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The Best of 2019 On Sneaker Shopping
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Sneaker Shopping's Top 10 Spenders of 2019
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2019 Everyday Struggle Awards
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Aaron Paul Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
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Joji Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
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DaBaby Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
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  • josephseason
    josephseason 7 saatler önce


  • Drake Sweet
    Drake Sweet 7 saatler önce

    can i get a link for the jail recipe book

  • melvin mahamad
    melvin mahamad 7 saatler önce

    Seems like it's only about his shoes and not about his 100 room mansion

  • Cross29
    Cross29 7 saatler önce


  • Locs The goat
    Locs The goat 7 saatler önce

    Bayyyy arreeeaaaaaa

  • Compton General
    Compton General 7 saatler önce

    What if fif jus popped up

  • Young Poseidon
    Young Poseidon 7 saatler önce

    “Somewhere in Atlanta “😂we all know where his house can see that mf from the highway

  • Bryces
    Bryces 7 saatler önce


  • Chaz Williams
    Chaz Williams 7 saatler önce

    The T-1000: “Say that’s a nice bike.” Rick Ross: “Huh.”

  • Southside SlimMillionaire
    Southside SlimMillionaire 7 saatler önce

    I like pear'Shoutout to the pears

  • Jay2waavy
    Jay2waavy 7 saatler önce

    My favorite part is when Rick Ross said HUH

  • Joseph Fillon
    Joseph Fillon 7 saatler önce

    Definitely a cool video but I mean it's a giant fuckin mansion and were looking at his shoe collection

  • Miami Has Talent
    Miami Has Talent 7 saatler önce

    Boss!!! By the way im a prankster on youtube who covers even more categories. Soon i will have ways for anyone & everyone to make $ with my channel. Check us out and subscribe

  • Red B
    Red B 7 saatler önce

    What shoes is he talking about at 6:32?

  • Shelltoe John
    Shelltoe John 7 saatler önce

    those reeboks is ASS CHEEKS.....sorry.....

  • kidcartoon25
    kidcartoon25 7 saatler önce

    Holyfield's old house

  • Mario Robles
    Mario Robles 7 saatler önce

    Check out Gangstervely on SoundCloud

  • Marloniare Jonez
    Marloniare Jonez 7 saatler önce

    “ Stop parking your mums Mercedes by the mailbox, put it in a garage” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lol this streetwear enthusiasts age 18-26 don’t know what he talking about

  • Randy Jackson
    Randy Jackson 7 saatler önce

    Rick “huh” Ross

  • KHD
    KHD 7 saatler önce

    Boss Huh 😆

  • Mack Brewton
    Mack Brewton 7 saatler önce

    BOSS... #ROSAY

  • Aniket Moghe
    Aniket Moghe 7 saatler önce


  • Alfonso Martinez
    Alfonso Martinez 7 saatler önce

    For a nigga that was a c.o. I wonder how many of the dope boys he talks about did he have to patrol on the yard haha.

  • Jean Jean
    Jean Jean 7 saatler önce

    Air Mowabbs...Favorite pairs of huraches and kept two pairs back in 93...

  • Arthur Hudson
    Arthur Hudson 7 saatler önce

    Shot out to ross dade county we in the biddy miami we on top boiiii

  • NY NY
    NY NY 7 saatler önce

    Ralph Lauren Polo sport

  • callum mccabe
    callum mccabe 7 saatler önce

    Get Charlie sloth from UK on this

  • Ultimate games
    Ultimate games 7 saatler önce


  • Mrbigsnax JR
    Mrbigsnax JR 7 saatler önce

    Joe: what’s up guys, we’re here with Grammy nominated rick Ross! Rick: “HUH” Everyone in the comments: Rick rose: “HUH”

  • P-Dot
    P-Dot 7 saatler önce

    $370 for powerphases?? they robbed that man.

    DAVIDE 7 saatler önce

    5:40 "get some wings or sum" 😭😭😭

  • J
    J 7 saatler önce


  • ItsMinarmy
    ItsMinarmy 7 saatler önce

    That’s the Holyfield mansion Rogan was talking about

  • Ron G.
    Ron G. 7 saatler önce

    Damn cuz p, lit

    OVOJOE 7 saatler önce

    Clean the pool

  • Papu Ck
    Papu Ck 7 saatler önce

    Alguien que hable español?

  • Silver Chelsea
    Silver Chelsea 7 saatler önce

    Nobody Not even a sound Rick Ross: *Huh*

  • Family Money
    Family Money 7 saatler önce

    This shit canceled or what??? Nigga been waiting all 2020 where the fuck y’all at?🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Chris The Commentator
    Chris The Commentator 7 saatler önce

    “ Pool party at Ross’s Mansion “ Me: Marco Rick Ross: Huh! Me: ( look at my profile pic )

  • I Watch Organic
    I Watch Organic 7 saatler önce

    Nigga you was a security guard at a correctional facility. You lived a comfortable life gaurding all them dope boys you named. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Sony Swift
    Sony Swift 7 saatler önce

    It is so odd seeing him without glasses😂

  • Skully_MC
    Skully_MC 7 saatler önce

    7:23 ur price will be over 9k Roddy: Ard cool😐

  • Lau Meng Sean
    Lau Meng Sean 7 saatler önce

    What's kicks Joe wore btw

  • Marl Kalone
    Marl Kalone 7 saatler önce

    Fun fact, this is Evander Holyfield's old house. He couldn't afford it anymore and sold it.

  • Abraham Cuevas
    Abraham Cuevas 7 saatler önce

    9:22 TMC 🏁

  • Chriz
    Chriz 7 saatler önce

    This dude really said *HUH* twice💀

    WHY HATE ME 7 saatler önce

    Rozay big balling

  • Ernest Suarez
    Ernest Suarez 7 saatler önce

    Bet that he just rented that house, he don’t make enough money for that big house and to maintain it

  • Chris The Commentator
    Chris The Commentator 7 saatler önce

    Imagining playing hide and seek in that house! 😳

  • Mister Medina
    Mister Medina 7 saatler önce


  • Lil Hoe
    Lil Hoe 7 saatler önce

    Hey thats pretty cool

  • Steezy Steve Trilla
    Steezy Steve Trilla 7 saatler önce

    Ok we see the dope boy style you ain’t never been. Now where is the CO shoe section?!?!🤣

  • m gee
    m gee 7 saatler önce

    “Young entertainer in the same space as you” coulda just said young black man lol 2:35

  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek 7 saatler önce

    Why does he need 100 rooms

  • eStream eTv
    eStream eTv 7 saatler önce


  • Omar Lamari
    Omar Lamari 7 saatler önce

    rick ross be speaking on 0.5x speed bruh

  • Hlutea Ralte
    Hlutea Ralte 7 saatler önce

    I need those 😁

  • Jay2waavy
    Jay2waavy 7 saatler önce

    Nobody: Rick Ross: HUH

  • Yung Blood
    Yung Blood 7 saatler önce

    Ich sehe schon das Video vom Reaktionsboss

  • tato Bello
    tato Bello 7 saatler önce

    Tenkiu tenkiu 😂😂

  • Ed Warburton
    Ed Warburton 7 saatler önce

    Nobody : Rick Ross : wuh huh

  • Timothy Green
    Timothy Green 7 saatler önce

    Roddy Ricch: *EE UUR* Rick Ross: *HUH* Eminem: *Man, stop*

  • NoCapp
    NoCapp 7 saatler önce

    Mans built like a pear but got chicken legs

  • Lil Hoe
    Lil Hoe 7 saatler önce


  • Dion Vlogs
    Dion Vlogs 7 saatler önce

    Why would you do a collab with Rebook 🤣🤣

  • Lil Hoe
    Lil Hoe 7 saatler önce


  • AJ Batman
    AJ Batman 7 saatler önce

    Meanwhile the real Rick Ross has virtually nothing.

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 7 saatler önce

    Fake af

  • Quavo Quack
    Quavo Quack 7 saatler önce

    0:26 most inspiring quote of 2020 already Also 0:33

  • Nic Helms
    Nic Helms 7 saatler önce

    His newest collab w D. Wade is sooo ugly, lol fuck.

  • May Flower
    May Flower 7 saatler önce

    Hold up why is Martin paying for these sneakers IK Will got payed for Aladdin he could of payed for those sneakers

  • Samir Haliburton
    Samir Haliburton 7 saatler önce


  • Jerome Smith
    Jerome Smith 7 saatler önce

    How much it coasted him man??

  • Myboyz Mkhize
    Myboyz Mkhize 7 saatler önce

    This guy’s balling

  • G0BLiN
    G0BLiN 7 saatler önce

    Don’t know how people like his music but at least he’s making money

  • Malachi
    Malachi 7 saatler önce

    joe beat him up the stairs i see...

  • Myboyz Mkhize
    Myboyz Mkhize 7 saatler önce

    Anyone else tryna eat the cookies on his shirt

  • tc_ vert
    tc_ vert 7 saatler önce

    My mans is high

  • Husain Bhunnoo
    Husain Bhunnoo 7 saatler önce

    ... Okay den

  • Ryan McCollum
    Ryan McCollum 7 saatler önce

    This is not a “Huh” comment. You’re welcome

  • Myboyz Mkhize
    Myboyz Mkhize 7 saatler önce

    Those are some cool pebbles in his garden.

  • S1MPLY Greg
    S1MPLY Greg 7 saatler önce

    3:36 Why does he have LV off white Jordan ones

  • devansh jayant
    devansh jayant 7 saatler önce

    Rick ross my dog doin great work.

  • jr wilson
    jr wilson 7 saatler önce

    “I was put here to lead the lost souls”😖 rest ez bro ski

  • BLAQK !
    BLAQK ! 7 saatler önce


  • Msizi Mlu
    Msizi Mlu 7 saatler önce

    8k ain't nothing but a number

  • Kozzy. fn
    Kozzy. fn 7 saatler önce

    he dead rip

  • Markel Thomas
    Markel Thomas 7 saatler önce

    Dude said the hell with your shoes let’s talk about this amazing house 😂

  • Im Sila-On
    Im Sila-On 7 saatler önce


  • ohonxyz
    ohonxyz 7 saatler önce

    Nobody: Rick Ross: Cookies

  • Kayla Bey
    Kayla Bey 7 saatler önce

    that mansion is insane!

  • Bryant Navasie
    Bryant Navasie 7 saatler önce

    Is it me, or does everybody say “huh” every time you hear Rick Ross.

  • oggy biker
    oggy biker 7 saatler önce


  • B ?
    B ? 7 saatler önce

    I thought you would show more of the house instead of his fucking shoe collection. Wtf!!

  • jon candelaria
    jon candelaria 7 saatler önce

    motorsports for 440????? Christ alive they got robbed

  • The Collective
    The Collective 7 saatler önce

    Rick Ross so big he has a 100 room house and he's in all the rooms

    NBA CLIPS 7 saatler önce

    James harden got alot of shoes 😳

  • TPda Goat
    TPda Goat 7 saatler önce

    Nobody: Rick Ross: Huh 😂😂

  • ܐܵܕܵܡ ܒܘܼܟ݂ܪܵܐܐܘܼܓ̰ܵܓ݂ܡܠܸܟ݂

    Future : future is bankrupt due to 8 baby mamas and counting lol!

  • mike michaels
    mike michaels 7 saatler önce

    You know what , who really gives a fuck about these devils ??? Dude has no soul...