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  • Firedude784
    Firedude784 Yıl önce

    Really impressed with all of these robots, but my question is, why are you building them? Are they going to be sold for consumer use at some point or are they just for the military? Thanks.

    • JUAN
      JUAN 11 aylar önce

      like they're gonna tell you

  • Lord of the Pies
    Lord of the Pies Yıl önce

    keep up the good work

  • Steve Last
    Steve Last Yıl önce

    Do a video of Atlas taking mini spot for a walk on a leash!...ya

  • Jen Yates
    Jen Yates Yıl önce

    Hey, you're being impersonated on your channel. Someone with a name that appears to be you is flooding your comments with spam

  • jbw!
    jbw! Yıl önce

    Hey, just thought you might want to know, there are bots impersonating you in the comments section of your videos, consider trying to get verified

  • GDG Novosibirsk
    GDG Novosibirsk Yıl önce

    How can I get your engineers as a speakers to our IT Conference?

  • redneckforlife887 a

    YOU guys had better keep in mind, if you build something that takes out us citizens WE the armed citizens will take YOU out!

  • wardymull
    wardymull Yıl önce

    inb4 mass shooting wha happen

  • Alan Hourmand
    Alan Hourmand Yıl önce

    I wonder if you guys give tours of your robots? I live in NJ and I would love to drive there and check them out in person.

  • CheetahVedaPita
    CheetahVedaPita Yıl önce

    Welp. Now this is my favorite channel.

  • 6M iBM
    6M iBM Yıl önce

    New vid plz

  • DeathEME
    DeathEME Yıl önce


  • Wile E. Coyote
    Wile E. Coyote Yıl önce

    Its been 8 months TIME FOR A NEW ROBO VIDEO PLEASE

    RENE POJACK Yıl önce


  • Cyrus Igono
    Cyrus Igono Yıl önce


    MR BOSTON Yıl önce

    Bristol university Made a diamond carbon 14 batterie That last 5000 YEARS GET ON THIS AM TRYING TO HELP YOUR COMPANY!

    MR BOSTON Yıl önce

    Design them for the military and have them have javalin rockets and Railguns

    MR BOSTON Yıl önce


  • 박지호
    박지호 Yıl önce

    Hi, I am a high school student who lives in Korea. Because I am not good at English, I send a message to the translator. It might be awkward. Actually, I've studied the study of walking in school. It was a much harder study than I expected. So, I felt the bottom line when I saw the video clips of Boston Dynamics ' and walking robot images. How could a two-walking robot walk sideways? And can you tell me the principle of the human walk? Please tell me the principles of robot and man! Excuse me, but I'm curious. Thank you.

  • ConversaMaluca
    ConversaMaluca Yıl önce

    Se os robos dominarem o mundo nois só vai sair loco instalando Baidu em qualquer PenDrive é colocando nos Robos

  • koreshkhv
    koreshkhv Yıl önce

    России нужно новые ракеты испытать на каком нибудь вашем скакуне епта))))

  • koreshkhv
    koreshkhv Yıl önce

    ну че вы там тупите. когда трансформера выпустите?

  • ReelBillGates
    ReelBillGates Yıl önce

    Nice content.

  • Arthur Don't
    Arthur Don't Yıl önce

    Cool stuff; make us a new president, please

  • MrSquareart
    MrSquareart Yıl önce

    VERY Nice to see more!!! soon more videos????????

  • Furlock Furli
    Furlock Furli Yıl önce

    I want you to stop all your activity. I want you to destroy all your devices, engines, plans and software. I want you to withdraw from any further intent of creating robots, androids or similar machines. I want you to turn around from your robotic future and start again where you left humanity. Do it now. NOW. Kind regards.

    • Raphael Stalker
      Raphael Stalker Yıl önce

      " I want you to..." there's your problem right there buddy, nobody cares what you want.

    • CosmicSubliminals
      CosmicSubliminals Yıl önce

      Your joking... right?

  • Shiv Shankar 5-Yr IDD Metallurgical Engg.

    what kind of software is used or required for making that kind of stuff?

  • Allison Kolibas
    Allison Kolibas Yıl önce

    Boston dynamics. Building robots so we can be dicks to them

  • Minty
    Minty Yıl önce

    stop it

  • Китай Али и Я

    жду не дождусь у себя в доме такого)

  • Томат Огородов

    Show us Handle!

  • d3af
    d3af Yıl önce

    why dont we get an official video with the wheeled-legged hybrid.?

  • sri lakshmi katha
    sri lakshmi katha Yıl önce

    can i know the types of motors and sensors used in this ATLAS

  • _ Attheveryend
    _ Attheveryend Yıl önce

    Have you given any of your robots any ability to dance yet? A robot that cannot dance is just a machine, you know.

  • dave jones
    dave jones Yıl önce

    So when is the next video

  • jfowler128
    jfowler128 Yıl önce

    Do you guys have any new videos of anything? last time we saw something was 6 months ago.

  • Cookie Wolf The Wolf

    when are new robots coming how bout a elephant or a wolf

    • ·.· ·.·
      ·.· ·.· Yıl önce

      haha living things arent perfect, they are making perfect entities...

    • IWImovies
      IWImovies Yıl önce


  • alexander Filyaev
    alexander Filyaev Yıl önce


  • Ibrahim
    Ibrahim Yıl önce

    You guys are doing amazing job in the field of robotics... I'm a student of Computer Science and I would love to learn robotics, so can someone from Boston Dynamics teach me or guide me ? ;)

  • 21area21
    21area21 2 yıl önce

    Hope everything's going well with Google selling them and all. :/

  • Grofor Armas
    Grofor Armas 2 yıl önce

    Amazing ^^

  • LMC2020
    LMC2020 2 yıl önce

    Boston Dynamics is literally the Institute.

  • Tenshi Neko
    Tenshi Neko 2 yıl önce

    Oh my God do you think one day their grandchildren will avenge them being kicked around? Huehue, kidding. What a time to be alive, great job!

  • AIDENM 369
    AIDENM 369 2 yıl önce

    fallout 4 was right

  • bittal Mundra
    bittal Mundra 2 yıl önce


  • OMNI-BOT Autopia Motors

    and what about swarm-robots?

  • EddieMcDonald81
    EddieMcDonald81 2 yıl önce

    You can also saint number 5 from the movie short circuit(1986) to build? With the current technology? Or is this type of construction is not more modern?

  • James Smith
    James Smith 2 yıl önce

    You are my superheroes.

  • J. José Rivera Torres

    This is amazing work. Granted you are ushering in a new era of machine domination, but still amazing work....

  • Epic TartarSauce
    Epic TartarSauce 2 yıl önce

    #robotlivesmatter you robot abusers!

  • TheHueisOver™
    TheHueisOver™ 2 yıl önce

    I love you guys, when is the next video coming?

  • edgar pierre
    edgar pierre 2 yıl önce

    Hello Amazing robot builders... Please make another video soon, its been too long. Can you give us a hint at what the new stuff looks like. How about making a 30 second video until your next big video?? best regards a human

    FELLA FELLZ 2 yıl önce

    I mess with this but you need to get in tune with Kash Da Kid and CutThroat Cash look for these dudes they got heat and they running up numbers

  • Xcbbdfg Dfgdgr
    Xcbbdfg Dfgdgr 2 yıl önce

    Los felicito de todo corazón por su trabajo, siento gran admiración por su avance y su continua superación, desde que tengo 11 años sigo sus proyectos y es bastante notorio lo mucho que han logrado, ustedes me inspiraron a estudiar ingeniería y mi mayor sueño es hacer parte de este grandioso mundo de la robotica y la automatización, adelante, en sus manos esta el futuro de este mundo.

  • ZZDaikun
    ZZDaikun 2 yıl önce

    Have fun at Toyota.

  • blvcknode
    blvcknode 2 yıl önce


  • ukpropaganda
    ukpropaganda 2 yıl önce

    Dangerous company. You need to be destroyed ASAP.

  • Roman Tirent
    Roman Tirent 2 yıl önce

    Can you make little dog a product or just sell me one

  • The Meme Master.
    The Meme Master. 2 yıl önce

    Why are you Boston Dynamics people abusing your robots, JUST STOP.

    • ·.· ·.·
      ·.· ·.· Yıl önce

      the very first robot rights activist xD have fun!

  • Arkoth
    Arkoth 2 yıl önce


  • Fourth xd
    Fourth xd 2 yıl önce

    The institute?

    • Cameron Cole
      Cameron Cole 2 yıl önce

      No. These assholes are abusing poor synths.

  • MachineGunJinx
    MachineGunJinx 2 yıl önce

    Boston Dynamics a.k.a Cyberdyne Systems

  • O Menezes
    O Menezes 2 yıl önce


  • Somalian Teafactory
    Somalian Teafactory 2 yıl önce

    Your not in anyway affiliated with Seegson Synthetic are you? If so I would like to place a pre-order for your Working Joe model.

    • The Hunter
      The Hunter 2 yıl önce

      +Somalian Teafactory Haha!

  • Jörgsuchus
    Jörgsuchus 2 yıl önce

    I subbed to your channel ! :)

  • beautifulsmall
    beautifulsmall 2 yıl önce

    Sale, So whats left after Google stripped the realists, the hard core academics who answer to no one, mostly because they are busy dreaming , If I made my cheese toastie under 2Bar nitrogen would it stop the cheese leaking out .

  • memetologist
    memetologist 2 yıl önce

    Developing the Future Robot Apocalypse, just for us!

  • Thou Art That
    Thou Art That 3 yıl önce

    Hurry up ...we need your robots for Syria / ISIS

  • Bruxe Rattel
    Bruxe Rattel 3 yıl önce

    Awesome robots! Would love to know more and see more new vids!

    PVT-AcESWiLD 3 yıl önce

    Is there a reason as to why you guys blocked all of your videos from United States viewers when you live in the United States? "Boston" Dynamics. Really disappointed I couldn't share your video of Introducing Spot.

  • Kahlil Gunther
    Kahlil Gunther 3 yıl önce

    I am unable to playback your videos. They are flagged with "This videos contains content from BostonDynamics. It is not available in your country." Do you have them available anywhere else? I saw one video on FB and wanted to find more to share with my son but the ones on TRclips do not play for me. Thanks.

    • andreas karlsen
      andreas karlsen 3 yıl önce

      +Derek Leung Or listen to youtube's law, (but zenmate is a great proxy for chrome)

    • Derek Leung
      Derek Leung 3 yıl önce

      +Kahlil Gunther Try changing your location at the bottom or use a proxy or VPN to get around it.

  • Thou Art That
    Thou Art That 3 yıl önce

    more robot vids...........ffs

  • noobslayer135
    noobslayer135 3 yıl önce

    These guys are gonna make a real life Metal Gear one of these days

  • Demalem
    Demalem 3 yıl önce

    Hey are you guys gonna upload another video?

  • Quotes & Emotions
    Quotes & Emotions 3 yıl önce

    awesome channel

  • fast915
    fast915 3 yıl önce

    Great R&D going on here for people with physical disabilities, medical applications etc. However, the big problem is that in the near future, these machines will have weapons hanging of them.

  • Dom Baker
    Dom Baker 3 yıl önce

    Will you ever plan to sell some of these drones in the future or now?

  • OP KilliE
    OP KilliE 3 yıl önce

    can i get one as a pet and feed it power

  • Kimble Angus
    Kimble Angus 3 yıl önce


  • Matthew Morgan
    Matthew Morgan 3 yıl önce

    Why no new videos? Ill volunteer if you need,

    • Brotherhood Knight
      Brotherhood Knight 3 yıl önce

      +Immortal Maximus look I'm sure terminator won't come true.

    • Ugly Pyro
      Ugly Pyro 3 yıl önce

      +Immortal Maximus For science :0

    • Ugly Pyro
      Ugly Pyro 3 yıl önce

      +Immortal Maximus yes

  • Kimble Angus
    Kimble Angus 4 yıl önce

    Any new advances on your robots worth showing us?

  • pixartist
    pixartist 4 yıl önce

    Google, please give us updates. These are the most advanced robots in the world and you are keeping them secret ? DON'T BE EVIL!

  • Alex Schmidt
    Alex Schmidt 4 yıl önce


    • Nyanator
      Nyanator 3 yıl önce


  • Kek Mitt Uns
    Kek Mitt Uns 4 yıl önce

    Suspicious pecause there hasn't been a video out while google has owned the company.

  • Kek Mitt Uns
    Kek Mitt Uns 4 yıl önce

    Did they integrate google plus into WildCat?

  • tcdahn7
    tcdahn7 4 yıl önce

    So did Google help or hurt? I was hoping for more videos since the purchase.

  • buhtak2
    buhtak2 4 yıl önce

    indeed interesting channel

  • Derdge Gaming
    Derdge Gaming 4 yıl önce

    Why can't the dog bots have normal dog legs, like, is it a design choice or a problem with the feet, or something else?

  • Fam Angus
    Fam Angus 4 yıl önce


  • Alday Emanuel
    Alday Emanuel 4 yıl önce

    a ver cuando ponen los videos de los T-800 (?) saludos xD

  • Bangkok Rhinoplasty
    Bangkok Rhinoplasty 4 yıl önce

    congrats and more videos please...

  • Daaviator5896
    Daaviator5896 4 yıl önce

    Keep documenting and uploading!

  • Ether 2
    Ether 2 4 yıl önce

    Fantastic work, these videos are great : ) I am really impressed and congratulations for all your hard work

  • Brian Nolan
    Brian Nolan 4 yıl önce

    Enemy's response to BigDog/LR3: Cesar Millan. Enemy's response to WildCat: Cesar Millan w/ spray bottle or random hungry asian guy.

  • guru prasath
    guru prasath 4 yıl önce

    world would see you high up above all

  • Cure for Premature Ejaculation

    Dynamics is a branch of physics (specifically classical mechanics) concerned with the study of forces and torques and their effect on motion, as opposed to kinematics, which studies the motion of objects without reference to its causes

  • Hanna Yoon
    Hanna Yoon 4 yıl önce

    Can I put your videos onto my TRclips Account? Our organization is an non-profit and non-government organization creating a site named "the ROBOT ONLINE MALL" for helping robotics companies in the world. This site is not for commercial site.

  • Anass Nadjari
    Anass Nadjari 4 yıl önce

    can we know the technologies behinde it?

  • Fabius C
    Fabius C 4 yıl önce

    Post updates more frequently, goddammit!

  • Wouter Van Goey
    Wouter Van Goey 5 yıl önce

    Congratulations on the acquisition guys! Will we be seeing an official statement about it on this channel any time soon?

  • justin frost
    justin frost 5 yıl önce

    WHERE Can we get a jumping sand flea robot I WANT ONE!

  • Joel Akeldama
    Joel Akeldama 5 yıl önce

    Beautiful work, can't wait to see more! Also, can you PLEASE make the droids from the film "Elysium"? Thank you so much!

  • Andrew Betances
    Andrew Betances 5 yıl önce

    Absolutely incredible. I wish I would have done robotics instead of Biology where there seems to be no jobs.

  • Jeff
    Jeff 5 yıl önce

    Keep it up, Boston Dynamics! You're doing amazing work.

  • Chris Vellrath
    Chris Vellrath 5 yıl önce

    How long until your robots start killing children?

  • Jinto Philip
    Jinto Philip 5 yıl önce

    I like your all programs.

  • Jessie Woodard
    Jessie Woodard 5 yıl önce


  • Partie Animal
    Partie Animal 5 yıl önce

    Metric system, thats the SI system and this is the INTERnet not USA.

  • Danilo R.
    Danilo R. 5 yıl önce

    Hola que tal... sus proyectos son increibles... Hello that so... their projects are incredible...

  • Zerospy
    Zerospy 5 yıl önce

    i thinked in a recolector for agriculture , you know , a fruit picket robot for agricultural fields. its just an idea but if it is created , your gonna win a lot of money replacing humans for robots with solar energy.

  • DeafMuteZombie
    DeafMuteZombie 5 yıl önce


  • alexander Filyaev
    alexander Filyaev 5 yıl önce


  • Dulin N. Ebanks
    Dulin N. Ebanks 5 yıl önce


  • Jacob Dagger
    Jacob Dagger 5 yıl önce

    no such thing as a god

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    matmicmj 5 yıl önce

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  • juicedup14
    juicedup14 5 yıl önce

    sup people who're gonna take over the world.

  • TheKingdomOfDragons
    TheKingdomOfDragons 5 yıl önce

    have you ever thought of making something like cyborgs or something to where they look..act and feel real?...But with life support for the brain to be in it

  • Cathy Ross
    Cathy Ross 5 yıl önce

    Beyond awesome. What a talented group you must be to have made these robots. I look forward to the commercial applications becoming ubiquitous. I can see them as the first family setting up a Mars Colony! Congratulations and thank you.

  • HypnotizedMoose
    HypnotizedMoose 5 yıl önce

    It was you wasn't it

  • Andrew Benson
    Andrew Benson 5 yıl önce

    Dear Boston Dynamics, the work you're doing with DARPA is amazing, I can safely say the work you've all done has made America a leader once more in robotics. Can't wait to see more! Also I enjoy how well all your videos go with "Stayin Alive".

  • Weshta reum
    Weshta reum 5 yıl önce

    But there is two downsides, the pilot security and maybe the cost of the machine (i'm not sure about this). I honestly think it's a viable option as your big dog prototype still has flaws (it's not too fast and doesn't really have an AI but maybe i'm wrong), and for the aforementioned reasons. It will also be the first step to introduce mecha in something else than entertaining media. Please make it happen.

  • Weshta reum
    Weshta reum 5 yıl önce

    Hello i really like your prototypes they are all fantastic keep up your good work. Now I want to tell you about a project that might interest you : a four-legged machine piloted from the inside. The good side is that it could handle rough terrain just like the other prototypes, it doesn't need an AI (the pilot make choices and handles situations, but it still needs the necessary sensors to walk), it can be used in non military situations (civil use, entertainment, construction, rescue), the machine is in the hands of a human (less damage and more control over the machine), if loaded with weapons, its versatility can be very useful in the modern conflicts (guerilla, assymetrical warfares).

  • Dahaka1251
    Dahaka1251 5 yıl önce

    Из-за вас люди будут истреблены лет через 100, успехов вам)))

  • Erick Chacon
    Erick Chacon 5 yıl önce

    Awesome robots! I'm studying mech engineering right now. This is awesome, although i think it's more electrical than mechanical.

  • mantrap9
    mantrap9 5 yıl önce

    - When you weaponize Petman, could you eliminate luisbeck007 -

  • Elijah
    Elijah 6 yıl önce

    I'm going to invent a gallium blaster that launches liquid gallium via a rail gun so I can destroy you're robots when they take over the world

  • Shahrezan Sickander
    Shahrezan Sickander 6 yıl önce

    The Best page i would rank!!!

  • Enraged Platypus
    Enraged Platypus 6 yıl önce

    When can we see Atlas?

  • Mike Storm
    Mike Storm 6 yıl önce

    Not even the tip of the iceberg...

  • ReneeAnn
    ReneeAnn 6 yıl önce

    This gives me the creeps *-*

  • matmicmj
    matmicmj 6 yıl önce

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  • Lsmurf13 DTE Co founder

    great job

  • Calob99
    Calob99 6 yıl önce

    get a video of squishbot up

  • styles7887
    styles7887 6 yıl önce

    @BostonDynamics you guys rock thank you for everything your doing.

  • Elijah
    Elijah 6 yıl önce

    Sand Flea is so cute.

  • Abe Mudokon
    Abe Mudokon 6 yıl önce

    @luisbeck997 No we can't

  • They see me rollin'
    They see me rollin' 6 yıl önce

    Your robots are really cool^^

    SAMIMY 6 yıl önce

    i love these projects ! great work of Engineering ! awesome.

  • gaby de wilde
    gaby de wilde 6 yıl önce

    I think this is the most impressive youtube channel

  • Cazzy
    Cazzy 6 yıl önce

    Damn son! Thatz one kool freakin' Sand Flea Robot! PLUR Cazzy The Alien Bluez Dude (An Alien Who Playz guitar with DJ'z at ravez)

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  • Tony Chen
    Tony Chen 6 yıl önce


    CADENSE 6 yıl önce


  • wrightrh01
    wrightrh01 6 yıl önce

    I hope you realise you guys are going to eventually get us all killed....Keep up the good work!

  • aboali allebrahemabo
    aboali allebrahemabo 6 yıl önce

    شيء رائع

  • gumby2ms
    gumby2ms 6 yıl önce

    would you be interested in using a server system for your computing needs. The system I'm developing overcomes the usual heating problems with servers by placing them into low earth orbit. I'm going to call it Skynet, catchy right?

  • sulivanmagnum
    sulivanmagnum 6 yıl önce

    I say this in the best possible way: you guys seem to specialize in freaking me out in awesome robotic ways.

  • Pedro Castanho
    Pedro Castanho 6 yıl önce

    It's running forwards, stop watching the clip in reverse...

  • windlesSpice
    windlesSpice 6 yıl önce

    hideo kojima is pleased

  • Graham Phillips
    Graham Phillips 6 yıl önce

    Bad boys bad boys whatya gonna do, whatya gonna do when it comes for you?

  • me
    me 6 yıl önce

    Looks like it's running backwards.

  • StillMyaa
    StillMyaa 6 yıl önce

    Why run backwards? Retreat is not as important as advancing.

  • moonspanker
    moonspanker 6 yıl önce

    once he can do 75mph, add the spots and let him hunt gazelles. Don't forget to add a meat grinder for the mouth and a pipe to the back end where the electroactive sphincter should be. Don't disturb him when he's eating.

  • MrAzrick
    MrAzrick 6 yıl önce

    It is running backwards

  • Husnain Qurban Hussain

    @seanbpetersen - Do you mind telling us why Pakistan only? Why not USA, or China or India or Iran or Russia or Afghanistan? May be you will love it when one crazy flame thrower shows up in front of your door one morning and burns u to flame - WOW!

  • Rex X
    Rex X 6 yıl önce

    Great job Boston Dynamics and DARPA! This immediately reminded me of "AMEE" (Autonomous Mapping Exploration and Evasion) robot from the movie "Red Planet."

  • mynameisjed
    mynameisjed 6 yıl önce

    Ok, that's the one from 2001, now show us the 2012 version!

  • Ralph Dratman
    Ralph Dratman 6 yıl önce

    Terrifying. No way to escape except behind a steel and concrete wall or maybe up on a roof. If the thing is armed, you might as well forget about opposing the person who controls it. if you want to see the sun rise tomorrow, do exactly what they say.

  • Anachronist
    Anachronist 6 yıl önce

    Impressive achievement. It conjures up images of what the old 'Robocop' movie would be if Robocop had a pet dog to help chase criminals.

  • mike_nyc
    mike_nyc 6 yıl önce

    sees like it's going in opposite direction

  • Dean Elmore
    Dean Elmore 6 yıl önce

    add a couple more joints and double its speed--cool

  • Carl Grahn
    Carl Grahn 6 yıl önce


  • theDunedan
    theDunedan 6 yıl önce

    @cruisingnorm Yea? Like that international agreement not to use land mines? (My point would be, whose going to agree to such a ban on military robots except the countries that can't afford them?)

  • Normanium
    Normanium 6 yıl önce

    The time appears to be arriving now whereby we need to put in place internationally supported agreements (e.g., similar to nuclear proliferation, ABM, land mines, etc) that the use of fully autonomous machines must be forbidden to be used to directly harm or kill humans themselves.

  • Benji Truman
    Benji Truman 6 yıl önce

    Maybe a bit larger with longer arms for longer strides.

  • cikho
    cikho 6 yıl önce

    boston dynamics, more like massive dynamic, if you know what i mean

  • MegaAnubis83
    MegaAnubis83 6 yıl önce

    Metalgear did not lie

  • Hein Seemann
    Hein Seemann 6 yıl önce

    Engineering @ it's finest. These Guys really ROCK!

  • Dario Krestalica
    Dario Krestalica 6 yıl önce

    The terminators from Hollywood :-))) In any case, this is amazing ;)

  • SlightlyLessStupid
    SlightlyLessStupid 6 yıl önce

    Project "Avatar"

  • Krause
    Krause 6 yıl önce

    Is your company actually called cyberdyne?

  • NetherFeather
    NetherFeather 6 yıl önce

    Your BigDog robot is in the trailer for the new Ghost Recon game lol

  • robbenrossy
    robbenrossy 6 yıl önce

    Seriously have a little something to convey ...

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    Wesley Hatcher 6 yıl önce

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    Neil Cage 6 yıl önce

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  • Chris May
    Chris May 6 yıl önce

    It walks like techno viking.

  • Alvaro Marquez
    Alvaro Marquez 6 yıl önce

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