce

    When you go back to mexico state Chiapas

  • GFX Sounds
    GFX Sounds 9 gün önce

    Awesome :)

  • TheGuitarsadist
    TheGuitarsadist 9 gün önce

    Congratulation Jodie, great Christmas present your loved one has presented to you. Mana many happy years sharing with BV

  • Ggg Blogger
    Ggg Blogger 9 gün önce


  • John Montgomery
    John Montgomery 9 gün önce

    Congratulations 😀😀😀

  • Rids Nepal
    Rids Nepal 9 gün önce

    Bless you PULLED through.....God knows how you love LIFE.....KEEP on sicking the TRUTH....

  • Tony Gareth
    Tony Gareth 10 gün önce

    I want to hike to the bottom of the GC and I’ve been looking at Bright Angel trail and Phantom ranch BUT I’ve always wanted to go to these falls and camp down there! This may be the route I take. What’s required to do this?

  • Matthew Henry
    Matthew Henry 10 gün önce

    Christmas ideas for a digital nomad.🤔🤔🤔. Hints for BVS 😜

    • Matthew Henry
      Matthew Henry 9 gün önce

      Jodie Dewberry I just watched BVS’s video. Congrats. Thanks for the ring, where is my puppy 😜. Lol. Once again. Congrats. 👍

    • Jodie Dewberry
      Jodie Dewberry 10 gün önce

      Nah, he knows I want a puppy. 🐶

  • Scottman895 Travel
    Scottman895 Travel 10 gün önce

    These are some great ideas! Although I'm not a digital nomad right now, as a traveler, I always struggle to think of things when people ask me what I want. I like these kind of videos as they not only give me ideas of what I could want but also to give to other people!

    • sassy tbc
      sassy tbc 10 gün önce

      Creative and awesome suggestions. Thank you

    • Jodie Dewberry
      Jodie Dewberry 10 gün önce

      Glad you like it! I originally wrote the blog post to share with anyone who asked 😂

  • Tim J.
    Tim J. 10 gün önce

    Ah Brazil! My favorite country in the world, other than my own (as you can probably tell from my avatar). Enjoy!

  • Travelwithchris
    Travelwithchris 10 gün önce

    Great gift ideas!!! Dang this year went by sooo fast!

    • Jodie Dewberry
      Jodie Dewberry 10 gün önce

      It really did! But I'm so ready for 2020.

  • Jodie Dewberry
    Jodie Dewberry 10 gün önce

    P. S. I promise this is the only time I'll ever mention the C word 🎅🎄

  • Maximilian Schmitz
    Maximilian Schmitz 11 gün önce

    Thank you for all these great ideas! I especially like the idea of giving some kind of treat or a new experience.

  • Phillip Citizen Johnson

    Hmmmm.... never really noticed how long your hair is until now 💇‍♀️

  • KG's Photography
    KG's Photography 12 gün önce

    Great video Jodie. My one and only tip would be Patience! That is how I have captured some of my best TRclips moments. Keep up the fantastic work. Regards Keith

  • Martín Salazar
    Martín Salazar 13 gün önce

    I liked the blue of your eyes more than the lake

  • Blurryface
    Blurryface 13 gün önce

    This was shot using m50?

  • Krzysztyna X
    Krzysztyna X 14 gün önce

    It's all about your life not about Tbilisi. Who cares what you do in the gym 🙄

    • Jodie Dewberry
      Jodie Dewberry 14 gün önce

      That's why it's called "a day in my life" ☺️

  • Subha Das
    Subha Das 14 gün önce

    Is it ok to do video inside any japanese stores?

  • Kirsty Westaway
    Kirsty Westaway 14 gün önce

    Amazing to see you back Jodie! 😊

  • ;;
    ;; 14 gün önce

    You should try “gozinakhi” is is a walnut stick together with 🍯honey... it is new year must have thing on Georgian table...

    JAMES NEWTON 14 gün önce

    Which camera lens do you use 90% of the time?

  • HahsRoN Channel
    HahsRoN Channel 15 gün önce

    I love you 😘😘😘

  • Andrei Tamas
    Andrei Tamas 16 gün önce

    Great video, lots of helpful info. Just one small observation, the music is a bit too loud

  • edgar alonso
    edgar alonso 16 gün önce

    You’re so BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing this video

  • Randy Gemar
    Randy Gemar 17 gün önce

    Just completed our November Thanksgiving week trip to Havasupi Falls. Spend 4 days hiking and creating some amazing gallery worthy shots. Thank you for your trip guide and blogs. Keep up the great work and let us know how that freeze dried diet was on the digestive system. ;-)

  • Jack Scott
    Jack Scott 17 gün önce

    g7x better

  • Trivia Baws
    Trivia Baws 17 gün önce

    What was the music playing in this video? That nice easy going sound... I need to make a playlist but all I have to search is mainstream and the peripherals that come up from there-

  • Digital Nomad Jobs
    Digital Nomad Jobs 17 gün önce


  • Paul Howcroft
    Paul Howcroft 18 gün önce

    Back to your superb best Jodie, great video.

  • Best Banana Bread
    Best Banana Bread 18 gün önce

    I've heard Croatia is beautiful, and it looks like it too! Would love to visit someday!

  • Elly Elzinga
    Elly Elzinga 18 gün önce

    I can only recommend Asus laptops.. I have one now, it's an amazing laptop that can even handle me (I always have lots of things that ask a lot open at the same time).. And I still have my Asus from 2011 as well, which still does a great job too!

  • Scottman895 Travel
    Scottman895 Travel 18 gün önce

    I remember walking by the Museum of Broken Relationships when I went to Zagreb! I heard great things about it, but I think they closed just as I got to that part of the city. That is one nice laptop! I really like the dual screen concept. I know a lot of people love having two screens to increase productivity, but I know that can be challenging for a digital nomad. Awesome video, and congratulations to you and Brendan too!

  • John Montgomery
    John Montgomery 18 gün önce

    Lovely video, hard work but worth it. Could you spare time to share how you transfer your photos to Instagram?

  • JasonTheWorldisYours
    JasonTheWorldisYours 18 gün önce

    The museum of broken relationships sounds fun #JasonTheWorldisYours

  • Don's travels and rants DON

    Great vlog. Amazing laptop.

  • Go Sammy-Jo
    Go Sammy-Jo 18 gün önce

    I studied abroad here! I loved every moment of it the food in Oaxaca was to die for!

  • Jeremy Fritsch
    Jeremy Fritsch 18 gün önce

    I would love to see how you do your work! I am trying to start a blog on my Keto stuff and finding it difficult to navigate! Please help oh and congrats 💍💍💍

  • Nick Thomas
    Nick Thomas 18 gün önce

    First time ive watched your channel and I loved it great lap top but one hell of a price.See you again I hope!

  • Travelwithchris
    Travelwithchris 18 gün önce

    Live this video! Thanks for sharing! Such a sick laptop hey! 🔥

  • tjsinva
    tjsinva 18 gün önce

    A day doesn't look like enough time at all. You'll have to go back for more food. What was your editing experience on the ASUS? Congrats to you and BvS and the future! Rock on!

  • Phillip Citizen Johnson

    Nice blog Jodie .... btw who is the rather pensive lady with you?

  • PapayaJoy
    PapayaJoy 19 gün önce

    Love the dual screen! And always enjoy your videos! 💗

    • Jodie Dewberry
      Jodie Dewberry 18 gün önce

      Thank you! The dual screen is seriously such a gamechanger!

  • Pete Miller
    Pete Miller 19 gün önce

    Good to see you getting back out into 'the wild'...:) . Hope your foot is 100% now.

  • Justin Miller
    Justin Miller 19 gün önce

    Glad you're feeling better

  • OneEyedPhotographer
    OneEyedPhotographer 19 gün önce

    How's the foot? 34 in Perth today. Does that Asus run daVinci Resolve?

    • OneEyedPhotographer
      OneEyedPhotographer 18 gün önce

      @Jodie Dewberry My Surface Book runs Premiere Pro, but daVinci has faster rendering and is free. But, it doesn't run on my Surface Book, can't cope with the low-spec graphics. I suspect it's finding and trying to use the Intel graphics, not the NVIDIA.

    • Jodie Dewberry
      Jodie Dewberry 18 gün önce

      Getting better, thanks. I don't use daVinci but it runs Premiere totally fine (apart from the glitches Adobe need to fix on the new version!)

  • Ray Lars
    Ray Lars 19 gün önce

    Hmmm ... I like giving Myself a good 5 min to throw a bag together ... ... decide a direction and drive until I wanna stop , look at the T Rex skeleton chasing the Human skeleton ... Wall Drug can be skipped but there are some fun bars and the Country Fried Steak was awesome !!! ... You need to find it tho cuz I can't remember the name but You just drive and stop and drive and stop until You wanna be Home again but never on the same route , lots to see anywhere You go

  • Tom Burke
    Tom Burke 19 gün önce

    Good to see you looking so well. And it does rain in Croatia, doesn't it? - i remember a day (well, a morning) wandering around Zadar in the rain. Love to see a post about how you produce content, and also to hear your views on that split-screen Asus laptop.

    • Jodie Dewberry
      Jodie Dewberry 18 gün önce

      It definitely rains in Zagreb! I visited Zadar in March and it was lovely and hot and sunny! Content production video coming up! :)

  • Jodie Dewberry
    Jodie Dewberry 19 gün önce

    What else would you like to see? I have lots of ideas for videos, but I'd love to know what you enjoy most - so please let me know below! :) P.S. I'm not uploading to a set schedule at the moment. Don't forget to turn on notifications to see future videos!

    • Donald Kline Media
      Donald Kline Media 18 gün önce

      just my two cents, since you are a digital nomad, I just say go with the flow, whatever comes along or if you find something you want to share go for it. Variety is a good thing. Lucky you can do different topics. If and to pick one it would be Food-Drink is always a good topic, everyone has to eat, I like food topics because at one time I wanted to be a chef and actually took courses in cooking. On a somewhat related topic I was reading about how "Green Holidays" or "Green Vacations" might be an upcoming trend, family going on holiday and using as little resources as possible. (I'm already doing research into that😁) p.s. that laptop looks like a nice one, l took a look at the site, video editing looks like a breeze, too bad I have a Windows curse, all my past windows laptop always give me trouble, I always get the BSOD Blue Screen Of Death on my windows laptop, So I'll stick to my Macs for now.😆 LOL some of my clients use Windows I have to convert my files to ones they can use. cheers.

  • The Mile Smile
    The Mile Smile 19 gün önce

    Amazing vlog! Totally enjoyed it :)

  • Thomas Shelby
    Thomas Shelby 20 gün önce

    Her accent🤤

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester 21 gün önce

    I'm from Georgia😍😘😘

  • Flyte Industries
    Flyte Industries 21 gün önce

    Settings ! Not lenses. A lens is not a setting.

  • MissDemour
    MissDemour 21 gün önce

    Hi, Would you mind sharing which lens you were using for the M50? Thanks!

  • George JR.
    George JR. 22 gün önce

    Hey i am from georgia good luck guys ❤

  • fractal_force
    fractal_force 22 gün önce

    Firmware 1.3 really improved eye auto focus and 1.4 now gives us 24p :-) Loving my RP and I've been using 8-16 Sigma EFS lens and enable enhanced image stabilization and it works great.

  • HVMA Social Media
    HVMA Social Media 22 gün önce

    It's always fascinating to hear different viewpoints on how to get something done. The bottom line is if you want it more than the next person and are willing to work hard daily, then you can make it happen.

  • Peter Stagg
    Peter Stagg 22 gün önce

    Nice video. Did you finally end up getting used to the new 11 to 22 lens?

  • Lee Pelling
    Lee Pelling 23 gün önce

    Jodie , quick question, How do you like your 11-22mm on your M50 for vlogging , better than the 15-45mm kit ? Thinking of getting one for vlogging with. Just interested on your take !

    • Lee Pelling
      Lee Pelling 23 gün önce

      @Jodie Dewberry thanks Jodie, glad to see tou back on your feet again doing what you love, thanks for getting back to me , think I might get it on my santa list !

    • Jodie Dewberry
      Jodie Dewberry 23 gün önce

      It's the one I use most of the time. But the 15-45 is great for getting a wider variety of shots! Depends what you'll be filming.

  • FB 1ali1996
    FB 1ali1996 23 gün önce

    Omg just 22k sub ...girl u deserve a million 💖 breaty eyes 😂

  • Pezaero
    Pezaero 23 gün önce

    Hi Jodie, really glad you reached this revelation (even though it was half a year ago)! Your content is great and I totally get why you wouldn't want to vlog constantly about your travels, enjoy the moment! I've just begun my journey into being a digital nomad, now living in Chiang Mai, and I'm soon to upload my own vlogs on my journey. Keep up what you're doing and always remember that previously in your life, you dreamed of being exactly where you are right now!

    • Jodie Dewberry
      Jodie Dewberry 23 gün önce

      That's awesome! Good luck on your journey and hope you enjoy Chiang Mai 😁

  • Thanjo Moto-Vlog
    Thanjo Moto-Vlog 24 gün önce

    Are you single now😊??

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    psy trance 24 gün önce

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  • mcpartridgeboy
    mcpartridgeboy 24 gün önce

    You went to the most beautiful country in the world and you make a video about icecream booze and sweets ? your making England look like culturles idiots, delete this video I am ashamed of it.

    • Jodie Dewberry
      Jodie Dewberry 23 gün önce

      It's not the only video I made there. Maybe you didn't see the others?

  • Nino Jalagania
    Nino Jalagania 24 gün önce

    I glad you enjoyed it I’m from 🇬🇪 🇬🇪☺️🇬🇪

  • Arpan oli
    Arpan oli 25 gün önce

    If You're getting this..Buy extra 2-3 batteries..Coz The battery here is very bad..

  • wendy white
    wendy white 25 gün önce

    Panty hose under socks= no blisters

  • Tony Valdivia
    Tony Valdivia 25 gün önce

    And I'm glad you are better!

  • Tony Valdivia
    Tony Valdivia 25 gün önce

    Good information from a pro! I'm not a pro but the information you provided is part of the inner workings you do and it's very interesting. Look at Tin House Studio channel. He's provided a number of points for working and gaining clients and the inner workings of his working world.

  • Bill Hiskett
    Bill Hiskett 26 gün önce

    Good to see you back Jodie.